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Two-Timing Stevie J Wines & Dines MiMi....Then Gets PUNCHED For Joking About Joseline!

Who's the idiot who thinks joking about your jumpoff in front of your supposed main chick is funny?  Stevie J., of course,  Look what happened when he took his main girl & baby moms MiMi Faust out on the town last night and Stevie decided to joke with the paps....

Despite the fact Stevie J was all over both NYC and L.A. holding hands and hugging all over his "artist" Joseline in front of the cameras the last couple weeks, he's back to schmoozing MiMi as if she's still his main chick.

Honestly, we don't know who his main chick is anymore.  You would think THAT alone would be enough for MiMi to leave.  But no, she was right by his side at My Studio in L.A. last night.  And that's when Stevie gave a disrespectful answer to one of TMZ's questions.

The camera man asked who would win in a fight--either Basketball Wives or Rapper Wives.  Stevie's answer...with a chuckle?  "Joseline & MiMi."

Apparently he thought that ish was cute.  MiMi got pissed and punched him and took his cigarette and walked off.  But we're sure she ended up in his bed hours later....

The level of dysfunction...



i know people say kids are

i know people say kids are not sapoosed to be watching this show but i am and i understand it yah need to just leave mimi alone like if yah dont like her than dont talk about her and dont watch the show onlistly i like mimi and its her life so yah have no rites to be judging her u like people do that to yah and so #team MIMI

Man I was rocking wit Mimi

Man I was rocking wit Mimi earlier but now she just too stupid smh
BajanKueenB's picture

Mi Mi is a dumb ass broad!

Mi Mi is a dumb ass broad!
I Am Anonymous's picture

So sick of Stevie the

So sick of Stevie the hamster...and getting more sick of his women's allowing his foolery...he makes me siiiiiiiiiick!
Lola's picture

The first episode I watched,

The first episode I watched, I thought Steve J was an unfaithful no good slime dog,...but now,...he's da man!! I don't blame him one bit.
Tren's picture

Check out Chicago songwriter

Check out Chicago songwriter Wonder P.Jackson's "So Beautiful" Follow us on Twitter @WonderPJackson and @theonedertem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=27sOJhItwOg&sns=em
Oneder's picture

Mimi is so f*n wack.

Mimi is so f*n wack.
brownlace's picture

Shoot me in the head! I tell

Shoot me in the head! I tell you they all on cocaine. Mimi and Steebie both got that cocaine swag.
The ZuluKing's picture

Mimi, please leave this clown

Mimi, please leave this clown alone. You deserve much better, or do you? Do you want to continue with this sharing garbage? It seems like you do.
Happy Lady's picture

So Mimi smokes now? Did

So Mimi smokes now? Did anyone peep how after she took the cigarette out of Stevie J's hand, she walked away and right before the camera cut off she put the cigarette in her mouth and took a drag? So this guy has her smoking; WOW.
I_love_laughing's picture

this shit is just sad,

this shit is just sad, forreal tho...
taela's picture

Mimi is dick-matized whether

Mimi is dick-matized whether she wants to admit it or not. There is no way that any woman would get publicly embarrassed on tv like that and stay with the dude unless he had that good front piece.
Ethel Is Mad Now's picture

Wtf you mean "aint no way"

Wtf you mean "aint no way" BLACK WOMEN DO IT ALLLLL THE TIMEEEEEEEEEE!! hahahaha come on now
LetsGetIt's picture

Mimi has to be the stupidest

Mimi has to be the stupidest women on TV these days...Mona can you give us some fulfilling entertainment - the shit that is being produce is pure garbage - no wonder Chrissy did not want to be the same room with you...
lifeisgood's picture

Mimi is Joseline just with

Mimi is Joseline just with better diction and a cleaned up look. She is a broken woman raised on her own no mother and hanging on to a broken man with no mother who takes "care" of her. Her and that other chick are identical except one was a stripper.
Keys's picture

I can't believe that Stevie

I can't believe that Stevie actually has talent when it comes to producing or whatever he does because he is so slow and immature when it comes to his "relationships". His level of maturity would not be tolerated in high school let alone adulthood! But somehow, he pulls in these chicks who, besides having low self-esteem, can do better than him. MiMi says its for their daughter, but you don't have to go out to dinner with him and be wined, dined and disrespected to just be civil parents for your daughter. Knock it off! Joseline knows better than to think that Stevie is going to be faithful (or at least honest about his dirt) after cheating with her in the first place. C'mon now... I wouldn't be surprised if they secretly became a threesome.
Honey BOOM's picture

Smh...wasn't he out with

Smh...wasn't he out with Joseline few nights ago???.....i guess the games continue........outside the show.....

At first I thought it was

At first I thought it was funny...but seeing the video actually made me really sad. Whether they are playing for the camera or not, it's a sad situation. If it's real, all of them are desperate and patheric, and if it's fake, it's sad that all these people would be willing to act like it's a damn circus for some money and fame ... I feel bad for the kids!
Girl's picture

Mimi looks really different

Mimi looks really different here...and her personality seems to be different too...I'm sorry but these people are acting for the camera. All the stuff that goes on seems to be all too predictable...AND WHO IN THE HELL INVITES THE SIDE CHICK TO A COUNSELING SESSION WITH YOUR MAIN CHICK?!! This is scripted and everyone is getting compensated nicely to make a fool of themselves

Some females just believe in

Some females just believe in the "I can change him" method, and are whiling to waste countless years trying to "fix" their man. If you ask me it's to much "Lifetime" movies they watched. My friend is like that and shes pretty but stays with a disrespectful clown....it's sad but hopefully one day they will learn
WTF's picture

My exact thoughts...and one

My exact thoughts...and one day they will learn, the hard and regrettable way.
Tren's picture

Mimi girl get you a white

Mimi girl get you a white man. And leave that stupid dog along. YOU know what they say man's best friend. That's a man. Just ask Wendy
stepup2's picture

Mimi is sad. She is just

Mimi is sad. She is just happy to be out. Never mind he took Joceline to Mr. Chows and he's taking her to a tired LA club. Stevie continues to disrespected her because she always comes back. Just sad.
PacificGirl's picture

Honestly, am I the only one

Honestly, am I the only one who thinks Steve J is a little "special" why does he look like that!
SuzySangria's picture

"MiMi" is just your typical

"MiMi" is just your typical everyday Black woman who got with your typical clown ass negro which is Stevie J. It's funny how black women are though, here's a dude she know is sleeping around with tons of women and she's still with him. I know the reason why, it's because most black women LOVE DRAMA and they love a man they can fight withhhh and have a few drama session with, a successful brotha won't have all that bullshit going on IN HIS HOUSE!!!But you know this guy is a clown that slept with all these women and you black women wonder why you got all these diseases at a high rateeeee.
LetsGetIt's picture

I am happy for your

I am happy for your enthusiasm to broadcast your Family Issues on the “YBF” Website, however, my advice to you is don’t wear yourself out, because ‘Black Women’ will probably be here long after you’re dead, and gone!…maybe your problems come from mental illness, and not with the “Black Women” that's living in your head!
rebellious soul's picture

Letsgo please go get it. Tell

Letsgo please go get it. Tell me are you a white woman? Come on i bet you are...
stepup2's picture

You see my avatar, IM A BLACK

You see my avatar, IM A BLACK MAN. Now i know u mad because you see im telling the truth STEPUP2 you see this shit for yourself and it making you mad. IT'S ONLY 1% OF GOOD BLACK WOMEN OUT THERE.
LetsGetIt's picture

There's only .5% black men

There's only .5% black men who are worth anything! Most of you black men are either in jail or unemployed! Also, there are WAY MORE black women who has a degree than black men. You and your fellow black men (who aren't up to any good) can go jump off a cliff.
Happy Lady's picture

I agree, most of these negros

I agree, most of these negros ARE IN JAIL and they are deadbeats. I AGREE!!!But the thing is most of them came from a single parent black woman home!!!!!Ofcourse black women have more degree and diplomas, shit you OUTNUMBER US FOR ONE, duhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! And this white supremacist system don't see black women as a threat so ofcourse you black women are gonna be sex slaves to these crakkas in the corporations and think you doing it big!!!! But happylady why you so mean to letgetit lately, you use to not be this mean sista what happen
LetsGetIt's picture

I have to give it to Mona,

I have to give it to Mona, she didn't just find "reality stars", these folks are THESPIANS!! They have taken their characters and incorporated it into their daily lives. Mimi still believe she is a "boss chick," Skeetin J think he's really a pimp with no license, and Jose-lynn really believes he is really a woman after the director yells cut. Scrappuh thinks he's still an artist, Buckey think that dusty Lion King wig is cute, Mama Dee-bo and her vienna sausage bang is in love with her son....I just can't! The only REAL person on this "show" is Waka Flocka's mom, Debra Antney. She called Ratcheeda stink amd dirty..and she's on HER side! Loves her!!
tori's picture

LMAO @ thespians

LMAO @ thespians
Girl's picture

Ghetto soap opera ~ The Dumb

Ghetto soap opera ~ The Dumb and the Restless as the Dustbunnies Turn
GetUrLife's picture

LOL AGREED! I been saying

LOL AGREED! I been saying these mofos are the best actors around!
booked's picture

Oh Mimi.....

Oh Mimi.....
kie's picture

NATASHA. I know ur busy and

NATASHA. I know ur busy and all and probably hired this NEW staff out of need, but PLEASE COME BACK!!! i do NOT like these new, wanna b, trying to b, overly, extra sarcastic, for NO good reason "writers." WE CAN ALL TELL this is NOT U! More like wishtheycouldbe Mini You's. I am so OVER them. I have been supporting u since u first started and was still in school and didn't always have time to post new things! U have evolved. and for that I say, *wooooooork!* but PLEASE...if ur gonna have these people "cover" for u...at least TEACH THEM the beauty of the Natasha Way: heavenly mix of fact, opinion, side eye comments coupled with a tad bit of good ol' Smart Azzness! NOT this overly done mess here. I FINALLY created an account today...just to tell u this. *i'mjussayn*

When you lie down with dogs ~

When you lie down with dogs ~ you wake up with fleas. A man will only do to You what You allow him to do. Mimi is too old for this ish ~ some women Never learn. It's called SELF-esteem b*tch. Please get some!!! Θ
GetUrLife's picture

smh...damn shame. all of it.

smh...damn shame. all of it.
Speculation's picture

WTF is going on? How? What?

WTF is going on? How? What? Whyyyy?
Yas's picture

Mimi is a stupid bitch! This

Mimi is a stupid bitch! This man flaunts his other woman in public and you're STILL dealing with him. That level of disrespect is not enough to make you leave him alone!? I think she maybe worse than Emily when it comes to low self-esteem. I don't feel not one ounce of sympathy for women like her. What can she possibly tell her daughter?! And if she's still sleeping with him, she's asking for an STD or better yet, AIDS! There's not telling who Joseline she-man ass is sleeping with. These people are DISGUSTING past DYSFUNCTIONAL!
Elle's picture

it was made for something not

it was made for something not sure if it is tv!

I am so sick of Dumb and

I am so sick of Dumb and Dumber, I can't stand it......where is the cum bucket he is usually in the gutter with! EEEW

Stevie J in da house!! You

Stevie J in da house!! You gotta admit this guy's character was made for TV!
Money First's picture

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