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AFTERMATH: Karrueche Spotted Returning To Hotel Post-Fight + Rihanna Hides Her Face Out In NYC

If there was any beef between Meek Mill and Chris Brown--it's been squashed.  We're not sure the same goes for Chris & Meek's homie Drake. But it's a start  Check out Chris' tweet inside, plus the first pics of his girlfriend Karrueche making her way back to the hotel and Rihanna trying to stay hidden in NYC...

Chris Brown's girlfriend Karrueche Tran--who was reportedly injured in Wednesday night's scuffle and allegedly was treated for a possible concussion--was spotted arriving back at her hotel Thursday night with Chris' entourage (sans Chris himself). 

She looked better than she looked early Thursday morning arriving back at the hotel just a few hours after the club fight:

It also seems like Kae will be in NYC longer than she planned--possibly due to the police investigation--because she tweeted about missing her brother's graduation:

So upset I'm missing my little brother's graduation.

Meanwhile, Chris' ex Rihanna--who the fight (at its core) with Drake was ALLEGEDLY over--was spotted trying to hide her face from the paparazzi last night in NYC:

She held on to her girl Melissa and kept her hoodie and shade draped over her face.  And we all know Rih is not one to hide from the cameras.  But with her name being in all the hoopla--we can't really blame her.

She seemed to be ok hours later when she was spotted leaving the 40/40 Club with friends:


Rapper Meek Mill's name has been thrown in the mix of who attacked Chris Brown at the club Wednesday night.  But it seems Chris isn't putting any blame on him. He tweeted:

Me and @MeekMill ain't on that bullshit. Real respect Real....

Chris also thanked his bodyguard Big Pat, who we posted an image of yesterday with a gash in his head likely after he was protecting Chris, saying:

Big Pat! Real Nigga... Love you boy!

Well isn't that nice.  Meek Mill was supposedly set to go on Funkmaster Flex's show last night on Hot 97, but it never happened.  Womp.





First of all....ppl keep

First of all....ppl keep saying Chris brown wants Rihanna! Well her dumb A** still wants him too.and no one says sh*t about that? That moon face bitch is INSECURE!! She's no angel!! Oh poor Rihanna PLEASE! Lmfao C.B. hit her next you know she's all tatted up writing S&M songs flaunting ass&nipples everywhere it changed her!! Yep!! Now your acting like a Damn' F.R.E.A.K!! And YOU WANT HIM BACK?? BadgirlRiRi my ass!! Ya stupid!! That's not L.O.V.E! I feel bad for you kae caught in the middle of it all. Oh & by the way I'm a Chris brown fan DO NOT LIKE WHAT HE DID TO RI...but she's all on that D**K MOVE ON!!!
Anonymous's picture

drake is a lame for putting

drake is a lame for putting rih's business in the street. chris clearly is dealing or still has strong feelings for rih.. or else he wouldn't of had such an emotional reaction. rih needs to chill out on hanging out w/these MMG and Young Money dudes because they're disrespectful and are quick to call you a ho.. punks. drake is mad rih doesn't want him. if she did..they would of BEEN together. and who throws bottles? canadians beotchazzes. oh... and for karrachue, you're using chris for fame and relevance & he's using you as a front, so fans don't think him and rih are STILL in a relationship. it's plain as day. drake don't want it with chris, we know the boy has a temper and will get drake knocked off. meek mill you're gonna loose your street cred soon if you keep kicking it with lames.
Anonymous's picture

best responce yet !

best responce yet !
lido's picture

Ahhhh I soooo agree with you

Ahhhh I soooo agree with you on everything u just said!!!! I think all this Rihanna Chris drake tran drama is the best celebrity drama ever.. I don't usually pay attention but all the drama especially with love birds Chris and rhi is too crazyyy!! They are def gunna have some sort of secret marriage someday soon lmao even tho they have a messed up "relationship" I think they are made for each other especially if they both lack maturity lol seriously tho I'm hoping they make it back together publicly since its going to make for even better celeb news and gossip! Im Tuned in!! Haha GO Chris and Rihanna breezy lmao!!!!!
MsAllyBaby's picture

LOL @ JBoogie 7:04 pm - Jun

LOL @ JBoogie 7:04 pm - Jun 15, '12 "if rihanna wanna have public puss thas on her also...none of my business." PUBLIC PUSS...HaHa
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I'm a fan of chris brown as

I'm a fan of chris brown as an artist...thas all i care about, what he does in his private time..ie not musically is none of my business...if rihanna wanna have public puss thas on her also...none of my business..yall need to stop putting regular people who happen to have alittle money and talent on theese God like pedastools...at the end of the day they bleed and breath just like the rest of us...anybody really paying attention to all the media says needs to get a life or a hobby...remember two seconds of relativity is better than none...as long as yall keep reding into the bs it will continue...
JBoogie's picture

Aaaaah the art of media

Aaaaah the art of media brainwashing continues. So many puppets.
Realist 's picture

Karruche suffered a minor

Karruche suffered a minor concusion SHE CANNOT FLY FOR A FEW DAYS by doctors orders! Her staying in NY has nothing to do with this so called ongoing police investigation! I wsht here was one media site that did not spread bulsh** and lies........KNOW THE DAMN FACTS Again, I feel bad for Kar, Chris, Big Pat, Tony Parker and th emany others that were injuried. Ppl act like this is a joke but ppl were injuired and I don't give a dman if you don't like the fight he had 3 yrs ago that doesn't have sh** to do with today with a club torn up and ppl being injuired. I swear some ppl are so far up inot media's a$$ they cannot think for themselves! I really feel for Chris Brown he and his friends were attacked and now ppl are trying to blame him! I HATE THE MEDIA & STUPID PPL!
Anonymous me's picture

Why does everyone keep saying

Why does everyone keep saying Rihanna fucked drake what proof is there? Just cuz drake said? This is the shit that kills me don't none of us know who is sleeping with who.everyone goes in on Rihanna cuz she wear shit that got her nipples showing. If that is what she like then so be it. That don't make her no hoe. As for karrueche she could have asked the police to leave new York to attend herr brother graduation and could have been on the next flight back.there are ways to do things..
Ren's picture


KARRUECHE HAS A CONCUSSION PEOPLE! She cannot fly for a few days! Her missing her lil brothers gratulation has nothing to do withthe police! Whatever she had to say about that evening was already said and that goes for Chris Brown, Drake etc! Nobody is continuing a conversation with the popo as th emessy media is trying to indicate!
Anonymous me's picture

Do not put Rihanna being a

Do not put Rihanna being a whore on "Black Girls"-you sound so dumb! Whores come in all different colors, ethnicities, races etc. .
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look at this hoe rihanna!

look at this hoe rihanna! shes such a slut! 3 niggas that know each other in the industry have fucked her and tweeted about it! black girls are hoes!! all they know how to do is spread it wide!
 Hunter ohi  ! 's picture

Its not just black girls that

Its not just black girls that are hoes it's white,mexican ect..dumb ass
Ren's picture

Do not put Rihanna being a

Do not put Rihanna being a whore on "Black Girls"-you sound so dumb! Whores come in all different colors, ethnicities, races etc. .
Anonymous's picture

but black women are the most

but black women are the most obvious hoes out there! they make it difficult for other black women! i dont see obvious white hoes!! please step up your game and yess RIHANNA is a whore and she is in media and is an example for black girls to be whores!
 Hunter ohi  ! 's picture

Only black girls are

Only black girls are whores...you're a special one. The biggest whore out right now got her whole family put on to fame and millions after a sex tape and got ran through by more black men than Ri ever will. Brainwashed by stereotypes ain't ya...
babiegirl's picture

kim kardashian is celebrated

kim kardashian is celebrated as a business woman!!! what black woman is a business woman that is as popular as the hoes like rihanna, basketball wives and so on? absolutely not! thats y yall cant get married! looool
 Hunter ohi  ! 's picture

Well you must be blind

Well you must be blind dumbass. Look at Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, etc. Apparently your ignorant loves to read about black women because you are on a site about them. Do us all a favor and go kill yourself!
justdoit's picture

You tell that jealous,

You tell that jealous, ignorant woman! Whores come in all shades, colors, races and ethnicities etc.. "Women of Color" are a target for bulls*it around the world-everything is so biased. Any woman can be a whore-some bitc*es are just slicker than others at being one.
Anonymous's picture

The thing is, according to

The thing is, according to their tweets, they ALL (Cris, Drake and Meek - my dude) dissing Rihanna and calling her community property before the fight even started. So this just baffles me. Drake called her a Ho and even said we "get gyal easy." People should realize it ain't OVER rihanna, it's about their egos and some people's approach. Chris called her a dream chaser and said she'd be "running forever." On the west coast, a "runner" is a hoe. http://latimesblogs.latimes.com/music_blog/2012/06/when-digital-beef-get...
WholeLife's picture

The MEDIA keeps telling us

The MEDIA keeps telling us the altercation was over Rihanna but HOW THE HELL WOULD THEY REALLY KNOW? All I hear are media lies and rumors. They are trying to literally blame 1 of he the VICTIMS Chris Brown, for this entire situation when he didn't start a damn thing. Come to find out he wasn't even involved in a fight as he nor Drake came to punches as the media initially said! I'm just thankful that no one was seriously injuried. Chris, Karruche, Big Pat, NBA's Tony Parker, a Tourist from Austraila and many more were inuried but someone could be dead! Ppl are making jokes but this is not a lauhging matter! If Drake did throw a bottle and started all this mess or if he just decided to toss the bottle Breezy's way once a fight broke out HE IS A REAL B*TCH A$$ and I'm tired of everyone lettering him off the hook! Same goes for Meek Mill if he was indeed involved! Nobody deserved what I saw happened I don't give a damn who you are!
Anonymous me's picture

Child you need to breathe,

Child you need to breathe, lol
Anonymous's picture

This Koo-koo chic is Chris

This Koo-koo chic is Chris beard while he still carries on a behind the scenes relationship with Rhi Rhi. Because I refuse to believe that this chic is sitting by letting all this happen in front of her. Just a week ago she was chillin with one of his old jump-offs. I know money can do strange things but this chic cant be that slow.
Blov1's picture

?? A beard refers to a woman

?? A beard refers to a woman who dates a man in an effort to hide his homosexuality...
Anonymous's picture

so young with money to do

so young with money to do anything she wants but the only MEN she can find are in a small circle, and people will talk about having sex with her. Im sure she is not happy that most of the entertainment ind knows what her pussy feels like. she thinks she is having fun sleeping with these men who are not mature enough for her and will keep her secrets, THEY ARE NOT MATURE AT ALL. i love sex just like the next girl but i guess she has to make them sign a gag order now. i do hope everybody learns from this and she meets a mature man that will knock her scoks off and be able to keep what she does in the bedroom just for the 2 of them. I am not a fan but good luck rih.
Anonymous's picture

Again, THE MEDIA keeps

Again, THE MEDIA keeps telling us that this "fight" or Drake's alleged bottle tossing or whatever the hell happened, is about Rihanna! They claimed that Chris' remix to Theraflu was all about Rihanna but CB said it was not! We don't know what to believe! They claim CB contacted the police to turn in pics he took BUT IF YOU ARE FIGHTING HOW ARE YOU ALSO TAKING PICS OF PPL? Then this same media came back to say CB claims he didn;t see Drake in the club 0_O??? Again, w don;t know wF to believe! I hope she has not sleep with all these guys! And Meek Mill is just GROSS I can't beleive she would sink that damn low...ewwww! As for folks bing mature you might want to add Rihanna to that list! How mature are you to sleep around like this? Come on girl do better...
Anonymous me's picture

Its funny how so many people

Its funny how so many people talk about celebrities as if the had breakfast with them every morning, talk as if you just got off the phone with them and got all the details. what people need to realize is that these are entertainers. you know rihanna, not robyn... you know drake, not aubrey... you know chris brown, not chris. these are just typical young people acting like typical young people. only difference is they always have somebody watching... get some business
Anonymous's picture

For those who REALLY want to

For those who REALLY want to know the truth; for those who AREN'T easily led by the nose - Here's what REALLY happened on Feb 8th, 2009, in THAT car, between Chris and Rihanna: "Sources say Rihanna was the first one to strike -- slapping and striking Brown "numerous times" while he was driving, after seeing the text message from another woman. And Rihanna was fighting Brown." <--- This comes from Rihanna's actual statement she made to the LAPD. That often quoted, though woefully inaccurate "police report document", which is inadmissible in court as it's based on pure hearsay, is the "Cell Phone Records Warrant". If anyone took the time to read it, it does NOT contain Rihanna's signature. You can't give a statement WITHOUT signing it - Rihanna never signed it! It's NOT her telling of the facts that occurred on that 2009 Feb evening. Here, see/read for yourselves: http://www.tmz.com/2009/03/09/brown-wants-misdemeanor-plea-no-jail-time/ X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

Seriously what pain did

Seriously what pain did rihanna bring to karruche life this is because of chris brown she knew what she was signing up for she need to get a back bone and be a woman if she wasn't with chris she would be a non factor I used to like chris but that has change he put his hands on a female now that he got hands put on him he wanna cry please he bit rihanna and thats pretty low so dont be mad if u get a bottle thrown at u
Anonymous's picture

Are you f*cking kidding right

Are you f*cking kidding right now? This is not about chris brown and rihanna being in a teenage relationship 3 years ago and fighting each other! Rihanna wasn't sitting in the passanger sit reading her Bible dear! This is about many ppl being injured not just Chris who isn't whinning about a thing. And regardless of what happened when he was a TEENAGER 3 YEAR S AGO, it doesn't give somone the right to throw glass and bottles at him, his girlfreind & his table full of family and friends! I know they were just part of this altercation but no one including Tony Parker of the SA Spurs or anyone else deserved to be stuck by glass and bottles! You haters need to check youselves. To think this is about a teenage fight or just Chris Brown being injuried! NONE OF THE GUEST AT THAT NIGHTCLUB INCLCUING CHRIS BROWN DESERVED TO BE ATTACKED FOR NO REASON! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?
Anonymous me's picture

(As a fiery ball of

(As a fiery ball of 'contradiction and knock-head logic' goes streaking across the skies.. Onlookers: "It's a bird! it's a plane! NO, it's Furious Styles.." @Furious Styles re - 10:19 am Jun 15th, 2012: "Chris Brown is not any VICTIM sorry." "..and I think it's laughable that Chris posted a photo claiming he was the VICTIM." "The same champagne that got bottles thrown at his HEAD.." <--Chris is not a victim..?! Furious, your drivel is..breath-taking in scope and dimension! You attend (how did you say?!) a "Top Notch NYC University, with a 3.8 GPA," right? Furious how do you do it - how does one function without the "checks and balances" of logic and rational? Furious, you open your mouth and torrents of metal filings and the piercing sounds of grinding, gnashing metal comes pouring forth. #AmazingStupifyingFuriouslyStyled X,Y,"and Z" -- OUT..!!
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture

Snitch Brown your stocks

Snitch Brown your stocks continue to plummet , first you are best known for beating up girls and now your sissified ass snitching to the police. Not a good look tough guy.........oops bad gal.
Anonymous's picture

Chirs Brown didn't snitch on

Chirs Brown didn't snitch on anyone. IF YOU COULD READ THE BODY OF THE TEXT forom one new sorce to the next CLEARLY STATES THAT "WE CANNOT SUBSTANTIATE" BUT...BLAH, BLAH! Any fool knows EVERYTHING AFTER the but IS A DAMN LIE! Also, are all the eye-witness who were also questioned by the police snitches? These fools posted video online of he entire event are they snitches? The so called TMZ story that everyone is quoting from claims Chris Brown & his attoney contacted the police! Chris' Lawyer WAS JUST ON TV TELLING CNN ITS NOT TRUE, HE DID NOT CONTACT THE POLICE!! So what snitch lol IDIOT! Did he give a statement like Drake, Meek Mill, the bouncers, waiters, and everyone with a camera phone who recorded the event gave a statement to the police! "first you are best known for beating up girls" HEY ISN'T RIHANNA'S ASS A SNITCH TOO...LOL by your definition? #loser
Anonymous me's picture

I swear people think they

I swear people think they know the codes (which are supposed to be about integrity), but you idiots get it wrong every time. smh One too many self-professed Godfathers out here. Snitching is when you are equally involved in something, or confessing the biz of others and their behavior has no negative effect on you. That's a snitch! Assisting the cops in assisting your ass in punishing someone who has done you harm or who's actions negatively effect yours/someone else's/or your community's quality of life --- IS NOT (I repeat) IS NOT snitching. Mthfkas are stupid to think that there is honor in not speaking up when someone has done or is doing wrong. Hell it makes you a bigger PUNK to keep your mouth shut because that's the easy part!
Anonymous's picture

Thank you!! Bitches are dumb

Thank you!! Bitches are dumb as hell...Ill be damned if I let someone hurt me and not report it...and I wont be going to jail for anyone...They ask who did it and im pointing fingers!!!!
sallyone's picture

@Anonymous re:12:12 pm --

@Anonymous re:12:12 pm -- It'll ALL be a part of his lawsuit, and it's called "getting paid"! Even then, law enforcement does NOT need Chris Brown's statement, EVERYONE now knows it was Drake/Meek Mill that launched that bottle. The deadliest bullet you can fire is taking someone's money. And given the OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE, AND SCORES OF ONLOOKERS, Drake and Meek Mill are absolutely in-the-wrong! I've been Team-Breezy now for 3-years solid. I've been up here, on these blogs, fighting the good fight. I think I can say that I speak for all TRUE Team-Breezy: "Chris, you now have, not only our blessings, but our expectations, that you now fully cooperate with law enforcement, AND you then file a civil suit against Drake and Meek Mill". CHRIS, TAKE ALL THEIR MONEY! They they threw that bottle at you, they tried to take YOUR money! Oh yes they did! If the shoe were on the other foot, they'd do it to you, and not give it a second thought! Sue them, Chris. You, Big Pat and Karreuche should file suit! Sue the "Canadian-Bacon Jew", Chris! Take every last dime that "Actor Jew Bastard" has! Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit! Lawsuit...!!! X,Y,'and Z"
X,Y,&quot;and Z&quot;'s picture


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Anonymous's picture

Stop being so fu**ing

Stop being so fu**ing ignorant. Karrueche had to stay to answer police questions and was in the hospital for a concussion. Staying under his ass wasn't an option. You have no idea wtf Chris Brown tells this girl. But Karma has a way of dealing with a lot of things. He's getting a bit back for it now. Get your mind right and your actions tight Chris Brown , your karma angel is trying to tell you something!
Anonymous's picture

Karrueche is beautiful,

Karrueche is beautiful, naturally. Catch any one at their worse times and we all look like shit. She's been up all night in a police station and hospital. Post some of the other pictures of her there's plenty over the last few days. I don't wanna think this is a bias site. Rihanna has her off days quite a bit.
Anonymous's picture

She's CUTE naturally, there

She's CUTE naturally, there is a difference. Other than her cute face, there's nothing to her. She is shaped like a little boy! I'm not a Rihanna stan or fan for that matter, and IMO, she shits all over this Kae chick, with or without makeup. Rihanna has beautiful skin, eyes, and even though she has a huge forehead, her looks are exotic. Plus her swagger is on some other shit. No comparison if you ask me.
Anonymous's picture

Umm, they're both beautiful

Umm, they're both beautiful girls and they're both shaped like little boys. #period
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So many Stans, so little

So many Stans, so little time. Let's keep it real: 1. Rihanna's probably just hiding because she hasn't any make-up on and doesn't feel decent enough to be snapped. 2. It's a question of personal taste, but I find both Rihanna and Karrueche attractive women. 3. CB is just a gigantically childisch a**hole.
B.'s picture

Kae no need to miss your

Kae no need to miss your brother graduation trying to stay under Chris....SMDH Girl your blood family should come 1st and Chris and Rihanna still FUCKING right under your nose....SMDH she look sooooo stupid and dumb and 12
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She knew acting like she was

She knew acting like she was hiding would be even more noticable with her desperate ass. She should've took that hoodie and hid those ugly ass ronald mcdonald shoes.
Puzzled's picture

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