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*MUG SHOT INSIDE* UH OH! Dwyane Wade's Ex Siohvaughn ARRESTED, Dwyane Wants Her Visitation TERMINATED!

In a wild turn of events, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade's ex-wife Siohvaughn was arrested over the weekend after refusing to return her sons to Dwyane's custody.


Post has been updated with Sioh's mugshot.  Details inside that are still unfolding just hours before Dwyane plays in tonight's NBA Finals Game 4...


Dwyane Wade has temporary full custody of his sons Zaire & Zion.  Their mother, Siohvaughn, was given visitation rights.  But this past weekend, she allegedly did not return the boys in accordance with the court order.

Chicago's Cook County Sheriff's spokesman Frank Bilecki told The AP that Siohvaughn Funches-Wade was charged with misdemeanor charges--two counts of attempted child abduction, two counts of unlawful visitation interference and one count of resisting arrest this weekend.  Apparently she did not bring the boys to Dwyane's sister in Chicago on Saturday at the agreed upon 12p time so that they could make a 3p flight to Miami in time for Father's Day.

Dwyane's sister called the Sheriff's office to check on the home when Sioh would not answer calls after several hours.  The filing states that Siohvaughn attempted to leave the home with one of the boys when the Sheriff's department showed up.

Another woman, Nadgee Alarcon, was also inside the home and was charged with resisting arrest.  And after Dwyane charted a private jet to get his boys to him on Sunday, his eldest son told him that the Alarcon woman "smacked him in the head."

Huff Post reports that Siohvaughn was admitted to a hospital later Saturday night for possible asthma attack.

All of this drama led to Dwyane's lawyer, James Pritikin, filing an emergency motion in court today (Tuesday) to suspend Sioh's visitation rights.  A hearing has been set in regards to Siohvaighn, whom Dwyane divorced in 2012, for June 26th, the same day as Game 7 if necessary.

Dwyane said in his motion:

"Once again, S.L. has used our minor children as the proverbial pawns in this contentious dissolution of marriage action," Wade wrote in the filing, using initials to protect identities but referring to his ex-wife. "This court must take action to protect our minor children from further exposure to the present environment S.L. creates while they are in her care and preventing S.L. from exercising her parenting time in a manner that is harmful to our children.

"The minor children have been subjected to great deal of drama/trauma as a result of S.L.'s conduct."

He didn't seem to let it affect his game Sunday night as he and the Heat beat the Thunder.  Game 4 is tonight.

*UPDATE* TMZ reports Siohvaughn posted her $10K bail and has a hearing for her own charges in August.



Nobody knows the situation

Nobody knows the situation but the three people envolved. Their marriage was in trouble before he started up with Gabrielle, and although he might have completed the process of his divorce before getting into a relationship with someone else, I doubt that Ms. Union was the only cause of the disolution of their marriage vows. If she is acting this erratic now, who is to say that she did not demonstrate this behavior before. I do not think he should try to take away her rughts to visitation; but I also do not see anything wrong with a dad wanting to raise his children-if he is dong it for the right reason.

Everybody does not handle

Everybody does not handle pain and hurt the same way it can be very devastating to certain individuals that is why some people will not start a new relationship till after the divorce is final out of respect to that person. I think even if you divorce you should have a certain level of respect for the person you marry. You should be careful when there are children because his son's will grow up and read all of this watch. I try to always watch what I say and how I treat my ex because my children are apart of him if i was to say he is crazy or no good my kids know part of him is in them. I pray peace and healing in the situation. I think it takes a strong and honorable person to not involve themselves with anyone else until the divorce is final. Sometimes the forbidden is exciting but it wears off eventually. In Malachi it says God hates divorce. Marriage is not just about the two children it is about the relationship the two people have and what they can do together and ministry. If Dwayne has been seeing all these women before Gabrielle when has he ever dealt with the emotions and the marriage with a clear head. Has he grieved the marriage. How do you know what you are feeling. Is it lust is it an escape or is it love.

I think someone as beautiful

I think someone as beautiful as Gabrielle Union could have postured herself to say Dwayne handle your business and then come to me. It is very sticky and hurtful to be in the middle when two people are separating.

Someone once said that

Someone once said that divorce is like being close to death. When two flesh join together they become one when they separate there is a tearing of that union. But do like the old folks run on and see what the end is going to be. Trust me ! Time takes care of so many things

I am all in his ex-wife

I am all in his ex-wife corner, the dissolution of her marriage sent her over the edge. If anything he should have told her to seek counseling and I will give you back our kids. They need their mother's love, as far as his new girlfriend (Gabby) its all about the Benjamins. EX wife get yourself together you are beautiful and take control of your life, get cost of living increases ever years, when the boys become teens let him take over. You are not a bad mother us women understand what you are going through. I can understand why the judge gave the boys to your ex husband. Get it together you can do it and rebuild your life. Life is too short for that. May god bless you and Dewayne show some empathy for your ex wife. Yes you are a good father but the earlier years of your children life should be with their mother. Not nannies.
Redd's picture

Dwyane Wade you need to stop.

Dwyane Wade you need to stop. I don't care what is going down between you and yo babies mama you should not deny her the rights to be a mother! You will pay for that. remember your kids are not kids forever and children need their biological parents. Yeah, somebody can play mommy but they will be missing something without that from their real mother. You are wrong, need to get rid of that anger boy and grow a pair!
Anonymous's picture

Get a grip that man is

Get a grip that man is protecting his children.
truthbtold's picture

He is now inheriting the

He is now inheriting the Shabby Union behaviors..don't give a fuck about him or those kids...her and Angielina Jolie can ride the same boat out with being molested and hurting EVERYBODY going forward.....Watch yo back She-wade
dick wade's picture

we don't know the facts , get

we don't know the facts , get a life.
Anonymous's picture

Dwayne Wade's wife should not

Dwayne Wade's wife should not use the children to get back at a man that does not want her. Get your self together for you and your children, you are not the first woman scorned and will not be the last, get over it, life goes on your world should not end because a man does not want you anymore.
BBeck's picture

If my ex didn't bring my

If my ex didn't bring my child back on time and didn't answer the phone for hours I would call the cops to go check on them too. The sister was worried. She did the right thing. Ex Ms. Wade was irresponsible for not at least answering his sister's calls. She could have called and let her know she would be running late or keeping the kids. It's sad the kids have to be involved in what sounds like dumb sh*t.
Eloquence's picture

This is SAD! It is clear

This is SAD! It is clear that his attorney's are taking the opportunity to give him the upper hand in the custody battle. She should have ensured that the kids were on time for their appointment, however, it REALLY wasn't that serious... ie D WADE can afford to come get them. The fact that the SISTER would call the police on her is also out of control. If D WADE thought it was serious enough to call the police that would be one thing but the sister??? He really should MAN up and work with his ex-wife/mother of his children and make every attempt to uphold her reputation (the reputation of his son's mother) in the public light instead of bashing her. Not a Kobe fan either but you've NEVER heard him say anything bad about his wife even during the divorce proceedings... obviously he's had a better example of what a FATHER, HUSBAND and FAMILY should be. Who does that???
Anonymous's picture

That woman knew that Wade's

That woman knew that Wade's sister would be picking-up the kids and what time she is suppose to have the kids ready (court order). She did this on purpose- she would not answer the phone nor would anyone answer the doorbell. His kids were missing for more than 3 hours. I would have done the same thing and so would you!! I would want to know why that other woman smacked my son in the head and file child abuse charges on her azz!
truthbtold's picture

your absolutely right he not

your absolutely right he not only had 1 child he had 2 with her and married her so be a man and handle s*** like an adult for the sake of those boys i"m sure they love there mom just as well as they love him
Anonymous's picture

Ok, so here goes, many of you

Ok, so here goes, many of you may be angry after this statement is made but anywho.....So when this the story first broke that Dwyane Wade was dating Gabby Union and he was not divorced, I was just as pissed as the next chick, but then yesterday I decided to do a little digging. From my understanding and after reading court documents, Ms. Siovaughn cheated first. He and Gabs started dating after Dwyane filed for divorce. As we all know, depending on who you are and what you have....divorce could be time-consuming. She initially got full custody of the boys, he paid her child support, etc...even though she stepped out on him...and then she, like so many stupid females out there who have a man who is taking care of his responsibility and decided to prevent him from seeing his children....she also exhibited erratic behavior that was not good for the boys to be around, so Dwyane did what so many uninformed Fathers out there do, who has a crazy baby's mother and decided to file for full custody of his children....which if she was acting crazy in front of her children, he had a right to do.Period!!! There are two sides to every story or as one of my friends say three sides to every story, your side, their side and the truth. It was also stated that she allowed her children to be disciplined by someone else and they were acting in an abusive manner. This woman had it made but she messed up, now do I believe that he was wrong to counter her actions, yes....but as he states they were high school sweetharts, he had never been with anyone else until she stepped out.......and I am also sure that if she is acting crazy now, she was acting crazy before now....
Anonymous's picture

Dwayne Wade did this woman

Dwayne Wade did this woman wrong period....and she's having a hard time dealing with it. Not only did you leave her after she stuck by you through it all, you took her kids and painted her as crazy to the world. How is it she wasn't a bad mother until he filed for divorce, how was her parenting skills prior to that time. The legal system is corrupt, they side with whoever has the most money, which of course isn't his ex-wife.
Me's picture

To all of you who think she

To all of you who think she should have her kids back, when she ends up harming the kids to hurt Wade what will you say then? Dumb asses...SMH
Anonymous's picture


truthbtold's picture


Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

you mad?

you mad?
Anonymous's picture


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bbwfishing's picture

She needs to learn you can't

She needs to learn you can't fight fire with fire. If she wants full custody of her children, she will have to behave right and not let her hurt get the best of her. It's not easy to move forward, but it takes two to tangle in a marriage. And, I hope she can put her children first, Wade continue to be the good father that he is.
Anon's picture

This girl really needs real

This girl really needs real prayer because I do agree with you play the game a keep it clean, and your get kids back. God be with this girl I could only understand how she feels being a star's ex wife and all the favortism that Dwyane is getting in the courtroom. Siouvaughn keep your head up girl know that your kids will grow up and resent their father for how he is doing you. It's not hard to get favor with millions, just know God is greater. Look to God!!!
Anonymous's picture

This is not about favoritism,

This is not about favoritism, it's about her behavior. Did you read about her erratic behavior in the courtroom, she had to deal with two lawyers and they said, the way she was acting was not okay. Typical statement from a bitter black woman. Why will the kids resent their father, when he takes good care of them and did nothing wrong to them. Their mother is the one who can't seem to get her act together to be in a better place to take care them. Black women, stop condoning bad behavior and take responsibility for your action. This is a better change anyway from the typical babymama raising boys. So, not a bad idea for the kids to be raised by their dad. People keep saying, Dwayne brought a new woman, what about women who bring in new different men around their kids, that's even worse.
Anon's picture

Yep! You said it and as a

Yep! You said it and as a single mother raising a boy, (regardless of what your race is, that has Nothing to do with any of this) it's hard when the father is not in the child's life. There are Many things that a woman can not give a male child that needs to come from the father or father figure. I'm not saying Wade should get Full custody of the boy's just because he's a man, they also need their Mother. But let's keep it real, who is really setting the best example right now? Certainly not the misbehaved mother! They need to concentrate on what is best for those boys and not act out due to hurt feelings. That's Real talk...
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MixedCenTer.COM's picture

Sio is using the kids for

Sio is using the kids for what Wade did to HER, not THEM. Therefore she is wrong. It's the only way she can hurt him and she's being a selfish prick because it's also hurting her kids. As a judge I would order her to get a psych evaluation. Any fool can see that this is hurting the babies. If she can't see that then there is definitely something wrong with her mental state. I also find in interesting that her mother has not said a word in her defense, etc. That says a lot.
Pacific Girl's picture

shutup @pacific girl the

shutup @pacific girl the media is a whore and like I said it's not hard to get favor with millions, But God is GREATER!!!! Pray 4 Siovaughn...
Anonymous's picture

All of sudden she have major

All of sudden she have major mental problems... let me think, hmm he been with her for how yrs and her mental state was never question. Nobody knows what they relationship what like behind close doors. never really cared for this d wade dude something about him I just don't like.
Anonymous's picture

Who YOU tellin' - never liked

Who YOU tellin' - never liked him either - seems shady, & that goes back to his college days!
COSIGN's picture

All of sudden she have major

All of sudden she have major mental problems... let me think, hmm he been with her for how yrs and her mental state was never question. Nobody knows what they relationship what like behind close doors. never really cared for this d wade dude something about him I just don't like.
Anonymous's picture

If she choose to spend her

If she choose to spend her lil money on attorney & bail, hell yell she is mental. She already tried to sue Gabby for kissing Dewayne in front of the kids....FAILED!!! MONEY WASTED. How many mug shots have we seen of this chick. Something ain't right. She has a problem letting GO! It don't matter how much wrong he has done. He has clearly moved on & she has not.
Atl_Finest's picture

Well I hope for the kids sake

Well I hope for the kids sake that they both get there *ish together. Karma is a b*tch!!!
Lucypearl!@#'s picture

If u all really knew their

If u all really knew their story it was his ex-wife mom who took him in when he was homeless and had NOTHING back when they were in h.s. I am not one to say anyone owes anybody but I really do believe Dwayne could do better. She need to understand that relationship is OVER!!! She need to take her settlement, get some mental help and get her mind right. Right now she is the only she is spending money on is bail & lawyers.......TOTALLY STUPID.
Atl_Finesttll's picture

no, you don't know the real

no, you don't know the real story! I grew up with these two and there is alot more to this story than you think you know! Neither are innocent!
Anonymous's picture


http://www.suntimes.com/news/metro/3430686-418/wade-custody-dwyane-court... This article says it all. The kids lose either way in the end. The attorney for the kids sided with the father. Sio needs help and refuses. She is really making Dwyane look like he made the right decision by leaving her and moving on.
Anonymous's picture

why do the miami players have

why do the miami players have so much drama
Anonymous's picture

Bottom line marriage is a

Bottom line marriage is a sacred vow...whether it worked out in the end or not D wade left the relationship for a broad breaking every vow he uttered at his wedding the least he can do is try his best to work with this woman through her pain...support her through therapy whatever...he could choose to take a better route one that makes him look the man he should be...bet he would if jealous gabby wasnt in the pic....sorry i think most women with no kids don't have that emotional, natural instinct to care and protect other ppl's kids as they would if they had their own so i can see her just all for this crap he pulling....i would never date a man who doesn' t take care of his children or respect the childrens mother why? because i see that's where i could be one day if it doesn't work out! #thinkaboutit! but most of us women are insecure and can't handle a civilized relationship between a man and his kids moms and take it out on their kids by ignoring them or treating them different than their own.....wacked! the only way i could remotely treat a child different is if my man had the baby while in the relationship with me and the only different that would be is to leave the relationship because im honest with myself in saying i probably would ahve mood swings and trip (not on the kid)..the relationship would never work. but if i did decide to stay its because i decided to sincerely accept that child. lets grow up please
tanyamichelle's picture

So eloquently said! It's not

So eloquently said! It's not that simple to just accept the fact and move on- when it was love from the heart. People think that, "oh, you should worry about the next chick." It's not about the"next chick." See how Tammy turned out w/o counseling....Pray she surrounds herself with positive people that can help move her. It's not always about the kids, Sioh is a woman FIRST and can't be any good to these kids, if she doesn't heal.... Hell, look at Steve Harvey's ex wife too (can't just up and TAKE these women children because you're the celeb and one w/ the money)
Shanb504's picture

This divorce has really done

This divorce has really done a number on this poor woman. Its easy to take Dwayne's side bcz he's the celebrity in all this, but there are 3 sides to every story, his hers & the truth. I would've thought based on their long union they would try to be more cordial with each to facilitate the best environment for the boys but alas its not to be.
Realist 's picture

This divorce is really

This divorce is really ROCKING HER! Poor thing I feel sorry for her. I hope she seeks help to move on from this. After knowing this man since she was 15 years old and being with him for YEARS UPON YEARS is proving to be too much for her to bear leaving and letting live. I prayer she gets peace and comes back stronger. #SISTERSSTICKINGTOGETHER
CAKECAKE_Girl's picture

This needed to be posted

This needed to be posted again!! Here is the bottom line as a mother I would walk on glass and through fire for my son; there is something seriously wrong with ANY woman who allow a man to bring her to a place where she loses her kids. You put your kids first and your feelings second, until women realize these kids will continue to suffer. The marriage is over, the man is gone, you do what you have to do to make sure that you are there and healthy for your kids, if it's therapy then you do it, if it is rehab then you do it, anything less is questionable. It's just like if you are a smoker and you try to quit for years and then one day you find out you are pregnant and all of a sudden that's it no more cigarettes, that is because you immediately put the need of that unborn baby first, and that is how it should be at all times. Women need to stop letting these men bring them to this. You cannot make someone want you no matter how much you do for them, you have to move on. It sounds harsh but it's a fact. Women stay in horrible marriages and claim that they do it for the kids, you are doing it for you, and you are hurting your kids if you let them thin that staying in a loveless relationship is what love is all about. Stop it women, stop defending this woman, she does not need defense, she needs help, she needs to check herself into a facility and get the help that she needs so that she can be a parent to her children, you are not helping her by encouraging this behavior, this is what we are teaching our young girls, and it is wrong. You do not give any man or person for that matter that much control over you, they have been divorced for years now, she needs help. There are kids out here that would love to have their fathers fight for them, so why are we beating down this brother for wanting to protect and see his kids? if she had just agreed to the joint custody terms none of this would be happening. The kids come first, no questions, no excuses.
Anonymous's picture

its wrong to try and erase

its wrong to try and erase her from THEIR kids lives not that he wants to see his kids is the problem...think you went off track with this...some ppl just like to talk..do you know the mother or d wade personally or something if not you have no clue what she did if anything maybe he's being favored because thats what judges and lawyers do for rich athletes..hhmmm something to ponder and yet ive been in the exact situation so i know how something may look a certain way but you really dont know unless your living it.
tanyamichelle's picture

It does not freaking matter.

It does not freaking matter. What the person said is right. We don't have to know them personally to understand that when it comes to your kids they come first. PERIOD!! She did not show up for court, or when she came she was not mentally present, it has been documented. Judges don't take it litely removing kids from their mothers. She needs help and you people keep making excuses for her. You won't be happy until she harm those kids.
Anonymous's picture

I see the bitch Gabby is all

I see the bitch Gabby is all up in this post. Bitch got more miles on her than a used car and some.
GOGETTER's picture

You must be a very

You must be a very intelligent person. She did not have anything to with their breakup. He dated many other women before he got with Ms. Union. Typical women are always blaming someone else for their problems. We don't know what problems dwayne and his ex wife were having, because we were not there. She needs to get herself together and help to Co-parent these kids, if she can't then she will be without them. Her decision.
kellie36's picture

aren't we all? Unless you are

aren't we all? Unless you are a virgin there are miles. PERIOD!!
Anonymous's picture

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