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Tyra Banks, Tristan Wilds, Taraji P. Henson & More Rep For The TCA

Tyra Banks made a curvy statement in a back zipper figure hugging dress and Alexander McQueen pumps Sunday afternoon at the CW, CBS, And Showtime 2012 Summer TCA Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel.


We've got pics of everybody's fave Top Model, plus other actors putting on their promo faces for their own shows this fall...


Tyra's looking great these days as she put on her modelicious best for the TCA presentation of her upcoming fall season of "America's Next Top Model" on the CW.

Representing CBS' "The Talk," Aisha Tyler made her way to the TCA red carpet in a chic look of a metallic skirt and split back white blouse.

Great look for her.

And her co-host Sheryl Underwood also made an appearance.

"Person of Interest" star Taraji P. Henson put on a fitted white cap sleeved dress as she promoted her CBS show.


LL is coming into his fourth year of starring in CBS's "NCIS: Los Angeles".  And he's still looking good.

And this is Hill Harper's 9th year on "CSI: NY".  Nice!

Actor Garret Morris stars on one of our fave comedies, "2 Broke Girls."  He promoted the upcoming second season of the CBS show.

It looks like Tristan Wilds' character "Dixon" didn't die in that car crash on "90210" afterall.  He was on hand to promote the next season of the CW show.

CBS "This Morning" host Gayle King made a spring-like appearance.  Not sure how I feel about her wearing a summer lawn.

Don Cheadle held it down for his his hit Showtime show "House of Lies."  Season 2 is on deck....

And Tanika Ray also made an appearance at the TCA event.  Are we feeling her leopard skinny jeans and peplum top look?





Go Tyra and Taraji!

Go Tyra and Taraji!
C2C's picture

Everyone on here is praising

Everyone on here is praising Tara...If that was LaLa you guys would have been tearing her apart about her chicken legs. Tara looks top heavy and you can't even see her ankles because her legs are so damn skinny. LaLa gets undeserved hate on her body all the time and i think it's because she's latina...Personally, i think LaLa looks damn good and there's nothing wrong with her shape. You guys need to quit with the hate and give a woman props whether she's black, white or latina.
precious36's picture

I agree that it doesn't have

I agree that it doesn't have anything to do with race. LaLa is just HORRIBLE at picking outfits that work on her particular frame. That's all. Even when she does pick something decent, I'll be darn if she messes it up with the wrong hairstyle or the wrong shoes or the wrong accessories. She hangs out with two super stylish women and I can't believe she doesn't ask their opinion...(Kelly and Ciara that is...NOT Po and Dice).
Denise2007's picture

Lala's legs are so

Lala's legs are so skinny......it looks like she's sitting ON THE CHICKEN. Tyra has skinny sticks too but a much better overall shape. It has Zero to do with Latina vs Black with me
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


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lynne's picture

Your right tyra looks like

Your right tyra looks like she needs to hit the gym. I looked and thought she needs to lose some weight her talk show is over no need for the extra pounds. and her looks do worse than lala's.
JBlue's picture

Sheryl is funny as heck after

Sheryl is funny as heck after watching her enough on Talk.. since I work from home on company time.. her cute personality makes her cute.. i used like Aisha but her personality sucks so to me she looks less attractive and just dry. And cheryl stay getting d**** from her tales on the show from famous men of all races and a regulat joe.. that chick is funny!!!!!
JBlue's picture

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Tyra doesn't look a day over

Tyra doesn't look a day over 30!
Jernero94's picture

Yeah she does.

Yeah she does.
star's picture

As Tyra gets older she

As Tyra gets older she reminds me so much of Iman (in the face). Sheryl Underwood got me DEAD looking at her bright pink receded gums smh. Tristian Wildes looks like a younger version of Michael Ealy, however unlike Michael, I can't stand the show he is on. I'm happy to see "Uncle Junior" is still around and working. He is like the black male version of Betty White. I have no clue what happened to LL Cool J and Hill Harper, both men used to be huge sex symbols, well not so much Hill, but now they look beat. Hill looks clown like and LL looks like Sammy Sosa post skin bleaching. Guess thats what happens when you stop making movies and start doing voiceovers for Toyota commercials.
tori's picture

LOL @ the comments about

LOL @ the comments about Sheryl Underwood. She is a very unattractive woman! She is funny but I always think of WEsley Snipes in "Too Wong Foo" when Wesley is dressed in drag! Doesnt' Sheryl remind you of Wesley Snipes??? LOL!! Hell, they could be brother and sister!! Tyra looks great and WTF is up with Taraji's face?? LOL. Tyra is using that wrong "pretty boy" thug to the best of her ability! Good D$$$ will do wonders to your body!!!! LOL.

taraji & tanika need a

taraji & tanika need a girdle. not bc they are fat but to give them a defined waistline. there's no hope for sheryl underwood's appearance though....lol. po lil tink tank
shuga's picture

Tristan Wilds, chris brown

Tristan Wilds, chris brown and Michael Ealy could be long lost brothers. They always make me think of each other when i see one of them.
Let's get it poppin's picture

Tyra looks Amazing

Tyra looks Amazing

Peplum tops. Not for

Peplum tops. Not for everybody.
VagabondSpirit's picture

Actually not feeling Taraji

Actually not feeling Taraji lately. Looks as if she's doing Facial Fillers and it's Not pretty. Hate this Wig on Ayesa. She can do so much better because she does have a pretty face. Tanika's outfit is Too young and cheap looking and the hair looks awful.
star's picture

Man Tyra Banks is looking

Man Tyra Banks is looking FABULOUS in these pictures. Her body is just TOO HOT!!
BigJohn's picture

Sheryl Underwood looks like a

Sheryl Underwood looks like a Gorilla in drag!!!!!!! ROFLMMFAO!

Tyra looks nice. I wish Gail

Tyra looks nice. I wish Gail King would change that awlful weave on her head. Taraji is just so not cute to me. I try to give her the cute pass but I can't and looking old does not help matter's none. Sheryl Underwood there are no words to describe what she looks like. Why even bother? Tanika Ray No Honey! Aisha Tyler looks descent here. LL looks old and gay. Don Cheadle looks old and ashy. Hill Harper looks tired and beat up under the eyes and the older her gets that nose keeps spreading. I wonder why when people age their noses spread?
Shay's picture

U are Wrong...Cracking

U are Wrong...Cracking Up....better make sure to check annually that your nose is not spreading...lol
star's picture

Tyra looks great. Gayle King

Tyra looks great. Gayle King looks great. Taraji looks great.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

The newly single Tyra Banks

The newly single Tyra Banks is @ her ideal F*cking Weight (she must be mounting on some young guy and mopping him up.....or dragging herself across the floor like a dog in heat) smh...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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