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LASER LOVE: Kim & Kanye Have A Laser Hair Removal Date, Kim Cooks "Soul Foud" For Her Man....

A couple who lasers together...stays together.  We all know Kim Kardashian is obsessed with keeping every inch of her body hairless except the mane on her head, something she has in common with her boyfriend's ex Amber Rose, so it's no surprise her boo Kanye West would start accompanying her on hair removal appointments now that he's back in the states.


Pics inside (plus the soul food she says she cooked for him)...

With 'Ye in his Jordans and Kim in her nude Louboutins, the twosome hit up Laser Away Hair & Tattoo Removal shop in Santa Monica, California.  Kanye has 2 tatts so he could possibly be getting something removed.  But we're going with the laser hair removal.

The couple got affectionate as they spoke with the technician.  Nothing says romance like getting that stubborn body hair zapped off.


Well isn't that special....

Kim also tweeted a pic last night of the fried chicken, mac and cheese, cornbread and more she says she cooked for Kanye.  I remember when she was with Reggie Bush and she was so ecstatic to learn to make "soul food" for him.  Guess we should all be so thankful she learned this little task for all her men to prove she appreciates their culture.  And on Hermes plates.  She posted the below pic saying, "Cooking some soul food for my baby!....Luxury chef...the Hermes of soul food:


Kanye is prepping for his big concert weekend at REVEL Resort and Casino in Atlantic City July 6th and 7th.

Pics via INF




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CutisClinics's picture

They could have just remove

They could have just remove Kanye's tattoo for a cleaner look.
meadowL's picture

Damn...ppl hate dem so much

Damn...ppl hate dem so much as a couple, dey typin paragraphs. What happen to 2 r 3 Sentences?? Poor Kimye....Worlds most hated couple!!!

Lol @ her skinny, chicken

Lol @ her skinny, chicken legs. First of all if she can "cook", why does she feel the need to broadcast it? Just like she felt the need to prove her ass is real, which it isn't. If something is authentic, you don't feel the NEED to prove it. She wants to be a black woman so bad she can't even see straight. Seriously, and I really do mean this. I wish this trash would get into a car accident and die. The world wouldn't miss her bc she contributes NOTHING to society with her untalented, silicone stuffed, uneducated ass.
sianna1's picture

no one cares about them as a

no one cares about them as a couple. maybe if this pair happened years ago, it would of been more exciting. now people see kim as a media and man whore. people see kanye as someone who became lost once his mom passed and he'll cuddle up w/anything that gives him camera time. i actually feel sorry for them. kudos on the fake soul food.. kudos on the staged PR moments.. and kudos to all her sisters leaving the only positive comments on here. i doubt he's gonna marry her. this is another "kanye" moment. he was black three years ago, maybe he'll return, when he trades in pusha t for his old running mate common. shout outs to all the rappers that salute white women: asap rocky, big sean, kanye, future, etc. hope you don't expect your community to support too much longer. stay true to your fad. hopefully some real "artists" will emerge and we don't have to be subjected to this nonsense. if there was a balance of black/black, black/latino, black/white couples in the media it wouldn't be a problem. but today there's no fair representation. that's the issue. that's why these images keep striking a nerve. but this isn't the real story of real life. this isn't being bitter.. its just real talk.
Anonymous's picture

poor Coonye

poor Coonye
G's picture

I honestly don’t think that

I honestly don’t think that black women are mad at Kim solely for dating black men. I think we despise her because she uses people for selfish gain. She keeps saying the timing wasn’t right, she and Kanye were always in a relationship and that’s why they never got together before. BULLSHIT. After Reggie Bush would’ve been the perfect time since they were sexting when she was with him and Kanye was with Amber. You see Amber went straight for Reggie! There was Miles Austin, Gabriel Aubry and the bodyguard AFTER Reggie. This bitch purposely targeted an NBA player, tried to get Danilo Gallinari to go out with her but he said NO THANKS. Please stop the lies. This relationship did not happen organically. It was staged. I give Evelyn Lozada props for at least keeping it 100 about her grind. Kim? Nope. Human beings are collateral damage to her and that’s not okay.
PacificGirl's picture

Girl take your meds. Who the

Girl take your meds. Who the f*ck did Kim use? certainly not Ray J he didn't have sh*t, Reggie was not that well known when she got with him, Miles and Kris certainly were not, and I am still doubtful of the whole Gabrial Aubrey Sh*T, the bodyguard? ok what did she need to use him for? child please all of these people came up off of Kim not the other way around, once she was no longer with them, you barely ever hear their names in the media. You are an idiot for this comment. After. Kim and Reggie kept trying to get back together. I think they genuinely loved each other but wanted different thins in life, plus Reggie was weak when it came to people talking, unlike Kanye who is an I DGAF type dudge. Why would either of them need to stage this relationship. Individually they can get all the attention they want on their own., Clearly Kanye has been after Kim for years. Everyone knew it. Right after the seperation from Kris reports came out that Kim K went to his concert and he was all over her, everyone saw it and it was all over the blogs, he has been wanting her for a long time. I think she finally saw him with different eyes, but see I am a glass half full person that is typically how most happy people are. You are clearly glass half empty, typically miserable unhappy people see everything that way. JS
Anonymous's picture

this is not KK-she would

this is not KK-she would never wear anything like this-he is definately dressing her & why does he look so unhappy and angry??? such a big difference already from when they were first spotted out together=the newness has definately worn off...i'll give it another 6 weeks at the most-he is definately controlling and she ain't having it
MsK's picture

the comment on twitter had me

the comment on twitter had me rolling bout this "soul food" LMFAO o, is she rocking her natural hair...i coulda sworn her hair was a lot longer than that..
BlackBerry's picture

And her butt and hips aren't

And her butt and hips aren't as big either.
Trunks's picture

Why do people get mad at

Why do people get mad at other people for their opinions on blog sites? Isn't the purpose of the site to look at the pics, read the post and comment. I do think the name calling is a bit much but with that said, her pants are looking a bit baggy in the hips and butt, could she really be getting injections and wearing butt pads like it's been rumored? I've been hearing Kanye has her covering up and having her taking out the pads. I dont know, unless she liked the pants so much she said forget it I'm gonna get them anyway even if they are too big.
Trunks's picture

They're just showing the fuck

They're just showing the fuck off , publicity whores! If she didn't want everyone in her personal life, like she always says ... BACK UP she damn sure can't say that she's only famous for being Kim Kardashian. Where's the talent Kim? Where's the real hard work you put in? fucking? Where's the awards? None . Yes she's a bad bitch, Kim is gorgeous, but what has she really accomplished to receive such fame when there are many talented artist who really deserve to be in her place but back to Kimye .. these attentions whore are loving the press. Dont feed into this bullshit.
RBjay's picture

hoe aint made that. probably

hoe aint made that. probably don't know what jiffy, and soul food seasoning is.
Anonymous's picture

Black people/women hating on

Black people/women hating on Kim K is inaccurate; she gets more hate from white people/women. I guess they are filming for KUWTK since we're getting pic of inside the building, of course it was leaked by the KKK themselves. I dont support kim, Paris Hilton, Pamela Anderson and the like of "them". I just cant get into their types of "hustle". Trashy socialites with no talent who manages to have a 'Career' because of their everlasting PR stunts. BTW Kim pants fits her behind like a diaper. She TOTALLY change up for kanye:, no butt pads, weave, and little makeup and now she's trying cook soul food . I wouldnt be very happy if I was being primped and dressed all the time by my man...but I think this a very small price she's paying for what this relationship is doing for her publicly. Everthing fake, contrived and planned, ALL for public consumption and reaction.
Anonymous's picture

The donkey and the mule. you

The donkey and the mule. you pick which is which....... lol
ohsotrue's picture

The food don't really have an

The food don't really have an appealing look to it, but if he likes it then we love it! I personally think that they are the perfect couple, both need and love attention, and both want a love thang very badly! I see no reason these two can't "GET ALONG", and get what they both need, nobody else wants them. But I am seeing Kim all over everything for no reason, and although I do dig on Kanye's songs, sometimes he is a bit much!
2227's picture

Lol Black are Women jealous

Lol Black are Women jealous of kim k ? " shes sleepin with a gay man" this relationship aint nothin but a trial. Kanye picked kim becuz shes the best type of woman a downlow brotha need to pull off a front! Think about the girl is know for her sex tape ,has never been single long enough to breathe,clueless,does anythingfor high Fashion(Gay men love Fashion),always in the spotlight and not to mention kanye is not a prize , shes just perfect for this situation so jealous i think not !
™REd's picture

Some Black women look so

Some Black women look so pathetic always hating on Kim or black men dating outside their race. It's not her fault that you are stuck with three kids with different babyfathers, or you've been his girl for 10years with no ring or you are fat and unattractive. Black women confident in themselves don't hate. That's her life. If you are so angry with your dating life or finding blac man, go outside. There are non black men who interested in black women.
Anonns's picture

leave her alone my husband is

leave her alone my husband is Colombian/American and I learned how to make all his favs his mom helped me a lot and some things I researched on my own and mastered as a matter of fact every time we have a family get together MY empanadas are requested over his aunts and his grandmas!! Let them be!!
anonymous's picture

Those pants look horrible.

Those pants look horrible. And that food looks nasty. just sayin
Anonymous's picture

Kim needs to take several

Kim needs to take several seats in the back of a cooking class chile please with the "soul food"
Anonymous's picture

My six year old nephew can

My six year old nephew can prepare a better soul food mean. Try again kim YOU ARE NOT BLACK!
Anonymous's picture

Ok I see you have to black to

Ok I see you have to black to cook soul food. Then I guess we are all trying to be italian when we cook pasta and all trying to be chinese when we pull out our woks!! This is the most ignorant sh*t I have ever seen. This whole post is filled with a level of ignorance that I have never seen before, you people make black people look ignorant and ridiculous. We will NEVER be taken seriously by any other race with this type of high foolery. SMDH!! I hope you are not raising kids.
Anonymous's picture

They look good, i like them

They look good, i like them as a couple, screw the haters!
Anonymous's picture

I agree! I love them!!

I agree! I love them!!
I judge you when you use poor grammar.'s picture

and that dressing and mac n

and that dressing and mac n cheese do look dry ... next time boil down some chicken necks n chicken gibblets n booties food process the meat fine, use cornbread and seasoned dressing croutons --- and the mac in cheese kim u prolly need to use the entire can of pet milk and u sposed to use chedda --- my mama tought me that *martins runteldat voice :P* "robert how you like my macaroni n cheese.... is fucked up bitch u sposed 2 use chedda --- my mama taught me that .... ahahahah "
at mz_2200's picture

That shit made me hungry lol

That shit made me hungry lol
BeautyQueen's picture

gotta hate kim because this

gotta hate kim because this girl's style is always put together.
kim's picture

why do u gotta hate her?

why do u gotta hate her?
Anonymous's picture

I like this couple...I hope

I like this couple...I hope it works for them! #Teamkim
Anonymous's picture

why do u bitches come on

why do u bitches come on gossip blogs to preach 2 ppl about their dislike and their opinions of celebs (that u dont know and who gives zero fucks about u) --- and its the same bitches everytime --- we came here to read juicy stories n talk shyt about famous ppl ( that put their business out there for the world world 2 see) not to read all your captain save a hoe ass comments -- no ones a hater, it seems like the only hate that is goin on comes from u whining ass hoes complaining about every1 elses comments ... kim k is a hoe n thats terrible that so many of yall r cool wit that another woman had to brand herself a hoe 2 come up and that kids have to grow up watching hoes get ahead these days --- next black love is a very beautiful thing i saw sum1 was upset about it so i hada speak on it, yes it doesnt matter who u fall in love with but since this is a blog ran by a black woman, who's target audience is 18-35 year old black women featuring entertainment news of predominantly black celebs ... then black love needs to be showcased, and celebrated cuz its the break down of the Black family and culture that is ruing our children. white children and now even children of homosexuals get to see THEIR family thru positive imagery on tv in sitcoms, in media ads... but what about the 100% black kids that still have 2 100% black parents in the home, who can they identify with on tv and in the media? and lastly you wanna be blowing ur holier than thou hot air around why dont you use it to be vocal to natasha about all this phuckin spam that gets posted on this site or betta yet be vocal about the election thats coming this November (obama 4 mo!)
at mz_2200's picture

You preach about positivity

You preach about positivity but said you come on here to "talk shyt about famous ppl". What's positive about that? I hope those children you speak of aren't identifying with your NEGATIVE ASS. No one is "hating" on Kim K, but give credit where credit is due. She's cooking for and appeasing her man. THAT'S A GOOD THING. There should be no reason for shade to be thrown on something as simple as that.
Anonymous's picture

b4 you reply to sum1s

b4 you reply to sum1s comment, you should actually read what you are commenting on not just skim thru... 1st of all i wasnt stickin up for kim against the "haters" commenting about a celeb on a gossip site doesnt make you a hater, 2nd i wasnt preaching about positivity i was speaking on them stupid ass, none comprehending ass bishes like u who get up here n call ppl haters for stating their opinions or crackin a joke about a celeb, lastly my comment was based on all the comments i had read up to mine and this is what i chose to speak on --- u on the other hand sound stupid jumping on my comment and not knowing what the fuck u are talking about --- so that tells me you are either one of two things a hoe who tryna come up like kim k or one of these comment hatin bishes that stan for ppl who dont even know you exist ... so bish have a seat all the way down
at mz_2200's picture

I think they really are in

I think they really are in love. Cute outfit Kim
tieshatalk's picture

Yall haters better get used

Yall haters better get used them cos this is just the beginning i see a baby n a ring coming, u think ye cares about what yall think, hes rich n shes rich already if u dont like them too bad
lolo's picture

PPL please calm down. The

PPL please calm down. The hate for this beautiful young woman and her relationship is vile, bitter, unnecessary and really how petty can you be to talk about her dinnerware. Please get a life and stop hating!!! Good luck to both Kim and Kanye. You make a great couple and I pray it last forever and if it doesn't who cares. You are both adorable!
Anonymous's picture

If all these people posting

If all these people posting took that negative energy and applied it to working on their appearance and learning how to cook like Kim did then you too could have a successful black man. I'm not a Stan but I can't knock this woman's hustle. How do you think she learned how to make that meal? She PRACTICED until she got it right. She put in WORK on body, cooking skills, etc...Not mad at that.
TheTruthHurts's picture

I really wish more Black

I really wish more Black women would start dating outside of their race too. I really do. It's about damn time.
Anonymous's picture

I AGREE 100%!!!

I AGREE 100%!!!
Jas's picture

kim kardashian irritates me

kim kardashian irritates me with her whole black persona, I date black men so I have to cook black and "you know all that shit is just annoying but "I expect that from her”, now on the other hand Mr Kanye West! is a straight up uncle tom/ sellout I mean he apologized to ex President Bush now all of a sudden he's a fuckin republican , he never does shit for his community and he's on down low brother(GAY), this whole relationship is just a front for something else he's so selfish, and kim it is just too dumb to realize when she is being used, he's never been the same since his mother passed away.. and it's sad because he is very talented but I never seen a person that was all 7 SINS!
REd™'s picture

i agree- not to hate hey she

i agree- not to hate hey she gettin paid. but she a serious hollywood slut. basically another birttney spears without the drugs. and kanye not to hate on him either but why applogize and kiss bush ass who killed millions of people on 9/11 and in iraq and bush dont even like black people.
Jaymacc's picture

I agree.

I agree.
Anonymous's picture

WTF is a black persona? and

WTF is a black persona? and what is cooking black exactly? only blacks cook mac and cheese? only blacks cook fried chicken? These are all southern foods, all southern people cook these things, so it's not black or white? How can you say Kanye does not do for his community, when his charity does so much for blacks and young kids in Chicago. You are JEALOUS you pretty much said it with the irritate comment, if someone irritate you that much you have issues. Your entire comment is ignorant and should be used as an illustration of what blacks should not be. SMDH!!
Anonymous's picture

LOL hi kim, bye kim

LOL hi kim, bye kim
™REd's picture

Why kanye always looks so

Why kanye always looks so miserable. lol look how he looking at kim when she texting
Saucy&Sweet's picture

She is not texting!!! Thats

She is not texting!!! Thats her car remote!!!#duh!
whatever's picture

LMAO at all of you acting

LMAO at all of you acting like you're Paula Deens in the kitchen. There is nothing wrong with what Kim prepared, I've seen THAT and much worse coming out of black kitchens in my lifetime. I, personally, very seldom eat soul food and have never once attempting cooking a soul food meal so Kim has one up on me in that dept.. But good for her for trying to cater to her man.
Anonymous's picture

That food looks disgusting!

That food looks disgusting! lol
NICNACPAttywhack's picture


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