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Chris Brown PARTIES & PERFORMS In Cannes With Karrueche, Rep Debunks Break-Up & Rihanna Rumors

Just like we reported yesterday, Chris Brown & Karrueche never broke up, despite reports saying otherwise.  Not only has his spokesperson put out a statement to debunk the whirl of break-up & Rihanna meet-up rumors, but Chris & Kae hit up Gotha nightclub together last night in Cannes.  After Breezy worked on the music video with Swizz Beatz & Ludacris of course.  Pics and deets inside...

Karrueche Tran, who we posted shopping it up in Cannes a couple days ago after she arrived in Nice with Chris before that, was glued to her man's side last night.  The couple hit up Gotha nightclub in the luxe city of Cannes so Chris could down some bottles of champagne and perform for club goers (including Paris Hilton who was also there.)

Amidst rumors that 23-year-old Chris was in Cannes just to spend time with Rihanna (which we reported was likely not true since he was there shooting a video with Swizzy & Ludacris), his rep has spoken out.  In a statement to Hollyscoop.com, the rep said:

'CB is in France to shoot a music video for Swizz Beatz album and Ludacris is in it. It's Swizz's song. Karrueche is there with him...They never broke up.  He is not on her (Rihanna's) yacht. There is no Rihanna connection.'

While some tabloids even go as far as saying Chris & Rihanna met up late last night to go on an intimate date, it's pretty clear that's not true.  No word on if Swizzy is still considering asking Rih to make a cameo in his "Everyday Birthday" video like previously reported.

While his Herve Leger-clad girlfriend stood close by (did she get knocked out the way in that pic above?), Breezy snapped pics with the club's scantily clad military girls and fist pumped the night away.


After hitting the mic for his fans of course.  Fun times!




Everyone keeps saying how

Everyone keeps saying how plain this girl is and how Chris is not that into her, and yet they've been together how long? It's been more than a minute. And best believe if Chris didn't want her he could walk out his home for 5 seconds and pick up another gorgeous woman. So there's obviously something legitimate between them but so many ppl are so Rhi&Chris obsessed to believe it.
CheyPie's picture

i dont think he likes her

i dont think he likes her

Some need to teach Kae how to

Some need to teach Kae how to dress. In previous pic while she shopped in France she looks like a mad wild dog walking on the street. come on "Rice Cake" get it together. you are already a 5ft midget with no butt you have to do better and stop make Chris look bad.
Alli's picture

And yet...of all the millions

And yet...of all the millions of women in the world he could have, he's chosen to be with her. She's obviously doing something right.
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

but why does everyone keep

but why does everyone keep pushing Pikuchu out of the way tho??? that ish does not look like fun at all.....lol. "you know she gone cry in the car"
shuga's picture

Y'll are killin' me. So you

Y'll are killin' me. So you can tell what's going on with there relationship by looking at a couple of pictures (the time it takes for a shutter to open and close is a fraction of a second). BTW, everyone wants to see the kind of PDA that they thought they saw with Rihana. Well, look how that turned out. He wasn't all up on her. SHE was all up on him. Clingy ain't cool and it's catchy! Personally, I hope these two stay together for a long time and have babies and grand babies and some mo stuff. Rihanna will be a footnote (True Hollywood Story, think James Dean, Amy Winehouse, Bob Marley) in an otherwise long and happy relationship. Go Chris Brown and Coochie Coo (or whatever yo name is). Team Chris and Coochie Coo!

That girlfriend of his is an

That girlfriend of his is an idiot. Not to mention, not that cute. Clearly something is going on. She looks so unhappy ALL THE TIME. If they last another year, it would be a miracle.
BeigeGirl78's picture

are they even interacting

are they even interacting with each other?! lol

This looks like a crazy night

This looks like a crazy night out! LMFAO!
Yas's picture

I agree with one of the above

I agree with one of the above comments, their body language is super awkward. When he was with Rihanna they always seemed so into each other. That girl is suppose to be a stylist but look at how she dresses. Herve dresses are so 2009,she didn't get the memo? & look how people are pushing away like the nobody she is. CB used to always keep Rihanna close! Ijs
Sweets88's picture

Another thing Chris looks

Another thing Chris looks bad the way he is dressed or not dressed, he acts like he is in hte hood at home. Chris you are in France, Cannes where fashion rules. the tats and that blond hair has got to go.
sweetpea1989's picture

The body language between

The body language between Chris and Kae speaks volumes, they hardly acknowledge each other, jsut look at the pic. Poor Thing Kae went and bought herself a Herve dress for the occassion huh??
sweetpea1989's picture

I would like CB & Rihanna to

I would like CB & Rihanna to become really close friends even with Kae. It's been a battle between CB & Rihanna not only did the fight hurt both of them but the media played a great part in it. I don't know if it's all lies about CB & Rihanna meeting but one thing I do know is that Rihanna seems very happy here lately. She has the biggest smile just like when she was with CB. I have not seen her smile like that not even with Matt.

How come no one ever

How come no one ever addresses how much this guys drinks, guess its only a value judgement if you are a female celebrity. huh
Kai's picture

it's nothing compared to the

it's nothing compared to the drinking we see rihanna do. you and i both know that.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

And you have bar tended for

And you have bar tended for the both of them. GTFOH with that okie doke. You dont know shit you know just what the media chooses to put out there and like you most females including the owner the the site are CB fan and hates Rihanna
Kai's picture


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janka's picture

I think Chris literally

I think Chris literally sponsered her from one of those Feed the Children commercials and he can't return her. They always seem so unhappy together. I happen to like KomodoDragon, but I feel like he is going to dump her before the right before holidays. Hopefully he doesn't go back to that cajun bumbaclot because last time things ended he got probation, next time he might not be so lucky. #Katfishandwhitebread.
tori's picture

Bawahaaa...*he can't return

Bawahaaa...*he can't return her..... Lolol00l boi I tell ya!!!
Like Really's picture

if you say so.....

if you say so.....
shuga's picture

remember how much PDA Chris &

remember how much PDA Chris & Rihanna would give us?? he is not that way with this chick at all.
diamond2012's picture

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