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Nelly Gets Snappy About Ashanti & His "Cold Career" On The Breakfast Club + Rick Ross Stops By "Chelsea Lately"

Nelly's sexy self rolled into The Breakfast Club this morning to chat about why his career isn't on top of the game anymore and why he continues to stay mum about his girl Ashanti.  And he offered up some subtle threats to Charlamagne after getting grilled by him about his "cold career".   We've got the interview and highlights inside.  Plus, Rick Ross makes an appearance on "Chelsea Lately"....

Nelly's got his seventh studio album coming out this fall, M.O., so he's making his promo rounds.   And he's talking about why he stays mum on Ashanti, how he feels about not being #1 in the game, and more.

On beef with Flo Rida

Nelly says the song "Apple Bottom Jeans" was not originally his like people think, it was indeed Flo's. There's no beef with Flo even though it seems like the now bald rapper jacked his style. Nelly says he respects the fact Flo was a fan of his and made his own mark on music.

On his "cold career"

Charlamagne questioned him--several times--on how he felt about his career not being at the top like it used to be. Nelly got slightly offended and said that's his opinion. But a career has ups and downs--as long as you're around that's what matters.

On his relationship with Ashanti

"Like I said before, me and baby girl are real cool. It's not going to change until we want to change it."  Nelly said people think it's only his decision on whether or not they discuss their relationship publicly--it was a mutual decision.

On his ventures outside of music

Apple Bottom Jeans is still around with two stores in Dubai.  It's been around for 10 years and the only urban female clothing line around for that long.  He still owns Troop brand and just opened a school in St. Louis.  He's also making an appearance on Queen Latifah's upcoming CW music competition show "The Next".  He also may do the actual tv show "Househusbands" with Kevin Hart.  And he still has his part ownership of the Bobcats.

On loving "Love & Hip Hop ATL" and if he would work with Joseline

"You know what; I think it's made for TV. When people get upset about that show, I think they taking it seriously and there's nothing to be taken seriously about that show, it's entertainment. I tune in to laugh. I think Stevie J is made for television!"

"Yeah, I would [laugh and hang up if Stevie J asked me to work with Joseline.] I definitely would, but you know what, I'd tune in to watch him get on the phone and ask."


Check out the interview in full above.


And last night, while promoting his upcoming God Forgives, I Don't album, Rick Ross hopped on "Chelsea Lately" to chop it up with every rapper's fave blonde to flirt with. 

The two started off the convo about sex--of course.  Chelsea hilariously said she loves big black men.  And Ricky proposed an elopement--but said he wants to skip the paper work.  Chelsea said she's ready to upgrade from 50 Cent to Ricky Rozay.  Ha. 





I love Chelsea cuz she's

I love Chelsea cuz she's flippin halairious and sys what the f she wants to say. As far as Nelly "being cold" is concerned, you can't be "hot" forever, but he has an opportunity to get some nice records together and have another successful album. He's gonna have to have hot beats to get the younguns interested, but he's always gonna have a strong loyal fan base of women n white boys.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

I can't stand that white

I can't stand that white bitc- Chelsea Handler. White slu- whor- bitc- that's her for real!
Bad LiL Chick's picture

His music is cool, but ah

His music is cool, but ah Fu-- him, he's a shady as- dude. If that money shi- is true about Ashanti letting him burrow money that nigg- wrong!
Bad LiL Chick's picture

Nelly's music career is not

Nelly's music career is not cold. He has and will continue to make a name for himself in the music business. On Ashanti and Nelly keeping their relationship private.... I'm sorry but they aren't Jay-Z and Beyonce, nobody really cares that much. I'm a strong believer that if a man dates you for years and doesn't want to get married that he probably never will to you, but will to somebody else. Besides weren't there rumors not too long ago that he was dating Kelly Rowland?
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Shanti Went Back With Nelly?

Shanti Went Back With Nelly? All That Bytching And Complaining She Did Earlier This Year About Nelly Not Paying Her Back The 50,000 She Loaned Him. Smh@Shanti For Lending A Mofo That Kinna Money. Nelly Ain Hadda Hit Since Diana Ross left The Supremes.
Keyths'Girl's picture


Omg!! LMAO OH NO YOU DIDN'T!! Not the Supremes
tori's picture

Nelly and Ashanti are both

Nelly and Ashanti are both sex symbols and sometimes you earn or a keep a bigger fan base by being seen as single, also, the pressure from the media can kill a relationship, especially if they are public but not married, the bible thumpers come trash talking and will try to ruin your image...I think the decision to remain 'quiet' is the smartest thing a couple can do to keep the relationship solid...I can't see the video for Chelsea so I have no words for that

Chelsea loves it, ever since

Chelsea loves it, ever since she went black. I wont say she'll neva go back, but her ass is def back and forth.
Shellychelle's picture

Nelly got his teeth filed

Nelly got his teeth filed down, they look too perfect.
SkeeWee's picture

Too perfect with respect to

Too perfect with respect to teeth is a great thing!!! I'd rather have "too perfect" than chip here buck there - LOL.
Happy Lady's picture

Nelly is sexy as hell, but a

Nelly is sexy as hell, but a little on the delusional side. I think he forgot about Baby Phat when he said Apple Bottom was "the only urban female clothing line that's been around for 10 years." Baby Phat was created in1998 smh and who in Dubai, India is rocking Apple Bottoms?? I think the whole secret relationship choice with Ashanti was his idea and she went along with it so he considers that decision mutual. I think his style of rapping has come and gone but he should really start acting more, there's no money like movie money, plus we will never see him in a reality show. Rick Ross frightens me, between his eyes being cocked like an AK-47 and "Leaning Tower of Pisa" Louboutin sneakers and that awful pubic hair on his chin he calls a beard, he looks like a total creep, like he is the guy in the club dropping ruffies in girls drink and followiing them to the bathroom all night. Sorry, sad but true.
tori's picture

Dubai is in the United Arab

Dubai is in the United Arab Emirates, not India... Otherwise, I co-sign your entire post :)
Madame_X's picture

Nelly seems so uptight yet

Nelly seems so uptight yet I'm still feeling the sh*t out of his demeanor (swag)..
Secret's picture

I can't stand Chelsea... I

I can't stand Chelsea... I wanted to see this interview so bad but when she and her panel started disrespecting the Bible.. I had all I could take... off with her show.. .
Janelle McIver's picture

Nelly's comment about Ashanti

Nelly's comment about Ashanti is about as close as we're going to get to him saying they are a couple.. and I sincerly believe that they mutually agree to not say anything.. and I personally LOVE THAT.. .now it's funny b/c I can't stand Ashanti's singing but I love them as a couple.. I love how Nelly got at Charlamagne...LOL.. Punk self... I love Nelly's honesty and the way he thinks..
Janelle McIver's picture

I agree, they are cute

I agree, they are cute together and it's good they keep their business THEIRS. Cuz that Nelly, lawdhavemercy!!!!! Anyway, yeah, her singing career is a done deal, IMO, but I wish them the best as a couple.
MrsCPA's picture

Nelly is such a cutie lol

Nelly is such a cutie lol plus he asnwered the question by saying the agreed not to talk about there relationship. lol that means they are together HAHAHA!
Simple's picture

@shuga...totally agree!

@shuga...totally agree!
lifeisgood's picture

Chelsea is so gross to me. I

Chelsea is so gross to me. I get pissed when I dvr The Soup and some of her mangy looking ass ends up at the end of the recording. Blech! and props to Nelly for keeping his business just that.
shuga's picture

lmaooooooooo! i cannot stand

lmaooooooooo! i cannot stand her
litebrite's picture

rick is kinda funny....

rick is kinda funny....

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