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OH: Wendy Williams & Her VIRGIN Hair...At 10 Years Old!

Talk show diva Wendy Williams posted a pic from her childhood today and revealed a little secret that may shock beauticians and wig lovers around the world! Deets inside......

Wig connoisseur Wendy Williams recently posted a pic on her Facebook page of her 10-year-old self.  And let her fans in on a little secret regarding her virgin hair.  She said he created this "everyday look" because it's easy to maintain.  Miss Wendy used to rock two long braids and a big smile (and looked just like little Kevin!) on the daily.

The message on the page read: "Wendy at 10-years-old sporting her 'everyday look'.  It was quick and easy to do on her own. "Here’s a little secret: Wendy has never had a perm." 

These days, her natural hair stays locked and loaded in a wig cap as chick keeps a different wig for every day.  Not mad at that...



I have been tryin grow my

I have been tryin grow my hair out for the last 3 years. And was consistently getting breakage. I have black kinky hair. I also use a relaxer which I will NOT give up. Anywho, this past winter I had the most breakage in the crown area, so that if I pull my hair up it looks like a crown. Shallow in the center and long around the hairline. So I bought the Shielo VOLUME Collection out of desperation. And as one last go around before I get the clippers. But the VOLUME Shampoo and VOLUME Conditioner work! My hair less of my hair is falling out. And it just feels better after. Some of their products did not work so good on my hair, like the Shielo HYDRATE Mist. But the VOLUME regimen does work! Loyal customer here.

I always say you can never

I always say you can never get your point across in a heated argument. It feels too combative and people naturally want to win. While LetGetIt comments are at times offensive, other points are valid. Your opinions will not lead us weave wig wears down a path of introspection but somehow I don't believe that's what your purpose was. Hair will continue to be a debatable topic but will never be resolved with one answer and definitely not the answer you're looking to be gearing toward, which is self hate. If we as African Americans are looking for solutions, let's get to core of our short comings. For example self esteem , our black men feeling we don't support them, etc. We have to be the change we want to see.
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I was just thinking today

I was just thinking today that I miss WW's talk show. Her hot topics are so timely that the show does not work well in syndication. Re: wearing wigs, I think it's fine for Wendy because she's in the entertainment industry. Also, I believe she may have had some thyroid issues that caused her hair to come out. I live in Philly & the sisters here will wear some wigs! Dry, thirsty wigs that haven't been shaped to their face & not a stitch of makeup. *kanye shrug* I don't get it. There are sisters that I've seen at work or at a store for the last 10 to 15 years & I've never seen them with out a wig. It makes me wonder what's going on under there..... I'm natural but I don't have a problem with relaxers per se. When I see a sister with a head full of damaged perm & no edges, that's when I wonder about indoctrination & self-love.
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If we spent as much time

If we spent as much time knowing our history instead of worrying about our hair, we'd probably be on top of the world. Twitter blew up over criticism of Gabby Douglas's hair. HAIR! We are NOT our hair. If your hair was to fall out today, you will not cease being who and what you are. When we black women stop with this hair fascination and whether we should "go natural" or not, we might be able to get to higher heights.
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agreed. it's ridiculous

agreed. it's ridiculous
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My question do LersGetit have

My question do LersGetit have anything neg to say about any other race of women,please lr me hear something,that way i would know that there are all races of women that is not perfect...

reading some of the comments

reading some of the comments and surprised. African American especially have a mixture of many different nationalities such as IRISH, GERMAN, and FRENCH, NATIVE AMERICAN and SCOTTISH. So any Idea that there is one complexion or the texture of hair is the same for all is unreal.. Our hair texture vary more than the lightness or darkness of our skin complexions... This also goes for the hair color.. Actress Vanessa L. Williams is a natural Blond with blue/gray eyes. She is not the exception neither... So black or African American woman have various complexions, eye and hair colors, thin or full lips... We are not cookie cutter in the beauty department...
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Hello YB Folks...I am a daily

Hello YB Folks...I am a daily reader of the articles and comments but have never been compelled until today to sign up. I would like to add my thoughts into the Natural Hair vs Chemically Treated Hair conversation. I feel that as Africans born in America, we are in a land where straight hair dominates society. People with Kinky-Curly hair are simply not the majority and we are not trained on how to do our own hair or shown what products to use to make our natural hair more manageable, therefore we turn to relaxers, chemicals, and weaves, not only for manageability, but also for the convenience. I begged my mom in the 6th grade to allow me to get a relaxer because of all the other girls that looked like me that started to get them. Now if they had not, I don't believe I would have had that same sense of urgency. I currently am proud to have no chemicals in my hair and in the process of learning it. Not re-learning it, but learning it. It is quite fun, I must admit. Before deciding to simply "take my weave out", I had one for 8 years. During this time I did not get a perm, but I didn't have a weave because I was trying to be white, it was just convenient and I thought that it would be too difficult daily doing my own hair. In 2012, this information is incorrect. Since there is a natural hair boom, the products available to sisters with natural hair are endless. I never knew that it could be so easy to comb through my hair after washing it!! And definitely didn't think I could ever be a "wash-n-go" chick..but yup, that's me!! Loving our hair starts with knowing our hair... Let me ask you this question, how many sister's on here now their hair type? 3b, 3c, 4a, 4b, or 4c? If you do... post here....and please know that if you don't know this basic information about your hair, how would you know what products work for YOU? Love you all, YB folks... stay positive and God bless :-)
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i have 3b hair....much like

i have 3b hair....much like jennifer freeman's...i love your post btw. however i don't feel black girls want to be white when they get perms....just as you said many of us don't know how to take care of our natural hair because we weren't taught to do so. so they take the easy way out so to speak....i love being a natural but it can be just a challenge at times when doing it on your own :)
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Hi there... thank you :-)

Hi there... thank you :-) Yes, I don't believe that African American ladies are trying to be white by getting weaves or relaxers....if I wrote that, then it was in error. I, too, believe that it is a matter of convenience and lack of knowledge. If you look on youtube, there are so many videos uploaded with reviews and lessons of how to do our own hair. I have never felt so free in my life!! I've worked at my job for 6 years and they have never seen me without a weave. Frankly put, due to that population, I don't even think they knew it was a weave!! lol But let me tell you, when I walked into my job for the first time with my OWN hair and not just hair that I owned, they were stunned!! Loved it and tons of questions!!! I really think that it helps for others to relate to us and opens the door for conversation. I can't promise and say what I am going to do tomorrow, but I can tell you for a fact, that I completely love looking in the mirror and combing, MY HAIR today!! Truly great experience. Thank you, again, for commenting :-) Oh...and for more information on how to work that 3b hair to the max, check out naturallycurly.com :-)
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Peace my beautiful sista,

Peace my beautiful sista, this is your brotha LETSGETIT!! I am the one that stated that "black women that wear weaves and perms want to look like white women" Im the type of guy that look at it like this, lets say black men started wearing perms in their head, and started trying to look like brad pitt, or justin beaber with a damn swoop across the damn FOREHEAD. And when someone ask us ARE YOU TRYING TO LOOK LIKE WHITE MEN???I get mad and say no ITS JUST A STYLE SO THAT I CAN EASILY MANAGE MY KINKY HAIR loll. I mean damn, black women will put BLONDE WEAVE IN THEIR HEAD AND SAY "IM NOT TRYING TO LOOK LIKE A WHITE WOMAN" They'll put BLUEEEEE FUCKING CONTACTS in their eyes and say "im not trying to look like a white woman" COME ON NOW CUT THE BULLSHITTTTTTT BLACK WOMENNNNNN!!!! Just say that "i don't like my natural hair because the shit looks ugly and i want the type of hair white women have" I'D RESPECT THAT MORE, BECAUSE ATLEAST THEY'RE BEING HONESTTTT.BUT BLACK WOMEN LIEEEEEE, AND THESE ARE THE SAME BLACK WOMEN THAT WILL PERM THEY KIDS HEAD AT THE AGE OF 2!!!!!!!!!!AND THESE BLACK WOMEN TELLING ME THIS SHIT AINT A PROBLEM???BUT WHEN I ADDRESS THIS, IM SELF HATING, I HATE MY MOMMA, IM GAY, IM WEAK, IM STUPIDDD LMAO
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HI, LetsGetIt... I hope that

HI, LetsGetIt... I hope that this reply finds you in good spirit. Your statement seems a tad harsh, no? It feels that you're tearing down a whole population of African-American women based on their hair selection and I don't believe that this is fair. If wearing a weave and putting in blue contacts is "trying to look like a white women", I believe that it is an unconscious 'try' rather than intentional so let me share my hypothesis. Could it simply be that we have turned into a product of our environment? Assimilation? We only account for less than 12% of the United States population, so it could be very easy to take on characteristics of the majority of the country that we are living. Remember, this is not home base and even the African American women that we do come encounter with here in the United States are not wearing their hair, naturally. When we see commercials on TV for hair products for women, it is either a white woman selling shampoo swinging her golden tresses or a black woman selling a relaxer. Have you ever seen a commercial on TV promoting natural hair products for African Americans? Any? Ok, one? So I ask you, LetsGetIt, since we come from a generation that was chained and brought to this country, leaving our culture and natural way a living behind, how do we learn how to do our own hair? We don't. We learn how to do what is most convenient to feel "comfortable" going outside in the environment where the majority rules. More and more African American women are coming to "free minded" conscious state of being to be in touch with the way that God created them, but before this, what do we do? We take on traits of the people that surround us. Trying to be something that we are not sounds so negative, degrading, and demeaning, as if you are tearing black women down for being the product of their environment. If we were in Africa, I can tell you as a fact that African American women would feel more comfortable wearing their natural hair, and weaves would be the uncomfortable look. Why? Because the majority of people in Africa are not wearing weaves nor do they have relaxed hair. So before tearing down the women that should be lifted up, compliment her on what you do like about her, rather than finding the one or two things that you don't and generalizing all the women of your own culture for being born black in America. God bless, my brotha.
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Sista in Africa we also have

Sista in Africa we also have the same issues(im from Angola) and women, here are crazy about weaves, there is movement now on natural hair, and very slowly many of us are transforming our hair but still, weaves still rule, and people can also get very judgmental about natural Hair,,,
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...hello. My point was that

...hello. My point was that this is not the majority. But my apologies in the first place to compare the country of the United States to the Continent of Africa. This was an ignorant generalization since I have not been to every country in Africa. Thank you for pointing out that hair is a worldwide issue for women of African decent. This is a very important point and should be noted.
I-AM-MY-HAIR's picture

.....Hi African Queen...

.....Hi African Queen... here is a documentary produced by CNN that supports your point about this being a global epidemic, not just here in the United States. http://cnn.com/video/?/video/international/2010/09/02/mpa.african.hair.i...
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Back in the day brother's did

Back in the day brother's did perm they're hair, but now they're to busy killing each other. bEGING DEADBEAT fathers! Uneducated, no job smoking weed all day. And ready to pounce on the next vulnerable black woman while they live of us, but when they do leave. They are leaving us to raise mistakes like you!! Are brother's have let us down half of their asses are in jail or dead and most likely it's by their on doing. Or with a white women because the master said ya couldn't have a white woman. When i see a black man walking down the street I try to walk on the other side bad to say but it's the truth. BLACK men's drop their seed's like its a plant about to die some of my brother's can't tell you how many baby mama's they have. And your mad at us for what? Yes we do have attitudes we like to dress, and some of us wear weave. But what some black mens cant see is if you get a bad ass sister. My husband loves the fact I can hold my own. Was able to buy a house 2 new cars have a good job to back his good ass job up. Stop fucking with them weak ass woman and getting mad!! Black man should get their shit together, help us raise are daughter's to be princesses and are son's to be kings. So we can save are black community.
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Sista, if i wasn't so sleepy,

Sista, if i wasn't so sleepy, id reply to this bullshit you just type. But i tell you what. come back tomorrow. OR LATER TONITE AND I WILL POST A REPLY, BECAUSE WHAT U SAID PROVES WHAT I SAY ABOUT BLACK WOMEN IS RIGHT.
LetsGetIt's picture

Sorry it's the truth. Good

Sorry it's the truth. Good night
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...by the way, I'm a 4a-4b

...by the way, I'm a 4a-4b mix :-) It's sad when we know the number of the different types of weave, but don't know the number of the texture of our own hair.... :-(
I-AM-MY-HAIR's picture

I'm 3c mix all the way to

I'm 3c mix all the way to 4b....I love my kinky curly hair, it looks and feels and grows so much better than relaxed hair...there is nothing wrong with weave! It's a great protective style, it is not supposed to be worn to replace your own hair tho...it's not a permanent fixture...and about the whole wanna look white situation, I think it's more of women wanting to look pleasing and presentable, than looking like a white woman because white women, spanish women, asians they straighten their hair too! Its just blacks permanently straighten because they dont know how to maintain their curls, we have versatile hair that we have not learned as a populace to maintain, and style. Its easier to maintain when its relaxed because You can comb it everyday when it's straight.. I can only safely comb my hair on wash days...but I know how to style it cute and am confident with my curls. Some of us aren't confident because it more ties us to a less modern time when people didn't get their hair straightened. Anyway basically it's not about trying to be white, it's about trying to look how we feel comfortable. I guess the white women who get perms are trying to be black, if we look at it that way.

Well said... :-) I agree,

Well said... :-) I agree, sister.... <3
I-AM-MY-HAIR's picture

oh yea and Wendy is beautiful

oh yea and Wendy is beautiful wigs weave long nails and all thats just her if her image is how she wants the world to view her thats her business we can just give our opinions and keep it movin ;-)
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woooooowwwww lol LetsGetIt

woooooowwwww lol LetsGetIt you be going in on all your comments I had to make an account just so i Could tell you I LOVE YOU( dont worry im a female) but also i understand your passion and the point your trying to get across now some people take what you say the wrong way and sometimes you say it or i guess type it the wrong way and thats when all hell breaks loose :-) but no biggie its all good.
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hmm...so what happened to all

hmm...so what happened to all that beautiful hair?? her wigs are a bit much. nothing wrong with opting to wear wigs and weaves but let's be real...black women aren't born with blonde straight hair.
litebrite's picture

Look at Wendy the lil pig

Look at Wendy the lil pig that grew into to a big ole fat hog.
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star's picture

I thought that top pic was a

I thought that top pic was a younger pic of Jordin Sparks lol. I don't see the big hoopla with "natural hair vs chemically treated hair" I thought a perm was simply used to help easily manage your hair, not a self hatred thing. White girls get perms to alter the texture and state of their hair. Its funny black guys don't like a chick with chemically treated hair but will praise a chick with chemicals shot in her a$$ lmao get ya life!!
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im proud of wendy, she has

im proud of wendy, she has had much success-i like that she had long hair-her hair is long-its just thin so she always wears wigs

Why is it that woman/some men

Why is it that woman/some men with Natural Hair tend to automatically assume that women who choose to perm their hair "want to be white"? Fact is women who have chose to transition to their natural hair have only being popular for the last 5 years or so. Now all of a sudden its permed hair versus natural hair. Ppl have the option to choose how they want to wear there hair regardless to whether it is natural or permed. My hair is permed. I have never thought of myself as white and have absolutely no desire to be white. Yet I rock my hair in tight curls...which is a natural look. Fact is, I am not my hair...I will not spend crazy # of hours trying to style my hair. I will not become broke trying to style my hair. Many of my natural friends and associates will tell you it takes time and money to properly care for natural African American hair regardless of type. And most usually find themselves going back to the perm because its just entirely too much of process to deal with something that shouldn't be that serious. Its just hair and it shouldn't define anyone's "blackness". This is just another way to tear each other down...if aint about light skinned versus dark, it permed versus natural...Straight foolishness... Accept each other for who they are if you not feeling natural women cool... if you're not feeling permed ladies cool! Find what works for you and move forward no need to criticize each other for the appearance of hair.
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true....it takes sooooo much

true....it takes sooooo much time to do my hair. it's very long and thick...down to my back and all natural it's hell to deal with after i wash it. i love my hair but i feel indifferent to women who have perms
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Can you say that again so

Can you say that again so everybody can hear you? It's just hair, it's not that serious. Now once you start bleaching your skin and changing your face, then maybe you have an identity crisis. I don't have a perm but I'm not mad at someone who does. It's a personal choice. I have worn weaves and extensions but not because I wanted to be white. Jeez!!!
Miss T's picture

Unless you have walked a mile

Unless you have walked a mile ~ hell ~ half a mile in a Black woman's shoe ~ please have a seat. Statistics are over marginalized. When you see Black women w/long hair ~ a majority of fools A$$ume it's fake (I personally have had my hair pulled as a test ~ ignoramous). Not All Black women are bald under their weave or wig caps. And let's not forget, White women were wearing weaves ~ which they so strategically call extensions waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before Black women. To each her own. We are Not our hair!
GetUrLife's picture

Nice to hear that she has

Nice to hear that she has never had a perm.
Keys's picture

Some women just look better

Some women just look better with a weave and/or a wig!! If a woman already has a beautiful/cute/average face, then additional hair can enhance their beauty. I personally dont like the way I look with my "real" hair. I have pressed it and permed it. You'd be surprised how many woman look better with some added hair. All women are not blessed with long hair. So if there are products out there to make women feel better about themselves such as weave, fake tits, contacts, etc...., then I see nothing wrong with that.


Now I WANT YOU BLACK WOMEN TO SEE THE STATEMENT THIS SISTA JUST MADE "If a woman already has a beautiful/cute/average face, then additional hair can enhance their beauty." ...................NOW Like i said in order for black women to feel good about their looks or feel as if they have upgraded their look THEY HAVE TO TRY TO LOOK LIKE A WHITE WOMAN AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!!!!THE STATEMENT THIS WOMAN JUST MADE, PROVES WHAT I SAID WAS RIGHTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. THEN SHE GOES ON TO SAY........ "So if there are products out there to make women feel better about themselves such as weave, fake tits, contacts, etc...., then I see nothing wrong with that." .......... THIS IS WHAT BLACK WOMEN THINK, THIS IS WHAT 90% OF BLACK WOMEN TELL THEIR BABY GIRLS!!! AND YOU WONDER WHY I SAY THE BLACK WOMAN IS THE CAUSE OF THE BLACK COMMUNITY BEING IN THE SITUATIONS ITS IN TODAY LOL...LOL ....DON'T GET MAD AT ME FOR ADDRESSING THIS SHITTTT BLACK WOMEN, GET MAD AT WOMEN SAYING SILLY SHIT LIKE FAKE TITS, CONTACTS, AND WEAVES MAKE BLACK WOMEN MORE BEAUTIFUL
LetsGetIt's picture

My mother never said no

My mother never said no stupid sh*t like that to me. Ignorance is bliss. Generalizing and putting All Black women in a high percentage box is why we as a people will Never get to the promised land. SMH. I would luv to know where you're getting these percentages Graham Cracker.
GetUrLife's picture

I never said all.... I GAVE A

LetsGetIt's picture

You're generalizing again. I

You're generalizing again. I don't fall into the category of "blonde headed chocolate covered wanna be white women." Everyone has a right to their opinion and this is a fire topic. Soooo ~ since I was taught to never argue with fools because they will beat you everytime with experience, I will sit in my corner and read these lovely exchanges. Deuces.
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Goddamn are black women that

Goddamn are black women that damn ASHAMED of their natural hair, that they have to "locked it up under a wig cap" I MEAN IT MAY SEEM COOL TO YOU BLACK WOMEN. BUT TO a brotha like letsgetit THAT SHIT IS RIDICULOUS !!!!I mean a beautiful young girl, who grew up to have fake titties, and a damn blonde wig, and think the shit looks good. I mean its like that with atleast 98 % of black women, they feel the closer they look to white women THE BEST AND SEXIER THEY ARE!!! They feel the more they perm and wear a damn weavee on their head the better they look. AND DONT LET EM GET SOME CONTACTS...AWWW LAWDDDD, AND DONT LET EM GET THAT SILKY WEAVE, THEY'LL BE BRAGGING ABOUT INDIANS BEING IN THEIR FAMILY TO EVERY BLACK WOMAN ON THE BLOCK... WHY IS THAT BLACK WOMEN????? DON'TTTTT CURSE ME OUTTTT, DON'T TALK ABOUT MY MOMMA!!!! JUST TELL ME WHYYYYYYY!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

I have natural hair that I

I have natural hair that I wear in a shoulder length curyly style afro (or whatever). It is easy to wash and go. When I wear my hair like this I barely get a second look from a black man. The minute I flat iron my hair and it is flowing down past my bra strap then my stock goes waaay up and I can barely walk to my car without a "hey lady...how you doing" floating my way from across the parking lot. Hilarious. You over generalize and it invalidates you.
Lovely Touch's picture

You right. We do do a lot of

You right. We do do a lot of crazy shit to look like white women because it's what we think will attract black men. 90s and on it seemed like more and more black men wanted white women so we started doing crazy shit to keep the black mans interest. See black women are least likely to marry outside of their. But don't you worry! Black women are slowly realizing the error of our ways and the black man is no longer a priority. The natural har movement is on and we are ready to love ourselves and whoever else wants to love as is. The black man no longer validates us and I am here to inform you that although there is some truth to your statements a change is definately gonna come. You will definately be seeing more black women in interracial relationships happy as they are. We won't totally ignore the black man but he definately is no longer a priority as he used to be. You should be proud!
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AHHHHH hell nawww don't say

AHHHHH hell nawww don't say thattttttttt!!! Yall don't do a GODDAMN THING to attract black men. COME ON BLACK WOMAN COME UP WITH A BETTER EXCUSE THAN THAT PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Because black women would rather be alone , a single mother , and on welfare BEFORE LISTENING OR TRYING TO APPEASE A DAMN BLACK MAN. WE GETSSSSSSS NOOO RESPECT FROM BLACK WOMEN!!!!!!!!YALL MADE THE TERM "NIGGAS AINT SHITTTT" POPULAR so we as black men have no sayyyyyy when it comes to black women and what they feel is attractive....Black women wear weaves and contacts BECAUSE THEY FEEL IT LOOKS BETTERRRRRRR....shit you can go back to slaveryyy...it was u black women who praised mixed breed children hair, and wore a damn mammy wrap over your headdddddd!!!!Black women are least likely to marry out the race because they KNOW WITH OTHER RACE OF MEN THEY HAVE TO PLAY THE ROLE OF A FUCKING FAMILY WOMAN, AND BLACK WOMEN OF TODAY ARE NOT READY FOR THAT , SO YOU JUST DEAL WITH THUGGISH ASS NEGROS WHO DON'T GIVE A FUCKKKKKK
LetsGetIt's picture

Look I'm not here to cause

Look I'm not here to cause any problems I just wanted to notify you of the movement. I suggest you get on and continue diversify the population and don't get to stuck on black women if you are unhappy with them. This is not a social thing people do not try to look good for themselves only. As mammals we just want to attract a mate just like the rest of the animal kingdom. If you feel a certain way and you want to see a change then by all means do what you can to make a difference. If I can make a suggestion to your cause then I would say to be kinder with your words because some people don't communicate effectively with harsh tones. I meant no hurt by my comment it's just the honest way I feel.
booked's picture

lol, booked, your brotha

lol, booked, your brotha letsgetit say what he says out of love. If i didn't love you black women I WOULDN'T BE TELLING THE TRUTH LIKE I DO!!!!BLACK WOMEN DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYTHING KINDDDDD, SHIT they call men that open the door and pay the bills for her lame, a trick, or too damn niceeeee. So i gotta come harddddddddd thats the onlything most black women understandddd
LetsGetIt's picture

Well obviously u and I don't

Well obviously u and I don't know the same MOST group of black women and hopefully one day you'll run into the most group of black women I am familiar with. Honestly I don't know many black men that go as hard as you all the time so I wouldn't know what to say to change your mind. Even though people may call u lame or too nice be kind anyway they'll come around.
booked's picture

Personally, I think it's

Personally, I think it's psychological...self hate...they don't even realize it and certainly won't tell the truth if they did...most women don't even take care of their hair under those caps or they haven't shown their real hair in years...it's crazy. I don't care what Black women say (and I am one), but there's a problem when you put other people's energy on your scalp or perms with lye and other ingredients getting into your brain...too many of them walking around with long long long crazy looking weaves and wigs, maybe they should look up the definition of self hate and study it. Just look around you, any neighborhood, any city, any state, any church, any school, any home and you see women walking around with someone else's hair and energy on their heads...tell me that's not crazy!
Reign's picture

Im not that well versed, but

Im not that well versed, but sista you broke this down WAYYY BETTER THAN I COULD!!!I mean and alot of black women get mad WHEN I BRING THIS STUFF UP and i never say ALL ARE LIKE THAT but the majority of them are!!They feel some dead ass hair on their head or hair from a damn ugly ass dead yak is more BEAUTIFUL than their natural god given hair!!! BUT WHEN YOU ADDRESS THEM ABOUT THIS IT'S ALWAYS AN EXCUSE AND SOME WILL EVEN SAY "WELL WHITE WOMEN DO IT TOO" to deflect the conversation somewhere else. But i always say white women don't put chemicals in their head and they don't wrap their natural hair up to throw a weave over it. WHITE WOMEN WEAR EXTENSION THAT LOOK LIKE THEIR NATURAL HAIR!!! lolllll but black women idol is white women so what ever they have ALOT OF THESE BLACK WOMEN WANT.
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