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Claressa Shields WINS The FIRST Middleweight GOLD Medal In Women's Olympic BOXING!

TEAM USA is getting it in over in London!  YBF chick Claressa Shields boxed her way into the history books today as she became the first middleweight gold medalist in women's Olympic boxing history! Get the hard-punching deets inside.....


Could she be the next Muhammed Ali?  US boxer, 17-year-old, Claressa Shields, put on a fascinating show earlier today as she made history becoming the first female GOLD medalist of the middleweight level of Olympic boxing.  Boxing just made it's way into the Olympics this year.  So Claressa's name is in the history books as the one to beat.

As she worked her 33-year-old Russian Nadezda Torlopova opponent over, she put on a good show displaying her speed and strength.

And once she got on the winner's podium, Claressa put her hand over her heart and laughed.  She was a clear crowd favorite and was the reason many folks came to the match.

Before jetting to London, Claeersa did a featurette in Seventeen magazine where she talked about her father telling her boxing was "a man's sport" and not letting bullies at the gym get to her.  And she talked about her dream of Olympic gold:

I went to the gym every day after school, doing 21⁄2-mile warm-up runs, shadowboxing in the ring, or sparring with the guys. When I was 14, I found out that women would be allowed to box in the 2012 Olympics. Back then, I had a hard time expressing my feelings to people, so I would write in my journals to get stuff off my chest. That night, I remember writing in my diary, “My dream is to win an Olympic gold medal.”

Looks like we can add another name to the list with Gabby Douglas and other YBF chicks who'll have endorsement deals flying their way!




I read her story in last

I read her story in last month's ESSENCE magazine and I am so thrilled for her! She came from nothing with an alcoholic mother, sexual abuse to become the first MW gold medalist in women's boxing history. God DOES answer prayers and hard work does pay off. It ain't how you start but how you finish. YOU GO CLARESSA!
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Get it girllll!!!

Get it girllll!!!

Congrats to Claressa, proud

Congrats to Claressa, proud of her! So young and so accomplished in her field.
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Excellent job Claressa!!!

Excellent job Claressa!!!
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God Bless her! I'm probably

God Bless her! I'm probably happiest for her--out of the ALL of the ybf Olympians this year. I read about her harsh upbringing and being molested as a child. Clearly she put her aggression to good use in the proper context. Look at that smile! I don't think she's bad-looking: just hard-core like a real boxer should be. Congrats Claressa!!

Good for her!! She's overcome

Good for her!! She's overcome a lot of adversity, and is WINNING!!
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"Claressa" my a$$, his name

"Claressa" my a$$, his name is Clarence. Peep the chest, that is a MANNN!! The IOC needs to be checkin for more than adam apples and steriods!!
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Jesus, who cares what she

Jesus, who cares what she looks like, she WON! God, why can't we just be happy for one another, damn! SMH.
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I am no supporter of DOMESTIC

I am no supporter of DOMESTIC violence. No MAN should ever hit a WOMAN, then get a gold medal for it.
tori's picture

Lol you just love to spread

Lol you just love to spread the negative energy don't you? Came on to say congrats and saw you on here again, full of snide remarks about someone that you don't know, doesn't know you and is evidently pretty good at what they do!
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You're absolutely right I

You're absolutely right I DON'T know "her" which is why I only only stated that "she" looked like a he. I didn't attack "her" character as a human being nor did I critique her performance. I simply said that l"she" ooked like a man, which in my OPINION "she" does. Everyone is still entitled to their own OPINION right??? Or did Congress pass a law saying folks weren't, and I didn't get the memo.
tori's picture

Lol you are definitely

Lol you are definitely entitled to your own opinion. I just responded to what you said with my opinion, which is that it's astonishing that you came here to spread negativity, just like in the last article -- like I said earlier, I'm always astounded when a person takes time out of their day to say something negative -- everyone's saying congrats and you have to be the one to say "no, she looks like a man." There is so much negativity in the world today, I guess I don't understand coming online and contributing to that. But you're absolutely right, you're opinion shouldn't be censored and if you felt compelled to speak on the issue of this person's sex for whatever reason, you do have that right.
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We won in Polo too. All the

We won in Polo too. All the medals are important not just bb & track.
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Medals galore today. We're

Medals galore today. We're ahead of China and it's gonna stay that way!
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Yeah it is!! Funny we're

Yeah it is!! Funny we're beating a country that has a population that is 5 times greater than ours.
tori's picture

.....and the way they select

.....and the way they select & train their athletes is Illegal in any Free Country..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Yayyy, Claressa!!! I just

Yayyy, Claressa!!! I just knew she would win, she radiated confidence.
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