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BIKINI BABES: Mike Vick's Wife Kijafa Flaunts Bangin' Bod In Punta Cana + Christina Milian Gets Photoshoot Fresh In Jamaica

Well damn!  Eagles QB Michael Vick's new wife Kijafa (pronounced Key-a-fa as her twitter account wants you to know) showed off her bangin' new bikini bod in some Instagram pics from vacay in Punta Cana.  Looks like those pre-wedding workouts paid off.


Check the pics inside, plus Christina Milian flaunting her cakes at a sexy shoot in Jamaica...

PNK Accessories owner Kijafa just returned from a trip to Punta Cana with fam and the couples' 2 daughters.  After posting sweet messages about missing her hubby of almost 1 month Mike, she let the world in on her hot bikini bod.  Mr. Vick tweeted her back about how much he missed all his girls while they were gone.  Awww.

Looks like she had fun times.

By the way, congrats to Mike on releasing his brand new apparel line in Modell's:

It's called V7 and it's everything sporty a guy would need.  Nice!


And down in Jamaica:

Singer Christina Milian Instagrammed her swimsuit photoshoot pics from around the island.  And showed off her huge tattoo and curvy petite shape:

She tweeted about how much work it took to just shoot one pic.  We're not complaining.  Chick looks hot!

And she and her crew had some good times with some coconut milk.  Nice!

The Randomness:

1.  Congrats to Meagan Good's new husband DeVon Franklin!  He's been promoted to Senior Vice President of Production at SONY.  All that publicity (and hard work) paid off... STORY




I am Jamaican, born and

I am Jamaican, born and raised in Kingston, and you YBF people need to know that it's COCONUT WATER not coconut milk. This is regarding the caption under the last picture.
Tash's picture

Mrs Vick looks Hot Dont

Mrs Vick looks Hot Dont Hate.... Christina is dating someone in cash money (Gross)
REd™'s picture


SWIMMING POOLS Two Swimming Pools, with filtration plant, one for the Junior and the other for the Seniors, are available. They are fully equipped with diving and spring boards. In summers swimming is compulsory for all boarders.
flowermissing's picture

Wow Christina did exactly

Wow Christina did exactly what I said she would, get pregnant from her baby daddy, leave him, and get back in the spot light with the other celebs...play on you gold digger
WTF's picture

No mam, Mrs.Vick was not this

No mam, Mrs.Vick was not this hot!! She has had some work done and they did a great job, she looks amazing!!
Dria's picture

christina looks hotttt!!!!!!

christina looks hotttt!!!!!!
Tami_Lane's picture

Kijafa's ass looked like a

Kijafa's ass looked like a sack of russet potatoes just a couple weeks ago. Every bitches body is so fraudulent these days. She gets no props. FUCC her and her piece of shit husband.
sianna1's picture

ahhh my beautiful jamaica!!

ahhh my beautiful jamaica!! kijafa and christina look nice
litebrite's picture

@LetsGetit. I really can't

@LetsGetit. I really can't disagree w/u at all. I'm half black and half mexican and my hair is ALL REAL, down my back and beautiful. I have always had to deal w/sideways stares and ignorant questions and comments about my hair. I've even had a little 5 year old black girl hate on my hair, tellin her momma, "momma can I pull her hair to see if it's really hers.." R U serious? It's sad, even little girls are being raised with that mentality. Christina looks fabulous- happiness makes anyone look fly.

Broad please! I'm half

Broad please! I'm half Dominican and LITTLE WHITE GIRLS AND GROWN ASS WOMEN comment on my hair allllll the time! "how I get the curls to stay in??? Is it a perm" little white girls have asked to TOUCH MY HAIR!!! (It's naturally curly) white people ignorant as hell too! My white neighbor used to bring they half black grand kid over to me to press her hair! The girl hair would b down her back when I got done! Ignorance has no color race or gender!!!
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"I've even had a little 5

"I've even had a little 5 year old black girl hate on my hair, tellin her momma, "momma can I pull her hair to see if it's really hers.." You think that's bad i've heard WORSE from little black girls. Black women instill that racist mentality within they own children, they talk all type of shit about beautiful mix ethnic women because of jealousy , but talk down on beautiful black dark skinned women.. and when they do see a black woman they feel is beautiful they ask if she's mixed with something because "you can't be beautiful and black, ya gotta be mixed with sum". I mean i dealt with white racism in my life. BUT NOTHING IN THIS WORLD HAVE HURT YOUR BROTHA LETSGETIT MORE THAN RACISM THAT COMES FROM BLACK WOMENNN, if you want to break the spirits of black peopleeee send in a black woman !!
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UR a Hater! Where yo BLACK

UR a Hater! Where yo BLACK MAMA??? She probably ashamed of such a degenerate son! U wake up every day to spit venon on black women. Eat shit n well .. U finish the phrase how u see fit. I wouldn't want to "break UR spirit" hahaha
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How am i a hater black woman.

How am i a hater black woman. MY BLACK MOMMA IS OUT EATING DINNER RIGHT NOW!! It's funny how you can get mad at a brotha like me, but you wont say SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT to these black women and their racist ways towards black people!!!Shame on u sista, SHAMEEEEEEEEEEE ON YOUUUUUU. I MEAN YOU BLACK WOMEN HAVE DISAPPOINTED ME , TO COME out and disrespect a black man and tell him to eat shit n die to say that to a black man that cares about black women/people well being. IT JUST SAY ALOT ABOUT YOU BLACK WOMEN. BUT WHAT MORE CAN I EXPECTTTTTT
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U mad cause a BEAUTIFUL BLACK WOMAN cheated on ur lil d!(k a$$
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she is too black looking.

she is too black looking.
lola69's picture

Another Love and Hip Hop

Another Love and Hip Hop Atlanta jump off. Same look, ghetto, country, classless, big elephant ass black chick with a horse weave. Please. Do all these Atlanta ho's look alike. Baby machines and prostitutes.
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Mi Mi's picture

Lola I hate u for making me

Lola I hate u for making me **giggle**! U dead wrong buttttt ... the truth the truth. But go to Hollywood chile! Y'all white tricks looking a mess too! Fake ass boobs teeth weaves ... Shit white women was killing the weave game for YEARS before black women even knew of it... Any hue ... Shit was funny.
Likeagoodgirl's picture

Looking good Mrs. Vick!

Looking good Mrs. Vick!
Denise2007's picture

natural beauty is what it is.

natural beauty is what it is.
orumph29's picture


scottiecargo's picture

Indeed!!Although they wont

Indeed!!Although they wont admit it
LetsGetIt's picture

Kiajafa looks great and

Kiajafa looks great and Christina would look so much better but those ugly unsightly tats ruin the whole look. Yuck!!
sweetpea1989's picture


CHRISTINA IS BANGING!!!!!!!!!!!! ENUFF SAID!!!!!!!!!!!! Nick nor the Dream should of ever had her...WHAT WAS SHE THINKING??????????????????

Kijafa looks great for

Kijafa looks great for someone with two kids! Christina looks nice too. I'm just not sure what she does as a career. All I ever see is her posted on here as if that is her real job. Smh.
Keys's picture

At some point you just sound

At some point you just sound racist and the sad part is, it's against your own kind. Letsgogetit it's is getting to the point were i think that your mother may have sleep with your grandfather. No joke somebody fuck you up for life. This young man is crying out for help! I know at times my people do some rediculous shit, but i love the fact I'm black. Look if we make you this mad, maybe you should stop coming into this site. Take your ass some place with the white people see how that go over.
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Coconut WATER! how u drinking

Coconut WATER! how u drinking milk out of a fruit??? Vick's wife looks GREAT!
lovelyj's picture

Coconut milk is the liquid

Coconut milk is the liquid that comes from the grated meat of a coconut.
shuga's picture

Christina does Not have a

Christina does Not have a good swimsuit body....Sorry Stans.
star's picture

Both chicks have banging

Both chicks have banging bodies......imma run on the treadmill and do some crunches when I get home!! Kajafa's butt looks fake tho.....but chick could just be working hard on it.
Ayesha Nurredin-Nored's picture

Only silly ass black

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the-one's picture

Christina looks amazing too!

Christina looks amazing too!
diamond2012's picture

Mrs. Vick looks like she had

Mrs. Vick looks like she had some work done on that body...maybe not though. Either way...she looks damn good!!
diamond2012's picture

its so hard to tell whats

its so hard to tell whats real and whats fake these days. and not only in hollywood but even in the street!
shuga's picture

Kijafa's family are black

Kijafa's family are black conscience people so her name is very fitting. perhaps when people interview her they should ask her what does her name mean and why her parents gave her that name.....geesh people
Mi Mi's picture

its true. getting in

its true. getting in shape/staying in shape takes a lot of dedication but its so worth it.
shuga's picture

Bangin' Bod?? More

Bangin' Bod?? More like....Fat Person who's gonna have diabetes in ten years (smh)................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Your looking a woman that had

Your looking a woman that had two children very close in age...nobody in her family is fat, hello!
Mi Mi's picture

I really like Kijafa (her

I really like Kijafa (her name not so much), she has been holdin Mike down through everything. Christina looks so boring and thirsty, her tattoos are really trashy, well the location of them.
tori's picture

both ladies look great...not

both ladies look great...not feeling all that weave on Christina though...in that pic on the back of the bike with her middle finger up, i thought it was evelyn at first

Christina is cute but boring!

Christina is cute but boring!
Mi Mi's picture

The women in Kijafa's family

The women in Kijafa's family are built like that, Philly home grown for ya asses, HA! Also Ppl do say sorry for the lost of her mother recently and congrats her and Mike finally did it!
Mi Mi's picture

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