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HURDLE GALS: Track Stars Dawn Harper & Kellie Wells Grab Medals, LoLo Jones GOES OFF On Media After Losing

The YBF chicks are looking to dominate the track & field races in London.  So far, both Kellie Wells and Dawn Harper copped medals during last night's 100-meter Hurdles race.  And after their USA teammate LoLo Jones came in fourth, she went in on the media this morning about why she believes she's getting crucified for losing.


Deets inside...

In a super close race ending with Australia taking the Gold, TEAM USA also scored two medals--Dawn Harper taking the Silver and Kellie Williams taking the Bronze.

Dawn (pictured above) said about the race:

"When I leaned at the [finish] line, I looked over and that's when I finally saw her," Harper said of Pearson. "And I was like, 'Did I sneak? Did I just sneak and get past her?' I looked up, and I actually realized I didn't win when I saw her fall to the ground. I was like 'Dang it, she's happy. She just won.' "

"12.37 is not bad. I cannot be mad. I enjoyed the whole process."

The 28-year-old from East St. Louis, Illinois took the Gold in this same race at the Beijing Olympics in 2008.  But silver is something to cheer for too!


And the Nike sponsored Hampton University grad Kellie Wells is just as happy about her bronze.  


But LoLo Jones, who has become a celebrity due to her strong stance on her Christianity, saving herself for marriage and making a comeback after her Beijing Olympics bout, isn't happy.

She came in 4th, and she feels like people are on her case for it.  Despite most media outlets being extremely supportive of her career and the fact she's a record holder who is doing big things on the track, LoLo feels like all media is against her.

The NYT did a profile on the 30-year-old a few days before the race and one point said, "Jones has decided she will be whatever anyone wants her to be — vixen, virgin, victim — to draw attention to herself and the many products she endorses."

The Times also quoted an academic who had a few words people deemed as scathing:

“It reminds me of Anna Kournikova,” said Janice Forsyth, the director of the International Centre for Olympic Studies at the University of Western Ontario.

This was a reference to the former Russian tennis player whose looks received far more attention than her relatively meager skills.

“It’s really a sad commentary on the industry Lolo is in,” Forsyth said. “Limited opportunities are there for women to gain a foothold unless they sell themselves as sex kittens or virgins for sale. I don’t know if this is Lolo being Lolo or part of a marketing scheme to remain relevant in an Olympic industry where if you are not the Olympic champion, you are nothing.”

LoLo went on "The Today Show" this morning in tears (she was also in tears after coming in first in the qualifying race and said people are "hating on her") and stated:

"I think it was crazy just because it was two days before I competed, and then the fact that it was from a U.S. media," Jones tearfully told the Today Show following her fourth-place finish in the 100-meter hurdles. "They should be supporting our U.S. Olympic athletes and instead they just ripped me to shreds. I just thought that that was crazy because I worked six days a week, every day, for four years for a 12-second race and the fact that they just tore me apart, which is heartbreaking."

"They didn't even do their research, calling me the Anna Kournikova of track," she said. "I have the American record. I am the American record holder indoors, I have two world indoor titles. Just because I don't boast about these things, I don't think I should be ripped apart by media. I laid it out there, fought hard for my country and it's just a shame that I have to deal with so much backlash when I'm already so brokenhearted as it is."

Again, a huge percentage of media, us included, praise her for her talents.  And never in history has every single media outlet adored an athlete.  There will always be criticism, especially on the professional level that one chose to enter and get paid for.  The real test is can you move past it and do what you came to do.




She is the Anna Kournikova of

She is the Anna Kournikova of track.. LoLo placed 7th in Beijing, 4th in London and here she is on the Today show instead of the two beatiful dark girls who dusted her. That's why Journalist are tired of her. All this hype when the more talented medalists aren't getting nearly the TV time. Dawn All day. Represent IL!!!!
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Bahawaa... Hell all of the

Bahawaa... Hell all of the above struggling in the looks dept... But hey itz about Medals medals and mo' medals!!!
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Let's be real here, No one

Let's be real here, No one wants to see Daena nd Kellie on TV endorsng produscts because they are not pretty or even cute, reagardless of their wins they are not bangers. Sorry but that is the way of the world.
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SooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooWoooooooooww true!
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America will always have its

America will always have its darling and these black women should not pull another women they consider black down because the white media put her on a pedestal! See, black people especially black women always have to show have jealous they are to the world! See, they must accept the fact that white skin and white features are beautiful because both of those women hating on Lo Lo have perms and weaves in their haeds which confirms that they participate in and are use to the Eurocentric standard of beauty!
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EXACTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!! FUCKING

LetsGetIt's picture

The runners NEVER mentioned

The runners NEVER mentioned LoLo. In fact, NBC Sports ran the graphic of LoLo as a way to set the viewer up to NOT LIKE the 2 women who actually WON a medal. And she even went so far as to ask, "Is there fighting amongst the team -- we're talking about Lolo Jones if you can't figure this out -- is there an awkward situation or now that it's over we've all just moved on?" Is this NBC Sports or an episode of Real Housewives? Why did they do it? NBC's girl didn't medal and they have to try and save face by disparaging the 2 women who did. One of whom they told in essence, "Yeah, we know you're better than her, and we know you'll probably medal, but we're going with LoLo." Her being upset was with NBC, not LoLo. And some of you fell for it because you don't understand media manipulation.
T.A's picture

Looks like the NY Times

Looks like the NY Times article is right about Lolo. Not even her teammates like her. Let's be real, if Lolo wasn't a lightskinned cutie NO ONE would give a crap about her. She was good 4 years ago but has since fallen off performace-wise. The fact that she still garners the media spotlight (and then whines about it when its negative) shows that the attention isn't about her athletic skills. The two black girls, like Gabby, got NO attention though their stories are equally as compelling. Harper explained her story in the video and Wells was raped as a child by her mothers boyfriend. The rapist and Wells' mother were then both killed in a car crash. She used track as her escape and has reached the pinnacle of the sport. Jones has the nerve to cry about media criticism when she played up her sex appeal for attention but both of the MEDALISTS stories are more compelling. Media bias indeed
T.A's picture

You live by the media you die

You live by the media you die by the media. The winners should have been on the Today show, Not Lolo. She is a sore loser and I am over the hype. Congrats Dawn and Kellie. I support all the athletes because I know how hard it is to train and you put a lot of time in effort. She got all this sponsors and did not live up to the hype. When Gabby Douglas and Kellie, Dawn and others did not in they are the winning athletes. They are still trying to bring down Gabby and her mom. Sad.
THE BUSINESS's picture

Man those dark SKINNED manly

Man those dark SKINNED manly looking GUTTA MOUTH black females Dawn and Kellie hating on LoLo because she's beautiful, and getting attention. BLACK WOMEN KILL ME WITH THIS SHIT, how the hell can you get on INTERNATIONAL TELEVISION AND disrespect a US TEAMMATE LIKE THAT???BUT LIKE I ALWAYS SAY, IF YOU WANT TO BREAK THE SPIRIT DOWN OF BLACK PEOPLE,SEND IN A BLACK WOMAN???Because black women especially brown and dark skinned women do a great job breaking down people spirit!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

i've had several interactions

i've had several interactions with Kellie <---- she's only good at 1 thing...track. i believe she has the same type of personality disorder as Terrell Owens....thus, anger issues and major chip on her shoulder (Historionic Personalty Disorder)..................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I agree with her point the

I agree with her point the media does tear people (in general) apart. That is the society that we have become uncivilized people just wanting to see a train wreck. This is why reality TV is so profitable. Several media outlets have been critical of Athletes and while they are competing. Not caring how it affects them our their ability to compete. All for the love of money.

I agree with her point the

I agree with her point the media does tear people (in general) apart. That is the society that we have become uncivilized people just wanting to see a train wreck. This is why reality TV is so profitable. Several media outlets have been critical of Athletes and while they are competing. Not caring how it affects them our their ability to compete. All for the love of money.

why is lolo on the today

why is lolo on the today show!?! she lost! dawn or kellie should be on there!
leesh's picture

Lolo, u r a great athlete.

Lolo, u r a great athlete. Keep up the good work.
FrenchieAmerican's picture

The problem remains the

The problem remains the same... Lolo doesnt win... and still recieves the media coverage... Lolo should sit back for a moment and let Dawn and Kelly take in the lime light they rightfully deserve... But Dawn and Kelly don't LOOK like Lo... but I'm sleep tho...

God help any young woman

God help any young woman today who brags about being a virgin the media will treat you like a three eyed cyclops or a freak of nature.
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Clearly someone wrote

Clearly someone wrote foolishness below for attention . Smh.
knm931's picture

If you're a 30 year old

If you're a 30 year old ,attractive, famous woman...and a man hasn't yet drained his balls in your Puss or Face Hole <--- then you be Gay or A-Sexual because you were Molestered as a child ..............................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

All ladies should be

All ladies should be extremely proud of their accomplishments. They represented the U.S. well getting 2nd, 3rd, AND 4th place. However, I was really surprised we didn't see more focus on Dawn and Kelli before now. They're equally talented young ladies.
MrsCPA's picture

The problem is she needs a

The problem is she needs a fat dick in here from time to time. She's too tight and needs to loosen up some. I never really paid attention to her cause I never thought she was that great. Once again, some light skinned people think they are greatest. Looks can't buy you a victory. I'm so proud my brown sisters represented and brought home medals. Just saying.
Unplugged99's picture

since when does being YBF =

since when does being YBF = being American?? ... There are other YBF athletes repping other countries!
icandy's picture

NBC should see now they

NBC should see now they should not create these narratives for certain athletes pumping them up when the real winners are possibly waiting in the wings. LoLo nor Jordyn lived up to expectations & they received far too much media time, even when others had already won & deserved the spotlight. We do not look for our sports champions to necessarily be pretty or handsome. We want them to be winners & charismatic. Save the looks crap for models, singers & actors.
knm931's picture

Lolo needs to stop trying to

Lolo needs to stop trying to play innocent. She has been hyping her virginity/Christianity on Twitter for a while and even going far as asking people to help her meet someone with her same value system...it was possibly a joke but still it was a social media ploy to put herself in the same limelight as Tebow. Also she is not slick she knows she was using her beauty to capitalize off of and it just wasn't the sponsors chasing her down to rep their products. Her agent sought them out. What trips me out is the two woman that won medals last night were still relegated to the background due to people going off about her receiving media attention then her ass whining on tv about ill treatment as if she should be treated differently than anyone else in the public eye.
JJFad's picture

"she was using her beauty to

"she was using her beauty to capitalize off of and it just wasn't the sponsors chasing her down to rep their products. Her agent sought them out." Newsflash: This is the way of the world...Lolo isn't the first to take advantage of her beauty. Everyone wants to be around beautiful people. Again, it's not Lolos fault that the other 2 girls people aren't doing their job and getting them PR. Get new people that are going to work their ass off for your and make it happen. I.e., Jeremy Lin..he had what 15 good games and he has endorsements out the ass and a major contract worth more than guys that have played for years. Why? Because his agent busted his ass and made it happen. Don't hate!
PacificGirl's picture

Lolo has to learn to take the

Lolo has to learn to take the good with the bad. How does she think Dawn Harper felt when she got NO attention for her medal and Lolo got all the attention for losing? Media is a fickle beast. It is never your friend. Lolo thought she was going to cash in on Tebowmania/Linsanity Christian athlete angle. Only problem is she's not in a premier sport in the US. People won't hear about her for another 4 years. I suggest she dry those tears and focus on rebuilding some the bridges she's burned right now.
SweetDivaT's picture

Lolo, they will hate you

Lolo, they will hate you regardless. had she won, it would have been worse. its down to the brass tax of miss jones figuring out what she wants, media love/hate or a medal. it sucks when your own countrymen are down on you, but what are Really in this for? if you did all you can, and left it all on the track, that's all you can do. eff the media.

Girl please, you have to

Girl please, you have to toughen up! If you want the attention/fame and endorsements/money that come with being a media darling, you have to take the bad side too, which is the criticism, scrutiny, and negative press. Any celebrity will tell you that!
DesignDiva's picture

Neither Dawn nor kellie are

Neither Dawn nor kellie are that attractive they look like dudes no wonder they were jealous of Lolo. Like it or not females have to have some attractiveness to be marketed nowadays that is just the way it is in the USA.
sweetpea1989's picture

Lolo has a valid issue. #1

Lolo has a valid issue. #1 she does not control the media. Just like they hyped up Jordan Weiber and pretty much guaranteed her the all around gold and the heffa didn't even qualify or like the Maroney girl, they said she had the gold on the vault before she even performed and she fell on her ass. It's not Lolo fault that they ran with the story of her being a virgin and instead of concentrating on her skills. How many other athletes and celebs have more hype and the talent doesn't match? How many awards has JLo won for acting? Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johanssen, Carle Ray Jepsen..I could go on for DAYS. On top of it for her US teammates to go on national TV and complain about her publicity was even worse. You won a medal and you are still jealous, tired, miserable, hateful bitches. That was so embarrassing to watch. Lolo has a great personality and likability and that's what marketers want. Those other two won't be getting major endorsement with their bad attitudes.
PacificGirl's picture

Thanks 4 posting this

Thanks 4 posting this comment...The world we live in rewards ppl for their beauty, and that is not her fault. However, she has worked hard, she is talented, and has records. Fourth place in the world is an awesome accomplishment. I also want to add, that she did not "go off" on the media as the headline states, she was responding to the interviewer's question. And it should be understandable that she is hurt and upset. Whenever you work that hard for something and it goes wrong for you not once, but twice, I'm sure its devastating! Some ppl have no empathy or compassion.
kelis's picture

Why must we tear our people

Why must we tear our people down it saddens me that all I've read on hear, is she thinks cause she's pretty or she was cool with it when all the hype was good. We as blacks get torn down by white people enough that we don't need to do it to our own. Unless you've had audience with her you don't what she thinks or how she feels. I know she's done more than what anyone else has done on this post and that's perform in the Olympics. Who wouldn't be heartbroken to lose a race? You are slaves and don't even realize it, slaves in your mind. You do what white people expect you to do and that's be crabs in a barrel.
I&#039;mThatDude's picture

Lolo is mad because she

Lolo is mad because she thought since she is considered one of the "prettier" athletes repping Team USA, she was going to get a pass by the media for not placing. She isn't even one of the greatest runners there, clearly, she has always gotten on my nerves because she acts "holier than thou" and maybe if she got some good d*ck on the regular, she would have done better...look at Sanya Richard-Ross!
tori's picture

LoLo's birthday is August

LoLo's birthday is August 5th, 1982 which is the same exact day I was born, and I can honestly say that I am very sensitive and HATE to be criticized. What she said sounds like something I would say but I would advise her to not read the news media at all and allow herself to get worked up one way or the other.
keish's picture

Lolo <---- Hahahaha.

Lolo <---- Hahahaha.
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Dawn is beautiful. congrats.

Dawn is beautiful. congrats.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

Sorry, but this is all Lolo

Sorry, but this is all Lolo Jones' fault. She was fine with all the media hype, as long as it was bringing her money in and now that she didn't even get a medal, she's all of a sudden sour! I guess she gotta blame someone other than herself. Somebody's got sour grapes.
Coffy's picture

I found that NYT piece on

I found that NYT piece on Lolo distasteful. Also the way Entertainment Tonight has been itemizing Gabby Douglas's mother financial problems is an UTTER DISGRACE! We should be SUPPORTING our Olympics, not ridiculing them.
Elle's picture

I'm not sure if Lolo's just

I'm not sure if Lolo's just being a sore loser or if she's got a valid issue.. but lets face it.. she seems a bit or a sore loser... and while I haven't read the article I have seen most of her interviews and they've been extremely complimentary and supportive.. soooo... IDK
Janelle McIver's picture

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