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RUMOR CONTROL: No Break Up Here--Karrueche Spotted Shopping In Cannes After Arriving With Chris Brown

With the rumor mill turning yesterday with unverified reports that Chris Brown "dumped" girlfriend Karrueche before taking off to Cannes--to ALLEGEDLY be with Rihanna while working on a video--the proof is in the pics that the rumors are likely untrue.


Karrueche actually jetted to Cannes with Chris--and she was spotted out and about yesterday after their arrival.  Pics inside...

Hold your horses.  Looks like there's no break up afterall.  Not that we believed it in the first place--but reports about a breakup on the net yesterday spread like wildfire.  Other sites reported that Chris was in Cannes likely to chill with Rihanna, as the pop star chick tweeted yesterday afternoon that she had just arrived in Cannes from St. Tropez.

Kae's still in the picture--and right by her man's side.  She was spotted hitting the shops in Cannes with Breezy's bodyguard while Chris shot Swizz Beatz's music video in the French Riviera city alongside Ludacris and Lewis Hamilton.

As Cannes turns....


Pics via FAME







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ilikevideo's picture

Karrate is such a leach,

Karrate is such a leach, flea, tick..etc. Girl u looking so desperate, a man deletes all ya pics off his Page and u chasing him. What u going to do next, trap him with a baby. Her and those midget arms and legs annoy me! She wil lnever be as hot as rhi. So get over it Karrate. FYI. Rhi is hot because she is herself and she is a boss making her own money and living her life not via a man
doll's picture

Chick cud put her face better

Chick cud put her face better tho O_o
BajanKueenB's picture

Maybe she is actually his

Maybe she is actually his assistance; and it is her job following him around. if not; she needs a life. so sad!!!
roses'r'red's picture

I do find it kind of suspect

I do find it kind of suspect that Chris & Rihanna always find themselves in the same place at the same time, whether it's at a club,party,city, or another country. May be a mere coincidence. Also even if he is still "fooling" around with Rih, there has to be a reason for Karrueche still being around. Yeah Rihanna and Chris have had a troubled previous relationship, and "people" say if they got back together it'd be bad for their careers but at the same time they're adults and can choose who they love and want to be with and true fans would understand that. Obviously he WANTS to be with Kae...
reckless's picture

Why are people so hell bent

Why are people so hell bent on these two breaking up? Why would you wish that on someone? Especially in favor of a mad woman like Rihanna? Come on.
Yas's picture

One thing this girl is doing

One thing this girl is doing wrong is making herself too available. If this is a real relationship, you don't have to be joined at the hip. She does not have to take CB up on every offer to hang around. The thing is that she doesn't even look happy. She does need to get her own career rolling. Adult relationships don't work like that. You must cultivate your own life. A man has to miss you. That is how it keeps fresh. At the end of the day, Rihanna has so much going for her and this girl has nothing. As men age, they start to want a woman who is about her business. A star in her own life. Does she have to be famous? No, but they want her to be successful. Especially a black man. I don't think CB will eventually want a "housewife" spending her time on charitable commitees. He will want a go-getter a hustler. Someone who knows how to take it to the next level.
Devrae McCants's picture

^^^^^Love everything said.

^^^^^Love everything said. What I want to know is why she agreed to get that huge tattoo on her hand. I hope it was not to please him
Saucy AND Sweet's picture

karrueche does not look happy

karrueche does not look happy sttrolling around shopping with the bodyguard!! Chris is supposedly working - ah oaky??? I am susre he is not working all the time on Swizzy's video.
sweetpea1989's picture

When you speak negatively

When you speak negatively about this chick you are not hating. For those of us who have careers, degrees on the wall, and afford our own vacations, a man is want not a need. For those of you lacking those credits are likely to call out a hater, because you hate yourself. I don't see any haters! As a woman should want something for herself besides being a girlfriend( not even wife). I'll be damned if I am globe trotting and neglecting my resume to be next to my boyfriend while he handles his business. It's called priorities and respect for self. :-)
marylou's picture

When you don't know whether

When you don't know whether or not this chick has a degree or not. When you don't know what her responsibilities are and therefore can't speak upon them as to whether or not they are being neglected. Everyone isn't you and doesn't aspire to or want the same things as you. You also have no idea what she has or hasn't accomplished or what her job is or was and whether or not she works remotely, or works for Chris or still works for the lawyer she worked for previously. Then basically, yes - for you to have so much to say and so much to criticize when you have NO IDEA (not even an inkling) what's going on here, then you ARE IN FACT HATING. You need to be worried about why this chick globetrotting with her man because he wants her to bothers you so much. Get your life.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

My life is holding a

My life is holding a Doctorates in Nursing, being an active member of many non-profit organizations, organizing school lunches & PTA members for my kids, and being a wonderful wife to my husband. But, without the latter half, I still hold my own financially. When you look in my driveway there are 3 vehicles with my name. When you check the deed to my condo it's in my name. When I take a trip to Chanel or any boutique on 5th ave, the card I pass is in my name. The degrees on my wall bare my name. The vacations I go on are convenient to both of our schedule. We can still reserve dinner under doctor mrs. or doctor mr. regardless if my husband was working or not. That's a power woman, sweetie. That's called getting your life. How are you doing?
marylou's picture

Who are you? Do you know this

Who are you? Do you know this chick? You're really defensive, on her behalf.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Exactly..& let her deal with

Exactly..& let her deal with that!
CCspeekz's picture

I don't care if she wants to

I don't care if she wants to globe trot with Chris but I would think at some point time, she would want to have her own identity, outside of being Chris's puppydog girl.
Sweet2daCore's picture

Why does everyone speak so

Why does everyone speak so negative about her? Even if she doesn't have a job & follows Chris around all day-who cares? I'm sure Chris Brown wants her there with him. Yall are the ones who seem jealous because yall aren't there! And Ms. Rhianna is the one that is coming across as pathetic. She is now Chris's side piece. He has a open relationship with Kae. Regardless as to people saying it has to be this way because of their careers-BS! There is no excuse anyone can give me to make me go along with being their side piece. Keep vacaying with your man Kae. You are gorgeous & black women always find a reason to hate on us beautiful ladies!
CCspeekz's picture

"Black women always find a

"Black women always find a reason to hate on us beautiful ladies!" What??? That chick has absolutely nothing to hate on and why do people think black women just sit around hating? For what reason? I'm secure with mine, no need to "hate" on ANY woman, I don't care how bad she is. You're silly.
Mrs_B_35's picture

I'm Brazillian mixed with

I'm Brazillian mixed with Spanish. Kae is mixed as well. I've always been hated on by jealous black women. With beauty comes jealousy & it's usually black women doing all the hating! In the words of Keri Hilson: ''don't hate me cause I'm beautiful''! Not silly;just stating facts! Even a black woman-Wendy Williams said ''BLACK WOMEN ARE JEALOUS''! Yes, you are!
CCspeekz's picture

Idgaf what you are mixed with

Idgaf what you are mixed with chick, that's a non muthafuckin factor! If you saw me you would see why I have NO reason to be jealous of ANY woman! I have always had problems with women of all races that immediately felt some type of way around me because of my looks, and I'm BLACK! There's a mix of some other stuff down the line, but I don't claim it. Wendy looks like a fucking tranny linebacker! Really, who's jealous of her? You're not stating facts, just a silly opinion. You must be young...and dumb.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Well guess what? I am a

Well guess what? I am a black woman who was voted the cutest and nicest smile in my class and there were plenty of spanish girls, jamaican girls who look indian and the whole 9 & I WON THOSE AWARDS!!! Yes, a black woman! Stop thinking that all black women are alike and stop thinking that every woman who looks like you looks better than a black woman because I won't buy that for one minute!!! You probably THINK you look good because you have long, wavy hair, but honey, that doesn't make you LOOK CUTE! Facial features and body images do! Get off of your own ish and I'm not conceited at all, but there's a GREAT chance that I LOOK BETTER THAN YOU!! I'LL PUT MONEY ON IT SO JUST STFU!!!
Happy Lady's picture

Who in the world CARES! I

Who in the world CARES! I love any kind of celebrity gossip. But this chic Karreuche or however you spell her name is truly not relevant! Seriously...
Mz. Opinionated's picture

Why do people think K is

Why do people think K is jealous? She stays in her lane and she knows what it is (whatever it is) and she is with Chris, by his side, right hand girl...because he obviously wants her to be that. I understand how some of you simple minded girls might think she is jealous but I wish that whole theory would go somewhere and have a seat. K is a NATURAL beauty who can do without the birthday cake layers of makeup and truck load of weave and booty popping to be attractive. She wakes up with no makeup on looking amazing I'm sure. Basically she's effortless and I'm certainly not saying Rihanna is unattractive but if I were K...the last thing I'd be is jealous of her looks...and her love life certainly wouldn't have me envious lol
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

That chick is cute but she

That chick is cute but she has the body of a little boy...she's no beauty IMO. Rihanna is HOT! Exotic looks (with or without the weave & makeup), hot body, swag, and she has a successful career. I don't know if CB and Rihanna are in fact creeping, but even if they aren't, that chick must feel some type of way knowing that her "man" will always love Rihanna no matter what. That girl is irrelevent when it comes to Rihanna, there really is no comparison IMO.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Who told you Chris will

Who told you Chris will always love Rih? A blog? A news report? Don't be so naive. So yeah anyway...beauty is in the eye of the beholder and apparently Chris thinks she's all the business so hey. You consider weave for days, makeup magic and loose lips to be beauty and I don't see it. When you're a confident, bad chick without the smoke and mirrors, that to me is beautiful and that's what I identify with. Body of a boy or not...she's still a girl and her man still likes it. So whatever floats your boat babe.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

No ma'am, he said that. It

No ma'am, he said that. It was a long time ago, but those are his words. Rihanna doesn't need weave or makeup, she looks best with short hair...and she has posted plenty of pictures with no makeup. She's a hot chick. Period.
Mrs_B_35's picture

OMGoodnes! She's like a

OMGoodnes! She's like a leech. But if he brought her, hey. Maybe using her to throw the paps off the scent so it wouldn't be all over the blogs...lmao...cough...cough....
JewelryLover's picture

I'm starting to think she is

I'm starting to think she is his beard. So he can be like I'm not hooking up with Rhi-Rhi look I got this GF that follows me everywhere. How out of all the places in the world they both end up in France and both end up taking pics with the same celebs. No one is that stupid. There are too many things happening around these two.
sarin216's picture

To you and Jewelry Lover I'm

To you and Jewelry Lover I'm not sure how y'all turned this into a concept so hard to understand that you'd think it's rocket science but she doesn't "follow him" and she isn't a "leech" ... CHRIS WANTS HER WITH HIM AND MAKES SURE SHE IS BY HIS SIDE TRAVELING WITH HIM WHEN HE NEEDS HER THERE. Point.blank.period. Clearly y'all have never had significant others that have requested your company on their travels and made it happen, or else this wouldn't be such an appauling concept to you.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Damn Natasha, I commented in

Damn Natasha, I commented in that RiRi-tard post yesterday that Kangeroo Jack checked into the hotel with Chris, the following morning he got there. People can call my comments rude, or ignorant, but at least I know what I'm talking about and state facts (unlike Kai). I'm sure Kolatteral Damage will stick with Chris until she gets a real job, or she might just be a "Kim Porter" to him for the rest of her life, I mean what was she doing before she got with Chris?? EXACTLY, absolutely nothing. Why not travel around the world with a hot muscian and have him buy you nice thing, sure he might not be the best boyfriend in the world but bum bitches (like Kai) have put up with worst from their man and don't get shit in return. YOLO!
tori's picture

K was an executive assistant

K was an executive assistant at a law firm before she met Chris. And you're talking about how people speak and don't know what they're talking about. Pot calling the kettle black boo lol
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Ohhhh! So she used to get

Ohhhh! So she used to get paid to run around and get her boss' coffee and laundry and now she's running around and picking out clothes and chains for Breezy. She can kiss that law firm assistant job goodbye with that big ass Kung Foo Panda tattoo on her hand, shit looks like a growth.
tori's picture

AND she doesn't have that

AND she doesn't have that smug look you used to see in pics all the time...i'm sure she's fed up with all the rumors and hoopla over Chris & Rih getting back together. i would not want to be in her position at all.
diamond2012's picture

she is so envious of

she is so envious of rihanna...now SHE has a tat on her hand?? her hair is back to dark color...this chick is annoying.
diamond2012's picture

I so agree with u abouts

I so agree with u abouts karate being so jealous of rhirhi!
doll's picture

you're delusional

you're delusional
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

they might still be together

they might still be together but Chris and Rhi being in the same vicinity so often and the media hype surrounding it must be an annoying part of the relationship.
shuga's picture


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Libbey's picture

Has anyone checked her for

Has anyone checked her for bruises lately (or does she just get tattoos) smh.............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I was thinking something

I was thinking something similar. Wishing this corny "love triangle" would just die already.
GetUrLife's picture

the media wants it to happen

the media wants it to happen soooo badly (they need stuff to talk about)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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