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TAKE IT TO THE STRIP CLUB: Rick Ross' BOOTY-FUL Album Release Party At Perfections

What's a man to do once he's making loads of cash off his newest album?  Drop it on some strippers of course.  Check out video footage of Rick Ross, Wale, MMG, and Khaled doing what they do best at Perfections Strip Club last night celebrating the God Forgives, I Don't album release...

Over in Queens last night, cash was falling from the sky as the Maybach Music boys dropped their stacks on the booty poppin' strippers below.

Not even sure we want to know how Wale found this wig on the stripper floor.  Anywho, peep the footage below from the album release party if you're interested:

Boys will be boys.





Like really really Ricky...

Like really really Ricky... Bahawaa...yea Big Boi stop Ctfu!!
Like Really's picture

I'm curious, when you have a

I'm curious, when you have a bunch of strippers on stage and there's a bunch of money on stage and money being thrown at them..............who gets the money? Do they split it?
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Ultimately their loser

Ultimately their loser boyfriends end up with the money then blow it on weed and Xbox games.
DevTeam's picture

I would think so ~ otherwise

I would think so ~ otherwise it would be one hell of a cat fight.
GetUrLife's picture

I would like to know what

I would like to know what fool is letting that big grizzly bear bust all in her raw. Naaaaaasty. If child support is what she's looking for ~ take note from the previous baby mama ~ the only pay you'll be receiving is a reality check.
GetUrLife's picture

Ricky Roses and DJ Khaled

Ricky Roses and DJ Khaled look like the type of dudes to order chicken wings in the strip club..NASTY!!! He might want to save some of those $100 bills for his "alleged" soon-to-be baby mama Sheneka Adams.
tori's picture

That Fat Ass NEEDS Strippers

That Fat Ass NEEDS Strippers
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

shoot they need to meet a

shoot they need to meet a bunch of hard working single moms picking up their kids from daycare after work. we can put that money to good use....lol. just hating but hey, at least officer Ricky didnt have a seizure from all that ass bouncing before his eyes.
shuga's picture

ok...no thanks.

ok...no thanks.
Ethel Loves Cornbread's picture

Lol...seeing ur comment (the

Lol...seeing ur comment (the only one) was hilarious...
Tash's picture

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