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NEW GIGS: Young Jeezy Named Sr. VP Of A&R At Atlantic Records + Arsenio Hall Gets GREENLIGHT For Late Night Talk Show

Aaaaaay!  Hip Hop is growing up.  And rapper Young Jeezy's got a new gig.  Check out deets about his new executive role at Atlantic records, plus Arsenio Hall is officially on the CBS late night talk show host slate...

V103 radio host Greg Street announced on his show last night that fellow ATLien Young Jeezy just stepped into a big new role at Atlantic Records.  And Jeezy's production coordinator co-signed with a Retweet of the news. The "Leave You Alone" rapper will be throwing on a suit and tie (well, his version of that) as the newest Senior VP of A&R at Atlantic Records.

Interestingly, Jeezy is currently signed to Def Jam records-owned by Universal Music Group.  And he released his latest album Thug Motivation 103: Hustlerz Ambition in 2011 via Def Jam.

Jeezy, government name Jay Wayne Jenkins, has been in the game since '01, so he has a pretty good idea of what talent looks like.  And if a star-to-be has what it takes.  Congrats Jeezy!



And Arsenio Hall is back in the talk show saddle.  After winning Donald Trump's "Celebrity Apprentice" last season, and Srsenio making it known he's ready to come back to his first love of histing a talk show, he's gotten his wish.

Deadline reports the tv veteran just got the greenlight for his new CBS late night talk show.  So it's official, Arsenio's show will debut this fall as part of the CBS TV Distribution, and has been sold to over 85% of markets in the country.

He's one of the best in that lane, so we're glad to see him make a comeback.  Hoot hoot hoot!


1.  "Tamar & Vince" will premiere as WeTV 's first ever spinoff show on Thursday, September 20 @ 10PM ET/PT.  Here's a synopsis of the premiere episode:

In the premiere episode, we’re invited into Tamar and Vince’s industry-elite social circle and the inner workings of the entertainment world. It’s now or never for Tamar, who is very aware that this album could be her last chance to fulfill her quest of becoming an international pop star. The stakes are high for Tamar’s solo career to hit big and finally prove she’s much more than the former backup singer to older sister Toni Braxton. Her biggest challenge is her working relationship with Vince, fully revealed during their highly-charged recording sessions. Tamar is an unbridled artist who relentlessly seeks her husband’s professional guidance, while Vince is a no-nonsense music exec that refuses to bend to his wife’s every whim. Riding high off the success of “Braxton Family Values,” she’s also juggling nonstop industry appearances so she searches for the perfect assistant—a male version of herself—which is no small task with her never-compromising standards. Even when Tamar’s diva attitude gets the best of her, she shows that along with her big earrings and designer labels is a big heart.





Hmm... that's kinda major. Go

Hmm... that's kinda major. Go Jeezy.
LisaNiños's picture

Jeezy need to sigh K Michelle

Jeezy need to sigh K Michelle and Raseeda......to get the ball rolling. Lol on Congratulations!
Lucky2bme's picture

Why Natasha gotta Put Young

Why Natasha gotta Put Young Jeezy full name on here, what that got to do with the story!! BUT anyway Luv u Jeezy PROUD OF U!!!!

emmmmmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmmm one

emmmmmmmmmmm mmmm mmmmmm one fine sista :)
LetsGetIt's picture

Jeezy needs to find a Cash

Jeezy needs to find a Cash Cow that he can run into the ground and squeeze every penny out of.......see: Jay-Z & RiRi
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I mean , i love the shows

I mean , i love the shows Arsenio had in the early 90's , BUT I KNOW A FACT!!!!!!That these crakkkas are not going to let this man have the type of show that touches on serious issues like he did in the 90's. IT'S GONNA BE THE SAME WATERED DOWN BS LATE NITE SHOW.He knows not to put Farakhan/ and talk about real shit on the show this time.
LetsGetIt's picture

I''m happy for Arsenio and I

I''m happy for Arsenio and I hope the new show is a big success. Also looking forward to Tamar and Vince's show! That girl keeps me laughing.
DesignDiva's picture

Congrats to Young Jeezy!!

Congrats to Young Jeezy!! It's always great when you can see rappers evolve and reach another level of success. So happy for Arsenio. If Ricki Lake can come back on daytime TV with her talk show, then Arsenio is going to be just fine. I love Braxton Family Values and look forward to their new season starting soon, but I just hope with the spinoff, Tamar & Vince, she's not as over the top. I mean with the Braxtons, she has other personalities to compete with and its like a fight being known for just being Toni's sister/back-up singer. However in her own show, I would like to see more of her from a standpoint of her relationship with Vince, them possibly starting a family, and her vision of pop stardom come to light. Now and days seems like my DVR is full of nothing but reality TV, but I love it!
Get Like Me's picture

Young Jeezy is my HERO. I

Young Jeezy is my HERO. I hope he doesn't sleep with his artist, spend all her record deal money, beat her senseless, threaten her child, then lose his job, and years later she airs all his dirty laundry on a VH1 reality show! I look forward to Tamar & Vince, I'm sure Tamar will be doing plenty of neck rolling, gum popping, and coming up with new phrases ending in dot com. Can't Wait!! I hope she tells Vince to stay clear from 40 yr old inspiring singers "without a wikipedia page."
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