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George Zimmerman APOLOGIZES, Says The Tragic Events Were "God's Plan," Family Says "He's Just Trying To Save Face"

George Zimmerman popped up on Fox News "Hannity" program last night where he apologized to the parents of Trayvon Martin for the death of their son but sad he has no regrets from that night because it was "God's Plan."  Get the deets inside and watch Trayvon's parent respond.....


Last night, George Zimmerman appeared with Fox News' Sean Hannity where he discussed the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Although he apologized to Trayvon's parent for them having to bury their son, he shockingly said he does not regret the tragic events of that February night. He said,  "I feel that it was all God's plan, and for me to second guess it or judge it" (shaking head).

George, who said he is not racist, also questioned the motives of folks like Al Sharpton, whom he says rushed to judgment.

"I can’t guess what their motives are. I would just ask for an apology. I mean, if I did something that was wrong, I would apologize."

Sources says George did the interview with Hannity because he supported him in the past....but he was also set to talk to Barbara Walters. Barbara turned down the interview after he asked that ABC get him a hotel room for a month. She also said George said his grandmother was half black--and raised 2 black children.

On another note, the family of Trayvon Martin was not too happy with the interview Geroge gave.  They appeared on "Fox & Friends" this morning and first took issue with his apology saying he was just trying to save face.  Secondly, Tracy Martin (Trayvon's Dad) questioned why he said the events were all a part of God's plan. 

"I don't understand what he was thinking by saying it was God's plan that he murdered our child," said Tracy Martin.  "I really don’t understand what God he worships because it’s not the same God that I worship."

Trayvon's mom, Sabrina Fulton asked, "Why would God have him kill an unarmed teenager?  It makes no sense."


Watch George talks about "God's Plan" here:

Watch George apologize here:


Watch the parents of Trayvon Martin respond to the interview here:





Now it should be clear to all

Now it should be clear to all the world that this man is a Lunatic!! He is on a hustle right now trying to make money. It was reported that he hit up Barbra Walters for a Hotel stay for a month for an interview and she turned him down. I can't stand this creep!!!
BigJohn's picture

DO NOT bring or blame God for

DO NOT bring or blame God for YOUR foolishness, Jehovah has NOTHING to do with your desire to murder our young black men. Examine yourself during your time in prison Zimmerman, really examine yourself. #unbelievable >=[
Peace Silas's picture

Another example of this God

Another example of this God character having control , thereby absolving those that believe this supernatural nonsense to be totally accountable for their actions. Gullibility at its finest.

Bubba in cell block D has got

Bubba in cell block D has got plans for that ass as well. I wonder if he'll say that was in God's plan too?¿?
GetUrLife's picture

can someone shoot him, get

can someone shoot him, get this over with
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Wow.. I cannot believe he

Wow.. I cannot believe he said this was God's plan.. That is NOT something to say! Who coached him on this because they set him up something terribly! What...a....jerk!
___MzCookieD___'s picture

He's going straight to HEAVEN

He's going straight to HEAVEN and will live a blissful life of eternity <----- as long as he believes that Jesus is the Son of God and asks for Forgiveness .......... Bwaaahahaahahhahahhahhahhaha (fools)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Well, that is a basic tenet

Well, that is a basic tenet of Christianity. A good argument as to why its so appealing. As you know though i think its all BULL and hyperbole.


Yea Sirrrrrrrrrrrrrr................, :):):):):):):):):):):):):)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

pure 100% asshole...

pure 100% asshole...
lifeisgood's picture

He is the spawn of satan and

He is the spawn of satan and reincarnation of Hitler.
tori's picture

Disgusting human

Disgusting human being....pure 10%% asshole....
lifeisgood's picture

How can you say you have no

How can you say you have no regets from that night when you take another person's life who had no weapon to defend himself with. This one thinks he is getting off. That statement alone proves he has no remorse he has no soul! People like him have to be SHOWN because he will feel regret when that sentence is handed down and those fellow inmates are beating and raping him day in and day out!
Shay's picture

they need to add child

they need to add child abduction to the roster of charges bc under no circumstances should a grown ass man be following a teenager around. let this had been a man following a 17 year old girl instead of a boy.
shuga's picture

GOD'S PLAN??????!!!!!****exit

GOD'S PLAN??????!!!!!****exit stage left****

He feels no remorse.

He feels no remorse. Disgusting!
phena's picture

He did this interview to try

He did this interview to try and get the public on his side, i think he only damaged his case more. SAying that it was Gods plan??? IS HE STUPID??? Yes and insensitivie...you see which channel he went on....saying that the other inmates gave him a symbol of staying strong while he was in the yard??? gimme a break...would love to have some of the inmates interviewed....

This fool had the nerve to

This fool had the nerve to say this was God's plan. This one think because he is half jewish that having that jew blood in him that's gonna help him get off. The man was always a loser. A ticking loser time-bomb waiting to go off! That self-hater hating looking like a mexican wished he looked like an all the way full jewish man! Self-Hating miserable dog! I have meet other men that were from Peru and most of them hate their short sawed off selves. This self-hating thinks because his dad is jewish and is a lawyer or something that it's gonna help his cause. I never ever understood why I always heard most of my life why people disliked jews so much but until i worked around them I saw how the lived up to every stero-type said about them. All these folks helping and sending money for his defense are probably jews. They are the reason he is out on bail. They raised the money for his pathetic ass. This half jew/peruvian bastard needs to seriously get what is coming to him. I can't wait until the trial and they put his soul-less self in jail where KILLER'S BELONG! HOW DARE HE ROBBED AN INNOCENT BLACK MALE OF HIS LIFE AND SAY IT WAS GOD'S PLAN! I'm so Mad sometimes I feel the HIT ON HIS LIFE WOULD be better than a long trial but God let your will be done!
Shay's picture

He shouldn't have followed

He shouldn't have followed Trayvon. He shouldn't have followed him. He should be arrested just like every other murderer. I don't think he necessarily deserves to be executed because if that's the case, every murderer deserves it. As for him showing no remorse, it's sad. It's so damn sad. How was it God's plan? Sadly, black men die everyday. Trayvon isn't the first, and he won't be the last. One of my friends was murdered at 16. His story didn't make it past the local news. It wasn't a racial issue, but still a innocent, young black man was murdered. All stories deserve attention. Not just the ones about a non black man killing a young black teen.
Jernero94's picture

In other words, he would

In other words, he would gladly do it again. Zimmerman is as much of a threat to society as any other uncivilized gang member. No regard for human life and does not deserve freedom. Wonder how much Fox paid him for this interview??
shuga's picture

that video just gave me

that video just gave me Sickle-Cell & Yellow Fever (and the Bubble Guts) smh
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

me too. creepy he is.

me too. creepy he is.
phylys's picture

He should fire whatever

He should fire whatever lawyer he has that allowed him to say publicly that he has no regret for taking a life even if it's in "self defense" as he has claimed! He means to tell me that it was in God's plans to derail his life and that of his family? It's God's plan to cause Trayvon's parents so much pain? Wow! He's privy to God's plans like no other priest/pastor or clairvoyant. What an idiot!
Marek&#039;s Wifey's picture

I can't even bring myself to

I can't even bring myself to watch the videos of zimmerman..... Just by reading the resume of it I already know I can't that man is one twisted sick individual and I just pray for Trayvon and his family that justice will be served!!!! The nerve of that man... SMH

This idiot should be banned

This idiot should be banned from television (even Faux news), banned from society, then banned from this earth. I don't want to hear anything he has to say until the actual trial begins. I hope they put this killer UNDER the jail and then have him get gang raped by a pack of AIDS having mandingos and blugeoned to death and die very slow and painfully, I'm sure that's is gods plan for him.
tori's picture


Teriann's picture

If he had done what the

If he had done what the operator told him and not follow Trayvon, none of this would be an issue today. He needs to STFU. He knew exactly what he was doing. Trigger happy mofo!
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Let's see if he thinks it's

Let's see if he thinks it's God's will when the jail cell door slams on his butt!
Lola's picture

This snake better end up in

This snake better end up in jail for murder (i wish someone would drop a bomb or chemical weapon on EVERY Fox News affiliate in the United States). smh...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

it wouldn't be bad if someone

it wouldn't be bad if someone dropped a bomb on fox news anyways.
meridel's picture

The reason why Zimmerman has

The reason why Zimmerman has no remorse is because he continues to have racist pricks that support/donate money to him. This man is a sick ass wacko. If you have the audicity to get on national tv and say you have no remorse - you are one confident MF. I'm so afraid to see what the outcome will be at this trial; this man had a bigger plan and yes, he has divided the nation with the killing of Trayvon. This isnt a white black thing this is hate towards blacks- as simple as that. I wish black people will stand up for Trayvon and his family the way that gays stand up for their rights and whats fair. I continue to keep the Martin family in prayer.

Well said.

Well said.
Lola's picture

He's really getting on my

He's really getting on my nerves!
Happy Lady's picture

And this is precisely why

And this is precisely why people dislike Christians or all other folks claiming a religion, b/c of foolish, unbelievable statements like this one. You don't regret what happened that night at all? Like, not one bit? Then you wanna put God in the mix of your foolishness? Yeah, I'm not sure what "God" he is talking about but the God I know is not in support of justifying your sins by saying it was his plan. Ur racist ass took a young boy's life and you want to say God put his stamp of approval on it? I will never understand ppl's logic sometimes. No wonder ppl hate the church, or Churchians. I'm sure Christ is looking at all of the so-called Christians and saying, please don't stain my name or attach my name to your foolishness, cause I ain't about that. Rant.
Gia Lo's picture

That's not true; only a fool

That's not true; only a fool would think like that- its about the relationship with God and how a person lives their life; not if they attend church every Sunday. This is part of the devils plan to confuse and manipulate people. Thats why the bible is written because no matter what someone says the truth is in the word and it says thall shall not kill- and thats part of God's plan And Zimmerman made a mistake what he really meant to say is.. that it was the devil's plan. It was the devils plan to divide the nation and create more segregation, instead of unity.

wow. how callous. even if

wow. how callous. even if you dont have any regrets, to publicize it on tv for all the world to see and hear is some cold blooded shit. what a horrible person.
shuga's picture

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