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TWITTER RANTS: Bobbi Kris & Lover Nick Gordon Tweet Their Love For Fans...And Each Other

Bobbi Kristina Brown took a bit of a hiatus from Twitter for the last 4 months.  And now she's back...Tweeting her love for her fans and her boo (we guess) Nick Gordon.  She changed her avi to the above pic of the twosome as well.


Deets inside on that....

Bobbi Kristina Brown had a successful stint on Tyler Perry's "For Better Or Worse" sitcom recently, so she's back on Twitter thanking all her fans for the love.  Especially her biggest fan, her godbrother/lover Nick Gordon.

After taking a bit of a twitter hiatus in March, Krissy started back tweeting recently and clearly was holding in some mushy thoughts.  She wants everyone to know she has taken on the responsibility of carrying n her mother, Whitney's, legacy and she and Nick Gordon are in this together.  Here's a few of her recent tweets:

@nickdgordon I loveyoumore my darling. So much is an understatement.. Man, baby what we wouldn't give for just a second right? WELOVEUMOM!

I just want to thank you ALL for your support & love on my debut tv show #ForBetterOrWorse ! Every Friday on TBS 9 pm ! Loveuallthnkuagain!

All of Urlove is phenomenal . thankUAllagain. WeTRULYappreciate it . @ndgordon ;; I love&missUmommy .. Everystep I have u in mind;; #always.

@nickdgordon (:thankUboo! You know your opinion means thee most to me.. Loveyoumuchjoint (: I wouldn't be where I am today without you #FACT

" All this mommy.. We do for us." We love you. @ndgordon #themusketeers #MYFAMILY never forget the moments we had&1's we'll make again1day<3

The legacy continues with me . @ndgordon #letsdothisbigjoint! Xxo

Relaxing with MY @ndgordon. Who I love so very much. Lol #ournightsaretheebest. We have fun just being us:) thnks4lovingme4me. AsIDoU!#alwys

Interesting.  Whatever makes her happy, do you boo.  Check out her small screen acting debut below:


She's also busy filming her new Lifetime reality show "Houston Family Chronicles" alongside her aunt Pat, Nick and other fam.





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chushegn's picture

This is sad it's like her mom

This is sad it's like her mom all over again minus the looks and talent. I guess it is hard to break the cycle of buying love and taking care of men when that's all you saw your mom do from such any early age. This girl is so thirsty w/ not even a drop of talent from either of her parents. This guy she is w/ is holding on to her for dear life because she is his bread and butter. Instead of looking like Whitney she looks more like she could be Chaka Kahn's daughter w/ all that hair she wears and that funny looking nose of hers. I do wish Whitney had a better story to tell so this child of hers would not be so tragic.
Shay's picture

I've heard some very

I've heard some very disturbing things about Pat who was serving as Whitney's manager when she passed. Poor Bobbi Kristina. I hope Tyler Perry continues to play a positive role in her life.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

what did you hear?

what did you hear?
Libbey's picture

All I Can Do Is SMDH at these

All I Can Do Is SMDH at these misguiding young people.
Marek&#039;s Wifey's picture

LOL@ these comments!!

LOL@ these comments!!

So sorry, but they LOOK

So sorry, but they LOOK DIRTY! I'm not alone because I always post then see what everyone else says. LOL
Happy Lady's picture

Are these two allergic to

Are these two allergic to soap?¿ I see dirty people.
GetUrLife's picture

Yeah she looks like she's in

Yeah she looks like she's in love and having alot of sex.
star's picture

how can she have sex with the

how can she have sex with the brother. I wish she would live her life out of the spotlight. she needs mental health treatment
lola69's picture

Bobbi Kris did a great job!

Bobbi Kris did a great job! I'm sure Whitney was smiling down on her. I wish her all the best.
Elle's picture

I'm so sick of people

I'm so sick of people expressing their every thought and emotion on Twitter. Anyway, I wish her the best of luck on the show. I tried watching it last season, because I love Tasha Smith, but I couldn't get past the first five minutes.
MrsCPA's picture

These Houston women make poor

These Houston women make poor choices in men...some people are saying he is just after her money..I bet she is footing all of the bills...smh
RobGlossy's picture

You know she is! He don't

You know she is! He don't have any money. Bobbi's going the same route that her mom took and that guy is just along for the ride.
Coffy's picture

I think Bobby C. would have

I think Bobby C. would have been perfect in Tyler Perry's "Made Goes to Jail" playing Keyshia Knight-Pulliam's character. I think TP has a soft spot for Bobby Christina because Whitney Houston was everything he aspired to be. He probably use to dress up in his mom undies and wigs and sing "I'm Every Woman", then voila!! Madea big butch a$$ is born.
tori's picture

WhoEver is wrong has to Smoke

WhoEver is wrong has to Smoke Crack
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I saw it briefly before I

I saw it briefly before I broke into a snooze, but she seemed pretty funny....
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