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VIDEO FAB: Ludacris' "Jingalin" + Rick Ross' "Hold Me Back"

Ludacris just dropped his epic pool party video for "Jingalin".  Check out Luda host his own Project X, plus Rick Ross' new "Hold Me Back" vid he shot in New Orleans....


Check out the craziness that was Luda's pool party for his "Jingalin" video.  Apologies to the Atlanta Police Department?  Ha.

Ricky Rozay headed down to the 504 to shoot his "Hold Me Back" TAJ-directed video:

In the black and white visuals, Ricky took it to the Calliope Projects in New Orleans for some...festive...activities.  Check it.  The track appears on his God Forgives, I Don't album dropping this Tuesday.





Luda has always done videos

Luda has always done videos that have been witty and fun, but as much as I love him .. I would like him to take his music to another level. He has become quite the businessman with his Conjure brand and acting, so not to say his style of rhyme is wack , but he's stepped his game up in other areas and needs to do the same with his music. Now Mr. Rozay .. the songs I've heard off his new album GOES HARD. Love how hes staying relevant and his collabos are killer. Maybach Music is the new Cash Money. But as much as I love you Ricky .. PLEASE KEEP YOUR SHIRt ON At ALL TIMES. I really thought at one point he was losing weight, but by the look of him in this video .. too many wings, steaks, collard greens and cornbread. Push back from the table, change your diet and get in the gym!!
Get Like Me's picture

Not hatin "BUT" Ludacris

Not hatin "BUT" Ludacris times up homie "Try Producing a New Artist " Because your Foundation is getting old, Next.... Yep RICK ROSS is big black fat and ugly "BUT" his music SICK as FUCK! and Maybach is one of the Hottest labels in the GAME right now, LMAO who knew being a correctional officer would pay off 1 day.....BLING BLING BLING BITCHES is MAD!!
REd™'s picture

Luda is one probably my fav

Luda is one probably my fav rapper of the past 7 years or so. He consistently puts out good albums....regardless of how ignant sum of the tracks may be, he's funny and whitty. Ross goes hard on his own tracks but he seems to only be able to rap about ghetto shyt, money, and hoes. I love him when I'm drunk.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

LOVE LUDA! Officer Richard

LOVE LUDA! Officer Richard really needs to sit down somewhere! No matter how many hood ni@@as he surrounds himself wit he's still a lame! Hip hop police! Them hood ni@@as need to know he is documenting all their moves while he's around!
Tiff's picture

I love me some Luda, I just

I love me some Luda, I just knew that was Breezy in that top pic lol. I'm going to need for correctional officer Ricky Roses to put on a shirt PRONTO!!
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Luda is too cool fer school

Luda is too cool fer school
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