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Kanye West Says..."Kim Kardashian Is My Perfect B*tch"

I guess we should all....applaud....or something?  Kanye West took to his Twitter today to confirm his new possibly romantic song he leaked in a club last weekend called "Perfect Bitch" is one he wrote about his girlfriend Kim K.


Deets inside...

While Kim is likely clapping her hands and seeing hearts and stars twirl in from of her eyes while listening to the song--all we've got is a blank stare.

The full song has not yet been released, but we have a pretty good idea of what it's about.

The Daily News says, "the lyrics are about his search for the perfect woman and how he has now found the 'perfect bitch.'"   Oh.

Apparently we no longer need to aim for having an actual talent in life as Mr. West has told us the way to be perfect is to be his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian.

The song "Perfect Bitch" appears on the upcoming Cruel Summer (September 4) compilation album from G.O.O.D. Music.  And Kanye let a few NY club goers at PH-D Rooftop Lounge hear a bit of it last weekend.  The song--which he also produced in the same style as his Watch The Throne tracks--indirectly references Kim & ex-girlfriend Amber Rose

Meanwhile, Kanye just confirmed to everyone via Twitter saying:

So, if you were ever wondering to yourself, "What is the definition of perfect?"  Mr. West may have shed some light on what that is.  In his own romantic (we guess that's what he was going for but failed) way.  I guess we should whip out our own camera crews, scoop up an unsuspecting baller, and find us a stage mom to do the dirty work so we can get started on the road to perfection too.  Thanks for the tip 'Ye!





white people aren't even

white people aren't even commenting or worried about these two as a couple. the only ones paying it any attention are black sites and blogs. if u notice they want the attention of the paps. they been out walking, being seen, its all for cameras. kim has been wearing clothes from kanye's clothing line.. this is their attempt to stay in the public eye, but its not gonna help kanye sell any records. so its lame. kanye is lost and has been since his mother has passed. i'm not saying he's should be w/a "black" woman, but he should pick a "decent" one. who wants ray j's seconds. and kim.. who wants amber rose's seconds..
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And millions of women will

And millions of women will download the song and rock to it...so if we're ok being called bitches, then that's what we're going to be called. The market feeds demand.
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Don't do it!!!!! MMP Presents

Don't do it!!!!! MMP Presents H.G.M Cam Cutta - . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8LeIRcyLRk
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kanye is crazier then cousin

kanye is crazier then cousin Junbug He is not all there man... "I tweeted it about Kim"?? ok??? and??? lmao
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Yep Kanye's right Kim is a

Yep Kanye's right Kim is a BITCH! We should call her that from now "ON",He thinks he's so powerful and tryin to portray the "Almighty" kanye you are nothing but Human just like the rest of Us ... His Mother should be so Proud of her son,
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I love them together! Kim is

I love them together! Kim is beautiful and Kanye adores her, yeah caller her a bitch is unconventional but he's a rapper i'm sure she's not offended.
saHTC12's picture

LMAO! Natasha you're

LMAO! Natasha you're projecting honey. What u mad about? Cuz he uses the word "bitch" or because in his eyes she's "perfect". Clearly you're all worked up over the latter. You starting to sound like Sandra Rose... a bitter low self-esteem BITCH. What a shame. Woman you got your own blog, you're may even be a successful entrepreneur in your own right. What exactly are you mad at Kim for? You want Kanye or something? LMAO! Newsflash: Kim and Kanye don't owe none of ya'll shit. The sextape references are old and tired...and it sure as hell ain't slowing Kim down or stopping that negro from wanting her. Get over it.
SHE's picture

You're stupid kill yourself

You're stupid kill yourself
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Ok Kane...It's official yo

Ok Kane...It's official yo ass is TURN'D OUT!!! we know KK got dat voodoo snatch & brain. Good luck wit dat.
RO's picture

Next he will say that he's

Next he will say that he's okay with her calling him her N***a. TRAGIC. Any man who truly loves and respects you as his woman will not refer to you as his Bitch. Woman, Wife, Wifey, Lady, Love, Better Half are all terms of endearment. Bitch is not. Can you imagine Barack Obama referring to Michelle as his Bitch?! Again, TRAGIC.
PacificGirl's picture

Jay-Z called Beyonce his

Jay-Z called Beyonce his bitch too. Kanye, Jay Z, and other guys that think this acceptable are nothing but ignorant ni**as who don't know a thing about relationships or women. Anyone who actually believes that Kanye is "in love" is delusional. This isn't anything but a publicity stunt gone into overdrive.
MsKizzy's picture

I don't understand... He's in

I don't understand... He's in love and if he wants to refer to her as his "Perfect Bitch" then hey who cares! Why because he's a black man dating outside of his race does he have low self-esteem? That's so ignorant! The man is in loves, let's not pretend that Kim is "fugley" and has the figure of a "string bean"!! Also, who ever referred to her as using Kanye's money, Kim as her own money. Isn't she the one that bought him that expensive a** car. People spend so much time hating on this girl, when she hasn't done anything to anyone. Get a life!
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If my boyfriend called me a

If my boyfriend called me a bitch (in jest, or not), best believe that would be the last thing he said to me.
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Wow- this world is so

Wow- this world is so backwards! Ladies, if your man calls you a bitch, bitch drop his ass. Love does not hurt and it's not disrespectful either. Value yourselves and know that your amazing without that dead weight. I really hope young kinds don't see this shit and think its cute
Onyx's picture

I'm so tired of seeing her in

I'm so tired of seeing her in those same damn plastic louboutins. Good grief you would think she didn't own any other shoes. And yes she is perfect... Perfect at sucking a black mans dick!
DreadfulBeauty's picture

And Kim is okay with that?

And Kim is okay with that?

Wow!!! Just Wow!! Disgusting,

Wow!!! Just Wow!! Disgusting, Degrading And And Down-Rite Disrespectful. So Is This What Society Has Really Boiled Down Too? Smh
Keyths'Girl's picture

Kanye, your money pays for

Kanye, your money pays for Kims so called perfection on the outside. What you see on the inside only your little man (plus a couple other ballers) and your superfical eyes know. That's in your world. My world of a womans perfection is myself and neighbor who has three kids from the same man, working our ass off at the hospital, coming home to carpool and watch our kids play football, working out at the gym to keep it tight, cooking for my husband, laying it down in bed, church, teaching, praying with our kids active azzes, handling the trials that may come our way, sipping on wine or liquior, spade night mothersuckers. Hell, thats alot of us in America. Thats what I call a bitch is perfect. She may fall, but she get back up. Thats what I call "perfect". *calming down* Kanye, you have yours. And we have ours. It may not be in that order or some people life may not be like ours. But, thats OUR PERFECTION!!
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the white woman is always

the white woman is always perfect in the low self esteemed eyes of a black man lol im sure she calls him her perfect nigga as well
litebrite's picture

she is anyone who can buy her

she is anyone who can buy her perfect bitch. kayne should know a bitch when he sees one. he has been on his period long enough
lola69's picture

How about a New Sex tape.Come

How about a New Sex tape.Come on K release it!


My Moniker Is...'s picture

He doesnt need yall

He doesnt need yall permission to fall in love, shes perfect in his eyes, whatever make u happy, ye
lolo's picture

No one give's a rat's azz

No one give's a rat's azz about who he falls in love with. I don't care if he fell in love with a gorilla. I'm commenting on his calling her a bitch. If that's cool with her, so be it. Some women will accept anything from their jackass men.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Not these two again,

Not these two again, ugh....... YAWN
Naomi's picture

A white man wouldn't have

A white man wouldn't have Kim; and a black woman worth any grain of her salt wouldn't have Kanye. I don't see a problem here. NEXT!
VagabondSpirit's picture

Lol good point

Lol good point
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

You black women are funny, i

You black women are funny, i mean i hear the word "Bitch" come out of the mouths of black women more than i hear coming out of a males mouth. I hear black women calling each other bitch, as a term of endearment ALL THE FUCKING TIME. But when a man say it , he crossed the line?? lmao.. But you black women have no problem when your friends or your thuggish /pimp/ clown ass boyfriend call u a bitch.
LetsGetIt's picture

god dammit do you ever get

god dammit do you ever get the fuck off this site all you do is talk about the same shit. either you work for this site or you truly find joy in getting a rise out of people because that's the only reason why you say this bull shit. i hear WOMEN calling each other bitches playfully all the time not just black women solely...get the fuck off a site dominated by black women if they disgust you so much. you are not a black man.
Anonymoustoo's picture

Sista why you have to do all

Sista why you have to do all of that cursing ?? Huh sista???And show me where i've stated that black women disgust me??? show me lol.
LetsGetIt's picture

What has always saddened me

What has always saddened me about most of your responses, is the generalizations. "You black women" suggests that you know us all? Have we met? While some of your points are valid and true, they also seem to be mingled with anger and bitterness. All day everyday you are entitled to your opinion, but because of the very well rounded, educated, morally sound black woman that I am, I'd truly hope someday soon you take inventory and see that venom is poisonous no matter who's spewing.
VIRTUOUS1's picture

Very true, it sad that so

Very true, it sad that so many black mens think like letgogetit. Not all of us betray ourselves to be a bitch or whore. Black woman are strong and misunderstood, we go hard for are families and friends. Black men's think we are bitter and mad at the world not true. So many of us want to be happy but it starts with you. No i don't think all black males are the same. But if he can call us out on what we are doing wrong. He better look in his backyard.
stepup2's picture

Not all but most black women.

Not all but most black women. And it's like the saying goes "If it don't apply , let it fly " sista!!!! Letsgetit isn't talking about all black women IM TALKING ABOUT MOST BLACK WOMEN/ THE MAJORITY OK!! FROM WHAT I'VE SEEN FROM BLACK WOMEN ALL AROUND THE UNITED STATES alrite black woman damn!!!
LetsGetIt's picture


stepup2's picture

You right!!!Most black men

You right!!!Most black men that grew up in a single parent home LOVE NIGGA SHIT!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

letsgogetit your just a mad

letsgogetit your just a mad hater.
stepup2's picture

lol sista i still love ya

lol sista i still love ya enough to tell you black women the truth. If i hated you i wouldn't give a damn about you
LetsGetIt's picture

that ok letsgogetit we don't

that ok letsgogetit we don't need you to tell us your truth about us, we can do that all by ourselves, why don't you give some of that hate on the brother's. And can you tell me why is KW sleeping with KK? Is it because he looks like RJ? I KNOW YOU DON'T KNOW MUCH ABOUT THE BLACK MAN'S AND THERE ISSUES!!! LOL
stepup2's picture

Because sista, at the end of

Because sista, at the end of the day. THE BROTHAS COME FROM YOU!!!! THEY ARE TAUGHT BY YOUUUUUUUUU. THEY COME FROM THE HOMES OF SINGLE BLACK WOMEN, MYSELF INCLUDED!!!! IF THESE BLACK WOMEN WERE MARRIED AND HAD CHILDREN.THEN ID HAVE NO PROBLEM GETTING ON THESE NEGROS, BUT BLACK WOMEN GET WITH CLOWNS AND FOOLS AND HAVE CHILDREN OUT OF WEDLOCK, AND THEY TRAIN THEIR BOYS TO BE JUST LIKE THE FATHERS!!!Shit i don't know why Kanye is sleeping with kim k shit he mite find her attractive, nobody questions you black women when u sleep with white men!!!!! NOBODY SAYS SHIT ABOUT THAT!!!You got white men that doing role play with black women in the work place and at home as the mammy and the slave master, you got white boys fucking black women anally. And yall have no problem for filling these white boys fantasies !!!!!! BUT NOBODY TALKS ABOUT THAT!! AND YOU KNOW HOW LETSGETIT KNOWS ALL THIS STUFF, BECAUSE I KNEW WHITE MEN THAT DATED BLACK WOMEN, AND I HAVE TO SAY YALL ARE SUBMISSIVE TO THESE CRAKKKASS!!! NOW TELL ME WHY "STRONG INDEPENDENT BLACK WOMAN
LetsGetIt's picture

you already know i am about

you already know i am about to get you. Do you think we got pregnant by ourselves? A lot of us black woman put up with bullshit just to say we have some kind of a man. Black men's are killing my sister's with HIV BECAUSE THEY ARE ON THE DOWN LOW!! And bringing that shit home to us!! I recently attended a wedding were a black man waited to marry this black woman and they been together 20 years 2 kids she stood by his side like a fool. I was a single mother and have raise my son to be a police officer. And everyday he calls a says to me if he has 2 SEE ANOTHER MOTHER CRYing OVER THE DEATH OF HER SON. WHERE ARE THE DADDYS LETSGOGETIT? Black men's walked away along time ago. And not because of us. That's the bullshit your daddy told you when you got grown. My son father didn't do nothing for him. I wanted better for my son. And now that his a sucessful black man. His dad wants to come into his life. And I let him. I'M happy. I did what a mother supposed to do. He can beat his chest on he wants to, but I was the one Working, paying bills. Making sure that I'm a good role model. You don't see sister's on the news night after night. And at some point you have to be accountable for your life. Black men's are boastfull, braggers, liars, selfish, whoremongers, who drop their seed on anything that will opening their legs. And when they are not doing that they smoking weed and drinking beer! Talking about the white man. How many black men's the master took a beating to for looking at a white woman? But stupid ass black men's can't wait to sleep with one. Letsgogetit you need Jesus!!! but we all do... Tyler perrys dad was just nasty to that young black man. And he now takes care of the very man who hated him. Forgiveness has to be in your heart. If Jesus could do it. We all have made mistakes and wish we would have done better. But you try again. You don't need to call us out when brothers are in trouble.
stepup2's picture

Sista black women know the

Sista black women know the statistics.... I'm here in Tennessee , and don't you know that it was a total of 46 black women with a total of 78 children by 3 guys??? 46 women by 3 guys!!And i know what you're going to say "you see that's why black men are the problem". But how in the hell can you sleep with a guy AND KNOWING that he has that many children!!Black women do this type of shit , THEY SLEEP WITH A MAN that they know got children running around the state , that they arent taking care of.BUT THAT'S BLACK MEN FAULT??? SHIT THE SUCCESSFUL, WORKING CLASS AVERAGE BROTHA CAN'T EVEN GET WITH A BLACK WOMAN, THEY'RE LAME TO THEM.but black women will rather sleep with the same men ???Aint that's strange to you????AND YOU WONDER WHY BLACK WOMEN GET ALL THESE DISEASES?????? Black women sleep WITH THE SAME TYPE OF MENNNNNNNNNNNNN, thats how 46 womennnnn cannn have children by 3 fuckinggggg mennnnnnnnn!!!And you wonder why you got HIV AT A ALARMING FUCKING RATEEE????? I can't blame black men for that , BECAUSE THESE SISTAS KNOW THE FUCKING STATISTICS, when i was a clown "i'll admit letsgetit use to disrespect women" but the only reason letsgetit use to sleep around and mess with different women IS BECAUSE I KNEW THAT WAS ONLYTHING BLACK WOMEN RESPECTEDDDD, IF I WAS TO BE NICE AND KIND TO BLACK WOMEN, THEY'D PLAY ME FOR A DAMN FOOL!!!!And that's with most black women , it use to be a day when black women respected black men AND NEEDED THEM IN THE HOUSEHOLD TO RESTORE ORDER now black women don't even want a real black man around. The deadbeat dad ALWAYS GETS THE BLAME, IN WHICH THEY SHOULD, but black women never get called out on the bullshit they do, because most of the time i see a single mother, i be like man she knew that clown ass negro wasn't going to stick around and raise his seed. And then whats bad about that is when that child turns about 5 he hearing his mother speak about how much he looks like his father and how much black men aint shittttt WITH NO TYPE OF MALE LEADERSHIP AROUND AT ALL. ALl these young brothas see are the cooon asss negros that his mother bring around the house every now and then. AND WHAT HAPPENS HE TURNS OUT TO BE JUST LIKE HIS FATHER OR JUST LIKE ONE OF THESE GANG BANGING ASS NEGROS OUT HERE!!!!!BLACKKKKKKK WOMENNNNNNN AREN'T CHOOSING LEADERSSSSSSSSSSSSS ANDDD THEY KNOWWWW ITTTTTT!!!!!! I MEAN my father didn't tell me a damn thing he GOT KILLED when i was two BEING A DAMN DRUG DEALER and got set up!!!Trying to get his parent out the hood and take care of his two children and went for the fast money WHICH WAS FUCKING STUPID!!!BUT BLACK WOMENNNNNNN KNOWWWWW 90% OF THE TIME THAT THESE MEN AINT UP TO NO FUCKING GOOD!!!BUT STILL PROCREATE WITH THE WORST TYPE OF NEGROS!!!EVEN ANIMALS KNOW WHO NOT TO PROCREATE WITH, EVEN THEY KNOW TO CHOOSE THE STRONGEST, FASTEST, PROVIDER FOR THE PACK ...
LetsGetIt's picture

well now you put this all on

well now you put this all on the black woman. I live in the D and had 2 parents. And at 19 years old i found myself caring my son. This man was not happy i was caring his child that he beg me for before i found out. So back in the day famlies were families. My dad who was a James Evans kind of man. Look at this man who was acting like a fool. AND told him to leave that i would be fine and his grandchild would be as well. At 19 i wanted my son to have more then me. 21 YEARS later i have just that one son. Own my house outside of the D married and happy. he has 5 kids now and he living with the woman his been with for 10 years unmarried. He waited until my son hit 19 too take part of his life i never talk down to my son about his dad. I wanted him to judge for himself. I Never got a penny from the 100,000 he's behind in child support. oh and yes i have try but the system is set up for the man. At one point I had three jobs to take care of my kid. And no i wasn't about to spoil him and make him take that role ask the man. He was a child.My son had his grandfather and step dad. My husband step right in along side my dad and took care of him, like a man. My dad stay in his life until he reach 16 and on his dying bed he said to me he was sorry he couldn't stay to see his grandson get grown but the job God wanted him to do was almost at hand 1 one week later he passed. And now 5 years later my son is a cop. Working for the toughest city. He see's it letgogetit and not all of this is about the black woman. It's not 90% like you think. at 19 young I was face with growing up fast. My mom said you can bring one to the house but any more you got to go. Sister would love to have that man in her life. And yes it's some sisters out there. But it's brothers right back. It take me almost a year to let my husband lead. I was use to being the head. I tell you there is nothing better then giving over to him and letting him be that man 10 years later i fall back. And love it because i trust him, and he trust me. It's so many woman like me letsgogetit. And yes i made a mistake thinking this man was mr. right but i learned. God has smiled on me.
stepup2's picture

It seems as if a man doesn't

It seems as if a man doesn't truly love you until he calls you out of your name. SMH!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Great News: Olympics...Lolo

Great News: Olympics...Lolo Jones LOST!!:):) the self proclaimed "virgin" (b/c she's a closet homosexual and doesn't like men anyway...so she's cashing-in on her "wholesomeness" <--- which is a lie b/c she eats pussy all day) smh.................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

She is perfect in his eyes.

She is perfect in his eyes. Why are people mad??
caribbean_dream_girl's picture

People love to hate for no

People love to hate for no reason, let them be happy!
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