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The Game's Wedding Is BACK ON...New Date Set + Jay-Z Drops Made In America Video

After all the hoopla of a big proposal then calling the wedding off days before it was set to go down, The Game just pulled out another doozy.  The wedding between he and fiance Tiffney Cambridge is BACK ON!  Deets inside, plus Jay-Z's new Made In America festival video...


TMZ reports that they've been told Game and Tiffney are giving it another go.  They've reunited, set a new wedding date, and are back on board with their VH1 reality show that was following the couple during the days leading up to their nuptials.  Of course.  Can't let that reality money slip through ya fingers.

Game previously took full responsibility for the called off wedding saying Tiffney called it off because of his lies and cheating ways.  And he didn't recognize the good woman he had.  I guess she's over it now.  Because the two will be walking down the aisle come August.



Jay-Z & Budweiser released “Makers of Tomorrow,” their new commercial celebrating the upcoming Budweiser Made In America festival.  With the visual idea helmed by Steve Stoute, the rapper & beer company came together to showcase what folks can expect from the upcoming Festival.

Hov is curating the music festival (with over 28 artists performing) going down at Philadelphia’s Benjamin Franklin Parkway during Labor Day weekend, September 1-2.

The Randomness:

1.  Robin Roberts will be leaving "Good Morning America" late next month to receive her treatment for MDS. STORY



The “GAME is very stupid to

The “GAME is very stupid to marry such a ignorant selfish irresponsible female! She claim she has to feel right ...WHAT!!! How did her ass feel baby one baby two baby three......???? If she thought “The Game” was not the right man for her life....What about their children....Was it her selfish ass only she was thinking about???? She “DOES NOT” act like she all there......! The “Game” needs to find another female get marry and pay his child support and visiting rights,,,,And leave that selfish female ALONG!!!!! Because believe me if he marry her his life with her will be horrible!!!

Okay Jay-Z...Duracell, then

Okay Jay-Z...Duracell, then Budweiser, what's next? *Go Get It*
C2C's picture

To Yoyoc & Crazy - I see

To Yoyoc & Crazy - I see what you are saying but most of these huge coporations are ran by Republicans. That doesn't mean you can't do business with the company. Not all Republicans are evil. Budwieser does a lot of sponsorships for concerts. What is wrong with Jay Z to partner with them. I hope you own your own business because if not, you may be working for a company that is run by Republicans.
TNR's picture

all for the show. drama to

all for the show. drama to make people want to watch but in reality she is no different then those ho's on Love and Hip Hop. He is turning people off to get rating
lola69's picture

@yoyoc - thank you for

@yoyoc - thank you for pointing that out - the issue is not controlling Jay's investment - but knowing the money trail - listen we have to take a stand at some point in our lives regarding one thing or another - to be educated on where certain celebrities invest is an eye opener for me - Yes the division is designed to divide and conquer but they would be less successful at that if we function within knowledge, wisdom and understanding..
lifeisgood's picture

She better run!

She better run! Indecisiveness is not a good sign.
Tagirl27's picture

While Jay-Z, H.O.V.A., Jigga,

While Jay-Z, H.O.V.A., Jigga, Shawn Carter (and his "wife" Beyonce', Sasha Fierce, Cray Bey, Crayonce') are busy worshipping the Almighty Dollar $........ I'm praying that Robin Roberts beats her latest affliction (smh)..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

to be so smart, she sure is

to be so smart, she sure is dumb

By the sounds of it, these

By the sounds of it, these two will be headed for divorce court in a few years. They clearly have problems that will again resurface once the cameras turn off.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Game is a bigger attention ho

Game is a bigger attention ho than these women including some bloggers. You know who u r.
Kai's picture

this is all a stunt for the

this is all a stunt for the Game, whatever, i dont believe that ish!
Simple's picture

the game thought he was too

the game thought he was too gangsta to marry but love won in the end .. i mean just google Kelsnetwork and see what happens..
reane's picture

Damn Camel face is all over

Damn Camel face is all over the place. Ever since he finally made that Rocawear commmercial he's become less face shy on tv, kudos. I give Game marriage til' the end of the year, at least he found one dummy to take him off the market, for now.
tori's picture

The Game is getting married

The Game is getting married now? Oh joy! NIGGA BYE!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Just have to point out that

Just have to point out that Budweiser is a John McCain company, well he's one of the partners. Pretty much the whole company is ran by Republicans, many of those folks are sponsoring Mitt Romney. I love Jay Z but and many of the Rap/Hip Hop moguls, but lets keep it real and open our eyes, they all shaking hands with the other side. And most of us buy into it, not knowing the truth behind it all. Not trying to start a debate, but just want to point out, this is CONSUMERISM at it's best! Duracell, Budweiser, etc. And the ones at the top are just smiling and laughing all the way to bank at our expense. It's all so interesting....
yoyoc's picture

What's your point and what is

What's your point and what is the truth? America was built on consumerism, this is how a powerful capitalist society is managed....everyone in all race classifications are having their heart strings pulled by some puppet that they feel connected to in some way shape or form. Jay is a business man, his bottom line is a paycheck, what's so wrong with that? Aren't we all aiming for success? Regardless of republican or democrat, politics are politics, the division is all apart of the design to divide and conquer, the reason why you can find a majority of certain races claiming to be one or the other...and the ones at the top are only selling what 'we' at the bottom demand, entertainment, drama and Isht we don't need...I'm just wondering what is your point? A black man can't be successful unless he's connected to some grimy Isht?

The problem is exactly the

The problem is exactly the comment you just made, " Jay is a business man, his bottom line is a paycheck, what's so wrong with that?" There's more to life than money or better yet crooked money. My father is a very successful entrepreneur but he is a strong believer in doing the right thing. He doesn't believe in cheating the system or participating in dirty business deals just to make a paycheck. That mindset of getting a paycheck regardless of what you had to do to get it, is exactly what's wrong with this society. You should never sell your soul to achieve your goal.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

That is very interesting and

That is very interesting and I quite honestly wouldn't put it past Jay-Z, he seems so crooked to me. I never see him do anything out of the kindness of his heart, if it doesn't benefit him he won't do it.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

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