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Papa T.I. POPS OFF On Instagram Followers For Talking Ish About His Wife...And Asking His Underage Daughter For Sex!

When you mess with "The Kang" of ATL's family, expect an Instagram ass whoopin.  T.I. went all the way in on some followers recently who had some smart remarks about his wife, Tiny.  And he lit even further into a follower who propositioned his underage (step) daughter Zonnique for sex on the social networking site.


See how PaPa T.I.P. handled that ish inside...


Oh snap. Apparently T.I. is tolerating no disrespect on his (or Zonnique's) Instagram page.  The rapper & reality star made an example out of a few of his 168K followers yesterday when he posted the above pic of him & Tiny for Throwback Thursday.

A few followers gave backhanded compliments saying how pretty she USED to be, before she f'd her face up.  Mr. Harris wasn't having it.  And responded with threats.  We put check marks by the commenters' words and then T.I.'s words to make it easier for the Instagram illiterate:

But that wasn't all.  Tiny's daughter & T.I.'s stepdaughter Zonnique posted a pic on Instagram as she always does yesterday.  And an inappropriate comment about the 16 year old--asking her "could he f**k"--set Papa TIP off.  And we don't blame him.  Peep what T.I. (troubleman31) had to say (Zonnique has already erased both the original comment and her stepdad's):

Feel like these are lines straight off the set of ATL 2.

Sources: Instagram/RealkTalkNY





Nevaeh's picture

This really made me

This really made me laugh....You already kicked them off your instagram as you should have but, c'mon T.I you are not the only real thug nigga around. Now I understand why you got mad about your daughter but, you dnt know how these kids nowadays speak to each other! We live in the world of sexting and their is no guarantee that his child is an angel that boy looks to be no more then 16 and you talking about shoving his pee pee in his mouth on a social network LOL LOL serious like WTF shake haters and rude ass ppl off and get back to the money SMDH!
shemeiah's picture

I respect the fact that he is

I respect the fact that he is defending his family and wife.....how many dudes are doing that nowadays.....and yes she does look a lot different now but that goes to show that REALLY got love for each other its deeper than looks.

He's a grown ass man why

He's a grown ass man why respond to the craziness! And keep your kid off social media sites. Males are stupid and say anything



is this a grown man talking

is this a grown man talking like that? lmao ti it's instagram 1. it's not that serious 2. it's all true!!! she's busted now...im sure she's a lovely woman, but yea her face was a lot cuter before all the surgery....the truth hurts
litebrite's picture

Lets keep it Real! His wife

Lets keep it Real! His wife (tiny) !IS UGLY ASS FUCK! But at the same time Ti did what any real man would do is "Stand up for his Family"
REd™'s picture

Ye respect him for standing

Ye respect him for standing up for his UGLY ass wife. But TI should have gotten enough of that jail cell. Didn't he take the wrap for her the last time?
stepup2's picture

It's about time. These

It's about time. These people have alot of nerve getting on THEIR instagram pictures talking negatively about his family like these people don't read it sometimes. Also he shole cussed that boy out and he deserved every word of it.
Keys's picture

I totally understand and

I totally understand and respect T.I. for shooting slugs back at ratchets. Point blank period, that man loves his family just as much as any of us and you all know damn well you WILL NOT let some stranger who don't even know pop off on ya fam in your space. You'll have 2 days worth of timeline comments talking shit and possibly be one of the ratchets we see fighting in the videos on twitter/facebook. Just because this man has fame doesn't mean he has to take disrespect from anybody regardless of money/stature. You go on somebody page talking like a killa, don't be mad when he make ya ass a victim. Respect goes both ways to all... not just to the broke. Some ppl actually need to go dance in traffic with all that hating. If you know you would never say something negative to theses ppl in there presence...stop being a IG thug/keyboard killa on social media and keep off ppl pages with all that. I hate ppl who lurck around blogs/FB/IG/TW just hating for no apparent reason. I get some of yall my feel like Tiny was better looking back then but like I said, if you saw her today would you really just walk up to her and call her Miss Piggy/Plastic Sugery Fail??? Hell to the nawl, so stop it! #getindeyassesTI
Anonymously Speaking's picture

I don't blame T.I. for

I don't blame T.I. for setting them haters straight.
Lola's picture

love TI

love TI
leesh's picture

People are entitled to their

People are entitled to their own opinions, YES. But in the world of Instagram and Twitter people will follow you solely to trash talk everything you say and/or do. Because there are no repercussions ONLINE, it's quite disgusting the things people are willing to TYPE directly to you these days.
Anonymous10's picture

T.I. is just in denial, I

T.I. is just in denial, I mean in love with Tiny. She clearly has his heart and I can respect a man that will stand up for his WIFE and (step) child. She may be an anomoly, Ms. Piggy faced, big a$$/little thigh, looking troll but he loves her and that is all that matters. I'm glad the Feds took all T.I. guns because there would have been a bunch of teen boys missing and burried in T.I. backyard for trying to get at Zonnique. If she is anything like her mama I could see her dating Chief Keef, T.I. already thinks he's the future of hip hop. I can't wait for the second season of their show to start!!
tori's picture

Cute picture of Tiny and TI.

Cute picture of Tiny and TI. I don't know why people talk about her because she seems so genuinely sweet.
Denise2007's picture


Ummm... WELL DAAAAAAAAAMN!!!! I see far worse comments on instagram that people leave on celebrities pics. I guess let that be a lesson to people who think they can talk reckless and think these stars don't read it. Everything they said about Tiny (She is ugly but looked a lot better back in the day) is what everyone thinks, but I wouldn't post that on their page. T.I. has a right to defend his fam but that went a lil too far. Clearly he should already know these little boys are dirty and his wife is not Halle Berry. People post inappropriate mess on my pics all the time, I just delete them and go on about my business. These people are irrelevant to your life so who cares what they think? At the end of the day all they do is make you richer.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

It's his page, his family, he

It's his page, his family, he can do what he want so relax! Sometimes people forget how normal people really are. Everybody(celebrities and regular people) do not have that "anything goes" approach #RESPECTTHAT
MissDarbie's picture

I have mixed feelings about

I have mixed feelings about this: while I do respect T.I. for demanding respect, he has to realize that people are entitled to their own opinions. You can't market yourself to young & immature people, and you can't be a 3-4-time imprisoned rapper and 'demand' respect. By the way, T.I. IS funny looking now and again, people can say as much (without going overboard with the insults).

**...meant to say Tiny is

**...meant to say Tiny is funny looking now.**

TI doing too much....He went

TI doing too much....He went a little to far......You can't please everybody he knows that....If you can't take comments close your page down......And your daughter as well.....Thick Skin Kang!
not having it's picture

and how do we know she

and how do we know she doesn't read...i wonder if that was your daughter and some dude said that to her...would you get on your daughter or would you have a few choice words your self...mmh your answer should determine whether your allowed to procreate
_speak's picture

he's a father speaking up for

he's a father speaking up for his...that's whats wrong with ppl now, just total disrespect and no reguards for ppl and their feelings...its one thing to be honest and say "im keeping it real" but being rude is another, who cares how she looks now and how she use to look, she's paid and doing something with her life, while others are cute and broke living off of the Gov. assistance, some ppl just dont think before they speak no one is perfect half of the ppl who comments on her looks wish they looked how she USE to look, and as far as his daughter...and im going to say daughter, it's a simple innocent pic, and instead of getting on her about posting a pic that isnt showing her ass tits or her cat, lets get on the disrespectful SOAB who has no respect for females in general, bcuz a gentlemen would never approach a female like that, a real father would have stood up for his daughter just like he did, and a real man would have stood up for his wife like he did as well, that negative shit is just out of line, homosapiens i tell you.
_speak's picture

Grow up. Its instagram. Stop

Grow up. Its instagram. Stop putting your business in the streets and then you won't have to worry about people commenting. It's amazing to me how adults get wrapped up in twitter beefs (or instagram. Same thing). Who gives a rat's ass if someone doesn't think your wife is cute? If u think she's cute, then it's all good. And when teenagers put themselves out there, and try to be sexy, someone is gonna take the bait. Tell her to read a book instead of showing herself on the internet.
allnatural's picture

when did Tiny become a

when did Tiny become a supermodel. she is ugly and he knows it. he has fine women on the side.
lola69's picture

TI is a punk and yes I know

TI is a punk and yes I know from personal experience! He's a joke! He aint going to do NADA, he might pay someone to do it though, LOL.
srenitamoore's picture

People just stating facts,

People just stating facts, Tiny DID mess her face up. No amount of sugarcoating is gonna change that. Of course, people are gonna talk about that. Regarding his wife, I think they hit a nerve with the truth, but TI was right to go off about his daughter.
Coffy's picture

Agreed. She was so cute

Agreed. She was so cute 'back' then. I just wonder what any of these celebs are thinking when they go and permanently ruin their natural beauty (i.e....Lil Kim, Vivica Fox, Jada Pinkett Smith).
MrsCPA's picture

I would have done the same if

I would have done the same if I was T.I, some black people can be very disrespectful, especially those brought up in the ghetto with low educational background. Instead of looking for ways to better your life, u want to F%$k a little girl, Shame on you.
Cashing out's picture

Celebs trip out over Twitter

Celebs trip out over Twitter & Instagram cuz they're used to everyone kissing their ass (they can't handle it)..............
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

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