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President Obama & First Lady Michelle RECOUNT Their FIRST DATE!

President Obama and First Lady Michelle recently did a cutesy interview where they recounted their first meal and official date together. Watch the couple inside....

If you've ever wondered how President Barack Obama romanced the First Lady on their first date during their legal internship years, the couple recently talked about it in a clip from their dinner with two supporters.

First, the couple had a nice lunch in the courtyard of The Art Institute of Chicago followed by a romantic stroll down Michigan Avenue.  They ended up at the movies to see Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing, which had just opened.

Throughout the clip, President Obama charmingly interrupts First Lady Michelle and makes sure she gets the story right.

Watch the video here:



They haven't talked about any of their dates with the public yet, but Tracee Ellis Ross recently posted to Instagram a photo of her and her boo Bu Thiam. Cute!




OMG, love it. It made me

OMG, love it. It made me think back to my first date with my boyfriend. I love how down to earth they are and how in love they are with one another.
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funny how some of these

funny how some of these hypocrites that frequent this site would rather comments on some stupid drama blog a bout hip hop of Atlanta or any of those unnecessary dramas trash shows but when it comes to a very important message (about love, romance n respect) bout our president n first lady, they bypassed it. but rather comment on some stupid post.
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LMAO @ Obama and his ole lady

LMAO @ Obama and his ole lady trying to make this half White fool seem more Black just because they saw "Do The Right Thing" but that will impress ignorant Blacks that don't know anything about politics....They seem so rehearsed but then again Obama will pretend to pay Blacks attention because it's election season.....
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Be quiet, you piece of shit,

Be quiet, you piece of shit, white, right wing troll pretending to be black and posting on black blogs to get black people to abandon the president. STFU. Go away, bitch.
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YES YES YES YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS FOR THIS BLACK LOVE!! i couldn't stop gushing at their trip down memory lane! i love these two together! PLZ TAKE TIPS AND PUT THEM TO PRACTICE MEN!
BlackBerry's picture

My President and First Lady

My President and First Lady Love them
Anonymous's picture

this love is heavenly

this love is heavenly designed, not blac love. love isn't limited by color, when we do that we are disrespectinng the meaning of love, for love isn't black or white,brown. it's just love. jmo
pp's picture

This is so sweet! Love The

This is so sweet! Love The Obamas! Wish I could win a dinner with them.
Anonymous's picture

Love the First Family. They

Love the First Family. They should always be posted alone. Not with others. Thanks Tash!
Skeee_Wee's picture

Aaah, sweet. So nice to see

Aaah, sweet. So nice to see a couple who clearly still adore and enjoy each other as much as these two do. Brothas can take note, but so can sistas - clearly Barack knew he had to step up 'cause Michelle is clearly a woman who takes no mess. She has an appreciation of her worth and expects to be treated accordingly. Many sistas could take note of that and act in kind.
Anonymous's picture

The Obamas are just black

The Obamas are just black love at its finest! And he's right..brothas, take notes!! lol
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love pres obama, it's

love pres obama, it's refreshing to see a black man that can woo a woman without being common. a walk , dinner, movies. sweet.off topic: wnen michael jackson had a date with whitney, he did it huge. MJ had a heliocopter pick her up flew her to his ranch,where a horse-drawn carriage took her to hs house, where they had dinner. now that's billionaire pimping.lol. and knowing mj , he probably gave her some jewerly, he was known to give women he was interested in, jewerly. how you go from mj doing it big, to hanging with men who couldn't do half as that. mj gzme was too much for women.lol whit couldn't handle it. but overall , it's nice to read/hear stories of black men being romantic. would never think it.
pp's picture

Love the Obamas

Love the Obamas
R U Serious's picture

Love the Obamas!!!

Love the Obamas!!!
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I always thought Tracee was

I always thought Tracee was gay. Isn't this her 1st relationship since becoming a celeb? I would have loved to hear the Obamas convo after seeing Do the right thing
Atl_Finest's picture

I so thought that was AKON!

I so thought that was AKON!
Anonymous's picture

I believe I read somewhere

I believe I read somewhere that he is Akon's brother.
Fudge's picture

Obamas know how to stick it

Obamas know how to stick it out in marriage! I wish you many more years to come. Traci as long as Bu treats you right dont listen to the haters.
Furious your padded room is ready!'s picture

Awww how romantic........ I

Awww how romantic........ I usually pick my date up...then he drives my car to pick up weed while I give him head.......then he pushes me out of the car when I'm done
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Anonymous's picture

That's a great first date!

That's a great first date! As the prez said... "take tips gentleman!" It doesn't have to break the bank, but it should be representative of who you are.
Anonymous's picture

Gotta love the POTUS and

Gotta love the POTUS and FLOTUS! They simply rock!
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Damn,,,I remember my first

Damn,,,I remember my first date. It was at Popeyes. It was me,,,,him,,,and a 2 piece and biscuit. PURE LOVE. p.s. I am on my IPAD 7 right now and it keeps messing up and making me have typos. I am on summer break from Devry right now. I have half of my pre-requisites down for my doubledutch/crochet degree. I am getting a doctorate in those fields. I am also chairperson and CEO of the Rihanna fanclub. GOODNIGHT.
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Why put Tracee Ross on this

Why put Tracee Ross on this page w/the Obamas?????????
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Because its all about Black

Because its all about Black Love or did u miss that part?
Anonymous's picture

I know! Confusing and

I know! Confusing and pointless.
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