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IN CASE YOU DIDN'T HEAR: Derwin Stays! Pooch Hall RETURNS To "The Game"

Ready to write off "The Game" for good?  Not so fast guys.  Pooch Hall has just officially signed on for Season 6 of "The Game." 


Pooch made the announcement a couple of weeks ago, but people still didn't catch on.  Now he's letting everyone know and speaking on his return inside...

Months ago, folks were shocked to learn that both Tia Mowry & Pooch Hall (who play lead couple Derwin & Melanie Davis) of "The Game" were leaving the show.  Tia's definitely not returning.  But in a crazy turn of events, Pooch IS.

The actor was working out a way for him to star on both his Showtime series "Ray Donovan" he had just signed on to as well as "The Game," at the same damn time.  Not sure why this caused friction as Coby Bell, who plays Jason, has been playing on two shows as well for years now.

But Pooch just got the greenlight to return after working out a deal with BET to do both of his shows.  Which means Derwin will be lacing up those cleats once again.  He tweeted recently:


And for some reason people still are unaware that he's returning.  So Pooch tweeted a few days ago:

Its official... who said Pooch wont be back on I will send pics from the set to Prove it, in the fall. Love u guys...

Are we feelin' this return?





Why would he want to come

Why would he want to come back on a show that gave him the axe?! At least Tia has some dignity!
BEEMA's picture

I think he left on his own

I think he left on his own because if the producers fired him, then he wouldn't be coming back. That makes sense right?
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It wasn't that people didn't

It wasn't that people didn't catch on. We just didn't care! I used to be a fan of that show until BET destroyed it. BET is to broadcasting networks what Bad Boy is to music labels. They will ruin perfectly promising careers!
Tiff's picture

Nobody watches that lame ass

Nobody watches that lame ass sh*t no more anyway.
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I am glad to hear Derwin is

I am glad to hear Derwin is coming back cause i wasn't sure where THE GAME was going but i would have still real a Big Time Fan

Pooch returning doesnt change

Pooch returning doesnt change the fact the show has lost its luster with its weak ass storylines. 'Lets Stay Together' is a much better sitcom.
Realist's picture

It would be even better if

It would be even better if Tia was coming back and they gave them a GOOD story line.

Mothefuckers shut the fuck up

Mothefuckers shut the fuck up nobody ask y'all to watch it and last time i check BET is a network not a writer so be quiet with the nonsense

I think he should have left

I think he should have left and moved on to his Showtime series. I don't understand why he's so attached to this role as Derwin. Having a series on Showtime seems more promising for a growing actor. The Game is falling off. He should have jumped off of that sinking boat...
blynne23's picture

I don't know WTH changed from

I don't know WTH changed from the time they left the CW to BET but whatever it was it wasn't good. I was a loyal fan until they butchered every story line and character. Just cancel the show while it still had some dignity left.
PacificGirl's picture

I think the smart thing here

I think the smart thing here to do would be to follow the story line they had in the last season......Mel is in DC doing her DR thing, I think it would be wise to at least let her do Cameo spots...I know she is working on another show.....but I think to keep viewers involved that would be smart

Glad to know Pooch is

Glad to know Pooch is staying, but it's bittersweet news since Tia's not.
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Leave it to BET to mess SHIT

Leave it to BET to mess SHIT UP! It doesn't matter if Derwin Davis's character comes back and it doesn't really matter if Melanie (Tia) comes back, that show is TOAST! Adding these irrelevant actors like Lauren London and Meagan Good isn't going to change it either. I was one of the first people to start and sign a petition when they first got rid of that show on the CW. I wanted them to succeed. I was happy when BET picked up The Game, but sadly I also knew that BET would be the demise of this show. It would have been a lot better if it was kept on the CW or went to a network like Mtv that actually knows how to manage a show like The Game. I hate to say it but black people have a habit of messing shit up and BET is the perfect example of that. All that money they made from ratings and they couldn't afford a better set up or pay the actors more? THEY DON'T KNOW WHAT THE HELL THEY'RE DOING THAT'S WHY! They don't know how to put on a GREAT production, they're still learning. Look at BET Award shows and look at Mtv Award shows, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT QUALITY.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

This is a bad idea! Haven't

This is a bad idea! Haven't we already dealt with trials and tribulations of a newly divorced football star in Jason Pitts? They need to get Tia back to make this show work.
SweetDivaT's picture

OK, if "Derwin" returns, how

OK, if "Derwin" returns, how will he fit into the new storyline? BET can sure butcher a show to death. I will only watch the first episode so I can have a reason to stop watching it instead of jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else who has given up on the show. I'm sure the acting will be horrible, the plot will be dry, and the acting will be dramatic, but I'm willing to give the show one last try before I delete it from my DVR.
tori's picture

I've become disillusioned

I've become disillusioned with the Akils over this. They have taken well adjusted AA women and twisted each of their characters. So the take home message is that Derwin and Melanie divorce (Derwin will need a new love interest after all) and Melanie basically just wasted 6-8 years of her life and career in San Diego. I'm sorry for the character Melanie - but so many AA women damage their careers for selfish husbands/BFs - but I'm happy for Tia Mowry. She was too good for Melanie and too good for the direction that the show wanted to take her. Too bad Tika didn't get out before they destroyed her character (the season finale's rehab issue was completely out of character for Jenna), or Wendy before they destroyed hers, or Tracy before they destroyed hers (on Girlfriends). None of these characters were likeable women and its disappointing to see the level of sexism in AA screenplays - especially when it is propagated by AA women (Mara).
shulamite's picture

AGREED. They were originally

AGREED. They were originally fully fleshed out women, not perfect but not cariactures either. Once it moved to BET, all that changed and the women became unlikable and brainless. I don't even what to talk about the message Melanie's story sends. Just ugh.
Me Talk Pretty's picture

so how does that get written

so how does that get written in2 the story line? last we saw melanie and derwin were moving 2 DC 2gether so she could fulfill her dream of being a doctor...so do they end up changing their minds and getting divorced?

I used to love The Game when

I used to love The Game when it first came on, and I patiently waited for the new seasons on BET and I watched the first couple of episodes and then I gradually lost interest. I'm afraid to say The Game is no longer must-see TV for me. I'll catch it when I catch it, but I don't make it a point to be home when it comes on anymore.
Miss T's picture

Great news! This should make

Great news! This should make for an interesting season w/o Melanie....

I kinda agree...

I kinda agree...
lifeisgood's picture

B.E.T. <--- is blocked from

B.E.T. <--- is blocked from my TV b/c it burns brain cells & only entertains the retarded (smh)....................
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