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*UPDATED* NO MORE BLANKIE? Blue Ivy's Face Revealed As Mama Beyonce Makes A New York Dash!

Blue Ivy Carter?  Is that you?  While Beyonce was spotted running into Bergdorf's in Manhattan today, it looks like somebody captured an uncovered moment of the mommy-daughter duo.  Check out Blue Ivy's first uncovered pic in 6 months inside....


Well let the cuteness ensue!  While a blonde & braided up Beyonce made a mad dash with Baby Blue from her tricked out van into Bergdorf Goodman today, paparazzi cameras caught her carrying the covered up baby girl into the building and out of the building. 

Then, someone snapped a photo of an uncovered B.I.C. on the sly once she was inside the store.  Look at those cheeks!

More pics of the shopping girls and Bey's super cute jumper:


P.S.  Auntie Solange sounds a little pissy today.  Apparently, she flipped out once the pic of Blue's face started flying around Twitter at warped speed and tweeted this:

Where in the deep ass crack, arm pit hair follicle, do people get this shit from? Oh right. From they deep ass crack, arm pit hair follicle

She could be talking about something else.  But based off the timing, it sounds like she's saying the pic (with Blue in the same outfit, hair and details as the professional pics) is false.  But...

*Update* Solange clarified a couple hours later that her remark was "purely a timing coincident."


BONUS:  Beyonce also released a new ad for her Midnight Heat fragrance:






what a cute baby!!!! but

what a cute baby!!!! but Beyonce's braids r awful. they are so ugly. B, you always have a great sense of style . what happened? as long as u dont go all erykah badu on us, i will always be a fan but those braids have got to go.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

Baby Blue still looks the

Baby Blue still looks the same, still majority of her mother's features(hair texture, eyes,ears,nose and skin tone). The only difference is, she's chubbier now, probably due to all the baby formulas and milk. She will loose all that once she starts walking.
DareToDeal's picture

She's beautiful as normal!!!

She's beautiful as normal!!! But damn didn't somebody show her how to hold a baby. IJS...
Hannah85's picture

I love the braids sometimes

I love the braids sometimes we ladies have to give our hair a break from the chemicals and the heat from the curling and flat irons... Oh wee those cheeks of Baby IVY kissable and nice for a lite pinch... She will loose those rings around her legs and arms once she starts walking and running.. Just Beautiful
lovinmyheels's picture

wow bey is the first one to

wow bey is the first one to garner over 100 comments on this new comment format
litebrite's picture

This bitch is becoming like

This bitch is becoming like Kim Kardashian, always in the camera. I thought she loved privacy. she is trying to stay relevant while her man is fucking Rih Rih. Beyonce was in the news for writting a 4th grade letter and sounding like a 4th grader reading it for Michelle Obama. Let's see you ass in a school room
lola69's picture

wow, sounds like you know

wow, sounds like you know beyonce personally, she is far more accomplished sounds like than you will ever be.....for someone who sounds like they don't care....she see you watching hahaahhaa haters! self hate...black people have some self love...the cameras follow her because she built her career on talent, it's not her fault she is cute....kim builds her career off a sextape she is not hardly in the league w/be...you are probably just as worthless
KeepingIt100's picture

Wow that was mean.... Yeah,

Wow that was mean.... Yeah, you and Beyonce share the same 4th grade class I see. She like the camera she loves publicity as for talent she definitely has it but her time is slipping away. No hating here just my opinion. I'm sure YOU don't get paid to defend Beyonce, which I'm sure you're just as WORTHLESS!!!
Hannah85's picture

you don't lie

you don't lie
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ok Bey You Can Stop Covering

Ok Bey You Can Stop Covering Up Blue Because We've Seen Her. Thank Goodness Somebody Was At The Right Place At The Right Time. Because I Like Many Wanted To See What Was Lurking Under The Blankies. Blue Is A Whopper. She's Cute.
Keyths'Girl's picture

I don't understand the weird

I don't understand the weird Michael Jackson stunts she pulls with her kid. I get that the media be all in her face n business but that's the price to pay for being a mega superstar. I don't think the little girl should be oxygen deprived every time the paps are around. People will see her she will go to school and all that jazz, the weird obsession some celebs have about ppl seeing their kids is cray. But on the other hand the paps have no respect for these families, thats y Halle has to go off on them. If she keeps it up her kid will be very strange unlike Solange and her son who seems fine with ppl taking pics once in a while. ANYHOW... WTF is up with that promo pic? The Photoshop on this pic is horrendous! It looks as though her head is floating and not attached to her body. Its really bad work I am surprised that she allowed that to go out looking so and her legs are too straight like a doll. It jus looks bad man com'on.
BajanKueenB's picture

Blanket Ivy Carter

Blanket Ivy Carter
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Blue is sooo cute. She looks

Blue is sooo cute. She looks like Bey but those cheeks are definitely Jay... Simply Adorable :)

I have never left a comment

I have never left a comment on here, but this lisa raye subconsciousness chick! Like really how old are you? If you dont have the word "teen" at the end of your age, you need your ass whooped. Do you have a job? A man? Like something is really wrong with you talk about a baby like that, regardless of who's child it is? Would you make fun of an autistic person too? Oh and by the way, the reason you are an only child is because your parents saw the mistake they made the first time and was smart enough not to repeat it. You really need to grow up. And although you dont have kids right now (thank God), one day, someone might be dumb enough to fall up in you and get you pregnant, and I TRULY hope your baby comes out looking like orangutan pussy. GTFO this fucking site. UUGGHHH

if the baby is a retarded

if the baby is a retarded Chimpanzee (like YOU say), i wouldn't make fun of Bey. No One can "whooped" my ass because in FLORIDA <--- we have the "Stand Your Ground Law" (see: Trayvon Martin). I don't work. I have a man that i see on-and-off because i don't want marriage nor kids. I was a mistake.... and my mom had me at age 16. My dad is a loser. BUT my mother became a self-made millionaire thru HARD WORK. I'll be on this website for the next 30 years.....so GET USED TO IT.....,smh........
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Sweetheart you are trying too

Sweetheart you are trying too hard!! And actually, I said orangutan, not chimpanzee, totally different animal, and I also said nothing about it being retarded, you must know your DNA. And I see now, you just like controversy! Now you are taking subliminal blows at Trayvon Martin! In Florida, Texas, or where ever, you can and will eventually get your beat down you so deserve. Oh and good strategy, take what people say about you and agree with it, try to spin and make it positive. It almost worked. But the facts still remain. You are a sad, miserable, little person. Stay on the site, its fine, its not like you have anything else to do. You can try slitting your writst though.

I'm very happy. I just have

I'm very happy. I just have 24/7/365 days of free time *sips daily strawberry frozen margarita by the pool* (and everyone in Florida is packing now. so don't act a fool or else)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Girl please!! Im from Texas,

Girl please!! Im from Texas, weve been packing guns for as long as your daddy has been a loser (according to you)! You think you something because you have a gun NOW??? I got a gun as a teenage birthday gift. So what is your "or else"? Sip your 1.99 daily margarita, while me and my FULL TIME man go to Phillipe's and have some crab and avacado with olive oil emulsion, au natural chicken with garlic confit, and truffled mashed potatoes. Enjoy your day.

Wow. You are TRYING TO HARD.

Wow. You are TRYING TO HARD. You are the Republican Party's SLAVES & BITCH in TEXAS "Yes Massa" "Yes Master" George W, Bush and his entire family OWN YOUR BLACK ASS <------- tee hee
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

You do know Jeb Bush was YOUR

You do know Jeb Bush was YOUR govenor for about 8 years?? And that Florida is traditionally a Republican state as well? LMAO!!! And how do you try "to" hard? What am I trying to harden? LMAO this will be my last response to you, its no fun debating with people dumber than you. Really, enjoy your day!!!

believe it or not....Jeb Bush

believe it or not....Jeb Bush was a great 8 year Governor (you spelled "govenor" wrong. I actually VOTE) he introduced the Stand Your Ground Law <--- so: Carjackings & Home Invasions are almost non-factors now. So crime in this State are way down and prisons less full.....which equals less tax payer money supporting criminals................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Awwww Blue is beautiful like

Awwww Blue is beautiful like her mom...I see a pinch of JayZ....Hey Bey we want to see more of Blue.
Lola's picture

Blue is soooo cute and pretty

Blue is soooo cute and pretty tall - wow! Well, both Bey and Jay are tall so, I guess Blue will follow suit. I wish Bey would show more pictures of her, but understand that all of the paps' camera flashes would probably scare her.
Happy Lady's picture

Blue Ivy is beautiful and

Blue Ivy is beautiful and looks like her mama. Bey don't cover her up. She's precious and the fans only want to share in you oooohs and ahhhh's.... : )
JewelryLover's picture

This LisaRaye's

This LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©...... must be trying to start her own blog. That is why she is trolling this one to make a name for herself. She was never this harshing before but now is nonstop trolling of everyone's comments.
Keys's picture

Nope (cuz that would be work)

Nope (cuz that would be work) .......... "harshing" <---- that's not an English word. Ghetto speak maybe?????????? smh...........
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She looks like Lou Ferrigno

She looks like Lou Ferrigno <----- i demand a DNA Test
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She's probably big because

She's probably big because they feed her!!!! You people are idiots! What, do u want them to have a low birth weight smokers baby???

Women who never gave birth or

Women who never gave birth or raised an infant will never get it... Kids don't grow to your specification.. when my now 11 month old was 4 months she was wearing 6-9 months clothing... now she's in 18 months and growing.. they grow.. they eat... they shit.. they sleep...what do you want them to do look malnourished... sheesh... I just don't see Jay... I mean the cheeks ok.. but that's it.. to me she looks like her mom.. but hey.. she'll change every month..
Janelle McIver's picture

That is Jay-Z's Mini Me <----

That is Jay-Z's Mini Me <---- Clone. How is the baby 4ft tall already and 90 lbs???? Something smells fishy about all of this. I want a DNA Test done on Cray Bey. smh...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

So LisaRaye's Subconscious is

So LisaRaye's Subconscious is the new YBF blog troll huh? Just great
Keys's picture

Cray Bey is using B.I.C. as a

Cray Bey is using B.I.C. as a "For Profit Surrogate Baby". Bey needs to sell her crappy smelling perfume so that's why she uncovered the baby's face...to make $$$$$$$$$$ and it LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©.............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Aww she's so cute! Reminds me

Aww she's so cute! Reminds me of my niece, she was born a week after Blue<3

That baby is definitely Jay-

That baby is definitely Jay- Z's twin! Rihanna was right! Jays features become more apparent every time they show pics of BIC. side note: Why is that child so big? She's either going to be really tall or she's older than they said
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

If the comment "you need

If the comment "you need Jesus!" was meant for me ~ then let's be clear: ONLY God can judge me ~ so who the f*% are you?! And . . . I would Never make fun of Any child ~ however, parents are another story. All children are a gift from God ~ including you. Get your facts straight and your panties out of bunch ~ are you getting paid to catch feelings for these celebrities. They don't give a flying f*% what we say on here or anywhere else. At the beginning and end of their day ~ their bank account is one - zero zero zero zero hold up and what is yours? ~ negative. My middle fingers are very active ~ hmph
GetUrLife's picture

Baby Blu is too cute! Don't

Baby Blu is too cute! Don't like that mound of braids...didn't like them on Solange either. Careful putting those heavy braids on your edges!
Denise2007's picture

Ummm....I Wonder Is That Lady

Ummm....I Wonder Is That Lady With Bye One Of Blue Ivy's Many Nannies. Secondly, Bey Might As Well Let Blue Ivy Be UnCovered Because Blue Gonna Be Pulling Off Her Own Blankies Real Soon. Blue Is A Whooper Whom By The Way I Could Eat Up. Why Is Solo Carrying On Like n Ol' Rabid Dog? It Ain That Serious Solange. Blue Is Adorable.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture

baby and mom look great!!! I

baby and mom look great!!! I love the way Bey is always wearing flats with Blue Ivy. Too Cute.As for Solange CHILL OUT
Cynthia Cole's picture

In the 1st Photo: You can see

In the 1st Photo: You can see why Bey is wearing the Bee Hive hairdo. She's trying to match the oblong, elliptical shaped head that Lil' Ivy inherited from Jay Z. (their side profiles almost match perfectly)........... Bey is truly Cray for even thinking about that. smh.........,,,,,,,,
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

But did anyone else notice

But did anyone else notice ole girl who is shopping with Beyonce has on a super holely sweatshirt on. Is that the style in NYC right now or sthg? SN: Yea...I gotta agree with everyone else Ms. Subconscious...u do seem to have an eensy weensy obsession with Bey. U stay bringing her up in posts that aren't even about her. I think someone has a girl crush......Stay secure.
Gia Lo's picture

Nope. I like White Guys with

Nope. I like White Guys with Olive Skin.
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

All I see if some cute tiny

All I see if some cute tiny feet that are begging for release.
Yas's picture

BIC is so chubby and cute!! I

BIC is so chubby and cute!! I really hope she can breathe they way Bey is smashin her face!
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

She is a beautiful, healthy

She is a beautiful, healthy baby and it is good to finally see her without a blanket. That is all.
tennelles's picture

I wish a slow painful death

I wish a slow painful death to everyone hating on a 6 months old baby. That's inhuman. With that being said, Blue is way too cute. Her cheeks are adorable.
Sara Ricci's picture

Clearly you're NOT a

Clearly you're NOT a Christian Woman then......and WHY are YOU COVERING YOUR FACE ??? Were you forced to wear a blanket as a baby????????
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Lmao you left so many

Lmao you left so many comments. Clearly, you're obsessed with Bey.
Sara Ricci's picture

Wow. You changed your Photo

Wow. You changed your Photo fast.
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Bey know she really needs to

Bey know she really needs to stop smashing that baby's face down like that. I know she's crying because most babies don't like you controlling their neck and making them face a certain direction. I'm not a mom but I know at lot of first time moms and they are Over-The -Top to say the least!
Shay's picture

Wait until your own child. I

Wait until your own child. I love when people without kids critique how others carry, feed, etc. their own. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and coach instead of actually playing in the game.
inmyskin318's picture

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