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Lance Gross, Jesse Williams AND Tristan Wilds PARTY IN UP In Los Angeles

Lance Gross was among the celebs partying with Hennessey in LA recently.  See pics of him, Tristan Wilds, Santigold, Jesse Williams and more inside.....

Last night, singer Wynter Gordon (shown with cutie Tristan Wilds) helped Hennessy unveil a limited edition bottle at Milk Studios Hollywood, California.   Interesting outfit.

Rapper Bun B made an appearance.

The ever-ecelctic Santigold performed at the event.  Loves her.

Jesse Williams of "Grey's Anatomy" was there looking yummy as all hell.

Funnyman Affion Crockett walked the black carpet.   He's been actively promoting his new comedy album ‘Watch the Clone.’

Also, actor Damien Dante Wayans supported the launch.  He currently working on a new show for BET called Second Generation, a comedy with Craig Wayans.


Photos via WENN/Toy




Oooh Lance ;D

Oooh Lance ;D
C2C's picture

Black people love them some

Black people love them some Hennessy lol, that damn brown juice, I ain't mad, 'Ye should have been there. Santigold looks like she pregamed on the ride to the event and Affion Crockettlooks like how Nick Cannon would look if he didn't take care of his health condition.
tori's picture

Santigold looks a fucking

Santigold looks a fucking MESS and Damien Dante Wayans is full of ZEST! #ijs
SkeeWee's picture

How you going to wear a Run

How you going to wear a Run DMC shirt with Nikes! LOL MY ADIDAS!!
srenitamoore's picture

Lance Gross is not my cup of

Lance Gross is not my cup of tea....not a bad looking brother. Santigold is pretty. I love her name and would like to hear some of her music. On another note, Gabby Douglas JUST WON GOLD!!!!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOOO PROUD OF THIS YOUNG SISTA!!! SHE JUST MADE HISTORY!!!!
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

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