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*UPDATED* Jason Kidd ARRESTED In The Hamptons For DWI!

This is NOT the way to start off a brand new contract.  The newest New York Knick, Jason Kidd, was arrested for DWI after partying it up in the Hamptons last night.


Deets inside...

He's 39 and been in the league for 18 years.  But Jason Kidd is still making rookie mistakes.  Just days after signing his brand new 3-year $9 million contract with the New York Knicks, Mr. Kidd took his wife, Porschla and their 2 kids (including brand new baby girl) to the Hamptons.  And was arrested for Driving While Intoxicated after having a few too many.

After attending Ne-Yo & George Lucas' big "Fostering A Legacy" benefit in East Hampton Saturday night (pictured above), Jason was stopped by Southampton Police early Sunday morning.  The police department confirms that Kidd was taken into custody, arraigned on a misdemeanor DWI charge early this morning, and then released on his own recognizance.

There has been no statement by Jason on the matter as of yet.  Jason bought a home in the Watermill section of the Hamptons last year for $5.97 mill.


*UPDATE* Jason was spotted getting carried out the club, SL East, right before he copped a DWI. Apparently, he was so drunk that he couldn't manage to walk out alone. But he surely hopped behind the wheel of his car. And he crashed it--which led to his citation.  His beat up mugshot is above.




So True, TruthBeTold. I

So True, TruthBeTold. I didn't even go to the club when I was there last month, and they can see that you are foreign no matter who you are -- black, white, pinstriped.


Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

hey truthbetold ----not

hey truthbetold ----not everyone can handle the truth!!! you sound very angry. we are all entitled to our opinion and you already know that people are always going to speculate racism whenever a black man and the police are in the same sentence----it's just something that some people will never get over. however, if the facts actually ARE the facts, Kidd was arrested after either crashing the vehicle or causing an accident. . . . so . .. . . i think that's what happens when you drive irresponsibly not when you drive while rich;or black; or famous; or . . . you get it. The whole message here is that people are inexplicably stupid and they don't get any smarter as the money or contracts increase--they get dumber!!! Noone should be surprised when the race card is pulled or when a rich ass celebrity makes some rich ass mistakes or some rich ass--dumbass mistakes. you live and you learn. NOW LETS LEARN!!!!!!!!!!!!! KIDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jason and Porsche makes Lala

Jason and Porsche makes Lala and Melo look like dog shit. Jason and Porsche are beautiful.

Really? U fckn idiot. He's

Really? U fckn idiot. He's lucky he didn't kill himself or someone else!

Hmmm, yet another celebrity

Hmmm, yet another celebrity or sports figure who don't know when to say when... Dumbass
Serendipity1's picture

Wow what a difference a day

Wow what a difference a day makes. YBF had posted an article on him about signing with the Knicks and his new baby. Today he's charged with DWI. The man can't get a break.

Welcome to NY Kidd!!!! Go to

Welcome to NY Kidd!!!! Go to missnyt.com for celebrity news
MissNYT's picture

This dude has more issues

This dude has more issues than a subscription to VIBE magazine. Watch Porschla leave him within a year. That shit ain't gonna last. He needs to hang it up...FLATSCREEN!
SirBumBitch's picture

You ain't never

You ain't never lied........When he was first drafted he was embroiled in some baby mama drama and its continued ever since throughout his career, domestic violence, etc.....
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Should've taken that

Should've taken that obnoxious looking Helicopter (smh).......
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Damn, Jason done pulled a

Damn, Jason done pulled a Jayson Williams. At the age of 39, shouldn't he know his tolerence level? Doesn't matter how light your skin and eyes are in the Hamptons, you are still a black man and you will get pulled over smh.
tori's picture

Was about to go to sleep but

Was about to go to sleep but could not without responding to your IGNORANT RACIST STUPID A$$!!!!! First off, just by reading your ignorant stupid a$$ response I already KNOW that you have NEVER partied in the Hamptons. Getting pulled over by police in the Hamptons has ZERO to do with the color of skin or eyes you fkin DUMBASS, EVERYONE GETS PULLED OVER!!!!!!!!! The local police cant STAND us outsiders. BLACK, WHITE, BLUE, RED, YELLOW OR GREEN if they suspect ANYthing..heck they dont even HAVE to suspect anything...the cops wait outside clubs until they see people leave and then they follow you up the road and pull your a$$ over. If you are leaving a club at 4...5....whatever the fuk AM chances are you have had a few drnks and they get you every time. They pull over EVERYONE that isnt local. So shut the FUK UP and stop spreading ignorant racist BULLSHT. The cops do not dislike BLACKS they dislike ANYONE that comes from elsewhere to party in their town. Get to sleep TORI. Next time try speaking on topics you have a clue about and STOP SPREADING IGNORANCE. Hopefully, you dont have any offspring and arent passing along that racist BULLSHT to new generations. ENOUGH ALREADY.
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