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JACKSON UPDATE: Paris Threatens To Make Somebody PAY If She Can't Talk To Grandmother Katherine + Video Released From Before LAPD Were Called

The saga continues at the Jackson compound in Calabassas.  While pics have hit the net showing Katherine Jackson, the sole caregiver for Paris, Blanket & Prince, is doing "fine" in Arizona with daughter Rebbie, Paris is still popping off about being kept away from her grandmother.   Things have gotten extra fishy around Katherine's mysterious trip.  Details and video inside...

While Jermaine and Katherine's other kids maintain that Mrs. Jackson is not in any danger, Paris and the executors of Michael Jackson's estate are telling the public they don't believe it.  And they do believe she's been kidnapped by her children.  Sigh.

Why would this be the case?  The executors believe, according to reports, that Katherine is the window to the children--who stand to inherit a hefty amount of money based on the will Michael left.  Supposedly, none of Michael's sisters or brothers were included,  So certain people may be trying to create access to the children to get their part of the money in some way.

If that's not confusing enough, Paris has taken to twitter as of a few hours ago to say she still hasn't seen/heard from her grandmother.  And she's ready to take action as it's been 9 days.  Here's a series of tweets from Paris--including one from her cousin:

Her cousin TJ (Tito Joe Jackson), who is the son of Michael's brother Tito, has filed papers to take over being the kids' temporary guardian.  And since all 3 kids are supposedly on board, a judge may just grant it to him. 

Meanwhile, here's some interesting footage from the surveillance cameras outside the Calabassas home of the Jacksons.  Janet and Randy can be seen trying to take Paris' phone from her (after they make a calm and seemingly loving arrival hugging and kissing the kids).  And it leads to a slight scuffle and Janet and Randy filming the kids for some reason. 


This could very well be a playful situation as there's no sound and we can't tell.  But is it more?  Hours later, the LAPD were called out to the house based on battery accusations.  No one was arrested.



Paris should know that her

Paris should know that her going to Twitter and being involved in controversy in the public eye is probably her father's WORST nightmare for her and her brothers. After all he did to ensure that she and her brothers had as normal a life as they could out of the public eye, how sad would he be to see this and know his daughter was saying things on Twitter that will end up in tabloids. I don't know what's going on with them, but it's so sad.
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

This is a hot, stinking mess!

This is a hot, stinking mess! While I overstand Paris's concern, she need to stay off Twitter. This drama should not unfold in the public eye. SMH.
Sunflower Jones's picture

yet it is... cuz she want the

yet it is... cuz she want the world to know the level of greed is monstrous!!!
RO's picture

I remember MJ's will naming

I remember MJ's will naming Diana Ross as the caregiver if Katherine was unable. Those kids need to emancipate their selves if they can't trust their family. Sad shit rich or poor this type of thing happens all the time.
RO's picture

Wow I feel so bad for

Wow I feel so bad for Michael's children. They really shouldn't have to be worried with this kind of drama at this point in their lives. Not only did they just lose their father 3 years ago, but they're just children.....I don't know what's going on here, but I really do hope it turns out to be a big misunderstanding. Besides, I don't know why his siblings would feel entitled to any of the money in Michael's estate when they've likely been compensated for any contribution to his career.
Annie B.'s picture

I see Paris Jackson isn't

I see Paris Jackson isn't going down without a fight !! I'm happy she's NOT letting her uncles/aunts walk over her and her siblings. I'm sure MJ probally knew this would happen JUST THINK all the siblings he has YET none of them are listed to be a gaurdian let alone in his will. Speak volumes..
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I understand where Paris is

I understand where Paris is coming from and would be mad if I were her, but she needs to lay off the Twitter. Keep that ish to yourself and the authorities. smh! This whole thing is a mess!!! The only one who I don't worry about is Janet, because she's worth about $150 million. The rest of them is another story. I don't think they have too much money left.
Happy Lady's picture

Michael didn't seem to have

Michael didn't seem to have the best money management skills, but when it came to his death, like Whitney Houston, everything was left for his children. Unfortunately, the children weren't of legal age when their father was declared deceased. So, their transaction is a more complex situation. I can see everyone is attempting to gain either Katherine's monthly payments or gain the kids trust in order to benefit themselves from their inheritance. Either way, if Katherine can not care for the children any longer. The executors are possibly the best fit with maximum state supervision involved. I don't trust Tito, Randy, or Jermaine. Up until this point Rebbie seemed to be the more sane candidate to rear the kids. But, with this recent uproar...the family knows exactly where their next meal lies...With Michael's kids.
marylou's picture

Can 14 year old Paris lay off

Can 14 year old Paris lay off the heavy eye make-up (she looks 32 years old) smh...........
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I thought the purpose of

I thought the purpose of moving out of their Encino home to Calabasas, was to keep all of these other "family" members out. This is very crazy, and the family are portraying themselves in very terrible light. I'm sorry for the kids to be in the middle of this. It's got to a point where they are damning their public image if only they can get their hands on the children and the money. When it comes to money, people can do quite outrageous things.

I'm sorry, but something is

I'm sorry, but something is mad suspect about what they're doing. Since the kids spend the most time with Katherine, I'm taking their concern as genuine. For real tho...why can't the kids talk to her. They probably plan on drugging her and forcing her to sign sum shyt.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

I totally agree. It's a bit

I totally agree. It's a bit suspicious how Katherine just up and left without mentioning anything to the kids.
reckless's picture

This family has been on the

This family has been on the decline ever since Michael died. It's almost as if they were waiting for it to jump on his fortunes, didn't work since they weren't in the will. I don't think Janet is after anything but to make sure the kids are ok, she has built her own empire and doesn't need to live off of her brother's death. As for the others, they've been plotting ways to profit and this seems to be another scheme. smh.
reckless's picture

This is crazy! Katherine

This is crazy! Katherine seems to straighten this mess out!
Jernero94's picture

Can you blame Paris? Her

Can you blame Paris? Her GUARDIAN/CARETAKER has been gone for 9 days and she hasn't heard from her? What's so hard about picking up the phone or at least filling the kids in with what's going on? These are KIDS, so the fact that they were left alone is NEGLECT! SMH! I don't blame Katherine, because I'm sure someone else is orchestrating this entire thing. I just hope she's able to talk to her grandchild, and this is worked out. This has Jermaine's greasy ass head all over it!
Elle's picture

Stop being low down and added

Stop being low down and added gas to a small fire; then when tragedy hits yall want ask all concerned....smh
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Your comment is one big

Your comment is one big contradiction. Adding gasoline in your figurative statement means to bring awareness. So, how would one be surprised if he/she is bringing awareness to an issue prior to it happening? I guess the concern and gasoline run hand and hand. Don't you think? Or is your mind so convoluted you can't simplify your thoughts for understanding?
marylou's picture

Most people expect kids to

Most people expect kids to "stay in their place". If the world would take time to listen to these kids when they speak a lot of harm could be avoided. Janet, Randy, and Jermaine are all up to something. Jermaine seems to be the ring leader, as Janet has her own money and billionaire boyfriend. I doubt she is hurting for Michael's estate cash flow, but she doesn't want to see Paris become a celebrity & likely trump her credits as the successful female of the family( she admitted to her self esteem issues in her very own book.) Jermaine and Randy have been attempting to make money off of Michael since his court case years ago. This family is suspicious and I hope there is someone watching after the kids.
marylou's picture

Yall keep saying Janet has

Yall keep saying Janet has her own money but Janet hasn't had a hit in 12 years! And she paid at least $10 milli in that divorce. How long do you think you can live a lavish lifestyle off of money you made over a decade ago...she needs money too! Why are they hiding Katherine from the kids?!
RobGlossy's picture

Janet is worth $150 million.

Janet is worth $150 million.
Happy Lady's picture

Janet had a hit in 2008 to be

Janet had a hit in 2008 to be exact. Not to mention she has done numerous television roles and movie roles that keep royalty paychecks flowing in. On another note, she is on television every minute around the world making millions from nutri system & dating a billionaire. I doubt she is worried about money or 10 million dollar lost over a decade ago. Janet isn't the one to watch when it comes to money, unless she also has an issue with greed. It's the brothers who haven't done anything substantial since the 80's who should be under a microscope. I believe Michael was caring for this entire family until his death. After his death the executors ceased all financial contributions to the family, with the exception of Katherine. This is what has this family going crazy.
marylou's picture

obviously you know nothing

obviously you know nothing about this story..Michael wouldn't talk to his siblings for years at a time...he didn't leave them 1 cent in any of his multiple wills...there is $1 billion dollars at stake...I rest my case...Janet may have money..but she doesn't have $1 billion. God bless those kids.
RobGlossy's picture

Janet was also on tour not to

Janet was also on tour not to long ago. she has money
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

What does me not knowing the

What does me not knowing the story have to do with the fact that Janet is okay financially. Not to mention, you know just as much as I do, yet you're going to argue with me on the basis of greed? Get the fuck oughta here!
marylou's picture

Its obvious you are an idiot

Its obvious you are an idiot making assumptions. You don't know who I am or what I know. I could be typing this from inside the house for all you know with inside knowledge of the entire situation! In any event go talk to someone who cares
RobGlossy's picture

I looked at the video and

I looked at the video and don't see any scuffle. the media needs to stop making things seem more than it really is. We don't know what's really going on. Paris seems like a little brat though. she needs to keep off twitter. She says things and end up having to apologize.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

Janet, bitch I thought you

Janet, bitch I thought you were on a yacht. The Jacksons are harming Michaels kids! I can't with them. Michael is gone and left his kids with his mom.
marylou's picture

Joe's actions are part of the

Joe's actions are part of the reason they have the problems they do.
LBA1's picture

Lets See Who Would Want

Lets See Who Would Want Custody If They Took The Money Away Till They Were 18 teen!It Should Be Up To The Oldest Kid On Who They Live With. She Seems Mature Enough.
keeshykeesh's picture

When the funk hits the fan...

When the funk hits the fan... everybody wants Mike back. He was the only one to maintain his family, now his crazy brothers and sisters want to wreck the life he made for his kids.
Yas's picture

Janet trying to take Paris'

Janet trying to take Paris' phone...you will her be her enemy for life....Katherine please call your grand children ...I'm getting afraid too....that Jermaine seems like a snake.
Lola's picture

LMFAO @ Tori lol haha

LMFAO @ Tori lol haha

Wow ...

Wow ...

Katherine is really going to

Katherine is really going to up and leave and not say a word to anyone, just so she can get away from her crazy ass kids and Paris' dramatic ass. I'm still waiting for Papa Joe to show up at one of The Jackson 5 reunion concerts with his switch fresh off off a Gary, Indiana oak tree, and start whoopin ass and taking names. Its long overdue Joe.
tori's picture

I always imagine Joe Jackson

I always imagine Joe Jackson to be like Pops from The Wayans Bros. Pull out his belt and go to work, lol.
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