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Dwyane Wade & Gabby GET ROMANTIC In St. Tropez

Seems like everybody is making an Italian & French Riveria yacht trip this summer.  Miami Heat champ Dwyane Wade took his gorgeous girlfriend Gabrielle Union on a luxe coastal vacay to Portofino, Italy this week.  And they also rolled to St. Tropez before heading to London later this week.


Pics of their romantic vacay inside...

Gabby & Mr. Wade were spotted walking the beach at Club 55 in St. Tropez yesterday:

They hit the beach, grabbed some lunch and took a small boat back to their yacht.

A few days ago, the twosome Instagramed their time in Portofino, Italy while kissing and hugging and loving it up:

Gabby also snapped a sexy shower pic from the yacht and Tweeted to Rihanna that she made it look so easy.

The twosome dined with the owner of the Miami Heat & CEO of Carnival Cruise Lines Micky Arison and his wife.

Fab dinner time with friends and fans they met along the way.

Ha!  Dwyane and that watermelon....

Fab times indeed.

Pics: Bauer Griffin/Instagram



First, comes the Romance, and

First, comes the Romance, and then comes Marriage! -- Ahh! … Italy is such a lovely place, and the Language of Italy, is the Most Beautiful Language in the World! … I bet it was very romantic!
rebellious soul's picture

Thanks DesignDiva for knowing

Thanks DesignDiva for knowing and making sense. . . As for those who had to ask ~ I Really doubt you know anything about the black stereotypes in history. For those who don't know ~going searching/"cooning" for watermelons is where the term "coon" came from . . . (smh ~ not interested in giving Free history lessons). For the record ~ as if it matters ~ I order grape soda with my Chinese food (AND ?¿?!!). I work in corporate America where I am literally the double minority ~ but you'll Never catch me eating no got damn watermelon publicly unless it's at a barbecue or in the presence of those who look like me. If you know and work in the corporate American environment ~ you'll know what I'm talking about. Otherwise, have a seat ~ please feel free to take up the whole damn couch. And, FINALLY ~ this will be the last time I will acknowledge or address Anything [Let's get it poppin] and/or [LetsGetIt] says because I Do Not suffer fools. A picture says a thousand words bruh ~ Uncle Ruckus aka Graham Cracker is the most ignorant a$$, shucking and jiving, hating black people, minstrel side show jigga on the Boondocks and as far as I know ~ the world. Nuff said.
GetUrLife's picture

At first I was really against

At first I was really against these two because he was married when they got together, but they are really cute together and seem to be such a "down-to-earth" couple, despite their celebrity. Gotta love em.
tori's picture

Hey shout out to Ms. Rice and

Hey shout out to Ms. Rice and Beans. How you doooooooooooing?
Kai's picture

Gabby Union is not Fab. she

Gabby Union is not Fab. she is what she is a homewrecking whore who cannot survive of her lame ass acting career so she needs a baller to support her. she is one check away from Food stamps. No one is checking for this dark greasy ass ho.
lola69's picture

Tell us how you really feel,

Tell us how you really feel, lol!
Miss T's picture

Whoppi Goldberg, "There are

Whoppi Goldberg, "There are two things I will not be seen eating in public, fried chicken and watermelon." Well Whoopi: 2 things I don't do is go out in public with fked up grill and hair, looking like a man but DO YOU!. GTFOH.
PacificGirl's picture

Who cares how she looks!

Who cares how she looks! That's our problem as a race...we're more concerned about how people look than WHAT people are doing. Whoppi has paper. Where is yours? She made that statement because she said she is aware of the stereotypes that have been used against black people and because she is a famous black woman, she doesn't want to do anything to further negative stereotypes. The next time you go to a nice restaurant and they seat you in the back next to the bathroom and offer you the fried chicken because "they know you'll like it", don't get mad boo boo.
DesignDiva's picture

You really have weakness

You really have weakness issues. Poor you. So because someone has "paper" he can do whatever he want??? you are on here arguing about a piece of food telling that it's lowering the black race to be seen eating it, but whoppi can go out looking like a garbage can and be praised because she has "paper"??? People like you are the rotten tomatoes of the black race because your values are low and superficial. I would rather be seen in public eating a piece of watermelon and fried chiken than with whoppi "garbage can" goldberg!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

You are sad and you really

You are sad and you really just don't get it. Furthermore, you apparently can't read. I NEVER said because Whoppi has paper she can do whatever she wants. I could make the same argument about DWayde, so that point doesn't even make sense with my argument. What I SAID (and I'm going to use small words so I don't lose you) is that Whoppi has money. She's already successful financially. That accomplishment outweighs her physical appearance. If WE as a race focused more on accomplishing financial goals instead of how we look, THEN we would be doing something great. Instead you have people like you whose hair is right and clothes are tight, but you have roaches. Why drive a beamer if you have roaches boo boo? Get your money right. THAT is my point. Secondly, it's not just about food, it's about ANYTHING that reflects poorly upon our race (calling women bitches, sagging your pants, using the N-word). But let me guess, people like you probably don't have a problem with that either. And this trifling heffa wants to call me sad. Trick, have a seat!
DesignDiva's picture

Who cares?

Who cares?
stepup2's picture

Are people really tripping

Are people really tripping about a picture with him eating watermelon? This is just as bad as the hair thing with Gabby Douglas. I am a proud black woman and you know what, I LOVE chicken (watermelon not so much) and will proudly tell anybody and eat it every chance I get. Baked, fried, roasted, BBQ'd, however, lol!
Miss T's picture

I'm tripping about it. Why

I'm tripping about it. Why perpetuate the stereotype. You car eat a watermelon without having someone tale a picture and spread it all over the internet. I think we as black people are constantly unaware of the media war that we are in. Shows like Love and Hip Hop, Basketball Wives, Atlanta Housewives, etc are dominating the airwaves and people are laughing at our expense. They are no different that the minstrel shows of the 1900s that characterized us a monkeys in blackface. We call ourselves niggahs and think that the world is laughing with us when they are laughing at us. The world expects us to dance, coon, clown, sing and entertain and we are BETTER than that! We have to take our power back by being in control of our image.
DesignDiva's picture

Let me ask you something.

Let me ask you something. When a black person goes to the store and buys watermelon, are they supposed to hid it? What are we supposed to do? Do you buy chicken in the store? Do you buy BBQ? If so, do you sneak it as if you are ashamed of it? Are we supposed to be secretive worrying about what other's think? If you go around worrying about what other's think, you will be miserable. Do you, and quit allowing what other's think define who and what you are. Slavery ended years ago. YOU ARE FREE!
Sunflower Jones's picture

You need to understand that

You need to understand that racists are going to look down on black people regardless of what we do. What many of us need to do is to QUIT WORRYING ABOUT WHAT OTHERS THINK OF US. I'm sick and tired of this mentality! They are going to see us the way they choose because we are black. Period, end of story. It's not up to me/us to change, it's up to THEM TO CHANGE. I'm not responsible for their racist mentality. They even criticize Obama. That should tell you something. If the world looks at blacks as being buffoons, that's THEIR IGNORANCE. We know who we are, or we should know who we are. Sadly, many of us don't, thus we are always trying to hide who we are. BTW, doesn't it dawn on you that we are the most hated, yet the most imitated people on the planet. The things we look down upon are what's making other's money. We are the ORIGINAL kings and queens of the world. Many of us spend so much time worrying about what "they" think as if they are God. They aren't gods so quit acting like it. I get so angry at this mentality. Slavery ended long ago, yet many of our minds are still brainwashed and enslaved.
Sunflower Jones's picture

And do you think you're EVER

And do you think you're EVER going to see photos of Barack and Michelle chowing down on a fried chicken dinner and wrapping it up with watermelon for desert? You find me that photo and I'll shut the hell up. And why aren't you going to find that photo: Because they KNOW better! Barack understands that because of his influence/position, his image has power. He has to control that image. Likewise, DWayde should understand that as someone with influence, he should be in more control of the images of himself that he allows the world to see.
DesignDiva's picture

Who give a flying "f" if you

Who give a flying "f" if you see a picture of them doing that or not. So what? That's not the point. Obama is the PRESIDENT. D Wade is an ATHLETE. Girl, you need to loosen up because you are as tight as a virgin's vagina.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Girl, the point is that

Girl, the point is that they're never going to do it, picture or not. They can't get away with the same ratchet behavior that you can. But gone and get your 2-piece and a biscuit.
DesignDiva's picture

I agree with you TOTALLY, on

I agree with you TOTALLY, on all counts!
srenitamoore's picture

I agree with you about the

I agree with you about the reality shows, I do not and will not support them but it's just food! I cannot be held responsible for how people judge me based on stereotypes and I will be damned if I let other peoples beliefs stop me from living my life and eating what I like and taking pictures of me eating what I like. It's really not that deep. That is not coon behavior, Love and Hip Hop is coonish behavior. This is a non-issue. We need to get up in arms about all the killings and illiteracy in our community, not pictures of millionaires eating watermelon.
Miss T's picture

EXACTLY!!! Many of us, Miss

EXACTLY!!! Many of us, Miss T, are still mentally enslaved. It hurts my heart because many of us don't even know who we are, yet we are always bowing down to the beast called white supremacy.
Sunflower Jones's picture

CO-SIGN!!!!! There are so

CO-SIGN!!!!! There are so many more important issues to think about out there than tripping about someone eating watermelon. So people must stop eating fried chiken in public because some slave minded people are ashamed of their own culture??? This is the epitome of weakness!!!! It's just food. African american food at that. Coonish reality shows and food are two different thing.They can't be compared. People have to do better.
Let's get it poppin's picture

Get ready yall Ms Beans and

Get ready yall Ms Beans and Rice will soon appear on her broomstick with her daily rant and messages laced with negativity and a sprinkle of jealousy in 5,4,3,2,1.............here we go.
Kai's picture

Pwaaahhhaaaa! I love y'all!

Pwaaahhhaaaa! I love y'all! Make me **giggle** at work ... "ms beans and rice" hahahaha!
Likeagoodgirl's picture

Fabby Gabby Union....Fabby

Fabby Gabby Union....Fabby Gabby Douglas....True YBF'ers :) *eats seedless watermelon for brunch then folds arms*...............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Jesus, why did he tale a

Jesus, why did he tale a picture with that watermelon?!? To quote Whoppi Goldberg, "There are two things I will not be seen eating in public, fried chicken and watermelon." Why must we perpetuate these black stereotypes? I've lived and worked and Italy in the past and there are MANY exotic fruit options to sample besides watermelon.
DesignDiva's picture

People eat what they like.

People eat what they like. It's not that serious, lol. I can think of numerous other races of people who like watermelon just as much, if not more, than Black people.
blynne23's picture

Black americans can be so

Black americans can be so self hating and low! Fried chiken, watermelon or whatever it is, that is part of your culture. You need to accept it and be proud of it!! Have you ever seen or heard people of other race deny whatever is part of their culture(food, skin color, hair, history etc...)? NEVER!!!! On the contrary, whatever it may be, they celebrate it highly. But you slave minded people keep cursing yourselves everyday by denying what GOD made you and gave you. How do you expect to go forward with you being so weak??? You're such a sad people. What a pity!!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

When and how did watermelon

When and how did watermelon become a part of black culture??? So, what is cantelope, a part of white culture? Because I had that just as much if not more growing up. I love all melons but I do AGREE with killing stereotypes and not feeding into them.
srenitamoore's picture

EXACTLY. MY culture is rich

EXACTLY. MY culture is rich and diverse. I am the daughter of slaves who survived the greatest holocaust in the world. MY culture is prideful. MY culture includes the legacies of Martin Luther King, Sojouner Truth, and other powerful black leaders. MY culture does not have a DAMN thing to do with watermelon and fried chicken. And the reduce MY culture to that is to spit in the face of every black man and woman that came before you.
DesignDiva's picture

It has NOTHING to do with

It has NOTHING to do with being slave-minded and weak. On the contrary, it has to be with PRIDE. Black people have HISTORICALLY been the victims of ridicule for the sake of entertainment! The "Other" races you speak of have not. Sambo, Blackface, Minstrel Shows, The Happy-Go-Lucky-Darky, and Dandified Coon were racist devices employed by WHITE people against blacks to humiliate us and mock our culture and features. That has NOTHING to do with self-hatred. That wa imposed on us by other. You need to pick up and read a damn history book before you come at me spewing your foolishness. I KNOW my history. And as a person of color I understand my role in uplifting my race instead of doing things to denigrate it by perpetuating black stereotypes. Class dismissed!
DesignDiva's picture

Chile' we are a work in

Chile' we are a work in progress! Godspeed! Sidenote: I tell my co-workers to excuse me cause I'm having a total black moment when I break the Red Hot out my purse at my desk while eating my FRIED CHICKEN and drinking GRAPE Soda! Now I'll bring watermelon wedges for dessert! #ain'tashamedatallhoney!
Likeagoodgirl's picture

PREACH!!! Don't be ashamed

PREACH!!! Don't be ashamed mama!!! Do whatever you want with who you are and what GOD gave you.Never mind what white people or even slave minded people think or not. The white man is not your god. If you want to eat fried chiken and watermelon in public, do it! It's part of your culture. You need no permission or to go into hiding to do it!!!
Let's get it poppin's picture

Oh gosh ~ why'd they have to

Oh gosh ~ why'd they have to snap him eating watermelon ¿?
GetUrLife's picture

Why not???

Why not???
Let's get it poppin's picture

Must be nice....

Must be nice....
BooLuv's picture

Love them as a couple! Haters

Love them as a couple! Haters will always stay mad. LOL @ that little boy looking at gabby on the 3rd to last pic
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Something not quite right

Something not quite right with these 2. Body lanuage speaks volume. HMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

kind of confused by what you

kind of confused by what you mean. in every picture their body language screams attraction and affection for one another. They're always slightly hunched to lean towards one another; and not just hunching, they reach out too. They seem very happy and look to be enjoying their time together in every pic.
yonaton's picture

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