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The BRAXTONS Are BACK! + Black Remake Of "Steel Magnolias" Preview

Season 3 of "Braxton Family Values" is on the way!  And some ish has changed (like Tamar getting her life and really trying for a baby) and some ish hasn't (why is Trina still even speaking to Gabe?)


Check the sneak peek inside, plus the trailer for the upcoming Steel Magnolias all black remake...


The Braxtons are returning with six new hour-long episodes for Season 3 at the end of this summer. Here's the run down of what's popping off for next season: Tamar's going full speed ahead on trying to conceive a baby with hubby Vincent, Trina still going back and forth with Gabe, Traci trying to open her hair salon in Maryland, Towanda trying to talk her husband into her carrying Tamar's baby, Mama Evelyn starting life coaching, and Toni breaking out her new music.

The new season of "Braxton Family Values premieres Thursday, August 16th at 9|8c only on WE tv.


The Lifetime movie remake of Steel Magnolias, starring Queen Latfiah, Phylicia and Condola Rashad, Jill Scott, Alfre Woodard and more just got its first trailer.

There's no official premiere date as of yet, but the 2 minute premiere is making us a little more okay with the idea of remaking this 1989 classic.  You feelin' it?




I love the cast. Yes, it will

I love the cast. Yes, it will be different than the original, but you would have to have a heart of stone not to enjoy QL,Phylicia Rashad and Jill Scott. I'm super excited because in some of the salon scenes, Queen Latifah is wearing a cheetah salon cape made by my company Razor Sharp Salon Wear! So exciting! www.berazorsharp.com

Steel Magnolias, u kno its

Steel Magnolias, u kno its gonna b gud anytyme u have Ms Phylicia Rashad n Queen Latfiah starring. I can't wait till it comes out on lifetime. Ms. Phylicia Rashad is my favorite actress...gotta luv her!!

Mama Evelyn needs to be life

Mama Evelyn needs to be life coaching her own daughters and sorry Lifetime, I just can't get the original Steel Magnolias cast out of my mind.
SweetDivaT's picture

OMG this remake of Steel

OMG this remake of Steel Magnolias is giving me life. I can't wait until it comes out!! I love the original but this being an all black cast is awesome, especially with the actresses that are cast. Can't wait. This is a breathe of fresh air from all of the reality tv. Yes!!!
1Mia's picture

I've seen Steel Magnolia's

I've seen Steel Magnolia's like a million times...I don't like this. Why a remake? They could have made something SIMILAR but not a "replica"...I support the cast and all but the trailer...not feeling it. I wish they could have just made a new movie...

Love the Braxtons....and that

Love the Braxtons....and that remake looks really good!
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

I can't wait for the new

I can't wait for the new season. Quick question though, was the girl Mama Evelyn was 'coaching' the girl from Player's Club? You know, one of the strippers. I can't think of her name.
lady_cn's picture

Tamar on the BET red carpet

Tamar on the BET red carpet last Sunday was terrible. All the extra head rolling and hood talk was over the top, I can't.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

I didn't even watch the

I didn't even watch the preview to the remake of Steel Magnolias, I hope it won't get dubbed "The Help 2" in the media. As for Tamar, why can't she carry her own damn baby. Her sister is in her 40's and I doubt its healthy for her to carry a baby. Is Tamar so vain that she doesn't want to go through the bodily changes of pregnancy, or is she opposed to having more sex with Vince?? I love her on the show but I totally see her wanting a child to treat as an accessory. I look forward to the new season but its not really a new season it is only 6 weeks, I think it may just be a precursor to Tamar and Vince new show.
tori's picture

I like the Braxtons! At

I like the Braxtons! At least they don't throw drinks - lol.
Happy Lady's picture

Im feeling it & not the

Im feeling it & not the Braxtons!
Realist's picture

The Black Steel Magnolias

The Black Steel Magnolias Preview didn't make me feel any better about the movie. It sounds like the same script with a few new jokes that the producers thought black people would find funny. I want to support black film and black actors but this looks like a cheap imitation of a classic.

Carrying Tamar's baby.. wth.

Carrying Tamar's baby.. wth. But then again there are plenty of health reasons why she prob can't concieve
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