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DRAMA UNFOLDING: Details From Chris Brown's Bloody Bottle Action FIGHT ALLEGEDLY With Drake & MMG!

Just when you thought all was well in the hip hop world and folks were busy stacking their paper...foolywang material pops off in the club.  Deets inside on Chris Brown's fight in an NYC nightclub last night, picture proof, and allegations that it involved Drake & The MMG gang...all over Rihanna!



Foolywangery was in full effect last night at W.I.P. (beneath Greenhouse) Wednesday night in downtown Manhattan.  Chris Brown Instagram'd the above pic of his face post-attack with a gash in his chin, saying "Bottles? It's Nothing!"  And Tweets from partygoers flooded the social media network giving play by plays of what went down.  Here's what we've gathered:

Drake and Trey Songz were partying in W.I.P. with their Maybach Music Group affiliate homies Meek Mill, Wale and French Montana.  They hit up the spot after partying at Sin City with Rick Ross to celebrate their Self Made 2 compilation album dropping in a few weeks.

Drake's frenemy, Chris Brown, was there too, in a different section of the club, popping bottles with Teyana Taylor (who snapped a pic with Meek & Wale while partying) as they celebrated her new G.O.O.D. Music deal.  Jennifer Williams, Ne-Yo, Tony Parker & plenty more were also there to party.

Following Drake's recent "That's your ho? She's our ho too" tweet that most understood to be about Rihanna, he and Chris allegedly exchanged words at the club.  We also hear Chris sent a bottle over to Drake's table--and Drake took it as a front.  Words became action as bottles flew at Chris--allegedly from Drake & Meek Mill's section of the club--causing chaos.  We're told both camps and "their people" were brawling.  Here are Chris' tweets which he later deleted:

NYC club promoter Jessica Rosenblum was also at W.I.P. last night and blamed "Amen" rapper Meek Mill tweeting:

@WIPNewYork crazy tonite! Maino, Chris Brown, Neyo, Teyana Taylor, Meek Mills, Mary J, Drake & like a million others! #goodnite

And then this little nugget (which she later deleted):

Meek Mill posted an image last night about the situation saying "That pussy must be good LOL" and, of course, deleted it.  But he responded to Jessica saying: "It wasn't me.... (shaggy voice) lol".

The aftermath of the bottle throwing fight:

Sigh.   We'll be updating as more foolishness rolls in.

By the way, the alleged tweets floating around from 2 Chainz giving a blow by blow of the fight and criticizing Rihanna are from an imposter account. 



Lol i dont get why there

Lol i dont get why there fighting for rihanna when rihanna wud dump thm both with ermsex partner ashton kutcher... But i go for drake though...
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Why do all these white people

Why do all these white people and 'intellectual' blacks on this thread keep saying things like "this is why black people can't progress" or "why black people are so backward" or other similar shit? I'm 100 percent sure that members of every race in existence on this planet have fought in a club before. White people are not above it. Just like every other race, I know blacks have their own typical problems but don't use trifling incidences like these to bring out your craving to talk shit about black people. Those fools on Jersey Shore do much more stupid shit in public than wat these two did.. And if it is shit like this that u call black people's nemesis' then we have it a lot better than the whites who shoot up schools and fuck their siblings.. Please let's not fall into the temptation of turning this topic into a racial argument.. That's like taking 150 years worth of steps in the wrong direction
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That Australian girl knew wat

That Australian girl knew wat she was doin.. Even mutha fukkas in Mars know to hit the ground whenever they see niggaz fighting.. She prob'ly gettin questioned by a lawyer now like Lawyer: did u see the bottle coming? Girl : hell yeah Lawyer: and u deliberately refused to duck? Girl : fuckin right Lawyer: do you wanna sue? Girl. : Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah! Hell Yeah!... Fuckin Righ! Damn Right! Alright!
Criss's picture

First of all Chris and Drake

First of all Chris and Drake are young black entertainers who people want to see fail anyway and what do they do? fall in the trap by fighting eachother, and now you have rumors of what people think happened which only makes it worst. Chris you have a woman at home... why are you worried about rihanna, let her go, Drake, you dont even want her, you just wanna screw.... move on! Now this is about to blow up into a west coast/ east coast thing for nothing... all you all are doing is putting yourselves in more danger.... Chris why are you sending Drake a bottle of anything? He has money... He aint no woman... you send a bottle of whatever to a woman not another male rapper....Drake, why would you let a new rapper pump your head up, this meek mill is young and is just getting fame, he doesnt care about you or chris's fame.... if this is for publicity you both have just messed up your lives..... Drake, was popular, everyone liked this dude, chris was getting back on the map after all of the scrutiny for 2 years but you wanted to empressed the crew so now you have to regain your audience or reform into the hood rap or the representation of being a negative black rap artist.... you all made a dumb move
lola b's picture

So Jessica Rosenblum can make

So Jessica Rosenblum can make money off of hip hop and have the nerve to point a finger. You fucking hypocritical, hoe. How much black penis have you had to get where you are. Now your facts you simple bitch.
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Yeah Jessica can make money

Yeah Jessica can make money off hiphop. Meek should know better. Dudes try to act so hard, but when it come down to it, they are p***ys.
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Glad to see him getting some

Glad to see him getting some payback for the way he beat in rhianna's face. Hope they are not done with him. Keep talking sh*t, nigga. Get his ass.
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@Chris Brown, listen to me,

@Chris Brown, listen to me, you listen good - listen to someone who's fought for you on these blogs now for 3-LOOOONG years: LAWSUIT!! Drake and Meek Mill tried to end your career. They assaulted Big Pat and even your GF, Karreuche. Chris the one thing you can do that'll hurt them the most, the ONE THING that's deadlier than ANY bullet: LAWSUIT: TAKE THEIR MONEY!! Chris, you now have witnesses that'll put that bottle in Drake/Meek Mill's hands - this is one time you're without-question..in-the-right! SUE THEM CHRIS! TAKE ALLLL Wheelchair Jimmy/Meek Mil's money! *chants* LAWSUIT...LAWSUIT...LAWSUIT...LAWSUIT..LAWSUIT. X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
Anonymous's picture

I wish Chris Brown would move

I wish Chris Brown would move to africa and live with the Boys
Anonymous's picture

okay now. im a grown ass

okay now. im a grown ass women and i know whats right and whats wrong, yeah BOTH of these niggaz stupid for fighting over pussy(if thats evan the case) Now i fucks wit chris brown's music and whatever they do in life its them and they have to learn to from it. So for everyone to blame Chris NOT EVAN!!!!!! Now to keep shyt hot Chris Brown had it coming cuz what goes around comes around. They both was wrong but hey Chris did it to rihanna but fucked ha shyt up worse. So when when you look at it he had it coming. But both Drake ass thank he hard body cuz he signed wit cash money!!!BOY BYEE!!!!DONT DO DAT TO YO SELF....cuz i remember yo lil weak nerdy ass from DEGRASSI!!!! REal talk yall fighting over a peice of pussy aint cool and yall both need to grow up..#just Sayyin
Ms.Leyiaa's picture

Niggas in the club...smdh!

Niggas in the club...smdh! When you go from rags to riches, leave the rags (hood lifestyle and attitudes) behind.
Anonymous's picture

I actually work at the club

I actually work at the club and the whole thing started when the bottle was sent over and drake( who actually have a crush on ) started acting like he's from the streets when meek was in his ear boosting his head and the bottle was thrown at chris and drake was pushed into the bathroom by his people ....I trey songz looked confused on which side to pick
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Karrueche is on her PR game

Karrueche is on her PR game today, anonymously defending her man on YBF.
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i don't buy any of these lame

i don't buy any of these lame ass auto-tune, lip sink bullshit artist music... so fuk um... hope they all kill each other.
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niggas always fuk shit up for

niggas always fuk shit up for black people... where ever hip-hop is at it's bound 2 be trouble attached. Damn shame!!! Can't have shit for niggas
Anonymous's picture

This "BITCHASSNESS" has to

This "BITCHASSNESS" has to stop, they are way out of control now! All over some pussy that everybody beating up. Really?!? Chris I luv u but, I am going to need you to not send bottles over to anyone when in a night club Plz and thank you. Next pay more attention to your girl and forget Rihanna it's not worth, yea you love her blah blah blah... But at the end of the day you always end up on the shitty side of things. Drake is a pussy along with Meek Mill... Why throw bottles when you could throw hands? BITCHASS NIGGAS THE END!
Yeeezy Taught Me! 's picture

You couldn't say it better.

You couldn't say it better.
Anonymous's picture

That's the difference when

That's the difference when you date a man and boys. Matt Kemp= man, Chris, Drake, Meek Mill= boys
Anonymous's picture


LOL WHAT? Matt KEMP = MAN? This is the guy that broke her heart by PUBLICALLY cheating on her! That's a man? Seems more like a little boy to me! Chris Brown was 16 - 19 when he and Rihanna dated so yeah he was a boy, a TEENAGE BOY! Drake and Meek Mill ( <-- I cannot believe she actually slept with this nasty scoundrel WTF was Rihanna thinking?) are just P*ssy''s if you ask me! Throwing bottles for what? These is just sad to me.
Anonymous 's picture

Stuff like this always sets

Stuff like this always sets us back. It's always rich fools like these that don't know how to appreciate a blessed lifestyle when they have one. This is why I don't buy they albums.
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

A good! dem shudda dark it

A good! dem shudda dark it cross him head side! Him love send bokkle? Mi glad somebody fling it inna him rass face! Is a pity Rihanna neva do di same ting when him and karate chop send bokkle go gi her last week. Like di gyal a beg dem nuttn. She tell unnu seh she thirsty? If karate know wha good fi har she keep dem bokkle deh wah har man a sen go gi ppl fi a rainy day cause fi har numba soon up. Damn jackass. Skull shudda crack
Anonymous's picture

Chris Brown needs to stop

Chris Brown needs to stop sending bottles. There was backlash when he did it to Rihanna and he should have most definitely expected it with Drake and his crew. Just stop already. Be a MAN and use WORDS as your so-called "peace offering".
Anonymous's picture

Since when did sending a

Since when did sending a bottle an insult? Where I come from its considered a nice gesture.
Pretty girl's picture

It can also be a back-handed

It can also be a back-handed sarcastic gesture disguised as a "peace offering". Drake and his crew clearly weren't buying it. Chris Brown loves Twitter so much he would have been better off giving his "peace offering" in 140 characters or less.
Anonymous's picture

So DRAKE jumps bad with R&B

So DRAKE jumps bad with R&B Singer CHRIS BROWN over nothing at all BUT REFUSES to step to: 1)COMMON "Stay Schemin" remake STRAIGHT UP DISS, or 2) LUDACRIS "Big Bada Boom" STRAIGHT UP DISS or 3) PUSHA T "Exodus 23:1" STRAIGHT UP DESTROYED DRAKE'S SWEET A$$! AUBREY DRAKE ...jew from Canada is truly a LITTLE BEEEOCH..LMAO while SMDH all this drama for nohting. Drake should be deported!
Anonymous Me's picture

I hate Meek Mill.

I hate Meek Mill. Thankfullyhe won't be here longer than say Jay-Z's old rap crew, i.e., Memphis Bleek or Beanie Siegel (who are far more talented than this cat by the way). Dude is worse than Evelyn Lozada. You KNOW his dumbass did this shit to be relevant and he's using Rihanna and Chris Brown to do it. Don't nobody give a f*ck about this cat, so he's out here being a straight stunt queen for these fools. And of course, Chris Brown's ignorant ass who can't learn to stfu and let things go entertains this fool. Chris Brown is being played like a puppet.
Anonymous's picture

I WAS THERE!! lol it was

I WAS THERE!! lol it was indeed a fight it def went down...rihanna must have that extra good good or her shit is laced with gold lol got these dudes actin hella crazy
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I'm sorry when drama seems to

I'm sorry when drama seems to follow you where ever you go, you need to evaluate yourself, Chris Brown always ends up in some mess every 6 months or so, lol, I mean really
Anonymous's picture

So you are blaming Chris

So you are blaming Chris Brown for trying to be nice and send a peace offering over to Drake's table? You cannot help if ppl are JEALOUS of you! That's like saying because ppl don't like you and choose to bully you it's somehow your fault. NO CHRIS BROWN DID NOTHING WRONG! He is not a media pet like HALF JEW AUBREY DRAKE so of course he media is going to say it's all Chris Brown's fault!
Anonymous Me's picture

Stop restating this same

Stop restating this same bullsh*t over and over. Nobody is jealous of Chris Brown. Please.
Anonymous's picture

what the hell is wrong with

what the hell is wrong with these niggas? over rihanna? is this some sick joke?!! GROW UP! throwing bottles like they Evelyn Lozada now? SMH! Just dont make no sense
BITCH STOP's picture

That dirty "low down monkey,

That dirty "low down monkey, with a wig" is not worth it. She's a trashy broad, walking around showing her nips and shit. They all smashed her so why fight over her. She is gross and looks like she smells like 2 week old mop water with a hint of death. Being that all the parties involved have new albums coming out soon, i wouldn't be surprised if they were all in the bathroom huttled up like a football team going over play by play of what was to happen at the club and you know the head coach was correctional officer ricky rozay. They are all pretty soft.
tori's picture

LOL, DAMN now tell us how you

LOL, DAMN now tell us how you really fell abou Rihanna! :-) This all seem like Bullsh*t instigated by Meek Mills! This clown is nothing but he seems to be in the middle of everything! He's stalking Rihanna and trying to use Chris Brown for publicity! I wouldn't be surprised if Meek Mills and Drake were huddled up in the bathroom with that SNITCH B*TCH OFFICER RICKY calling the plays!
Anonymous Me's picture

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