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Bow Wow's BABY Mama's Sister ACCUSES Him Of Neglecting Daughter

The little sister of Bob Wow's baby mama has taken to Twitter to voice her frustration over the way Bow Wow doesn't actually father his child.  But likes to act like he does publicly. Deets inside..................

Najah Chavis. the little sister of Bow Wow's baby momma Joie Chavis, is accusing him of being a deadbeat.  She claims he's only seen his daughther a few times and don't provide for them with clothes, money. etc.

She revealed that Joie sends Bow Wow pics of the baby and he posts them (making it seem like he's a part of their lives).  She added that HER family is "holding down" her sister financially and in a number of other ways to fill his void.  She also called out Bo Wow's mom for allegedly only seeing her granddaughter 3 times.

See the tweets here:


Hmmm.............this sounds ike a messy situation that won't be going anywhere positive.  



This twitter crap is out of

This twitter crap is out of control.....I don't know anything that's going on in this man's life and neither does anyone else but you can get on Twitter and defame a person's character and its treated like the gospel truth-huh? She isn't even the damn mother of the child!! WTF!!!!
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The only person I feel for is

The only person I feel for is this sweet adorable lil girl that was plucked out of obscurity by a groupie hoping to set herself up for life by trapping some celebrity into getting her pregnant.
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I don't feel sorry for Bow

I don't feel sorry for Bow Wow for impregnating Ms. Joie and I don't feel sorry for Ms. Joie not having Bow Wow in her daughter's life. That's the chance you take when you have unprotected sex, if they had unprotected sex. My thing is why do people think the worst thing that can happen if you have unprotected sex is a pregnancy? I personally would be more concerned about contracting that House In Virginia. Real Talk!
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If the mother of the child is

If the mother of the child is not telling the story then neither should the aunt. She said that she didnt care of her sister got mad at her for exposing Bow Wow but I'm hoping that she didnt right a check that neither her ass or her heart cant cash if her sister decides to lash out at her. Would this all have been worth it for your five minutes of fame?!?! And if he is not providing financial support on his own that is what courts are for not twitter.
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Bow Wow should have stayed

Bow Wow should have stayed with Miss Dade or Angela, real chicks from real families. He also should have stayed with JD's management. Be your $ucking real self Bow. (Columbus Ohio)
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This heifer and a child

This heifer and a child hoping a man will stay with her but that clearly back fired now the fools trying to embarras bow wow and his mother. This is rampant in the black community, black women having kids in hopes of men staying with them. The key to the story is stop having all these bastard babies to keep a man!!!!!!!
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Welp that's wat happens when

Welp that's wat happens when you use ur coochie like a check cashing place & think getting pregnant is a retirement fund. Yea he should take care of his kid & do the responsible thing but he's like 12 and a rapper- can't have too many expectations for a dude like that. Things happen & pregnancies can happen by surprise, but if you & your husband or longterm signigicant other wind up pregnant that isn't so careless as ur one night stand getting knocked up. Be for real as a woman we know how to protect & take care of ourselves, she knew better than to let than man go up in her & funky spunk up her twat but she was hoping to get knocked up to cash out.... Guess you got that raw dog and a raw deal... Hes a sleaze bucket for sure for being a deadbeat but she's just as sleazy for trying to make that one nite a win for life. When he was pussyfooting around acknowledging the baby you should have known that gig was up. But now you got yhat baby, however trifling you did makes no sense being bitter & trying to publicly humiliate someone who you could have never expected much from in the first place. Get a job two if necessary tell ur sister to mind her business and keep her legs closed. Don't go forcing babies on dudes trying to turn a bedroom scheme into some kind of pic perfect family... And bow wow is & always was a loser, no sensible woman would plan to have his child I don't care wat he said he would give or do for you... A promise is a comfort to a fool. You were the dummy to believe and not protect ursrlf
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he probably got a new cd or

he probably got a new cd or mixtape coming out...

His last CD sold 100

His last CD sold 100 copies...these girls need to really see how much money these rappers got in the bank before they go producing kids. A lot of these guys are fronting with rented cars and loaned clothes and mortgaged houses. They have very little in actual income coming in. She thought she hit the jack pot and now she ain't gettin jack...its just not enough money.
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so....why did she feel the

so....why did she feel the need to air this all out on twitter? smh
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Damn shorty. I aint read'n

Damn shorty. I aint read'n all that bull shit...
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me either...3 tweets is

me either...3 tweets is enough...

Boycott NBC <--- "No Black

Boycott NBC <--- "No Black Chix" <--- for waiting till MIDNITE to show Gabby's Win (If this was a JEW BITCH,, they'd show it during PRIMETIME!!!!!!!!) FUCK NBC <------- JEW Controlled TV Station !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Just Put His Ass On "Child

Just Put His Ass On "Child Support" and be done with it Thats what your Family wants Anyway.. And Stop trying to make People feel sorry for your SISTER she put herself in this Position by being a HOE!
REd™'s picture

If you man enough to make it,

If you man enough to make it, be man enough to take care of it!

People keep your family drama

People keep your family drama off of twitter!! Let's remember it is three sides to every story; her's , his and the TRUTH!!!

Sad if this is true! He

Sad if this is true! He should be shame not being a part of this beautiful childs life. This should serve as a call for young women, be careful who you procreate with. Its not always as great as it seems to have a child with a star (singer, athlete, actor ect..). Sometimes are young women wear this as a badge of honor! This is nothing to be proud of !!! SMH

So.... tacky smh

So.... tacky smh
Kara's picture

Don't believe in this because

Don't believe in this because this might not be true

My boyfriend said it best and

My boyfriend said it best and will tell you that shes not the kind've woman you want to have kids with. Shes the girl you go to the club w/ and brag to your friends that you slept with. Bow has Angela Simmons who comes from a 2 parent household, has a business and can be sexy without trying to hard. Mrs Joie is naked begging for attention and seems to not have alot of morals. Angela on the other hand does have morals. IDK... This is just how my boyfriend broke the situation down...

So your bf thinks it's cool

So your bf thinks it's cool to smash a girl he meets in the club without protection??? Ummmm.....ok. Angela was born with a silver spoon stuck up her a$$ and dropped out of college to "design" snickerdoodle and strawberry shortcake shoes that no one over the age of 6 find cute. Joie is a glamour "model" and she gets paid to have her picture taken in lingerie or a bikini. Angela on the other hand goes to the beach every chance she gets (because she doesn't really work) and pays to get photo'd in a too small/too tight bikini by the paparazzi she calls to show up 15 mins before she gets there.
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thank you!

thank you!
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@Tori, bitch do you have one

@Tori, bitch do you have one kind word to say about anyone......damn your mama should have swallow that gizzz . You are such a waste of skin and hair........I swear you must be terminally ill to have so much venom and hate in that wiry lil body of yours....... U my dear is the douche-bag and attention whore of the year hands down.
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Ok you worthless piece of

Ok you worthless piece of $hit, if I am "such a waste" why must you follow me on this site and comment on MY comments. I really try ignoring your dumba$$ because you are DEAD, at least to me, and addressing you only makes ME look pressed. You are the cancerous disease infecting this site with your asinine comments. I say plenty of nice things, just not about that cajun devil you wish you were screwing the way you defend her. I don't swing that way so please keep my name out your mouth!! There are hundreds of people that comment on this site, STALK one of their a$$es because you are looking more pathetic than you probably do in your real life, trying to come for me. Bumb b!tch of the year award goes to you boo. *drops mic, exit stage*
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@Tori, round of applause for

@Tori, round of applause for the douche bag of the year. You just said a whole lot of nothing, bitch you cant help responding its just your need for attention. And bitch just like you can get on here and spew hate and shade to celebs that you dont know I can and will certainly do the same to a nobody like you that I dont know. If you cant take it dont give it. I will keep commenting and criticizing you the same that you do to others, just to show you how annoying and self righteous your ass is. And for the record I defend all celebs that you disrespect, Kelly Rowland, and I am sure this post is about Angela Simmons , so STFU. You will of course have to mention Rihanna because she is your jealous obsession, You will never have her life and will forever be relegated to a life on a blog talking shit all day every day. You my dear epitomes the word LOSER. Funny enough no one thinks that you are funny, you laugh at your own dumb asss comments. People.... this is what happens when cousins have kids together. Bitch, class is over. Good day!
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Sista Sista Sista!!!Why can't

Sista Sista Sista!!!Why can't you black women get along??lol You black women are so divided but when its time to hate on black skin , hair texture, black men, black children and so on then thats when u black women are uniteddd lol. CUT ALL THE CURSING OUT SISTA, THIS IS TO BOTH OF YOUUUUU.
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Like I would take advise from

Like I would take advise from a self hating black man full of shit. Have a seat Uncle Tom.
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First of all I am not your

First of all I am not your "sista" or even a sista for that matter, I am 100% latina. Secondly, that h*e stay spewing racist epithets reguarding my heritage, I try to ignore her but every time I post a comment she comes around having to put her 2 cents in like she is relevant . As far as cursing goes, I am GROWN!! Judging by your comments you are a self hating bitter black man so you have no room to talk. Both of you need to have a seat and get ya life.
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So why do you live on this blog and not Latina.com?? Your azz is clearly BLACK yet you are one of the typical self hating dark latinos that want to claim that latina shit real hard like people can't see your black azz clearly has African genes. Girl sit down and I'm glad you have revealed yourself. I knew you had too much mouth on here about everything for a reason.
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Well my dear if you read my

Well my dear if you read my comments you would know that I been said that I am half cuban and half dominican, therefore I rep my african genes as part of my heritage but I identify myself as latina you dunb fuq, you and Kai should start your own "KKK" blog because you'll seem hatin a$$ ugly b!tches!!
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Your self hating black azz is

Your self hating black azz is dumb as fugg. You can always tell when a hit dog is hollering. The first thing they start doing is screaming you ugly and hating. When they can't go with anything else they go straight 1st grade on ya azz. LOL!!!! Bye Negroe!
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You are a nasty NIGGER, and I

You are a nasty NIGGER, and I mean that not as a racial epithet, but the actual definition..an IGNORANT person. I get you are upset about being black but why call me a negro, I'm not African American idiot.. stay in school b!tch, education is fundamental.
tori's picture

Sorry I'mma go with Angela's

Sorry I'mma go with Angela's life/choices. She is far more grounded that this babymama. You might not like her shoe line or that she vacations alot but I tell you what, I bet 90% of the world would take her life.
Keys's picture

I wouldn't say Ang is more

I wouldn't say Ang is more grounded. Do you remember a few years ago when she dated that professional skateborder Terry "TK" Kennedy?? Well when things ended she blasted him saying they broke up because she didn't give up the goods and wanted to wait until marriage *side eye*. He denied her accusations, but she stuck to that story and would tell it to anyone that would listen. Joie hasn't even spoke about Bow Wow pulling a "Scrappuh" and not taking care of his kid. So she actually seems to be more grounded and mature dealing with the situation. She most likely doesn't even need/want support from Bow Wow, just for him to see his kid and be part of her life, which is probably the reason she didn't go through the courts, cause then all he would have to do is send money and not see the baby. There are actually women out there not always looking for a hand out after getting pregnant by a celeb. She may be classified as a groupie but she seems to be one cut from a different cloth.
tori's picture

Wow, lil sis taking a page

Wow, lil sis taking a page right out of Paris' "Put Family Biz on Blast" handbook via twitter. Though I understand where she is coming from, all those tweets do is make her aswell as her sister look thirsty. All Joie need to do is get the courts involved. But then again Bow Wow probably hit her with the "You going to look out for me on that child support paperwork?" line and her dumba$$ probably said yeah and she STILL waiting on her lumpsum. #wrapitup
tori's picture

I can believe Bow Wow and his

I can believe Bow Wow and his mama do all that grandstanding for show. Teresa is notorious for it. However that little sister of the BM was totally out of line for putting all that on Twitter. That is the most immature way to deal with neglect issues. You stand in front of a judge or lawyer not a computer to straighten that out.
Keys's picture

I would have to go drop that

I would have to go drop that mutant off at the Fire Station (and start my life over again) ....................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Damn It Just Boggles My Mind

Damn It Just Boggles My Mind That People Take To The Social Media To Put People Bidness On Blast. Lil Sista Needs to Saddown Somewhere. Thats Tween Bow And His Babies Mother. If He Is Not Manning Up To His Responsibilities, That's What Family Courts Are For.
Keyths&#039;Girl's picture

Holy Christ !!!!!! just look

Holy Christ !!!!!! just look at her.....I'd run to the arms of a beautiful goldilocks woman and have an attractive interracial Princess...............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

lol smh

lol smh
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