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K. Michelle TELLS ALL To The Breakfast Club About Her Abuse From Memphitz, DISLIKING Toya Wright & Her ANGER ISSUES

K. Michelle stopped by NYC's Power 105 to give vivid details about her physical fights with Memphitz, her issues with Toya Wright and her own anger problems. Yeah, she threatens co-star Karlie Redd some more too. Listen inside....


"Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" star K. Michelle chatted it up with Power 105 1's "The Breakfast Club" this morning where she spoke in detail on Memphitz beating her up. 

Describing herself as "When keeping it real goes wrong" she admits that Memphitz has some temper issues and sometimes things she "said" would set him off.  She admits that she was arguing with him when he snapped, BUT he hit her first. During the fight, she says he smothered her twice as she tried to flee and she ended up with carpet burns on her body and badly bruised.  And at one point, before they finally cut ties from each other, she says he threatened to kill her son!

When it came to Toya Wright, she said, "It's ok to be ride or die for your man, but know what you are riding for."  She says that Toya was not around during her relationship with Memphitz and shouldn't have opinions about situations she wasn't involved in. She added that Toya needs to mind her business.

K. Michelle went in abouther co-star she recently had a table shaking feud with on LAHHA. She said she could indeed beat Karlie Redd in a fight and really dislikes her because she is "messy."  On her other co-stars, she didn't have anything negative to say about Stevie J or Joseline, but revealed she has no interest in working on music with them.  

K was very open about her anger issues and personal problems and said she knew she was holding herself back at times. However, she is taking her first music label meeting in NYC this week!

She then talked about her close relationship with R. Kelly and said his interest in her was another thing that pushed Memphitz over the edge.  According to K. Michelle, Memphitz felt like R. was trying to steal his artist.


Listen to the interview here:




People kill me. First

People kill me. First Kmichelle never told who it was that hit her. Memphitz came out publicly denying it first and then she put him on blast. If u didn't do anything why defend yourself. On top of that alot of females in domestic violence situations do not report there abuser because they love them (well think they love them). Most times when men are abusive it comes on after you have fallen in love so you get confused and plus like she said she did't want to get him in trouble. I believe her and toya is dumb just because he have not hit her yet don't mean he won't on top of that you don't know what happen in there relationship. He was probably going thru something then that he is not going thru now and that's probably why he snap.
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I knew about Memphitz beating

I knew about Memphitz beating up K. Michelle for about 2 years now and I'm very happy she is talking about it publicly. People are so quick to say that shes doing this to boost her career and for attention. Regardless of what shes doing it for, shes has every right to talk about it because shes the one who had to go through the beating.

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Since she's so open about

Since she's so open about this and about that.....come clean HO about ur fake booty. Stupid a$$ trick.
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I didn't even know that much

I didn't even know that much about K Michelle until this show, but I knew about Toya and Memphitz and always thought they were nice people. Therefore my opinion isn't biased when I say that I believe K Michelle and I believe Memphitz assaulted this woman. Everyone has a past, some are even ashamed of their past, so I don't doubt that this is a situation that Memphitz is ashamed of getting out. Memphitz could lose everything (wife, business endeavors,etc) if these claims are validated. Clearly K Michelle has the proof or they wouldn't have let him go from the record company. If you're deranged enough to threaten someone's kid then there's no doubt you are probably violent. I think it's ignorant how people keep mentioning there's no police report because most women don't report their abusers. Chris Brown had been beating Rihanna way before that night before the grammy's and had Rihanna not been convinced by her mother to finally report it people still wouldn't know about it. K Michelle had the chance to report Memphitz but like she said, she didn't want to ruin Memphitz's career. It wasn't until he threatened her child that she did something about it. Despite what people think about her she isn't lying about this situation. If anything she's brave for finally coming forward. Seriously what woman would lie about being beat up by Memphitz (he's no Jay- Z or Diddy) even if she was jealous of his relationship? What would she gain from that? If she was really lying why hasn't Memphitz filed a defamation of character suit against her, just think about that? I like Toya but she may be in for quite a surprise where Memphitz is concerned.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Most people aren't disputing

Most people aren't disputing the authenticity of her allegations, just the motives behind her bringing them up NOW. K. Michelle could have spoke out against what MempIHITZWOMEN did to her years ago. If she was worried about his reputation back then, why isn't she worried about it now?? Could it be the fact that he has moved on and is happily married, because last episode she talked about how hard it was finding Mr. RIGHT (WRIGHT??). If her music and her career is her main focus, she needs to stop talking about that situation and focus on where she is in life now. If she continues to bring up her ex, she will always get asked questions about him and no one will care about her music. She can only ride that victim MARTA train for so long before its time for her to decide where it is she is going in life. She can get off and put the past in the past or she can keep what happened to her on constant loop and not make any progress and stay bitter. Trust me, this is not hurting Toya or MempIHITZWOMEN because they are handeling this as a united front. She is going off on everybody, looking crazy yet again. She is mentally unstable in my opinion but then again, I'm no doctor.
tori's picture

I think the reason she's

I think the reason she's bringing it up now is because she has a platform (the show) to do so. I think she would have let it go had things not turned out so bad for her career (she wanted people to sympathize with her story). I honestly believe she's like f**k it because of the situation he put her in. He beat her up (she was willing to let go), then he tried to jeopardize her career when she tried to work with R Kelly, he threatened her son (I would have had that nigga killed if he threatened my seed), etc. I mean seriously wouldn't you be a lil crazy if some dude put you through all that? It's the oldest trick in the book, where men call women "crazy" but forget what they did to make them that way. I agree she shouldn't continue to bring it up if she wants to move on with her life, but she does have the right to tell her story at least once. Rihanna does that to CB too. She claims she forgave him but every time she has a new project coming out she conveniently does an interview to talk about her abusive situation. So yeah K Michelle should tell her story but not use it to her advantage when it's convenient, because that to me is WRONG!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This story is not old nor is

This story is not old nor is she lying about ANYTHING, i'm from Memphis and I knew about it when it happened for those who think it is made up!


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I watched the interview and

I watched the interview and one thing is true K. Michelle now has a platform to explain what happened in her relationship and the record deal.. What is eye opening is she was able to prove with the text message what she was dealing with Memhitz. I think those TEXT mess did not scream professional and gave a look at the personal relationship.. She had proof and it worked for her... I wish her much success.. She as a right to tell her story and ride that train as long as she sees fit...Her past should be swept under rug so HIS dirt.... As far as Toya and her husband I hope he does not go off on her ...physical and mental look different but that have the same results.. A man/woman should not hit their partners physically attacked a person is ALWAYS the wrong response.. Self Defense not included..
lovinmyheels's picture

The more she talks about this

The more she talks about this situation the more I'm convinced she needs therapy to get past this. The man has moved on, gotten married and she's still telling the same story. Sweetie put it in song ala Adele. That is the best revenge. But I don't think she's smart enough to know how to turn lemons into lemonade. She has the voice but obviously not the business savvy. Secondly, she's all over the place with her look, one day short hair, red/black hair, blonde hair, long hair..it's hard to identify with and artist that's still finding themself. Also the name K Michelle does not resonate. We already have Chrysette Michele. Get something else. Who is managing this poor child! Secondly "Toya needs to mind her business" Umm, Memphiz is her business, that's her HUSBAND. Just shows how immature K Michelle is.
PacificGirl's picture

There is something about her

There is something about her that is personable. And there is no doubt that she was blessed with the gift of song. As much as I do not care for the show nor the drama it entails, I believe she has the potential to be a great artist...IF she can surround herself with positive energy. As far as her (allegedly) abusive relationship with Memphitz in the past, I hope that it is one chapter in her life that she can now bring to a close in hopes of moving forward, focusing on her family life and her music career.
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

I don't know what happened

I don't know what happened between K. Michelle and Memphitz, and I won’t speculate or judge. But, to my knowledge, there is no/are no police report(s) documenting her experiences of abuse. (I'm not completely sure if charges were filed or not, but I haven't seen any.) I don't understand why she would put out such a serious and damaging allegation like domestic abuse on national, cable television without following any legal protocol to have him charged and tried for his alleged crime against her. Does anyone on here know if she ever said anything about pressing/dropping charges against him?
Jay from the D's picture

She's stated in the interview

She's stated in the interview that she did not file charges against Memphitz because she loved him and did not wish for him to have any legal trouble. As strange as it sounds, it is not an uncommon thing for victims of abuse to do. However, she DID keep record of all of the threats he (allegedly) made toward her via text messages and this is what both she and her lawyer used to get her out of contracts with her (and his) record company at the time.
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

You didn't listen to the

You didn't listen to the interview. She mentions why she didn't press charges in the interview. I'm from the D too Jay!
Miss T's picture

No I have not listened to the

No I have not listened to the interview (yet). I read the article, though. Which D, though? Detroit or Dallas?
Jay from the D's picture

I'm from the D that's so

I'm from the D that's so cold...................................:-)
Miss T's picture

her and Olivia have a lot in

her and Olivia have a lot in common as far as being able to sing but having an attitude that turns people off. you have to have star quality in addition to talent.
shuga's picture

Bottom line is K. Michelle

Bottom line is K. Michelle has a hellva voice and if I was her I would be focusing 100% on my career and not even looking back....it seems she is kinda stuck or using that episode in her life to create publicity and stay relevant...Girl stay on the MIC and keep you eyes on the prize...
lifeisgood's picture

She didn't bring it up, they

She didn't bring it up, they asked and she answered. BTW, I totally agree with what she said about Toya. Not once did she bash Toya she just told her story so Toya didn't have to go there with her. Your husband may be a wonderful husband and father but he has a past and unfortunately it was put out for the world to see because they are celebrities (I use that term loosely, lol). She should have just stayed quiet and let her husband handle that.
Miss T's picture

No, Miss T. This is your

No, Miss T. This is your opinion and you are entitled to it lets get that clear. But the FACTS are that no one new of this "alleged" abuse. Not even the police. FACT. Now this "alleged" abuse didnt come out while Toya was on the Tiny and Toya show, OR when Toya had her own reality show. FACT! K. Michelle's "alleged" abuse came when she signed the papers to do the show and other than her music she had NOTHING else to talk about. Several years you had the platform to talk about this"alleged" abuse. Toya has every right to be upset about this mess K. Michelle is talking about. Every RIGHT.
toomuch's picture

Point well taken. Timing is

Point well taken. Timing is everything, and as a matter of fact, it does appear as though she has garnered more publicity outside of the show as a result of the allegations made against Memphitz. The question is....would it have made a difference had she come forward sooner? Even if she had stated these things while Toya Wright were featured on either reality show, she still would have been condemned (if not condemned even more). Everyone would be calling her thirsty, irrelevant, a liar...basically the same exact things they are saying about her to date. I do not know what transpired between her and Memphitz, but, I will say that even in the event that abuse did take place, it would be illogical to expect Memphitz's wife to stay mum on the matter. They are a married couple and what affects him can and will affect her (Toya), equally. One can only expect a wife to defend her 'doting' husband to no end. Problem is, this matter was made public before it was addressed in private. If there were a possibility that this would be made known, it should have been discussed off camera, first. I cannot think of a better platform to discuss domestic violence, but I am pretty sure a television network like VH1 is not one of them!
ParadigmN.Paradise's picture

You are right. I agree with

You are right. I agree with everything you just said. However this may seem a little harsh and unsympatheic. But my point is, if K. Michelle didnt say anything after the fact and only used the saved text messages to get out of a contract. Why tell the story now? You say you loved him and didnt want him to go to jail THEN. But, NOW you tell the story when it may benefit you with the show. Its still kinda childish. If your going to tell the story in benefit, tell it to educate young women dating abusive men in the industry. Not because you want to boost your career and get exposer. Thats why I would be mad if "I" were Toya. Thats why it would seem like a crock of shit. But like I said I do agree with you as well.
toomuch's picture

I totally agree with you

I totally agree with you "toomuch". The possible fallout that Memphitz may experience because of these allegations affects Toya's household, now that Toya is his wife. So she has every right to be upset, because it affects her pockets and her image too. When a woman dates and/or marries someone who is known as an abuser of woman, it makes the woman look just as bad (in my opinion). Toya probably only knows the side of the story as told by Memphitz, and she may be missing some of the details. However, Toya’s life is still caught up in this mess. So, she has every right to do what’s in the best interest of her family/household regardless if Memphitz is right or wrong.
Jay from the D's picture

How do you know that "no one

How do you know that "no one (k)new of this alleged abuse"? Perhaps K. Michelle's friends, family, and those in her and Memphitz' inner circle knew. Just because she didn't have a reality show contract back then giving her a platform to broadcast it doesn't mean she never spoke about it before now. And what do Toya's reality shows have to do with anything? It's not about her. I really could care less about K. Michelle, Memphitz or Toya. Not a fan of ANY of them. But it bothers me when spectators (you and everyone else who wasn't there) can FACTually claim that K. Michelle, the alleged victim, is crying wolf. YOU DON'T KNOW.
Anonymous10's picture

Why would it come out on Tiny

Why would it come out on Tiny and Toya's show? Why would Toya say her husband allegedly beat up some woman on her show? I wouldn't bring that up about my husband if I had a show, that's ludicrous. Someone asked her about it on the show, she didn't even mention his name and she has talked about it before the show. And it's no one k-n-e-w. I know correcting spelling and grammar on a blog is petty, but it's just a pet peeve of mine. I always correct misspelled words. I'm not trying to be mean or funny. Anywho, she never directed any negative comments towards Toya so Toya should have just let her husband handle that. Let's be honest, men lie and who knows what he is telling Toya. but my thing is this, you and he are married now, he may have done some things in the past, but as long as he treats you and yours right, leave that mess alone. Toya is on instagram everyday trying to prove to the world that her husband is this perfect guy since that happened.
Miss T's picture

Really? Because I left off

Really? Because I left off the K in knew? Yes, its petty. Apparently you "knew" what I meant (I made such I type that word slow just for you :) ). However, timing is everything. Whats the difference between then and now for talking about the abuse? Whats the reason again you didnt call the police? So whats the reason now you are telling America? Point! I would be to doing pr work to save my husbands image. Why NOBODY wants to sign you? Maybe they let your crazy azz out your contract for you to be own your way. Because if it was like really K Michelle says someone would have empathy and draw up papers for your voice. However, it aint her voice, its the craziness the dont want to deal with.
toomuch's picture

Seriously, stop giving that

Seriously, stop giving that man all this air time. He wasnt even mentioned in the media until she bought his name up! And U cant expect to go on a woman's husband and she not comment--let's be real!
BooLuv's picture

Not that my friend is the

Not that my friend is the TRUTH!!!!
toomuch's picture

ive had some terrible exes

ive had some terrible exes but if I ever get interviewed about anything regarding ME, best believe them ninjas wont be getting any air time. let the interviews remain about you and dont get baited into talking about the next fool.
shuga's picture

How dare Freddy K. Michelle

How dare Freddy K. Michelle call anyone "messy", she is the QUEEN of messy. NO MAN SHOULD EVER PUT THEIR HANDS ON A FEMALE, but all the sh*t she be talking makes her an easy target. MephIHITZWOMEN, is a married man and if she is really trying to get her music career poppin, she needs to leave their relationship and what transpired in the past, and move on. Not that domestic abuse should be taken lightly but if he did everything she say he did she should have pressed charges, then sued his a$$, not wait until she is part of a reality show and throw around unproven allegations. If I were a man in the music industry I wouldn't want to work with her loud ghetto a$$. I love how Charlamagne said that her and Karlie Redd were basically arguing about who was more "less relevant" lmao #DEAD
tori's picture

So true!

So true!
toomuch's picture

i agree with you!

i agree with you!
diamond2012's picture

Ok, K. Michelle, how about

Ok, K. Michelle, how about you keep Memphitz & Toya out of your mouth and focus on the music? Please don't be like Mary J. who kept making music about k-ci. And quit blaming Memphis, TN for the reason why you like to fight, etc.
MEthatswho's picture

Anger = Good Soulful Music

Anger = Good Soulful Music (See: Mary J. Blige)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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