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"Basketball Wives" Castmembers Get THE BOOT: Jennifer Williams, Royce Reed & Kesha Nichols AXED

And so it continues.  When Shaunie O'Neal said a few days ago that 3 castmembers needed to be let go in order for the show to sustain a more positive vibe--it seems what she really meant was she wanted to get rid of those who weren't causing enough drama.


Deets inside on the three chicks that just got the axe inside...

According to reports, newbie Kesha Nichols, Royce Reed & Jennifer Williams, have all received their walking papers. 

Reasons being?  Supposedly, Shaunie wanted to get rid of the dead weight.  I guess in this case dead weight equates non controversial.  We pretty much saw it coming with Jen.  Since she introduced lawsuits into the mix and we all saw where that got former castmate Meeka Claxton

As for Kesha, she simply didn't bring enough to the table for viewers to care apparently.  And the rest of the cast often refused to tape with Royce, and the fact she still is barred from saying her baby's daddy Dwight Howard's name on the show, it was reportedly becoming a problem.

But we do find it interesting that Shaunie claimed to be trying extremely hard to push the show in a more positive direction for next season, yet she keeps the very people who push the show in he negative direction.  I'm not a "BBW" expert or anything as I can barely get through watching any episode, but it just seems there are far more "negative' people on this show than harmless Kesha and arguably annoying Royce.

If Shaunie just wanted to keep controversy, then no need to lie about it otherwise.  Just sayin'. 

Their replacements should be interesting.  But with certain folks still in the mix--including instigating ass Suzy--we're expecting the same sh*t, different cast. VH1 has yet to confirm the three firings.

The Randomness:

1.  R. Kelly owes over $4.8 mill in back taxes dating all the way back to 2005.  STORY




They cut the wrong ones,I

They cut the wrong ones,I stopped watching when that girl slapped Jen, so out of line. (I am not an advocate for violence)people who cannot express themselves without cursing or hitting. I am so over this show.Jen don't drop your lawsuit.Can't wait to see Hollywood Exes. Looks like there will be a lot of sisterhood.
Anonymous's picture

For some reason I really

For some reason I really don't believe this. Yes Jen, Royce, and Kiesha are about as interesting as watching paint dry and deserve to be cut but Tami is working on a new scripted show on nbc and Evelyn already has her own show and is a newlywed, so I don't know how integrated she will be in this season, maybe with Chad busy playng for Miami she will make time for the show, secretly in contract for a second season for Ev & Ocho. I think Shaunie kept Suzie just so she could introduce the new cast to the OGs. These girls will still be acting a ratchet mess and shaunie will be in the control room laughing and saying "I'm glad i have nothing to do with this." Throwing stones and hiding her hands is what she does best.
tori's picture

The whole show needs to be

The whole show needs to be scrapped, and why is Suzie's tired ass still there?
justtracey's picture

Shaunie could care less about

Shaunie could care less about the outcome of anyone on this show... she is jus trying to secure herself and her reputation. But as the saying goes the truth always comes to the light and that is what happened. Who she truly is and what she represents she kept on tha show...wack ass Tami and Evelyn and snitching ass Suzie...Thats who Shaunie is and she just let tha World know it! Thank you for confirming...and if you think next season will help you and people will just forget what took place on last season you are mistaken...people can see that you are threatened by strength and people taking up for themselves dont nobody owe you nothin! You are a human being like everybody else and I guarantee if that bottle that Evelyn threw would have hit you and cracked you in tha face or messed up your nose more than it already is...you would have sued too!!!
rockhardtalk's picture

Shaunie gets on my nerves!

Shaunie gets on my nerves! She is the master mind behind all of this foolishness. As soon as she said 3 members had to go, I knew it would have been any of them EXCEPT the bullies with no class Evelyn, Tami, and Suzy. SMH....but I guess the positive part is that Jen, Kesha and Royce won't get bullied on tv anymore. I really don't like Shaunie. She is a hot ghetto mess!
Anonymous's picture

All Shaunie did was confirm

All Shaunie did was confirm to people she is a big a** liar. Why keep the people on the show that cause the all the problems..... because this is about money, not empowering women. I guess Shaunie only wants folks on the show that allow themselves to be slapped in the face and not do anything about it on any level. But it was cool when Tami wanted to sue Ev for those non-factor shirts, right?
lee lee's picture

Shaunie has proven that she

Shaunie has proven that she is inauthentic and is only upset because the show lost a few advertisers and the PEOPLE are demanding a change. Her move to give Jennifer her walking papers makes no sense since Shaunie herself stated that she wanted to move in a positive direction so why would Jennifer be a liability if you are serious about moving into nonviolence? The reunion proved to be PR Spin because it was strategic how they wanted to bring to light that Jennifer participated in bullying in the past as to discredit her. Further, Shaunie was obviously angry with Jennifer as it showed in her actions and words. She's fraudulent. They (Shaunie and Tammi) never showed neutrality and always rallied with Evelyn and her semantics throughout the season. Jennifer always took the high road and even in Tahiti when Shaunie went to Jennifer's room--she got mad because she said they finally got Evelyn to a place where she could talk as if this world revolves around Evelyn and she can just call Jen out her name and constantly bully her without any recourse? Shit is bullshit. Jennifer showed so much grace in the midst of it all. She always took the high road and she found her voice and they couldn't handle that. Shaunie should want to employ and highlight women that step into their own and don't rest on the laurels of what others are doing but that's not what this is about. All the negativity the show received this past season was a direct correlation to Evelyn and Tammi yet they are the 2 that will return for another season. Makes no sense that Shaunie can be so irresponsible in how she is showing women of color on tv. She should be working towards dispelling the stereotypes not feeding the fire. Her claims that she wants to change it is bogus by her actions. People we have the power. Do not tune in next season. Stop supporting this show and making Shaunie's pockets fatter. Think about the legacy this will leave behind for future generations when they watch repeated episodes of all this foolery. This has to stop. She is silencing the positive voices on this show. Shaunie in essence is saying to the public that we don't want to see classy African-American women on tv. We want to she the ratchiness, ghetto acting, violent women. BOYCOTT THIS PROGRAM AND ALL ITS EDITIONS!!! Shaunie must feel the impact in her pockets for it to resonate!!!
Anonymous's picture

I saw this coming! See

I saw this coming! See Jennifer that is what your @$$ get. As you was seeing all season, they was not your friends to begin with, but you @$$ insisted on returning. Once that last episode aired you should of gracefully bowed out instead of getting fired......smh!!! Shaunie is the wicked witch of the east and west! but she proved to your @SS how loyal she is to evelyn. Girllllllllllllll that played you at the end once again!
Anonymous's picture

oh such a shocker

oh such a shocker
claudette's picture

OMG! when i thought i couldnt

OMG! when i thought i couldnt lose anymore respect for shaunie and her puppets. GO AWAY YOU RACHET A$$ BITCHES. The world would be so much better off without yall. REST IN PISS!!!!
Anonymous's picture

Did u just say "REST IN

Did u just say "REST IN PISS?!" LMFAOOOOO!!!! I'm dyin right now!!!!!
I heart free entertainment's picture

I totally agree, Shaunie is

I totally agree, Shaunie is so freaking FAKE he likes all that drama. Evelyn and Tami are nothing but bullies to people whom they know they can intimidate, that's why they wouldn't film with Riyce because her lil ass would've shooped some ass. Suzies just start shit all day everyday!!!!
Anonymous's picture

did Jennifer ever make amends

did Jennifer ever make amends with Royce and at least admit that she was wrong in the way she treated her when she and Evelyn were mean girls together cuz now she is in Royce's position - Royce is the only one that had sense from the beginning as far as how she responds and acts towards the BS -im not saying i think she's it cuz she's a lil stupay when it comes to the menz but arent we all sometimes.
tanyamichelle's picture

Shaunie lost my respect!

Shaunie lost my respect! period. Lyin' ace. no credability. super fake broad
tanyamichelle's picture

This whole show needs to be

This whole show needs to be axed!! Royce, Kesha, and Jennifer are better off. Shaunie is out to make money so she dont care if the others make a fool of themselves. Bunch of idiots!!
Anonymous's picture

This show and Shaunie flared

This show and Shaunie flared nose ass are so damn dumb. Every damn season a new cast member. This says a lot about the show. The three troublemakers stay!! SMH. There is no balance and Shaunie really think she doing something constructive.
Anonymous's picture

So are they gonna rename it

So are they gonna rename it stank face gold diggers of affluent black men? I'm not even trying to watch that mess. The only reason I finished watching this season is because I wanted to find out what happened to Jen. Firing Jen and keeping someone who committed assault speaks volumes of Shani's values. What a hot freakin mess!
Anonymous's picture

LOL @ Shanunie

LOL @ Shanunie O'FAKE.....This girl is so OBVIOUS. She fired JEN because Jen did not drop that lawsuit. And she fired Kesha Nichols because she was too smart to play into her little ambush with Tammie. And Royce must get on her nerves for some reason. LOL Of course she is not going to fire the women who get her the most attention and don't look for this show to change. It's going to get cancelled. Keep up the pressure on the Advertisers. Just a matter of time now......
furious_styles™®'s picture

Great Move Shaunie!! As a

Great Move Shaunie!! As a business woman I respect and agree with this move . These girls are not suppose to be in the show if they can not handle the drama, it is reality TV, come on. Nobody wants to sit at home watching Kesha who cannot even stand up for herself and Jennifer broke the code and loyalty and Royce has always been whack and has nothing interesting about herself. So thank you I am glad you got the chickens out of the lioness party. thank u.
thereal1's picture

In all fairness Tami is 8xs

In all fairness Tami is 8xs bigger and taller than Keisha...I don't blame Keisha because I'm Keisha size and I would never fight Tami with my bare hands..Fighting Tami would be like fighting a raging big polar bear..Keisha did the right thing..What is wrong with you people? Look at Tami and Keisha..LOL...That would not be a fair fight..LMAO..
Anonymous's picture

If you were a so called

If you were a so called business woman you would know that NO contract or ethical employer would allow their employee to be physically assaulted.
RelevantKim's picture

You aren't going to get far

You aren't going to get far in this world with that reasoning LOL Are you serious? That's what's wrong with the black community. nearly 4000 people have been killed in 86 years by the KKK nearly 4000 black folks are killed by each other every 6 months. Don't feed the beast. White man wants you to be at odds with each other that's why his corporations sponsor this trfflin show.
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie is fucking backwards

Shaunie is fucking backwards why the fuck she getting rid of Jen Keisha and Royce talking bout dead weight she keeping the ppl with all that damn drama but she said she want BBW to be positive
Anonymous's picture

Birds of a feather flock

Birds of a feather flock together! Shaunie is a very poor example for African-American women. I agree with the everyone who thinks Shaunie got rid of the wrong women. How can she embrace profanity, abuse and pure hate? Dang Shaunie! You make Kim Kardashian look like a saint. Luckily, for me, I don't watch the show. I don't condone ignorance in my home or in my life. Someone else said that this show is for hoodrats. I tried not to judge, but they may be right. I won't waste my time watching someone else' undeserved success. Good luck Shaunie --you will need it. #educateyourself
Reality Check's picture

Shaunie and her cronies are

Shaunie and her cronies are scavaging the street corners and mental wards as we speak for her next victims.
marie's picture

So funny....and true.

So funny....and true.
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie is friends with Eve

Shaunie is friends with Eve and Tami, her loyalty lies there. But, she can't say that she wants a more positibe direction by firing Jen because she did something about being hit in the face. No one should be hit in the face. However, you can not talk down against the company you work for and expect to keep your job. Just imagin going to work everyday saying that you company is crap in every meeting and to every person that will listen. You will not be an employee any more. Sad but Real.
FREE KROY's picture

You're right. I learned that

You're right. I learned that the hard way. I don't watch the show, but I've read enough blogs and interviews to know that Jennifer seemed like she didn't belong with all those self-hating women. I wish her luck. Royce and "the other girl," --it's probably time to start dating another baller, like NOW! #educateyourself
Reality Check's picture

I was watching Wendy Willams

I was watching Wendy Willams yesterday and she was hating hard as shit on Royce saying that she slept with Shaunies man. I think wendy is a hater and so is Shaunie
Anonymous's picture

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Blackwhitemeet.com's picture

Shaunie is so transparent,

Shaunie is so transparent, it's laughable! What a lying piece of crap she is. It's obvious she was blowing smoke up everybody's ass about changing since she kept the violent bullies & got rid of the passive victims. Ugh! Team Jennifer all day.
Anonymous's picture

Well since the witch kept

Well since the witch kept evil & pyscho she need to bring women on there who are not afraid to kick their assess.
penabutta's picture

I agree with u 100 percent.

I agree with u 100 percent. Since she kept all the negative castmembers, there should be three castmembers who can put the rest of them in their place.
Anonymous's picture

wlll you got rid of the

wlll you got rid of the dramaless cast members....makes sense to me. NOTT
Anonymous's picture

Shaunie is full of sh*t. I'm

Shaunie is full of sh*t. I'm not that surprised all that mess about seeing he pastor and crap she was talking was just an act.
Anonymous's picture

Basically! No one is stupid

Basically! No one is stupid Shaunie didn't go speak to her pastor for the sake of Evelyn/Jennifer's broken friendship, she went because of all the backlash SHE got from the messiness of her show. I also find it funny how Shaunie felt she could go to Jennifer's room and reprimand her for the pending lawsuit, Twitter and acting funny towards everyone... but never once reprimanded Evelyn or Tami on their terrible behavior. She even went so far as to say "I didn't know Evelyn was gonna make a toast like that at the table, I just said oh, that's drunk Ev" and laughed it off. That was definitely a moment to check her for causing a scene at her birthday dinner... But of course not, Shaunie has made it clear where her loyalty is, with the bullies. Shaunie is full of $hit if you ask me and she too should be ashamed of herself Ms "I don't like confrontation." GTFOH with the fake please. #TeamJenn #TeamKesha #TeamClassyLadies
Anonymous's picture


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Ayesha.Lovely's picture

Only gutter hoodrats watch

Only gutter hoodrats watch these shows. They can relate to these chicks They are the same from the welfare chick waiting and planning for a free ride wetehr it is food stamps or BBW waiting for schemeing for a check from dumb athletes hood rats and BBW are the Same only gutter HOODRATS watch that show period-------- They relate be lazy wait for someone to take care of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOSERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they should make a t-chisrt "shaunie the devil"
Anonymous's picture

I knew it! I knew these were

I knew it! I knew these were the "3" Shaunie was referring to! Shaunie is a poor excuse of a woman, mother, and human being. I don't understand how you want the show to go in a positive direction, but yet make a decision to nix these 3. Shaunie just says what she thinks people want to hear at the moment. We don't need anyone to pacify us, just be real. We all see you for who you are Shaunie, garbage. Just be real with yourself.
Eryn's picture

Smart move, get rid of the

Smart move, get rid of the only other true Basketball Wife. LOL I wonder what "real" basketball wives have to say about these birds?
Anonymous's picture

shaunie if you want to keep

shaunie if you want to keep up the drama and get high ratings why don't you put Hoopz (Shaq's girl) on there with your ass. I bet neither Evelyn, Tami or Suzie have your back if you try playong her the way yall did Kenya with the fish in her room!!!!
Anonymous's picture

there's an idea. Hoopz!

there's an idea. Hoopz!
Anonymous's picture

i knew it was going to be

i knew it was going to be those 3! nothing more to say than ratchet heauxz still getting airtime! S M F H
BlackBerry's picture

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seekrich.com's picture

I am done watching, I got

I am done watching, I got better things to do that makes bitch shaune richer
Anonymous's picture

I meant I got better things

I meant I got better things to do than making a bitch like Shaunie richer....I guess Shaquille was right we seeing her true colors
Anonymous's picture

GARBAGE SHOW! Shaunie cannot

GARBAGE SHOW! Shaunie cannot be respected! PERIOD
shayla from bklyn!'s picture

garbage shows for garbage

garbage shows for garbage women- bunch of hoodrats they represent the gutter to me women just like hoodrats waiting on a check or someone to give them a free check-handout smh
Anonymous's picture

yea Shaunie is making the

yea Shaunie is making the biggest mistake with cutting Jennifer a poll was done 2 months ago basically stating who has the highest fan base Evelyn 31% Jennifer 23% Tami 19% royce 9% shaunie 9% kenya 3% keisha 4% suzie 2%
Anonymous's picture

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