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REPORT: Janet Jackson Slaps Up Paris, Calls Her A "Spoiled Little B*tch", Trent Jackson Punches Jermaine

In the latest development in the Jackson compound hoopla, reports say, before the cops were called to the house yesterday for "battery" allegations, it was Trent Jackson who punched and head locked Randy & Jermaine.  And it was Paris Jackson who got slapped...by Janet....

Reports says what we saw on the surveillance video earlier today was a big family spat.  All before somebody in the house called the cops.  Paris got slapped and cursed out by Janet, even though, supposedly, Randy, Janet & Jermaine had gone to the house to take Paris and her brothers to Arizona, where Katherine is "resting".  Paris wasn't feeling it because she tried to avoid Janet.  So this is what reportedly went down according to TMZ:

Our sources say at one point Janet tried to grab a resistant Paris' cell phone, a scuffle ensued and Janet slapped the teenager, screaming, "You're a spoiled little bitch!" We're told Paris fired back with her own slap and told Janet, "This is our house. Not the Jackson family house. Get the f**k out!"

At the same time, we're told Trent Jackson, who was at the house, tried to stop an aggressive Randy and Jermaine. We're told Trent put Randy in a headlock and punched Jermaine in the mouth.

Meanwhile, Tito just stated he's backing out of the plot to overthrow Michael's estate that he and his siblings agreed to.  You know that letter they all wrote and signed last week and sent to CNN saying Michael's will is "fake" and Katherine had a mini-stroke?  Not sure who--but somebody is creating some lying foolishness around that Compound.






Im glad Paris spoke out,

Im glad Paris spoke out, these Jacksons have always tried to take MJ for granted and own his property and money. Work for it!!

Paris is a bit much! I wish

Paris is a bit much! I wish my niece would tell me to get the EFF out of somewhere! Please! If Janet didn't slap her, she should've!!! I can't take this mess - I'm out.
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The day u hit ur niece, I

The day u hit ur niece, I hope there are authorities near by. And I hope u get to stay in jail for as long as ur retarded self can.

The day your niece

The day your niece disrespects, yell, and tells you to get off her property and you actually listen or try and take the calm route and get b**** slapped with no respect I hope I'm there to laugh at YOU lol
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And I think it's retarded for

And I think it's retarded for a grown ass woman of 46 to be having altercations with a 14 year old in the first place. That's called STOOPING to the lowest levels of life. If I were Paris, I'd have done and said worst things than that to her. I mean if you are stupid enough to lower yourself to that level. Janet and as a matter of fact, your dumb self should know better than to be picking fights with children no matter what the situation is. There's a difference in commanding respect because u are an adult, and being a FOOL. In this case, Janet was acting the FOOL. smh!!

OK this is so crAzy. Let's

OK this is so crAzy. Let's keep it real JJ had more money than michael when he died. Michael should have used better judgement in picking out who was going to raise his children in the event of his death. He should be ashame of not putting his family in his will. Let us not forget who stood behind michael in his alleegation both times one in 98 and a few years ago before he pass. JJ even help co sing with him in scream at her highest point of her career. JJ hasn't been sitting around waiting on Michael billions. he didn't have in life. she made her own millions. But she needs to walk away from the madness and fast. Paris wants what her daddy had and lost and her aunt JJ got fame. And this nephew wants those kids money. Michael tryed to help their group a long time ago. and just like their dad they want no were. Michael was crazy sorry big fan but crazy. He had his 79 yr old mother at the time. And Diana ross next in line. She didn't even go to his funeral. Yes the jackson 5 want that life back so bad. JJ get you butt back on the plane and head to Italy far away from this mess. Leave Michael white kids along!!
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Katherine Jackson is NOT head

Katherine Jackson is NOT head of the estate.....she gets an allowance. Only way any of them will get anything is if KJ leaves them something in her personal will. Everyone is saying they are trying to get money but I don't think they can lawfully get any.....no matter how you slice it. Man, Janet is not trying to get that bread. She cares abouth those kids. Yeah Paris is strong but she better be careful......Might need Janet one day.
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She gets 20%, that's not

She gets 20%, that's not pennies.
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That's true.

That's true.
Imthetruth's picture

I highly doubt that Janet

I highly doubt that Janet Jackson slapped Paris. I wasn't there but that just sounds like a bit much. Plus, JJ isn't stupid. With lawyers involved, she knows a slap would be used against her by Paris. Paris aka Twitter loose lips would have made some reference to being physically touched. There is some family issues going on. Why Marlon decided to do an interview verses going to the police with his concerns is beyond me. If I am being kept from my mom, I'm going to find her. Whether she is with a relative or not. Doing an interview isn't helping the situation.
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Janet had no right to slap

Janet had no right to slap Paris. If Janet needs to slap someone, she has a daughter. The daughter she did not raise, Rebbie raised her in secret. Paris had ever right to slap her back, she should broke that jaw. Please stop trying to make Katherine out to be a saint because she is not. She did this same thing to her own kids when she found out that Joe was cheating on her. She did not speak with her kids over a week. Her own mother had to make her go home. (This was in the Jackson movie, remember) This whole thing is about getting control of Michael’s estate, they want the money. It’s always been about money, If Michael wanted them to have control, and he would have stated that in his will. It appears he did not trust them as well. Funny, they waited until Michael’s debts are almost paid up, now they want to pretend that they are so concerned about his estate. Katherine gets 20% of the estate, let her give them her share. Thank God the dead cannot come back, because Michael would be here, he loved his children very much.
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Janet did not slap Paris.

Janet did not slap Paris. Paris already said that she didn't. i wish she had though because that little girl is acting real grown. disrespectful lil ass
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

The family is definitely

The family is definitely divided. Janet, Randy, Jermaine and Rebbie against brothers Marlon, Tito and Jackie and the kids. LaToya (Neutral?) This is going to be interesting.
PacificGirl's picture

i'm sure this will all work

i'm sure this will all work out for the best interest of everyone in the family.
diamond2012's picture

Lawd hammercy. I think Paris

Lawd hammercy. I think Paris is a little too grown and Auntie Janet just tried to check her. But this is truly a mess. Mother Katherine needs to put her foot down because someone must take control of this family!! Where Joe at??!! LOL

That's shyt cray! This family

That's shyt cray! This family needs prayer for God to intercede and do what needs to be done bc these fools are in a big hot mess.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

This is exactly what happens

This is exactly what happens when money, greed, non-loyalty plays a part....if the story of Paris has some truth to it, then Janet had every reason to smack the shit outtta her - I know you all would not let your little ass niece talk you in any kinda way....not happening!
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them white ppl need to come

them white ppl need to come and rescue their kids.
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Yas's picture

Truth <---- Bwaahahahahhahah

Truth <---- Bwaahahahahhahah .
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Okay, I thought to myself why

Okay, I thought to myself why drag janet through the mud. Im sure she has crazy dollars.. from what im seeing i can belive Paris is fresh and out of control. Also I think Catherine is too old to handle these kids the age of them can give her a stroke with the teenage drama. This is just one embrassing mess. teh media quickly gor over the colorado coverage to focus on this hoopla.
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Paris is a white tramp and

Paris is a white tramp and Mike never should have adopted these White kids. That is what he gets for not having them raised by Black folks. Paris should and needs the Hell slapped out of her. She will be a drunk drugging whore by 16.
lola69's picture

Janet has plenty of money &

Janet has plenty of money & fame, so this is not about her cosigning on stealing from Mike’s kids. It appears that these kids are getting a little out of hand—which is why Katherine’s kids got her the fluck outta there. #realtalk
Lodak's picture

Paris is definitely Debbie

Paris is definitely Debbie Rowe’s child #sosad
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star's picture

Janet <---- looks like

Janet <---- looks like walking DEATH without Pro Make-Up Artists....fully transforming her face (smh)........................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

That applies to 99.9% of

That applies to 99.9% of people-especially athletic people-over 45, so, what’s your point?
Lodak's picture

She's NOT an "Athlete" <---

She's NOT an "Athlete" <--- She Lip-Sync's <---- for a living (smh).
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ok so now its becoming

Ok so now its becoming clearer. These so called executors of MJs will have likely manipulated Paris & convinced her that she can't trust her family & promised her that if she cooperated with them they would help her gain control of her fathers estate. She's young, naive & influential and I'm pretty certain it'd be easy to brainwash a confused kid, but Paris is getting ready to play herself right into the hands of the devil. Once they can separate her from the grandmother & the family by making everyone seem incompetent or corrupt they can easily petition a judge for guardianship. And poor Paris who was likely promised independence by the executors she will soon discover it won't be as easy as going to the lawyers office every week to get her money. Those lawyers will start to plant stories and plot scandals around Paris at that point to make her look unstable I bet they will give her so much freedom she will spin out if control, drugs drinking etc. The sad thing is that the same way we all let media & crooks demonize MM we are falling for the same trick now that they are trying to scandalized the entire family. Why is it so easy for us to believe the worst abt this family? What have they really done what scandal have they really been apart of? Ppl say the brothers are trying to capitalize of MJs death by touring, seems to me like they are willing to perform & work for theirs, and they have just as much claim to continue the J5 legacy they were all responsible for creating. I'm glad they stick together even when they don't agree, they get together & hash it out. Now let those schiester greedy lawyers answer the question: how did MJ sign a will in 7/7 when he was in Harlem wit Sharpton that day, the day before & the day after? The truth will come out, keeping fighting for it Jacksons!
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Dayuuuuum!....maybe Paris and

Dayuuuuum!....maybe Paris and Prince being teen agers are too much for Katherine to handle. I find it strange that she would leave them and not take them with her. Maybe she needed to get away from THEM. This is all Michael's fault for not looking down the road. If that will is indeed fake, since Al Shapton said Michael was in New York with him with this was signed and has the footage to prove it, then the Jackson family should challenge it. I would. Something tells me that Ms. Paris is the problem here.
JewelryLover's picture

I believe Paris is the

I believe Paris is the problem.. and she seems like a spoiled B... I'll NEVER believe those are Michael's kids.. PERIOD
Janelle McIver's picture

she should have never tweeted

she should have never tweeted anything. first she attacked Randy without knowing what was really going on and ended up having to apologize. she is definitely the problem in all these different stories.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture


srenitamoore's picture

Money Money Money, It will

Money Money Money, It will make you act a fool. Its all about the benjamins and I'm told its about a Billion of them!!!
BigJohn's picture

Paris basically raised

Paris basically raised herself. She was a Short Order Cook by age 5 <---- and became a HandyMan by age 7 (she learned how to do her own laundry and change her own diaper by age 3) smh..........
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Paris needs to stay in a

Paris needs to stay in a child's place and off of twitter! She should be happy they have anything because they are not micheal's kids! Most of that money should stay in the bloodline by all means!
doll's picture

You sound so dumb. Even if

You sound so dumb. Even if they are not his biological kids, he is the only father they have ever known. If Angelina were to only leave her inheritance for her white children and leave her adopted children out, then everyone would be calling foul. Fact is that blood or a piece of paper, all those children see Angelina as, is their mother regardless of the difference in skin tone. If Michael wanted HIS money to be left to his bloodline, then he would have left it to them. Point, blank, period........
TK's picture

This is one of the most

This is one of the most f***** up, money grubbing families I have seen in public display in a long time. I hope Michael's kids get as far away from them as humanly possible. I hope that little girl keeps her wits about her and keeps protecting herself and her siblings. If Randy and Jermaine had gotten them to go in that car Mrs Katherine would not have been the only person missing...damn morally and financially bankrupt psychos. Furthermore the issue of biological paternity is irrelevant at this point...Michael made whatever arrangement to have those children and raise them as his own, they have every right to receive the spoils of their father's labor. His punk a**, sissy a** brothers deserve absolutely nothing just the way Michael intended.
Moni's picture

Just a sad family affair.

Just a sad family affair.
Cynthia Cole's picture

If this is true Paris YOU GO

If this is true Paris YOU GO GIRL! stand up for you and your brothers. That's y'all money. This family is crazy and reminds me of my family. Every family has drama no matter if millions are involved. Just goes to show you money is the root to all evil.
Bad LiL Chick's picture

"This is our house(!)..." It

"This is our house(!)..." It seems to me Paris's biological mother has been secretly communicating with these kids. Trust me, I willing to bet money that Paris's mother is going to re-surface soon, claiming that she's concern about their safety.
Dee35's picture

These kids are not damn

These kids are not damn blood; they need to send them to their biological parents. I don't know what MJ was thinking.
roses&#039;r&#039;red's picture

Amen!!! Test Tube Babies

Amen!!! Test Tube Babies (there's not 1 Drop of MJ's DNA is Paris) smh
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

These post are way too much.

These post are way too much. No one knows what the hell is going on in that dysfunctional household. But you can bet that it does all revolve around MJ's growing billion dollar estate! People want to say that theses kids are spoiled and disrespectful and they may be, but this is the first time that anyone has ever heard about them being that way, we have all heard the stories of the money hungry Jackson's though. Ms. Janet hasn't had a hit in quiite a while and she does live a lavish lifestyle so there is a possibility that she could be low on funds and the rest of them are just doing what they've always done which is probably live off Katherine through MJ, but like I said, no one knows what is really going on. As for the video, it does clearly show Janet approaching "someone" and trying to take their phone and it's very obvious that something ensued shortly after that, which is why Jermaine held her back and instructed her to keep recording just as he did! The bottom line is that there is something that's not right with Katherine's disappearance, what's the big deal with letting the kids talk to their grandparent who is also their legal guardian!!!!!!
Mskey's picture


Moni's picture

Bwahahahaha......i said the

Bwahahahaha......i said the SAME THING 3 days ago <----- and YOU PEOPLE jumped me (ya'll are truly Cray Cray) smh............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

What's most peculiar to me is

What's most peculiar to me is that in the wake of the entire mess, which spun from claims of Katherine Jackson being missing... No one, as of yet, still has not heard a word from Katherine Jackson herself. & Marlon Jackson just broke down on an interview on "The Insider." This shit stink like a bucket of ass holes!!!
RO's picture

Judging from Pari's twitter

Judging from Pari's twitter rants I've concluded that she is a spoiled manipulative brat. I bet she wasn't disciplined or scolded a day in her life, especially since MJ was abused as a child. It wouldn't surprise me if he never even raised his voice to those children who have turned into little monsters. It is my belief, that with any Jackson drama lie this one, the media plays their role in altering our perceptions of the family to make them look crazy and unstable as they did to Michael and pretty much the rest of the family throughout his career. Why is a 14 year old on twitter telling the world about personal family matters? Why isn't she contacting another close and trusted family member or the authorities? I have a feeling that girl is being coerced by those blood sucking lawyers who are probably promising her fame. That little girl knows exactly what she is doing on twitter. Her ass needs some discipline. Where is Joe Jackson to get those brats together? Next thing you know she'll have her brother bruise her up and then take pictures to post on twitter about how badly the Jackson abused her and how she wants the blood sucking lawyers to have custody over them. I bet you they run all types of games on Katherine who is too advanced in age to be handling some rude and unruly ill disciplined children.
Anomaly's picture

The media would do anything

The media would do anything for a story. I watched the video where Janet supposedly slapped Paris 4 times and seen nothing.
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