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Brandy, Elle Varner & Kendrick Lamar Rock Philly's Global Fusion Festival

Fab chicks Brandy & Elle Varner took over the Philly Global Fusion Music Festival stage Saturday afternoon.  And we've got pics and video of the ladies, plus Kendrick Lamar & Luke James giving the crowd a hot concert inside...

The free festival--put on by the Philadelphia Multicultural Affairs Congress--saw over 30,000 concert goers.  The "Put It Down" singer did a few interviews--including with hosts of The Skorpion Show Makael McClendon & Kevin Simmons pictured above--then turned it out. Unfortunately in these Michael Jacksonesque pants though:


She performed her throwbacks "I Wanna Be Down" and "Baby".

And her latest single "Put It Down."

By the way, her boyfriend Ryan is from Philly, so she tweeted about spending time with his family this weekend.  Things are still getting serious with those two. Sweet!


"The Recipe" rapper Kendrick Lamar hit the stage as well:

Luke James was there:


And "Refill" chick Elle Varner hit the stage to perform:



And did a few interviews as well.

Check out her performance of "Refill" below:



BONUS:  In case you missed it, newbie rap chick Iggy Azalea released her official "Murda Bizness" video ft. T.I. this weekend.   And it has a funny Toddlers & Tiaras type theme.  Check it:



Pics: MAKAEL MCLENDON/Twitter/Instagram/Court Fowler, Elle Varner Video: Court Fowler



This was dope...Peep Elle's

This was dope...Peep Elle's set at the B.E.T Awards http://bit.ly/S6A4Or

I got this comment (someone

I got this comment (someone else's opinion, not mine) from within a blind item and the answer was the Norwoods (Brandy & Ray J's mom) and was just in shocked. I thought I would share this comment to see what people think!!! Hmmmmm?? 1. Looky what I found, jacked from another board. Whoa!!1 The Norwoods came from Mississippi (right next to La. State for those who don’t know US Geography) and Sonja Norwood, the dominating, attitude having slave driver and matriarch of that family, was already cutting back woods blues deals with the black Freemasons of the South. Making an entertainment deal with the devil, through the Freemasons in the Southern US was a very common practice by jazz and blues musicians. If you listen to old blues artist like Nina Simone aka the High Priestess of Soul, she basically sung about incantations while using a music back drop. And this brings me to Brandy Norwood. Brandy Norwood, for a time, was the most famous and most commercial black actress/singer in the country. Brandy Norwood had hit albums, hit videos and sometimes she even had two sitcoms coming on television about 50 times a day. Sonja Norwood, her mother,upon putting Brandy in show business pledged that Brandy would sacrifice her first born. Sacrificing kids to the Illuminati is very common in black Hollywood aka Mike Tyson, Jay-Z and Jennifer Hudson, just to name a few. Sonja didn’t want Brandy to have a dark skin child being that Sonja has that old Southern Negro thing where you drill it into your kids head to find a light skin mate, so that you can have light skin children with “good” hair. Look at Ray J. He isnt allowed to date black women per his mother. Brandy was supposed to pick up where Whitney Houston started falling off as far as being a legend of film,music and tv. (Note: On the set of Cinderella, Brandy already knew about her Illuminati Contract and about the blood sacrifice, which would be expected of her in a few years and like all blacks in Hollywood she agreed and even took the steps to knock Whitney Houston out of the game by going on tv and saying, “I’m gonna be the next Diva but I will be a Diva without an attitude.” This was a swipe at Whitney Houston, who was already in her early stages of drug use & public kookiness.

Elle Varner <3 I love that

Elle Varner <3 I love that chick, she's definitely gonna be around for awhile as long as she stays true to herself and not go mainstream. And while I am only 19 years young, I enjoy the music of the 80s and 90s a lot more than the music of my own generation, and I personally enjoy the "old" Brandy much more than this modern day Brandy. She's becoming a victim of mainstream music industry.
reckless's picture

While that video is supposed

While that video is supposed to be comical, I can't quite get my head around kids being used in a video that promotes 'Murda Business' but, who am I? LOLZ. BeforeSexAfterLove.tumblr.com
BSAL's picture

I can't stand Brandy. She

I can't stand Brandy. She seems like a two faced person that can not be trusted. Thefore, I would never buy anything from her. Before her reality show, i was a fan but now i want her to go away.
Nflgirl's picture

I'm from the Moncia and

I'm from the Moncia and Brandy era, I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I mean don't get me wrong she's no Beyonce but only Beyonce is Beyonce. And Beyonce can’t act. Brandy has been around for a very long time musically and acting wise. She shows us every day why and why she's not going anywhere. I'm glad I didn’t have to go through the Rhianna's and Cirara. Wait, yes we did Brittney Spears. I really enjoyed our music. The white rapper chick won't last because sh'e a gimmick. And I hope Elle Varner does, her voice is amazing. I love the past 4 songs she has out.
kimaras31's picture

go head Bran,,do u

go head Bran,,do u baby.....wow i thought that Iggy chic was black, her sound is hawwt!!!...
babyluv's picture

Kevin and Makael!!!! get it

Kevin and Makael!!!! get it
REd™'s picture

Ughhh@Brandy. Everytime I

Ughhh@Brandy. Everytime I see That Gieco Lizard I Am Reminded Of Brandy
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture


LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Who was responsible for

Who was responsible for Brandy's outfit, her daughter??? She knows that she is facially challenged and needs to make up for it with a fly weave and killer outfit, such a fail all the way around. I don't listen to Elle Varner music but her voice is nice and she is pretty, she has "the look" that industry folks love to push, so she should go far once she drops the R&B sound and becomes more pop.
tori's picture

so not a fan of Brandy but i

so not a fan of Brandy but i would like her to do more acting and less performing, i think the acting gig is working in her favor these days
Simple's picture

hmmmmmmmm, what in the hell

hmmmmmmmm, what in the hell is Bran Bran really doing..........she cant dance to save her life, looks quite awkward and painful......dont know about this supposed comeback girl.
Kai's picture

Bran Bran is ALMOST as

Bran Bran is ALMOST as double-dealing & sneaky as Cray Bey (smh)...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Check out my guys Kevin and

Check out my guys Kevin and Makael, I love them sooooooo much! Everyone should check out their show on youtube, it will have you rolling.
kishkish25's picture

Makael you said thats your

Makael you said thats your favorite picture.....And its on your favorite blogsite. #winning
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Have you guys posted the

Have you guys posted the Brandy interview yet? I am so eager to watch it.
Anomaly's picture

I am so proud of you guys, I

I am so proud of you guys, I wish you all the success in the world :)
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