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Paris Jackson Tweets Her Grandmother Katherine Jackson Is MISSING, But Jermaine Says She's "Fine & Resting"

The Jackson family drama continues.  Paris Jackson has taken to Twitter this morning (7/22) to tell the world she believes her 82-year-old grandmother, Katherine Jackson, is missing.  Even though Jermaine Jackson confirmed that Katherine is actually "just resting" in Arizona, Paris questioned the motives of the doctor caring for her grandmother.


Details inside...


14-year-old Paris took to Twitter this morning to express her concern about her grandmother, Katherine Jackson.  She claimed to have not spoken to her in a week, which is odd because Katherine has custody of Paris and her brothers Prince & Blanket

She wrote:

"My grandmother is missing.  I haven't spoken with her in a week i want her home now.  If anybody sees my grandmother , please call the authorities or this number— (818)-876-0186 it's the security number .. thank you so much."

Reportedly, a nephew of Katherine's filed a missing person's report with the L.A. County Sheriff's Department in the wee hours of this morning.

Interestingly, Jermaine said a few days earlier that his mother had simply gone to Arizona to "rest."

"I want to reassure everyone (inc all sudden medical experts) that Mother is fine but is resting up in AZ on the orders of a doctor, not us."

The police department backed up Jermaine's claim releasing their own statement just an hour ago saying:

Katherine Jackson is reportedly with family members. Late Saturday night, a different family member reported that he was unable to speak with her and is concerned for her well being. Deputies are continuing to make efforts to reach her and ask that she contact the Malibu / Lost Hills Sheriff’s Station of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department."

It's unclear if Paris was not told where her caretaker grandmother had gone, or if she's just been unable to reach her.  But Paris followed up with a tweet about Katherine's doctor saying she is suspicious of him....because he testified on Dr. Conrad Murray's behalf.  She said....

"The same doctor that testified on behalf of dr murray saying my father was a drug addict (a lie) is caring for my grandmother... just sayin."


This isn't the first time Paris has taken to Twitter to put her family on blast.   Just last week, she went off about her uncles' & aunts' letter about Michael's estate being accessed by wrong people due to a fake will an estate manager created, plus Katherine's kids also said their mother had a mini stroke.

So Paris went on a rant (including taking a swipe at her Uncle Randy) saying:

“i am going to clarify right now that what has been said about my grandmother is a rumor and nothing has happened, she is completely fine.”

“At this point I don’t care what people call me or if they think I’m a bad person. If it means sticking up for my grandmother, I will do it.”

‘@randyjackson8 hello dear FAMILY member i don’t appreciate you telling everyone things that aren’t true thank you very much.’

This family....

*UPDATE* The Associated Press reports that their source confirmed that Katherine is with daughter Rebbie and has been prescribed "rest" by a physician.  Katherine's lawyer put out a statement saying:

"Concerned family members, particularly Michael's children, have since made ongoing pleas to those believed to have knowledge of her location for information regarding her whereabouts. The only reports provided have been both conflicting and confusing -- especially those pertaining to the status of Katherine Jackson's health. When Michael's children last saw their grandmother on July 15, 2012, she was in great health physically as well as mentally."

"Prince, Paris, and Blanket are the light of Katherine Jackson's life, as she is to those children. Out of concern for Mrs. Jackson's well-being and in an effort to ensure her being safely reunited with her grandchildren as soon as possible, a report was filed on Saturday with the Sheriff's Department who will be investigating this matter."




Jermaine is probably behind

Jermaine is probably behind this Jer-mess! He seems to be the only one trying to get some $$$. But how are you going to be this children's care-giver and just disappear since they are minors? This is Jer-crazy!
JewelryLover's picture

Why do I feel like Katharine

Why do I feel like Katharine ain't coming back from Arizona? smh...
SweetDivaT's picture

some1 said it b4 and I have

some1 said it b4 and I have to say it agin- WHO IS WATCHING THE KIDZ if Katherine isn't???????!!!!!!!!!! This is a MESSSS!!!!!!! I have a strange feeling about all of this!!! Money will make people go CRAZY!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

Mrs Jackson is old and tired,

Mrs Jackson is old and tired, she's a wonderful woman and mother, but she doesn't need to be raising anymore children. Michael should have left those children to someone younger. His sisters are cuckoo, his brothers are cuckoo, so it should have been someone else. If he had married a beautiful intelligent Black woman, these children wouldn't be having these problems (had to throw that in). Paris is a smart young lady and she will not take any of that Jackson mess. Get it girl. Take care of yourself and your brothers. Take some classes and get in control of your father's estate, quick fast and in a hurry
Reign's picture

My question is who's watching

My question is who's watching the kids while she's gone?

Paris Jackson is Going In!

Paris Jackson is Going In! LMAO i I suggest the "Jacksons" get their shit together And please dont punish her because that will on twitter/Nancy Grace lol ....
REd™'s picture

Paris speaking out is a cry

Paris speaking out is a cry for help! Thank God she has shed some light to this situation because the Jackson family saga continues........(popcorn in hand shaking my head)
Chocoshake's picture

i like this chic paris, "tell

i like this chic paris, "tell em to have several seats babe", they cant shut up u, what ever that family has planned....speak out and be heard its the only way to get help..
babyluv's picture

Wow, Paris Jackson has really

Wow, Paris Jackson has really grown a lot in the past few years. I remember seeing a pic of her standing by her grandma around the time when her Dad died and she just about came up to her grandmas eyebrows. Now at 14, unless she is wearing outlandishly high heels, she is way taller than her grandma. Hope Miss Jackson is okay. Sounds like some family money grubbers maybe up to no good. Doesn't sound normal for her not to talk to her grandkids that she is in charge of. More Jackson no good drama. I think the cops should look further into this and calling child protective services may not be a bad idea.

Paris Better Watch Herself

Paris Better Watch Herself Before She Comes Up Missing. She Seems To Be Having Diarrhea At The Mouth Lately. But I Truly Believe She Is Telling The Truth. Yup Dem Sneaky Jacskon's still Trying To Get Their Hands On Mike's Fortune
Keyths'Girl's picture

Ok, I'm going to need Janet,

Ok, I'm going to need Janet, Rebbie, LaToya, Bubbles or somelbody to put this child in some type of camp or summer program next year, because she has way too much time on her hands. Natasha, kudos on the top pic, its priceless, JB looks like one of them, hmmmmmm lol.
tori's picture

I know if Ms.Katherine ends

I know if Ms.Katherine ends up dead, its gon be some smoke in the city!!!
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

Paris needs to STOP getting

Paris needs to STOP getting on twitter letting the world know her business. I think she like 's the attention because clearly it's not happen at home.
Bad LiL Chick's picture

This family is straight up

This family is straight up Bonkers! Jermaine and the other brothers are desperately trying to bilk money from Michael's legacy and Paris seems to be the only one that may turn out normal. Maybe she did try and get the truth out of the family privately about her grandmother and as a last resort, took her concerns to twitter where she knew they would have to answer.
Coffy's picture

It is inexcusable that Mrs.

It is inexcusable that Mrs. Jackson would be taken away for a week without someone telling these kids. They are old enough to have been told. Haven't they been through enough! Come on Jackson family you have to do better than this.
Denise2007's picture

Paris does have a good

Paris does have a good point.. the doctor that's caring for Katherine testified on behalf of the doctor who killed her father.. can you blame for calling foul? If she feels some ish amiss... cudos to her for A. Caring and B. being brave enough to break that Jackson silence.
GingerG's picture

That's all good; however,

That's all good; however, some things need to be discussed privately and not on Twitter or FB. In my opinion, it is not her place to "break that Jackson silence." She's a child and children need to remain in their places unless something illegal is being done. Family business should not be put in the street.
Sunflower Jones's picture

No disrespect but you sound

No disrespect but you sound crazy as hell. Her place? She is worried about her grandmother, and it's clear that she's being kept away for reasons other than being sick. Why is that? Something illegal is being done, that's obvious. Paris is not the only family member concerned. Her nephew reported her missing to the cops! I would say that's cause for concern. Jermaine is dirty and he's doing something sneaky, trying to make that woman seem like she's incompetent and she can't care for those kids. So HE can become executor of the estate.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Paris is too young and has

Paris is too young and has been too sheltered to be putting the family on blast on Twitter. There's a lack of supervision there.... As for the family, they need to work out their issues as a family, via communication, not Twitter. So, the adults are just as wrong, if not more.
Ms. Rich's picture

So why the eff is the

So why the eff is the grand-daughter Paris reporting her missing, and jermaine sleazy jackson keep saying shes fine n resting, something aint right.
lolo's picture

Some one needs to whip Paris'

Some one needs to whip Paris' ass.
Lola's picture

why does she need her ass

why does she need her ass whipped tho, she hasnt seen her granny for a wk, she is concerned, i'll do the same even if i have to go on twitter.
lolo's picture

So typical of a misinformed

So typical of a misinformed black person. If your caregiver is missing for a week, what do you do? Physical abuse is not the answer to a 16/17 year old young adult. Maybe your parents whipped your ass. But, that's not the way things are handled in productive households when a child is expressing his/her concern. You need anger management!
marylou's picture

"Misinformed black person?"

"Misinformed black person?" So is a misinformed black person worse than a "misinformed" PERSON? SMH. Anyway, Paris is 14, and she's out of line. I don't believe an "ass whipping" is in order, but if she has issues with her family, Twitter is not the place to solve them. She's a child, and putting her ADULT family members on blast on Twitter is disrespectful and isn't the way a mature (even an adult) way of handling her concerns.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Paris isn't out of line if

Paris isn't out of line if she was not told where her CARETAKER was. I mean she has the right to know. The jackson family seems sneaky and I believe they are trying to get their hands on micheal's money
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

Ladies LisaRaye's

Ladies LisaRaye's Subconscience is our new troll. Just ignore her.
Keys's picture

You really can't <----------

You really can't <---------- because there's always at least SOME TRUTH in what i'm saying. My last name is spelled: Subconsciousness™®© <----- Learn It !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Paris needs to tone-it-down

Paris needs to tone-it-down and have a seat. She thinks she's a full-grown woman already (well.... I guess she DID practically raise herself while Michael was passed-out 24/7 on a PROPOFOL drip) smh..............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Bitch you are out of line.

Bitch you are out of line. You need to find yourself a lucrative career outside of researching these celebrities on Theybf.com. I can't see how a bitch is in the park slinging balls with her dogs when she spends 18 hours out her day on Theybf.com. You just woke your broke ass up & are already on this blog. Disrespectful welfare broad!
marylou's picture

Welfare? <-- LMAO.

Welfare? <-- LMAO. Anyhoo.............I'm up a Sunrise everyday ready to enjoy the day (i can multi-task you idiot) smh............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

It's not multitasking when

It's not multitasking when you aren't doing anything besides commenting on blogs...Every idiot can read a magazine and get their nails done at the same time...You're so productive. Try multitasking a successful career, a healthy family, and managing a household( that's multitasking)...Calling the EBT line and commenting on Theybf.com is not multitasking. What's even more comical is you've convinced yourself that "You're just keeping it real or telling the truth". The truth is, you're a bomb bitch! Over and out!
marylou's picture

If U don't like my esoteric

If U don't like my esoteric philosophy.....don't read it. Once again, not on any type of Gov't hand-out. I'm good. Don't worry about my financial status. (has anyone ever told YOU that YOU have ALL THE CHARM of a WET-NOSED, CROTCH-SNIFFING Dog ?????????)......................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That's obviously pretty

That's obviously pretty charming, seeing as you own two.. :-) You are going to have to wake up at 4a.m. to be ahead of me sweetie. Even then, you're still considered late. Have a great day!
marylou's picture

o.k. , you too

o.k. , you too
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Are they trying to kill of

Are they trying to kill of Katherine to take advantage of Michael's kids? Good thing Paris is intelligent enough to open about the wrong doings of her family members. Take care of your little brothers mamas. :-)
marylou's picture

I'm praying for Paris. She is

I'm praying for Paris. She is very smart and perceptive and sees alot of wrong that is going on. It's so sweet that she is so protective of her grandmother. Michael raised her well.
Keys's picture

Paris don't like what's going

Paris don't like what's going on. Why couldn't they tell the children where Grandma is? Do they really care about them the children or the estate. Paris is not the average child she worth Billions and could be in danger. Its sounds like the only person she trust is her Grandmother and she's not around.
sweet_honey's picture

Paris is going to reveal a

Paris is going to reveal a lot about the Jacksons it’s only a matter of time. Randy and the others should have let the kids know where their grandmother is and what’s going on with her. I’m glad the sheriff’s office has gotten involved they will make sure Mrs. Jackson is doing fine.
LovingLife's picture

The Jackson family has been

The Jackson family has been through a lot. I feel really bad for them. :( eiffelinlove.co
eiffelinloveco's picture

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