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GUESS WHO These Celeb Babies Grew Up To Be....

Look at those cute baby girls!!  Which popular celebrities did these tiny tots grow up to be?  The answer inside....

The'yve been attached at the proverbial hip since they were born.  Now they're living their own lives for us all to see.  The baby girls are......



Wait for it.....



Tamera Mowry!

And Tia Mowry!  The cutesy and pregnant Tamera snapped a pic of herself recently working out on the treadmill with her baby belly on display.  While Tia snapped the above pic yesterday while vacationing in the Bahamas.

Couldn't Tia's baby boy Cree be the twins' triplet? Goodness!

And speaking of Cree, look who's walking now....


Pics: Tia & Tamera's Twitters




Cree is a cutiepatootie with

Cree is a cutiepatootie with a big head! LOL Hopefully, he'll grow into it.
Sweet2daCore's picture

I love the Mowry twins.

I love the Mowry twins.
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Hey Tia and Tamera!

Hey Tia and Tamera!
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

love those chics!!! such

love those chics!!! such class!! their parents did great
leesh's picture

Gorgeous chicas, such class

Gorgeous chicas, such class and beauty, real role models. I'm suprised Cree can walk with that big ol head of his, a true balancing act lol, I'm sure he will grow into his head, cute baby.
tori's picture

They were adorable babies and

They were adorable babies and are pretty women.
Taj's picture

Baby Cree looks just like the

Baby Cree looks just like the twins when they were babies.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

Awwww Cree IS their other

Awwww Cree IS their other "twin" :-))
goeze's picture

babies are so lucky they dont

babies are so lucky they dont have to wear any clothes! i WISH i could wear a crisp white gerber onesie and some comfy sandals right about now....lol
shuga's picture

Girl!! You and me both. How

Girl!! You and me both. How bout just a diaper?
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I knew it was T & T. Cute

I knew it was T & T. Cute baby girls they were. Both grew up to be very pretty women. Work on out, Tamera! Awww, Cree is a chubby lil fella and so flipping adorable.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Awwwww...what a cute post!

Awwwww...what a cute post! Cree does favor them so much as babies.
MrsCPA's picture

aww @ little cree walking :)

aww @ little cree walking :) love them!!
nikasosmo0th's picture

Love these twins!

Love these twins!
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