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Beyonce Shopping Her Own Documentary, Explains "Footprint" Mystery

Beyonce is putting on her working mom hat again.  And has reportedly begun shopping her own documentary she wrote, produced & of course, starred in.  Plus, she's finally explained that August 19th "Leave Your Footprint" mystery.  And it's not music related.


Deets inside...

Beyonce is shopping a documentary, y'all.  Seeing that the project is being described as "a mix of music and personal study, blending concert footage with confessional interview," we have a feleing it'll be along the same lines as her MTV doc "Year of 4" and her "I Am Tour" documentary.

Twenty minutes of the movie has been shopped to distributors by Beyonce and her agents at ICM.  And we're sure it won't be hard to land one.  The L.A. Times reports that it is a nonfiction work based on the R&B/Pop star's life.  Since she's had a baby, traveled the world with her hubby and Kanye for their WTT tour, and worked a comeback weekend of concerts all this year, we're sure there's a lot of ish to be seen.

The real question here is--will Blue Ivy and her custom baby lace front to match her mama's that we know she has in her closet be front and center?  Can't wait!

As for that mysterious Footprint message Bey posted last week--World Humanitarian Day (August 19th) is upon us.  And Beyonce has taken on the role of rounding up as many people as possible to do something small for someone else.  She posted a message to her site (above) this morning explaining what you can do to participate.  It requires logging on to the WHD site and showing your support, plus sharing how you will help someone.  All messages will be shared worldwide on August 19th, and your "footprint" will be left.

She's also going to release a new special video in accordanc with her song "I Was Here."  It wil be filmed in front of the United Nations.






Beyonce, I really do love

Beyonce, I really do love your gesture and great benevolence because “We need more generous souls in the World” – Also, you really are a beautiful person inside, and out! – One more thing, do you have any idea why certain people are trying so hard to shut down this Social Network?
rebellious soul's picture

Waayy too soon for this Queen

Waayy too soon for this Queen Bee wait until you are at least 40.
Zanya's picture

Did Katy Perry or Justin

Did Katy Perry or Justin Beiber, who are BOTH younger than she is, wait until they were 40? NO! So, have a stadium full of seats and stfu.
Elle's picture

Look at that beautiful woman!

Look at that beautiful woman! Gah, she's gorgeous. I'm definitely hoping this is true about the documentary. Me and my girls will be THERE!
Elle's picture

That Nut Job looks exactly

That Nut Job looks exactly like her Nutty DingBat mother now (put the SAME Wig on them & they are identical) ................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Oh Lawd...Lolol..Anyhoo

Oh Lawd...Lolol..Anyhoo wonder how hot it will get in Kalamazoo today?
Like Really's picture

Haven't we seen this all from

Haven't we seen this all from her before? I'm not really seeing the point of the documentary other than self promotion, which is fine. But if you're self-promoting you need to have a product out there that benefits from it. Long story short, Bey needs to get back in the studio and start working on a new album. Then a documentary would make sense.
DesignDiva's picture

I love Beyonce and her killer

I love Beyonce and her killer presence on stage, she is the most talented female R&B artist out there (sorry Rihanna worshippers). I don't know people hate on her so much. She sings, dances, acts and is a hummantarian as well as a mother and wife. How many females in the music industry have only been linked to ONE man?? Exactly, unlike RiRitard slutty cajun a$$. The documentary will be interesting considering Bey is so private when it come to her personal life, unlike other celeb slores that beg for attention *cough* RiRitard *cough*
tori's picture

that money worshipping bimbo

that money worshipping bimbo can pay for her own self-promoting infomercial. she "wrote it (in crayon i'm sure), she produced it, and she's the star in it" <----- she smells herself 24/7 smh........................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Why spend your own millions,

Why spend your own millions, when you can use corporate Amerca's millions and have them do all of the work, while you get paid in return???? IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!!
tori's picture

yep.... and a Liquor, Booze,

yep.... and a Liquor, Booze, Alcohol Company is Sponsoring Jay-Z's upcoming Concert
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ethel, I am with you. I

Ethel, I am with you. I think she is a fabulous woman. I will be watching. As for lola69, becareful what you wish for. Maybe YOU or someone you love will die. You are a disgusting person. Actually, if you died, I doubt anyone would miss your ugly persona. Jealous bitch.
LBA1's picture

Thank God I live in a country

Thank God I live in a country with Freedom of speech. Ever heard of Irony, Satire then I again you would have to have gone to school and receive an education. You were having babies at age 13
lola69's picture

But neither of your comments

But neither of your comments contained satire or irony, so..........
VagabondSpirit's picture

Bitch please! Have only one

Bitch please! Have only one child and I have a few degrees AND a great job. Just jump on this site when I have some down time to check out the gossip and shyt. Satire my ass! Every time I come on here I see you hating on somebody. Anybody. Just as long as its negative. Every heard of karma?
LBA1's picture

I absolutely LOVE

I absolutely LOVE Beyonce....can't wait for the documentary.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

Didn't realize every Celeb

Didn't realize every Celeb had died but this bitch. Go the fuck away. you are not that spectacular. you got to the top shaking your ass and spreading your legs Eagle style. Die bithch Die.
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