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VACAY FAB: Rihanna Drops Some Cash On Luxe Shopping Spree in Sardinia!

Decked out in a cute mini jumper covered in pineapples, Rihanna is living it up on vacay.  In between sun sessions and drinks aboard her party yacht with friends, the pop star stopped in Porto Cervo, Sardinia today for some luxe shopping.


Pics inside...

Armed with her fringed knit Chanel bag, platform sneakers and a cute visor, the 24-year-old "We Found Love" singer made a mad dash to the Louis Vuitton boutique amongst other stores in the mall in Sardinia.  And stopped to snap pics with her swarms of fans...

Including the babies.

She and bestie Melissa had some fun pointing out the small package size of a statue.


After getting some shopping done, Rih hopped back in the dinghy with her pals to get whisked away to their yacht.

Gotta love it.


Pics via SPLASH



Rihanna got stupid money. She

Rihanna got stupid money. She can shop any and everywhere!
Jernero94's picture

She has the best body ever!!

She has the best body ever!! Just look at those beautiful thighs!!
BigJohn's picture

Rih looks cute.

Rih looks cute.
Happy Lady's picture

Rih is so sweet taking her

Rih is so sweet taking her friends on trips and shopping spree's. I love this girl! Rih has such a Big Heart! There is nothing more special than a person who has been blessed as she as to share the blessed life w/ family and friends. Keep being you Rih! Love that outfit on you. Kim K please don't try to put this outfit on it's not for you body type girlfriend!
Shay's picture

What a wonderful summer she

What a wonderful summer she is having shopping in Italy is a dream come true.
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debe's picture

Love her!

Love her!
honey boo boo's picture

That's my chic!

That's my chic!

Why r there so many scars on

Why r there so many scars on her legs n everyone calls it flawless? I'm not a hater... Jus makin an observation... Love the outfit. Its cute!!! :)
caribbeangirl84's picture

Prolly from touring (and

Prolly from touring (and drunken nights too)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lmao... Guess most of her pix

Lmao... Guess most of her pix get photoshopped or she covers them well Lisa ur funny lol
caribbeangirl84's picture

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Cute Gal Rih..looking good

Cute Gal Rih..looking good
ntaylor1030@gmail.com's picture

she legs for

she legs for days........(that red lipstick sends me into a murderous rage)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Looks like fun. Cute outfit,

Looks like fun. Cute outfit, but um, can you hire a stylist for BFF Melissa, too?
MrsCPA's picture

maybe these trips is where

maybe these trips is where all her money is going and not the accountants that she claim to have stolen her cash. I like the jumper , it's cute.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Why you acting like Rihanna

Why you acting like Rihanna will be borrowing money from you if she went broke. Y'all get butt hurt over the most asinine things. I think its her money and she can do with it as she pleases. Oh now she needs to get permission from a blogger to spend hers. Girl bye.
Kai's picture

the girl got 53million

the girl got 53million dollars from may 2011-2012, the accountants she is suing is from their breach on contract in 2010. so dont be so feeble, it cost $100,000 to get on that yacht (at least that is what another report said) so dont be so feeble please. anyways riri looks good, she said she would cut her hair short again. cant wait for that

Cut her hair short??? you

Cut her hair short??? you mean take off that long weave and put a shorter weave in , we all know that doll hair is not her REAL hair.
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