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AGREE OR DISAGREE: Eric Benet Says "Redbone Girl" BACKLASH Is Racist!


Eric Benet has responded to the backlash about his "Redbone Girl" track saying that "haters" are being racist towards lighter skinned chicks. Deets inside..........

Singer Eric Benet has publicly responded to criticism he's received from fans regarding his "Redbone Girl" track featuring Lil' Wayne.  The song appears on his 6th studio album The One.

Some folks are a bit pissy that he's singing the praises of a "lighter" skinned chick and Lil' Wayne co-signing and saying things like “I like the long hair, thick redbone … I like ‘em light-skinned, lighter than a feather…" surely isn't helping.

Though he kicks off the track saying he loves ALL women....folks are taking issue.  Too sensitive? Or should he have been addressed just as people did?

Eric spoke about the backlash to a radio station saying,

“I think it’s its own form of racism. I did a song called “Chocolate Legs’ about my experience with a dark-skin lady. There was no anger or uproar of ‘how dare you.’ So ‘Redbone Girl’ is one song about one experience about a girl who happens to be light-complected, but there was quite an uproar.”

Despite the controversy, Eric thinks the song will create a discussion around issues of race in this country.  He said, 

"I think the fact that we are talking about it, it’s an issue,” he said. “Now it makes me, on my next record, want to talk about an experience with an Asian girl. What I was trying to do as a songwriter is talk about the beauty of all. One at a time. The fact that it’s so sensitive, we need to talk about it.”


So what do you think?  Are listeners who are offended by the song because they are dealing with their own racial insecurities?  Or is there a history of intra-racism that needs to be respected?



Listen to the song here:




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I think that a lot of these

I think that a lot of these issues speak to one's age. When I was young, I was superficial. When I first dated, I liked light-skinned men , I wanted the Al B. Sure/Christopher Williams type because I deemed the light skinned and soft curly hair to be sexy. Then later I enjoyed the dark skinned men. My ex husband is African. I have children who are of different complexions. My middle daughter who is high-yellow used to resent her skin color wanting to be darker like her 2 sisters until she met the fair skinned members of my family. To make a long story short, now that I'm in my 40's, I find that skin color doesn't even matter anymore. The most important things are to have a man who loves God and treats me and my children with respect, who is willing to step up to the bat and become both a husband and father in my household. I'm a strong black woman because I am the sole supporter of my household but let me tell you when the right man comes in my life, I will have no problem with taking the backseat and let a man be a man no matter what his skin looks like. With that being said, who cares what type of women Eric Benet and Little Wayne prefer. All this arguing is not going to change people's preferences. In reality we all have preferences in one form or another and there is nothing wrong with that. So let's call a truce, agree to disagree and let people love whom they want. Just be concerned about you doing you and let others do what they do. BTW, I keep reading guys saying "You BLACK women" then saying "Redbone" or "Light-skinned" women. My brotha we are ALL black women, chocolate, pecan tan,Coffee, Red, High-Yellow, etc. That's the true beauty of black people, we come in different hues and yet we are all one.

Yes, "Chocolate Legs" praised

Yes, "Chocolate Legs" praised dark-skinned women [and it will most likely be a bigger hit than this song]. I guess it's still a very sensitive and controversial topic; it always will be.
C2C's picture

Another case of the Brian

Another case of the Brian McKnightis, which is an older black man going through a mid life crises.
brownlace's picture

Both Eric and Lil' Wayne have

Both Eric and Lil' Wayne have a history for saying disparaging things about dark-skinned women. It's not racist if people are just calling it like they see it. As I'm concerned he can take his "I love red-boned" anthem and shove it up his ...
Aisaiko's picture

It's not that the redbone

It's not that the redbone thing is the only problem, it's just not a great song.
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Eric Benet, who is he? Does

Eric Benet, who is he? Does anybody care? Reallly? He's a nobody with all this dumb 'ish
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First, Eric is trying to

First, Eric is trying to play the nut role! He is a black man in America who is probably very aware of the issues surrounding color in the black community. His answers are nothing more excuses for his behavior and preferences. His choices in women make that clear. Halls Berry, who is not high -yellow but is biracial. His new wife is not African American or Afro Caribbean so Eric clearly has some issues. Funny thing is he is NOT fair skinned nor does he have keen features!!! And we won't even discuss that roach Lil Wayne...his ex-wife is not light and neither is his daughter. Eric is a has been who never quite made it so he can sit his silly ass down somewhere.
msgent01's picture

@MyAlter It's a known fact

@MyAlter It's a known fact that people who are sex addicts and suffer other addictions sometimes over indulge in their addictions to cover up or suppress other sexual feelings or urges! In Eric's case he is in denial of his gayness so this is why he became an sex addict in the attempt to sleep w/ as many women has he could to prove his manliness to himself. All the while hating to accept being a gay man. I also might add to the fact that he also feels having as he calls a Redbone woman also helps him feel as if he as a trophy woman or a prized possession this also helps builds his ego and helps him to again deny his feelings for men. This is just my assessment explaining the gay part. Thank-You Very Much. I am definitely in the wrong field. I should be a psychologist
Shay's picture

I'm sorry but didn't he have

I'm sorry but didn't he have a sex addiction problem that caused the demise of his marriage to Halle Berry? Do you really think you should be singing about this big rainbow coalition of women? This could send him right back to therapy!
Denise2007's picture

Like @Tori said point blank

Like @Tori said point blank Eric Benet is IRRELEVENT! All of these old men R&B singer's like Eric B and Brian McNight are pathetic! Eric song Redbone Girls and Brian McNight song called Anal Sex or Anal Love whatever it's called are all desperate attempts to get attention because nobody's checking for their Hasbeen, Rejected, All but forgotten irrelevant in the music biz selves! OK! This story is a waste of typing time. Eric B had Halle Berry no redbone,brownbone, darkbone or any other color women can ever satisfy a gay man! Next!
Shay's picture

DEAD @ gay man part.

MyAlterEgoStoleMyIdentity's picture

Look, i'm chocolate, married

Look, i'm chocolate, married a red bone, have 4, all beautiful children in a range of complexionns. My mom chocolate, married a honey brown, my father. His mom hi yellow, his dad brown. My mom's mom chocolate married chocolate man born into a family of hi yellows, 13 of them. We are all beautiful. That is the beauty of us as a people on these shores we run the gamut.
doris b.'s picture

Not feeling the song! We are

Not feeling the song! We are all beautiful! Shop www.belchic.com 10% off everything!
belchic's picture

Eric is irrelevant, his song

Eric is irrelevant, his song is irrelevant, and his opinion is irrelevant. He must still be hurting from people saying "light-skin dudes aren't in style anymore" lol. Beauty comes in all shades, no need to single out only one group of people that are beautiful.
tori's picture

Thank you!

Thank you!
Keys's picture

Aye letsgetit... stfu!!! You

Aye letsgetit... stfu!!! You sound WAY WORSE than these woman you claim are whining!! You got a pussy my dude?? **Eyebrows raised** Sound like you on your period the way you goin in... Don't get it twisted you make valid points my man but... uh lets be real... U sound kinda bitch made. I smell coochie bruh... Truf...
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Wow black woman, you hella

Wow black woman, you hella vulgar!! Just typical of black women, now sista if you had a problem with me, you couldve clicked my avatar sent me a message sista!! You aint gotta curse your brotha out and call me a pussy and a bitch, and how you smell coochie and im not even in the room with you. Now sista TELL ME WHAT I SAID THAT WAS WRONG!!! Tell me sista!!! Don't reply by cursing me out, TELL ME HOW YOUR BROTHA LETSGETIT IS WRONG!!!!!I know i make valid points all the time....BUT SISTA TELL ME HOW DOES TELLING THE TRUTH MAKE ME SOUND BITCH MADE.!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

@LetsGetit The point you made

@LetsGetit The point you made was IRRELEVANT! If anyone's deflecting it's YOU! We weren't discussing a black man in a household with two black parents or even a single black mother telling their sons not to date a black woman. You said that black women in GENERAL tell their sons they are too dark and should bleach their skin, correct? I said I've never heard that UNLESS the PARENT OR PARENTS are self hating people as well. The issue here isn't what gender raised them but the mindset of the parent(s) who raised them. CLEARLY you have an issue with black mothers, because how do you know that black fathers don't tell their sons not to date black women? It goes both ways, one gender isn't exempt. Your comments are asinine STOP derailing from the REAL ISSUE. Oh and please stop calling me sista and black woman, I'm not ya DAMN SISTA OR YOUR BLACK WOMAN! YOUR ASS NEEDS SERIOUS HELP!! Take it up with Jesus not ME!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

lol i saw your message the

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I saw your message the first

I saw your message the first time too BLACK MAN! I hope you don't think I read this novel you just wrote LMAO! I'm sure you said nothing more than gibberish BULLSHIT! Your arguments are repetitive and immaterial. You base your reasoning on stereotypes with no references. I can name several black men like lil wayne that support my point. I have NOTHING more to say to you, clearly I struck a nerve. THE FACT IS YOU'RE IGNORANT! Nothing anyone says on here will change that. You were ignorant Yesterday, Last Month, Last Year, and will be ignorant Tomorrow and probably for the rest of your life. There's nothing more I or anyone else can say that will make you look any more moronic than you made yourself look. I studied the minds of people like you in my psychology studies in college and it's pathetic. I won't hurt your feelings because it's OBVIOUS from the way you articulate yourself people in your life already have. Like I said before take your issues with the black community and CLEARLY WITH YOURSELF up with JESUS or a psychologist, because I CAN'T HELP YOU! I AM SURE THE ONE ABOVE CAN. Good day = )
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Funny... cuz growing up the

Funny... cuz growing up the only up front racism i've EVER experienced was in my own AFRICAN AMERICAN community... until I stared kick'n ass. But the reality is being light or really dark is a BLACK calling card for being taunted by stupid ass NIGGAZ who clearly come from families of low morals and low values with no since of community. Children learn that shit from adults who perpetuate ignorance and think it's funny. but it wasn't funny for the Nigga I hit in the head with a chair in the 8th grade and knocked his ass out.
RO's picture

I think that the song is Eric

I think that the song is Eric Benet featuring Lil Wayne is more of an issue than the title. I mean, can we escape this little man at any point?! I'm so over Wayne!!
Sarcastic Chick.'s picture

Songs about brown skinned or

Songs about brown skinned or chocolate girls don't receive backlash.
Jernero94's picture

The reason that is is because

The reason that is is because the issue with colorism is about being light skinned, not dark.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Exactly! Dark skinned people

Exactly! Dark skinned people are envious of lighter people, so they hate on them as if it was their fault!
Shaniqua's picture

Who even listens to Eric

Who even listens to Eric Benet? He needs some type of controversy to stay relevant. Please. Boring.
YouCare2Much's picture

Who listens to Eric Benet???

Who listens to Eric Benet??? Answer: Dark Skinned Black Women
LetsGetIt's picture

@by Crazy Sexy Cool 2:29 pm

@by Crazy Sexy Cool 2:29 pm Here you go deflecting, your brotha letsgetit deals with black women who deflect every damn day SO YOU CAN'T GET ME WITH THAT BLACK WOMAN!!! Now let me say this i have never seen a black man that grew up under a household with a BLACK FATHER , AND A BLACK MOTHER say that a woman "Is too dark for them to date" I'VE NEVER SEEN IT!!! But i have seen ignorant asss negros who CAME FROM A SINGLE PARENT BLACK WOMAN HOME!! Say some silly shit like that, and you know what was funny , the guy that says that , was verbally abused by his dark skinned black mother lollllll!!!! SO it always goes back to black women , and what they teaching their kids!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

Everybody offended by this

Everybody offended by this song has low self-esteem and slight mental retardation.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

This is a waste of a post.

This is a waste of a post. Signed, Dark Skin Girl with Confidence
Ladybug's picture

I will NEVER support any of

I will NEVER support any of these color related songs. Even when I hear that red-bone, yellow bone crap in rap songs I make sure to never listen to it again. I don't understand how we went from being black and proud to being a particular complexion and hair length to be considered worthy. I'm getting tired of black men hating black women thus further putting wedges and divisions between us. We have it hard enough as is. I wish they would just leave us the hell alone.
Keys's picture

I had the BEST salad for

I had the BEST salad for lunch! There is just something about fresh lettuce with avocado on top! It makes my heart sing :)
VagabondSpirit's picture

LMFAO!!!!!! “I like the long

LMFAO!!!!!! “I like the long hair, thick redbone … I like ‘em light-skinned, lighter than a feather…" Well at least he's being truthful, unlike them "Neo-soul... brotha type rappers" that preach the darker the berry, the sweeter the juice, and then have a bunch of white women in their videos... and date latino's etc.
Yas's picture

Personally I'm not offended

Personally I'm not offended by this crap anymore. I think it's quite SAD and somewhat FUNNY that DARK SKINNED MEN (i.e. LIL WAYNE) find comfort in dissing dark skinned women. Not only do most of these men have dark skinned mothers, children, but they are usually the DARKEST one in the bunch. It's a complex they have about themselves and they try to compensate for this by dating lighter or whiter women. Most of these rappers, singers and ballers before they made it big could never get these type of chicks, so when they do it's a constellation prize. Lil wayne most specifically is ugly and he knows this, look at the tattoos/piercings all over his body, it's called SELF MUTILATION. So no I'm not mad I PITY men like this. Side note: it probably wouldn't be as offensive to most people if he didn't have lil wayne on the song. Everyone knows how his self hating ass thinks.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This song is offensive

This song is offensive because it's about light skin women, but the song about chocolate women wasn't? Why is that?
Mrs_B_35's picture

This song will only offend

This song will only offend insecure women. I think women of all shades are beautiful. So what he made a song about red bones. Build a bridge and get over it.
Mrs_B_35's picture

Everyone, here's the deal.

Everyone, here's the deal. Black men, from the time they are young, have been engrained with pictures of white women with long, flowing, silky hair. They have been told (conscientiously or sub-conscientiously) that white/light is better. Over hundred and hundreds of years, blacks and other ethnicities have been TAUGHT to worship white. These black men didn't come out saying, "Oh, I think I'm going to prefer a certain color woman, especially one that doesn't look like me." They/we have been conditioned to do so. If we learn to read more instead of being so bombarded with foolish reality shows and being entertained, we might learn something.
Sunflower Jones's picture

You're generalizing. If that

You're generalizing. If that was the case how are there so many dark skin people in the world? Who is making them? You're permeating the propaganda you're against. Not all black men are this way. I would know, I am madly in love with one.
MyAlterEgoStoleMyIdentity's picture

It is a generalized issue. I

It is a generalized issue. I can say the same thing as you I am dark and my husband is dark and we chose each other out of preference. But this is a single instance in a issue that has been present for longer than any of use can imagine. White supremacy is real and it affects us on a whole. Take a look at the images we are saturated with or remember the cartoons and storybooks you read as a child there are few images that are dark skinned, coily haired Afrikans. Now there is more movement in that direction but I remember.
Mouse's picture

*sigh* Did I say EVERY BLACK

*sigh* Did I say EVERY BLACK MAN. I was speaking in general terms. I'm madly in love with a black man who definitely isn't this way. You missed my point. I wouldn't date or be with a black man who didn't love and appreciate sisters. I'm grateful he isn't color-struck against his own. If you want to know what I'm talking about, read a book called, "The Color Complex."
Sunflower Jones's picture

Truth! It is conditioning

Truth! It is conditioning through media, education systems, wording and language we are being taught to favor lighter whiter fairer over anything.
Mouse's picture

Exactly! Some people

Exactly! Some people (especially many of the younger generation don't get it) because they've been conditioned. They watch music videos and they see how the black artists are using light skinned or multi-racial women in their videos. They are apart of the problem because this is what the white music moguls are feeding them. It's all about the $$ even if it means selling out.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Most of you are missing the

Most of you are missing the point (as usual). It's more than just "this is the songwriter's opinion, blah, blah, blah). These songwriters are being used by the racist music industry to further divide the black race. Why would someone sing a song about the color of a woman he/she loves. Are you in love with said person or their light/darkness. It's ridiculous. Stories like these are just put up to encourage controversy and foolishness. If you want to educate yourselves, read a book called, "The Color Complex: The Politics of Skin Color Among African Americans." People need to look deeper than what they see on the surface to overstand the forces that are subconsciously coming against us as a people. Wake the f--- up!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Oh yes "The Color Complex" is

Oh yes "The Color Complex" is an awesome book! Before anyone pre-judges the book from the title and cast it off by believing it's a "conspiracy" or "extremist" novel, IT'S NOT! The book is really informative. It goes further into depth than the textbook approved for an African American Studies Dept at an Undergraduate institution (speaking from the perspective of a pre-dominately White and Asian school. Not aware of Afr/Amer Studies Dept at HBCU's) and goes far beyond the watered-down history taught in K-12 education. The book is actually a great read for all ethnicities, but even more for African Americans.
Annie B.'s picture

I loved that book too. It

I loved that book too. It breaks it all down!
Sunflower Jones's picture

Got a copy of it right here

Got a copy of it right here on my book shelf! It is the bomb!! I advise ALL black and latinos to read it.
Keys's picture

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