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SNEAK PEEK: Toya Wright & MempHitz STICK TOGETHER In "Rolling Out" Magazine

Looks like these two aren't letting the K.Michelle accusations and drama shake them in the least. Memphitz and his wife Toya Wright are featured in the latest issue of ROLLING OUT Magazine. See the pics inside......

Despite the negative press he's received since the debut of "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta," his wife is all about her boo.  Music exec Memphitz's photoshoot for ROLLING OUT with wife Toya Wright proves their love is as strong as ever.  

The couple poses all lovey dovey in a series of intimate scenes.  And their cover issue will be available next week.  Cute pics!


Photos via DeWayne Rogers/TheRealFlyGuy





I am not one to knock the

I am not one to knock the next person, but if you can ride a person coat tail to get whatever you want, be my guest. Toya is the Toya we see today because of lil wayne. If it wasnt for wayne exposing her to that life, she would still be down here in New Orleans with the rest of her family....sitting on a porch gossiping about nothing. She make it seems as if she this or that when truly she isnt. Wayne moved her out of New orleans (FRENCHMEN WARF) to Atl....Had he not done that she would still be here. And as far as someone mentioning that she is dumb and she is an author,,,NEWSFLASH anybody can sit down with a person and tell them how their life was and transformed...that doesnt make her a author...Still to my knowledge, Toya never graduated from High School...so that make her DUMB AS HELL(** IN MY MADEA VOICE)
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They look happy together. As

They look happy together. As far as the domestic abuse allegations go, I choose not to judge. It's not my business, and we don't know the truth.
Jernero94's picture

These comments are

These comments are hilarious!!! Memphitz and Toya look great! Purple is a great color for her skin tone. :)
tifftreads's picture

Lol i had Dee girls and i'm

Lol i had Dee girls and i'm right here in Conroe and she's calling the next day,talking about she miss here babies...
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Anonymous's picture

Lil Wayne was right "she do

Lil Wayne was right "she do look better red"
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Everybody need to get a grip

Everybody need to get a grip this is some ATL mess going down I like Toya and for the most part she is an author anytime you write a book and people buy it then that makes you an author rather she is dumb slow or whatever she made it she has money because of Garb and because of her and Tiny reality show and she got some lik Wayne money for her child i am happy as a punk with a dick in his ass for her and she is very cute and Memphitz is also handsome so leave them alone she has nothing to do with K michelle and Memphitz drama Toya you have alot of haters you have 3 months to get 100 more baby cause these bitches have gone wild on you and Memphitz shut your ears and keep doind what you do and fuck the other side ...peace out
Ms Brenda 's picture

Haha Black women mad cause he

Haha Black women mad cause he let the white girl tell the truth. A lot of black pussy is just plain ugly, unsightly and not attractive. It's the truth.
Anonymous's picture

Says who? This black man does

Says who? This black man does not agree with that. White pussy looks weird to me. All see through and shit. Black pussy looks like candy, any nigga who says differently is a FAG or a coon. Black Pussy ova white Pussy any day. Sorry.
WhatsGood? 's picture

Your a real LAME ! I could

Your a real LAME ! I could only imagine with hell is hiding behind this computer, and for your info the Blacker the Berry the sweeter the juice ask ya Father Clown !
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We can't see your punk ass

We can't see your punk ass either. Bitch made motherfucker
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Woman Beater!! fuck

Woman Beater!! fuck you...Loser.
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Anonymous's picture

Whatever appeal this guy had

Whatever appeal this guy had is now nonexistent after his punkish response to K Michelle and his involvement in pending embarrassment that is 'real mistresses of Atl'
Realist 's picture

He didn't deny laying hands

He didn't deny laying hands on her. So he's guilty as far as I'm concerned. Yes she's an ex; but dude is a straightforward abuser. Toya enjoy your boo status now cause men who lay hand really never change unless they can be honest about their history.
Truth teller's picture

I honestly don't see why it

I honestly don't see why it matters so much what goes on in their relationships or passed relationships. People are so bogged down in other people's business, if your lives were being examined or evaluated how would it look? Certainly not perfect. Anyhow, they look great together and they are doing great things even though I'm not crazy about this show he has put together, Real Mistresses of Atlanta. Despite that and the alleged RUMORS we hear, they are gorgeous together!
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Nice pic…. but too air

Nice pic…. but too air brushed for me. From his hair to her face, she is not that light or fair skin. But all the same they look cute together.
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I like Toya so do you girl!

I like Toya so do you girl! You happy Congrats and that's all that matters!
Texas's picture

i don't get the hype that

i don't get the hype that surrounds this woman. correct me if i'm wrong but didn't she had a child at like 13-14 or something and with lil'wanye of all people (yikes). to me she's a just an ex-wife of a rapper who married a "record exec" and i use that term loosely cause in this day and age anyone can claim to be a record exec. they're cute and if they're happy more power to them but i just don't understand why she gets so much press. not like she curing cancer or anything. i don't follow today's music or trends so maybe i'm missing something.
Anonymous's picture

Very nice photos. Toya is a

Very nice photos. Toya is a mother and wife. Love it... And she ONLY has one child with her ex-husband, which is rare this day and age. I applaud her efforts... Regarding Memphiz it is what it is, none of us have to be with him. Besides, there was ONLY one perfect being that walked the earth and died for our sins. Let them live there life....
Anonymous's picture

This shit is so

This shit is so ridiculous,when you're a woman scorned it's a he'll of a thing,if there were any truth to this story K Michelle would of put her so called story out there long before this.Let Toya and Memphitz live their lives in peace,they seem to have a strong relationship, I wish them well.Please stop calling this girl a Lil Wayne's baby momma.....no more of that!
Jannine's picture

Cute couple....but they don't

Cute couple....but they don't look cuter than Chris and Rihanna. Oh yeah. That's right yall. I like Chris this week because reports are surfacing that he and Ka-Ratchet have broken up. I mean why do you all judge Chris so harshly. I mean he really didn't hit her that hard in the car that night. It's not like he stabbed her or something. You guys are so judgmental and harsh.
Furious_NO LIFE's picture

He looks like a jar head..and

He looks like a jar head..and hes goofy too.
NeNeNeverland!'s picture

Toya and Memphitz are

Toya and Memphitz are Beautiful. Enjoy are Chocolate Man girlaaa..
HATER's picture


TOYA AND MEMPHITZ look adorable in those pictures I LOVE IT I wish them the best of luck.....as for K Michelle I'm sorry but show me the police report something to back your claims SIDEEEEYE because you wait 3 years and follow him on Twitter and call him the love of your life GIRL BYE
Anonymous's picture

"Show you the police report"

"Show you the police report" Whatever man, when did a police report ever convince you birds of anything , there were pictures and police reports with CB and Rihanna and yall still found a way to blame her so whats the fucking difference. One thing i know about us as a people we will believe what we want to believe facts or no facts. It comes down to who we like and support.
Anonymous's picture

I agree with you 100%...

I agree with you 100%...
HATER's picture

Exactly! It's called a woman

Exactly! It's called a woman scorned! She needs to get a life and move on.
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FLY RE$IDENT's picture

Toya isn't the sharpest knife

Toya isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer however she's cute which means she's well put together and Photoshops well:) . Now to say she's absolute gorgeous or beautiful is reaching!
GOLDIE's picture

K. Michelle is really cute

K. Michelle is really cute but Toya is absolutely gorgeous... love love love her... best of luck to all of them.....
Anonymous's picture


Anonymous's picture

these pics look very awkward.

these pics look very awkward. Toya ain't the brightest crayon in the box but she's very pretty. Hope Memphitz gets a job soon...
G's picture

Some people thinks that he

Some people thinks that he will beat her too That will never happen.as lone as there is Lill Wayne and baby,her brother that spent 10yrs, in jail,two crazy brothers that will beat up each other on tv.a daddy that you can look at him and see he will hurt somebody over his daughter,not to mention all of Neworleans who ,love's her for bringing back her business,And that baby Carter,baby girl don't play,she told him on the wedding day,treat my mama wrong you have to fight me..SO TRUST ME HE'S NOT CRAZY HE WILL NEVER TOUCH HER,,,
Anonymous's picture

Toya is a very prettY girl

Toya is a very prettY girl and Memphitz waves are always on point. What can u say ish happens its not always right it is what it is.. Hopefully for Toya sake it doesn't happen again.
Daniel from the 'D''s picture

KMichelle stated that the

KMichelle stated that the police were called, the police would not just leave an abused woman in the hotel room with her abuser, celebrity or not.
Anonymous's picture

Why does her skin look so

Why does her skin look so light?
Anonymous's picture

Are we really surprised by

Are we really surprised by the actions of this hood chick? At 28, she can proudly say she's been married twice, and has a child by Lil' Wayne.
Anonymous's picture

Hood chick...please white

Hood chick...please white women marry multiple times waaay!!! more than Black women, and have a baby by each hubby to secure their future. STOP W? THE BS lets be real!!
Anonymous's picture

Abuse of any kind is a

Abuse of any kind is a horrible, horrific thing for ANYONE to experience. That being said, ANYONE can be a victim of abuse, just as ANYONE can be a perpetrator of it. Men have abused women for decades and gotten away with it. Women have abused men for decades (be it physically, verbally or emotionally) and when the treatment is unexpectedly returned have literally cried foul and played victim. Both sides have made their claims and said their pieces(s). Until further proof is provided on either end, let these people live!
Anonymous's picture

True all that, and it's a

True all that, and it's a good there aren't children involved because both parties can really just go their seperate ways. There's no need to bring the two together for 'closure' or even investigate any further into it just ti milk it for entertainment becasue abuse is not entertaining. They'll just need leave it at 'he say, she say' because neither of them can back up their stories. Wish them the best.
Anonymous's picture

say that... and in that

say that... and in that order.... you heard me
Anonymous's picture

They must be somebody if you

They must be somebody if you invested time that u can't get back in your life to click and view. The FDA need to stop the sell of HATORADE in the black community, it's starting to overwhelm us like alcohol and drugs. It seems like they are selling it on every street corner. I will not be lead by the thoughts of others or he say she say. They are doing their thing. I love them together. If more of us focused on our families instead of what others think and say about us we'll probably be stronger and happier. K-michelle set the stage and they just jumped on and made it shine... Like Kandi say... Fly above all the haters... God took something that was meant for their harm and turned it around for the good of them.#winning.. Love will always prevail, we as blacks need to learn that...
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It's been said time and time

It's been said time and time again: "There are three (3) sides to every story". There is his (Memphitz's) side, her (K. Michelle's) side, and the God-honest TRUTH. In the end, truth will always prevail, and what is done in the dark will be made transparent in light. I won't judge a man whom I do not know from Moses, and deem him vile or evil on the basis of his physical appearance, or even due to his (poor) choice in business ventures. How does one 'look' (appear to be) abusive? After all, Ted Bundy was a church-going family man, married with children who gave to various charities and was deemed a pillar of his community. Yet, no one suspected that beneath those layers, a vicious, peverse, morbidly sadistic monster existed. To those criticizing Toya for something she has had absolutely no control over, please get a life! What is she supposed to do? Pack up and leave her husband - her family - amid a controversy in which there is/was: a) no physical evidence in the form of photographs, threatening e-mails or text messages, etc., b) no eye-witnesses to support K. Michelle's claims, and c) no official Police Report to corroborate these accusations? I am NOT in any way rejecting K. Michelle's account, nor am I supporting Memphitz's behavior as a result of it. All I am saying is that there is more to this story than folk will let on....and in time, it will be exposed!
I'mJustSayin''s picture

well said, very well done

well said, very well done
oh snap's picture

U said it all. Thank u for

U said it all. Thank u for telling it like it is.
Anonymous's picture


WOW!!!.......True Words........
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