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Rihanna ATTENDS Gran Gran Dolly's FUNERAL In Barbados + RELEASES "Styled To Rock" Trailer


A somber Rihanna was in Barbados today where she attended the second funeral for her Gran Gran Dolly. See the pics inside and watch the trailer for RiRi's new reality show.


Rihanna put on her  attended the funeral of her Grandmother in Barbados yesterday.  She wore a little black dress, Tom Ford shoes and her hair upswept and managed to keep it togetehr as much as possible.


The funeral obviously took a toll on the pop star.....

She just posted this on Instagram (where she looks wasted and holds a beer bottle) and said, I had to!!! Sorry granny. 

Perhaps it's time for someone to step in and make her take a mental & emotional break.  Clearly she still needs time to heal.....in private.


We told you earlier about Rihanna producing a fashion-forward reality show for the Sky Living Channel abroad, and now we have the trailer.


Will you be watching?

Photos via Splash News




It seems like there are a lot

It seems like there are a lot of Clinical Psychologist PhD's who are knowledgeable about Rihanna's mental, emotion, physical, spiritual and cultural well being.
undefined's picture

God be with you Ri! Even in

God be with you Ri! Even in your sad times you still look beautiful! You really know how to dress, anytime!
brenda Loving's picture

Awww..God bless you

Awww..God bless you Rih...hold ya head
Roger THAT's picture

Such an attention whore...

Such an attention whore... Even using GranGran Dolly for attention on instagram and twitter... Po Thang. She needs to do an Usher and chill for a few years, let people miss her... Tired of this bish.
L0ve365's picture

Rihanna's dress is very nice

Rihanna's dress is very nice and her shoes are FIERCE!!! I wish she never posted the last pic though. We don't need to see pics like that - heck - I almost wanted to cry for her. ugh!
Happy Lady's picture

The instagram pic is tacky.

The instagram pic is tacky.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

This is to all the posters

This is to all the posters talking about Rihanna's appearance and emotional state. If you have eve had to watch someone die from from a battle with a terminal disease then you would understand what the girl is going through. It is hard watching someone slip away knowing there is nothing you can do about it. Sometimes you don't feel like getting dressed up or putting on a smile or even dealing with people. You start to blame yourself and think about the times you might have said or done something wrong or missed out on something with that person. It takes a toll of you physically and emotionally. People say words to try to keep your spirits up and you try and stay strong for the person you are fighting for, but deep down you are a whirlpool of emotions. You are hurt and angry and seeking answers when you know there aren't any. The the guilt sets in because you think that person is such a great person and you say to yourself why them and not you. I watched my mother struggle and go through hell for three years with cancer, but she did it for her family because she wanted to make sure we were all ok. And when the end finally comes you are fighting a battle because you want that person to stay a little longer(yes it's selfish) but you also know they are suffer and you want them to no longer suffer and be at peace. So Rihanna knew this day was coming, but it still hard and it is going to be hard on her for some time to come. So people need to stop judging and pray for her and her family and let the girl grieve the best way she knows how and do things that will give her peace.
logical1's picture

Lord, she really needs to

Lord, she really needs to take sum time to grieve. I'm sure her fans will understand if she needs to reschedule some appearances while she gets her life together. Otherwise, she gonna go down hill fast!
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

Rihanna needs a mentor and a

Rihanna needs a mentor and a caretaker. On her own too much. Yes the money, traveling and all that is great, but it takes a toll I would imagine and now her granny dieing on top of all that is probably too much right now. She needs some down time and an assistant who is going to say "no" when need be. Best wishes Rihanna.
JewelryLover's picture

No i wont be watchin ! I'm

No i wont be watchin ! I'm sick of RiRi! sorry for her lost !
REd™'s picture

The show looks like every

The show looks like every other fashion show competition so I won't be watching, plus I can't stand the broad. She is slowly crashing and burning, but I can't take her or anyone else seriously, if they take and post a SELF portrait of themselves crying with a beer in their hand. Drama queen, attention whore, lunatic!
tori's picture

she looks like she had been

she looks like she had been crying. im sure thats why she said sorry. her grandmother probably told her to be strong. let the girl live and grieve. after my grandma died my cousins and i slept with bottles. at lest she drinking beer. we were drinking straight vodka and whatever else. and we came out of it fine. she acts like a normal 23 24 year old. she hasnt done anything that most of us hasnt done..
JeanP's picture

Poor thing... My

Poor thing... My grandmother's death affected me as well, she was my mother. RIP to Grandma Dolly and to my Grandmother Etta... Rest in paradise! Hold your head up to the Fenty Family
shida206's picture

Appears to have Full Blown

Appears to have Full Blown AIDS. Looks like Chris Brown dragged her around by the hair while punching her in the face. (smh).......
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Some people need to step away

Some people need to step away from Instagram. Way away!!
goeze's picture

Listen up people Rihanna lost

Listen up people Rihanna lost her grandmother & Chris Brown. Those greedy mother*uckers got rich off the 2009 incident also. She really loves Chris but because of her fans & the media she had to hold back even tho it's all her and her handles doing. If they would have just told the truth Rihanna would not be in this depressed mode. Now her fans & family better watch out because Rihanna is screaming for help and no one hearing it not even her fans. All the fans worry about is #1's

All the has to do is take the

All the has to do is take the time..no need to post pics online...no one made her do that...

I saw this coming last year.

I saw this coming last year. This girl is swirling downward. The first sign is when people stop caring about their appearance and do things that are just over the top. Sometimes its for attention and many times its a cry for help.
Keys's picture

do you know her????? how do

do you know her????? how do you know she stopped caring about her appearance, how do you know its not in her nature to dress the way she does, i mean she is from the islands. not saying they not fashionable but they live a more humble life then us. she is doing what people do her age. i cant imagine the type of things i would have on instagram or twitter if it were around when i was her age. shit im still wild. i just like to have fun. and she appears to want to have fun and live and not give a phuck what people think or feel. as long as she isnt hurting anyone, whats the problem????
JeanP's picture

Lmao... Sweetie we are all

Lmao... Sweetie we are all tryin to figure out where she got her sense of fashion from. Its definitely not from the islands we don't dress like this. And you say we are humble. Its th tropics we only wear lighter clothing and most of us wear the same stuff in the US for summer or even better. Rihanna has no sense of fashion #justsayin
caribbeangirl84's picture

I stated my opinion as

I stated my opinion as countless people do! You stans are ridiculous. You act like you are her online security to get all emotional over anything people state about her. Get over yourself! The question should be do YOU know her because you wrote a book to defend the damn girl like you gave birth to her!
Keys's picture

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