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Cassie Talks New Mixtape Rock-A-Bye Baby, Exchanges Lovey Dovey Tweets With Diddy

Cassie was a busy lady over the weekend.  The model/singer announced her upcoming mixtape, Rock-A-Bye baby via a letter to her fans, rocked a new photo shoot (sneak peek inside) and exchanged lovey dovey tweets with Diddy.  Looks like these two have no problems going public with their love these days.....

Over the weekend, Cassie seemed to be missing her boo (and boss) Diddy.  And decided to post her feelings on Twitter saying:

I miss my Pop Pop. I feel incomplete

Diddy--her Pop Pop apparently--responded:

miss you too! :) meet me in Bora Bora! haaaaa ;) 4real doe! see you soon CC :)

Meanwhile, Cassie tweeted the above hot pic--in a black & white striped Balmain look--while on the set of a new photoshoot.  She also annonced she's gearing up for a new mixtape to offer her fans, since they have waited so long for her Electro Love album.  She says the sound is purely her whatever that means).  A snippet of the letter:

I'm working simultaneously on my album and my Mixtape/EP. I know you all are wondering, Mixtape, huh? Well... I think the best we can be as human beings is to be resilient, right? I'm now at Interscope still with Bad Boy, which is amazing. I have GREAT new management that you'll find out about soon and everything is FINALLY falling into place the way it's supposed to, but one thing is missing. The music being delivered to you. Now, we all know that this album has been years in the making. Creating, starting over, changing, leaks, growing, starting....never stopping :) BUT I wouldn't change any minute of it. You get a better version of me for being so patient. This additional project is for you guys. My Mixtape is called Rock-A-Bye Baby, don't take it so literal... Lol. You'll see why. I am so proud of this project. It's not pop, it's not R&B, it's Cassie. It's why you fucked with me in the first place. I love you guys and your continued love and support. I'm a lucky girl. So.... don't get frustrated OR upset with me!!! Okay??? ;)

Cassie also revealed she just wrapped a track with Ester Dean (pictured above in the studio with a superimposed TED while working with Ester) and is finishing up another track with will.i.am.  She said:

@esterdean caught Ted and I chillin' eating Ramen noodles in studio LOL

Fun times.

The Randomness:

1.  Usher files a restraining order on alleged stalker who keeps popping up at his home in Georgia claiming to be his wife.  Mad it took this long.  STORY




Joseline, I mean Cassie, is

Joseline, I mean Cassie, is funny. Who's checking for her music like that? She's acting like she's Beyonce and have left a huge mob of fans waiting for her to release her music. Girl bye.
MsKizzy's picture

is probably the worst

is probably the worst suggestion here. I bought a used couch from someone during the cooler months, when the weather heated up it became very apparent an animal had urinated on the furniture. That smell could not be removed. You never know what you're going to get. Also furniture is made only to last until it becomes "unfashionable" these days. If it's a quality piece you're still paying a rediculous
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bbw's picture

SMH...hope her records sell

SMH...hope her records sell but I don't know who's interested really...

Who actually buys Cassie's

Who actually buys Cassie's music besides Diddy and Ryan Leslie??? The girl can take a gorgeous photo but can't make a hit record or 2 step for the life of her.
tori's picture

Lol same thing i was thinking

Lol same thing i was thinking "Poor Girl" she will forever be diddys TOY.......
REd™'s picture

Crayonce' & Cassie are Creepy

Crayonce' & Cassie are Creepy for calling those guys "Pop Pop" (daddy issues)........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Pop Pop, Daddy, Papi, and

Pop Pop, Daddy, Papi, and other references of boyfriends/husbands as fathers comes from pimping. Hoes/prostitutes call their pimps Daddy.
MsKizzy's picture

Ted was funny as hell. We

Ted was funny as hell. We caught it last the Friday it was released and laughed all through the movie. I can't wait for it to come on HBO/SHOWTIME so that I can see it again. I already know there's going to be a sequel, can't wait.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Um, Cassie is a dickrider.

Um, Cassie is a dickrider. Every one knows that "Pop Pop" is Beyonce's Nickname for Jay-Z. Cassie get your own!

i didn't know this.

i didn't know this.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Neither did I O.o

Neither did I O.o
BajanKueenB's picture

"Everyone" knows???? I

"Everyone" knows???? I guess.........
Jules's picture

Beautiful Blasian but she is

Beautiful Blasian but she is wasting her life with an old man with 8 children. She isn't smart like Amerie.

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