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JUST DOING HER: Rihanna Parties It Up In Barbados

Not feeling Rihanna's recent sexed up, smoked out, party hard image? She's run out of f**ks to give. According to Rih Rih, she's tired of portraying a particular image just to please others, so she's doing her.


Check out her pics of her partying it up back home in Barbados, and she responded to the NIVEA's parent company CEO's criticism of her image--even though she used to be a face of the company....

Rihanna's been back on her home island for several days partying with her bestie Melissa and friends and fam:

She wrote, "Us being us" and "me being me" while posting pics of her and Melissa scantily clad and smoking and drinking from a  pail at some island parties.


Rih & Melissa snapped pics with Capricorn who was there with them.

Rihanna signed a 1-year-deal last year with NIVEA Cosmetics Company (which she already completed her year-log responsibilities for) to be the face of their 100th anniversary year.  And even though she looked sweet and innocent in the adverts, the CEO said her deal should have been a no-go, based on her raunchy music and image.

Stefan Heidenreich, the new CEO of Nivea's parent company Beiersdorf told German newspaper Welt: "Rihanna is a no go.  I do not understand how to bring the core brand of Nivea in conjunction with Rihanna.  Nivea is a company which stands for trust, family and reliability."

Interestingly, in the midst posting all her party pics, Rih posted a pic of Mr. Heidenreich and said "No caption necessary":


Pics: Rihanna & Melissa's Instagram



Rihanna is a trouble soul. No

Rihanna is a trouble soul. No its not a good image for the young people that look up to her. No she might not of asked to be a role model but she's in the public eye everyday all day. Just tone it down...and take care of yourself!
Bmocareful's picture

Partying is one thing, you

Partying is one thing, you don't have to post pics of blunts and boonesfarm on your instagram. It hurts your corporate image. Smoke your weed in the bathroom away from cameras. The same way they never let the people see them snort cocaine or shoot heroin, certain things you can't do in public anymore. What these stars don't realize is money comes and goes. She needs to maximize all her potential now because her no singing ass won't be relevant in 10 years. She better learn to accept mainstream life and money cause a lot of so called "I'm doing me" athletes and stars end up broke.
The ZuluKing's picture

wow, people got real serious

wow, people got real serious on this topic. All I can say is, Rihanna's been through one helluva transition...
niicole's picture

Man she having a good ass

Man she having a good ass time!!! what yall talk'n bout!?
RO's picture

While I want to agree with

While I want to agree with the new CEO's sentiments. I will add, I do adore Wendy Williams, but she is endorsing your product with her filth mouth. That says a lot about the Nivea brand. If Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Charlie Sheen, etc. can endorse products that go against their image, why is Rihanna not capable. Hell, Kate Moss is still one of the highest paid models in the industry & we all know her current and past history.
marylou's picture

so true

so true

Riri needs help she is well

Riri needs help she is well on her way to becoming a broke alcoholic and that is not right.

um..where have you been

um..where have you been getting your sources..RiRI is on the top 5 of Forbes highest paid celebrities! The girl is worth $75 milli! @23 years of age and worth $75 milli, and more number ones and records sold than Beyonce...#thatswhyyoumad!
BEEMA's picture

Cheers to the fawkin weekend

Cheers to the fawkin weekend Rhianna, You made that money not them.......Imagine some latina will have to sell a whole lotta azz on the beach of LA Romana DR or Holguin Cuba and maybe even a couple of coconuts to make 1/4 of what you make....... Broke ass, dirty Spic ho's getting all butt hurt like its her life or money........
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Until ya BROKE, BURNT, GHETTO A$$ get an a avatar and show your DISGUSTING face, I will treat you just like your pic, a no faced GHOST!! It would take you chomping on a billion dirty di*ks to live RiRitards life, so instead you just try to live through her, how SAD. You must HATE Melissa for being around your IDOL everyday, you are such a PATHETIC, SKANK, LOSER, how about you leave ME alone and FIX YOUR LIFE, because ultimately, that is the REAL problem here, NOT me boo.
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What the fawk eva Ms Beans

What the fawk eva Ms Beans and Rice. (Senorita Arroz y grandules) Que Sucede? Silencio Biatch!
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CLEARLY you WANT to be

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I shut your ugly a$$ up so I

I shut your ugly a$$ up so I must be crazy?? No b*tch, you are the delusional, fake wannabe that spreads hateful rants. I never attack a simple poster on this site, only celebs. You need to go have a seat and think twice about attacking folks because only 9 and 10 yr olds actually harass folks online, so you can take your FAT, BURNT, UGLY, LONELY, DYKE, WANNABE CARIBBEAN, ATTENTION SEEKING A$$ somewhere else and quit hating on folks boo boo...EVERYONE is laughing at YOU, I don't need a co signer cause I'm GROWN, but even those weak sauce b*tches you hate with aren't saying SH*T....because they know you're FAKE and full of HATE, who at 6AM wakes up HATING..you much dream about that sh*t LMAO, go get a life, cause I ain't the one and you can't defend your WEAK A$$, properly WITHOUT help LMAO, now get off your HIGH SCHOOL COMPUTER and try and learn something, ha try to make friends because you have none on here and with all the hate you have, you don't have any in ya life. I will pray for you. DISMISSED!!!
tori's picture

Personally,I would say that

Personally,I would say that if the time for Rihanna to STOP with the incessant partying,drinking,drug use,and generally reckless,immature,and inappropriate behavior and temper tantrums launched against both her fans,the media and anyone with the temerity and courage to challenge and confront Rihanna on her wild,out of control and riotous lifestyle and the disasterous example that she is setting as a celebrity,public figure,young woman and as adult is not now, when will that time arrive and when will it be the correct time to have the coconuts to boldly tell her to get her life in order,when she is rushed with all deliberate speed to the emergency after a car wreck when she chose to drive or when she has suffered an overdose of pills,alcohol and street drugs or when she has died in conjunction to outlandish and unprofessional actions? I find it difficult to surmise why it is now acceptable among young people ages 13-29 in American society to confuse being young and the time of adulthood with being a buffoon with drugs,drinking,continuous partying,sexual promiscuity,and a sullen,cantankerous,belligerent,crass,vulgar,angry,and volatile personality and a profoundly pessimistic,dour,and ultimately negative outlook and anything goes attitude about life is par for the course in being both young and an adult in America today. Furthermore,I attribute this occurance to the declining level of morals and civility in our society and the total and wholesale celebration of ignorance,immaturity and idiocy through popular culture such as tv,movies,music,{primarily with the scourge and the abomination that sadly many individuals in the African-American community bow at the feet of as the shining illustration and example of who and what Black America is and is all about as a race.},which has been precipitated by the near complete surrender and adbication of responsiblity to the children of this country by their parents as being the root cause of the problem with American youth and nor is Rihanna's behavior and actions helping to move matters in a positive direction with young people in America with the position of prominence that she holds and possesses in her life at all to any degree.

wowzers ok, why bring in

wowzers ok, why bring in black america, and all of society. things happen for a reason. rihanna is one person, dont generalize & bring all of youth by your perception of rihanna. what drug use, weed???ok whatever, adults drink. I dont drink but some people so what. if you lived a life where everyone had an opinion you would be forced to not give a f*ck either about others just for your sanity

FYI: what he really means is

FYI: what he really means is a black woman's image is NOT associated with beauty, trust and reliability in his eyes and what the parent company believes... Rhianna's Nivea campaign pics show her beauty and smooth soft skin.. not want she does in her private life after she has meet her responsibility of her contract with them.. As usual he will go after the Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, or any other WHITE woman who is looking a new image and another chance in Hollywood... Rhianna give them (Nivea) a younger image, older people are associate more with this product... Moving forward to another endorsement deal .. RIH RIH control your image that's your money maker, not the weed...
lovinmyheels's picture

Some people are

Some people are misunderstood, just because you dont see some of your favorite celebs drinking & smoking that doesnt mean that they don't, they go about hiding it but rihanna is just living her life. she does her music & she lives-there is no problem with that. I believe in social constructivism & I see bias in they way that media treats different people. There are male musicians that rap, sing, are around women & smoke & drink on camera & nobody cares. In barbados its cropover season. people are partying at the end of the summer. she is enjoying her country & her people & her life. Im not a rihanna stan but the mind sees what the heart feels. And how you feel is influenced by what you see. For example, drake recently was seen smoking from a hooka close-up on camera & THEYBF never covered it. Example 2: THEYBF can cover Wiz & his fiance but Wiz has a youtube video of a giant pile of weed on the table in the studio but this website/media never covered. THERE is definitely a bias in society's reaction toward male & female actions/behavior. They let males get away with the things they bash females for doing. Partying, smoking, drinking, romanic partners they DONT bash men for but are quick to denounce any female for.

eehh...she's a gaza girl.

eehh...she's a gaza girl. that's what gaza girls do lol it's not wrong for heidenreich to feel that way....but if kim k can get nutted on for the world to see and have endorsements out the wazoo then im quite certain rihanna will be fine lol
litebrite's picture

Haaaaaaaa endorsers are even

Haaaaaaaa endorsers are even over her. SMH.
Yas's picture

I can understand living your

I can understand living your life and not caring what negative people have to say but DAMN! Is she even the least bit concerned over the way she is perceived to the masses? It would concern me if people only thought of me as a gimmick, whore, and typical black chick with no morals. I think it's called having self respect for yourself. I strongly believe people who carry on the way that she does have low self esteem.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Y'all just full of shit,

Y'all just full of shit, you the same ones that will support and back the fawk outta the Fantasia's, Lauren Hill and Erkyah Badu of the world. Three black women who sleep around with married men and have illegitimate children but yet they are everything........Y'all too bias and hypocritical.. lets be honest the chick aint doing no more or less than the Madonna's , Kim K or Paris Hilton , yet you nignogs support them and tear her down. Just because she doesn't carry an American Passport. ...... pathetic.
Kai's picture

I think there are to many

I think there are to many folks out here feeding into that "You only live once: that’s the motto nigga YOLO" lifestyle a little too much, and RiRitard is one of them. You would think she would reevaluate her image and lifestyle when it starts to effect her pockets, but of course she blames everyone but herself smh.
tori's picture

Well she didn't just start

Well she didn't just start portraying such a stank image. it's Nivea's fault. It's not like they didn't how she was to begin with. She shouldn't play the race card either, it's just an excuse. She really needs to grow up and put a business head on her shoulder. nothing lasts forever.
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

thats ok. Nivea is too

thats ok. Nivea is too greasy anyway....lol...and it just sits on top of your skin. Do you Rhi!! Most 23 year olds live exactly like this and Im sure she'd be a great spokesperson for other types of companies.
shuga's picture

I wouldn't want her

I wouldn't want her representing my product either unless I'm selling lingerie, coconut water but not anything being pushing on "wholesome" type families. I don't see it as a commentary on her race (not that I am putting anyting past German folks), I think it's a commentary on her lifestyle choices which is fine if one is promoting certain types of things. Rihanna is NOT selling cereal, okay? That is just the fact! She is not going to sell Sunny D.
Marek's Wifey's picture

I'm not mad at her for

I'm not mad at her for partying or having lots of sex (if she is indeed doing that). She's young, pretty and rich. The only thing that bothers me is that she might have a bit of a problem with over-indulging in certain... substances. LOL
Me Talk Pretty's picture

I guess Rih is trying to pull

I guess Rih is trying to pull the race card lol no boo. She's so deluded...and clearly unhappy. Anyone who has all she has and all she has access to that still has to drink, smoke and party away their life has clearly been unable to find peace. Hopefully she'll grow up and out of it before it's too late.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

RiRitard has to be the most

RiRitard has to be the most successful alcoholic EVER! More power to her and her CORRODED LIVER. Can we all have a moment of silence for my pesky little hater, she is dead, well at least to me!!! *raises shot glass*
tori's picture

Oh well. Everyone has an

Oh well. Everyone has an opinion. At the end of the day, both parties got what they wanted. Rihanna a tour sponsor, more exposure and more moolah and Nivea saw a significant increase in their profits from their collaboration with her! The other team clearly made the right decision. Another case of the new guy trying to get noticed! Her deal with them has been over for a while now!#SMH
RihannaLover's picture

i'd like to stick my fingers

i'd like to stick my fingers up her nostrils & use her head as a bowling ball ....... *flips car into a ditch...then gets ejected into the woods*..................
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Just looking at him I can

Just looking at him I can tell he would've preferred someone like Katy Perry, Gwen Stefani or Tayler Swift representing the NIVA brand anyway.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

Hmmm. She's young and having

Hmmm. She's young and having the time of her life right now. Hopefully, one day she will grow up and take business seriously. That time is clearly not now.
MrsCPA's picture

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