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INDEPENDENCE DAY SNAPS! Celebs Show Off How They Spent The Holiday...

While you were chowing down on BBQ & kabobs, celebs were Instagramming & Twitpic'ing it up showing off how they spent their Holiday.  Check out the cute and fun 4th of July pics of Jennifer Hudson, Big Sean, the "Love & Hip Hop ATL" cast, a few of the "Basketball Wives," Swizz Beatz & Alicia Keys, and more...

J-Hud and her two fave guys, David & David, Jr., and her sis Julia threw on their red, white & blue for some fun times yesterday:


Over at Kevin Liles' house, he had his celeb clients and friends over for a cookout:

He and wife Erika hosted Trey Songz, Estelle, Chef Roble, Imani & Draya from "Basketball Wives" and Big Sean:

Looks like fun!

Down in Miami, Swizz Beatz, Alicia Keys and her brother Cole, and Rocsi all boarded Loren Ridinger's yacht for a stroll around the city:


Swizzy brought his son along and chilled out with Maxwell too.

Rocsi snapped a pic with Cole.

And Julissa Bermudez and her girl Ashley were there too.

Stevie J seemed to be pulling double duty for the Holiday.  He chilled out by his pool with his son.  And then posted a pic of his girlfriend MiM Faust (and simply called her "Eva's mom") before they went out,  And also posted a pic of Joseline before THEY went out:


I can't.

Down in New Orleans, Toya Wright went to visit her fam and kick ti for the Festival weekend:

She snapped a pic in her cute sheer stars blouse with her dad, mama Nita and brother.

Lash guru J'amaal Buster posted a pic of a jacuzzi session with his girls Angel Lola Luv, Teairra Mari and Hazel E:

Musiq Soulchild posted the cutest pics of his baby boy playing with fireworks for the first time:


Azealia Banks showed off her extra patriotic weave and stars & stripes pants.

Big Boi snapped a pic enticing his lady while in the pool.

Maino thought this photoshoot was cute.

The Boshes made it a beach week back home in Miami:

Baby Jackson put on his swimming trunks with mom and dad, the Adrienne and Chris snapped a few pics on their Holiday night out.

Angela Simmons spent the Holiday chillin' horse-side with Leona Lewis.

The cast of "R&B" Divas made their way down to New Orleans.  And snapped a pic at Saks when fans spotted them.

Rihanna jetted back to Barbados a few days ago to be with her family after her grandmother's passing.  She tweeted a photo of the fireworks and said GranGranDolly...Like Diamonds In The Sky...

LaLa Anthony showed her tree climbing son Kiyan having some Holiday fun.

Former "Basketball Wife" Jennifer Williams said she's celebrating her inner independence in the Dominican Republic.


Tia Mowry was busy finding her chi and doing yoga while Baby Cree played in the pool with Daddy Cory:

Cree's not feeling that water!

The Obamas headed to Maumee, Ohio to shake hands and give hugs for the 4th.  First Lady Michelle sent out a sweet birthday message to her daughter Malia too!


Photos: Twitter/Instagram




Hey Chef Roble' always good

Hey Chef Roble' always good to see ya! I sure hope his reality show returns.
Denise2007's picture

Stevie J is a hot ass mess

Stevie J is a hot ass mess and I can't stand him!!!!......Big Boi makes me wanna get in that pool with the lip biting face; Damn he gets sexier as he gets older!......It's so good to see Toya's mother looking healthy and well; God bless her!...."Maino thought this photoshoot was cute" that made me lol @ work!; he looks hella stupid......The Bosh's baby is soooo freakin' adorable!!!!.....and the lady's face in the Obama pic is priceless!
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture


Joseline's outfit....BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA What a clown!
CoCo's picture

President Obama in Ohio

President Obama in Ohio that's the party I should have attended.
Inez's picture

Ummmm.. Shouldn't Maxwell

Ummmm.. Shouldn't Maxwell should be @ home with a cough drop and a hot water bottle.. (instead of drunk in Miami smoking a CIGAR?) After cancelling his concerts and costing fans $ for flight and hotel???? Not a good look! Still Love you! But that SUCKS!!!!
kellz73's picture

@KrisssyJohnson&OH Please I

@KrisssyJohnson&OH Please I hope someone takes some bath salts and eats yas face off stupid dumb biotches aint none commenting on ya because nobody wants to waste there time but i really just wanted ya to know what was on my mind. Have a good hoodrat day!
smoke1babe's picture

Why so many have such

Why so many have such horrible things to say about Toya's family? That's her family whether they ghetto or stuck up that is still her family. I'm glad she realizes that and still spends time with them cuz when you have no one else you will always have your family. Nice pics of everyone by the way...with the exception of Jose...I mean Joseline.
qtpa2t's picture

Everyone looked like they had

Everyone looked like they had a good time. Jennifer looks atrocious without makeup on, and what grown adult still wears color contacts daily?? Stevie J continues to ride for that trannilicious disaster which I will never understand. Everytime I look at him I picture him at the piano singing for Mimi. I really thought he was about to bust out Brian McKnight "Lemme show you how your pu$$y work" in the middle of his song. I hope he get his life together soon because he is slowly becoming the old man at the club with a van parked outside and a pocket full of keys and lifesavers.
tori's picture

Stevie j is just discusting

Stevie j is just discusting ugh!! He makes my skin crawl:-/ his son is cute though to bad his father is a piece of shit ....

Joselinity can't even stand

Joselinity can't even stand or pose like a woman!!! Lol..fix that posture dude!!
Like Really's picture

toya carter and her family

toya carter and her family look ghetto and tacky,but i'm not surprised because toya is ghetto,she can't speak proper english,and she's a hoodrat.

Who are u to cast judgment

Who are u to cast judgment ....at least she's real and stays true to herself and her family.

I can say what I want,about

I can say what I want,about how I want,and when I want. Hood rats defending hood rats like yourself.

I just have to mention, I'm a

I just have to mention, I'm a flight attendant and had Estelle on my flight from LA to NY last weekend and she is so adorable in person, sweet and down to earth . I was indifferent on her before that but she's made me a fan.
Jules's picture

Happy all the celebs had a

Happy all the celebs had a good independence day!!!! and Toya your family is fine. So good to see you still go home, DAMN YOU OH PLEASE!!!!
Cynthia Cole's picture

Omg Baby Jackson is so

Omg Baby Jackson is so adorable!! Okay, I don't watch reality shows, so I don't know if its been said, but Jennifer looks like she could be Mary J's sister. Big Boy and Maxwell.....YES!!
Tslay's picture

The kind of ghetto family

The kind of ghetto family Toya have she should not post any photo's , her mother looks like she is still on drugs ... disgusting
OhPlease's picture

U are a terrible person...

U are a terrible person...
Legacy's picture

"Terrible" ? The ones that's

"Terrible" ? The ones that's selling ,using and abusing are terrible, not me for stating the obvious fasts . child please. For you to be offended I guess you're from a ghetto home with a drug addicted parent
OhPlease's picture

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