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TWITTER FOOLERY: K. Michelle Continues Beef With Toya, Makes Nice With Keyshia Cole + John Witherspoon Cracks Jokes About His Death Hoax!

K. Michelle is taking her story of abuse and doing something positive with it.  The "Love & Hip Hop" star is featured in a new graphic PSA for date abuse, and has even more words for Toya Wright who she feels is talking ish about her.  Plus, see how actor John Witherspoon reacts to his Twitter death rumors..

And the K. Michelle vs. Toya beef continues.  During an interview early this week with Talking With Tami, Toya responded to questions about K. Michelle's allegations that Memphitz Wright, Toya's hubby, abused her years ago.  She said if her husband had done such things, he would be in jail right now. Plus she alleged K is a schizophrenic who doesn't have custody of her son:

“I promised myself I was never going to talk about that because she’s so irrelevant to me, but I’m going to say this: The picture she’s painting of my husband, is not my husband… I’ve been knowing him for six years. I know several women that he has dated that never said anything about abuse.”

“If someone abused you like that, where’s the proof? Where’s the police report? Where’s the pictures? Where’s the messages that you claim he sent to your kid and threatened to kill your child?”

"That's my husband. I don't know you, and I was not there when y'all had the altercation. True, but I'm going to be 100 percent supportive of my man. I don't know this abuser. I never met that guy. I don't know nothing about him abusing women or nothing.

"He's a very loving person. He's very affectionate. Anyone who knows him for real, just be like, 'What is wrong with this girl?' The crazy part about it is that everyone said you crazy and that you hit him."

“K. Michelle needs to find her own story and stop trying to stay relevant by gaining rating from us, you know she is a bonafide schizophrenic too… She doesn’t even have custody of her son.”

That didn't sit too well with K.  She clapped back after hearing about Toya's rant and Tweeted:

I better take these pills or schizophrenia before the government comes and takes my child that I just dropped off at school Monday… It’s sad when people resort to trying to hurt others to keep a public image. God bless them.”

And then there's more.  K deleted it, but the folks over at The Jasmine Brand captured it:


But she had nothing but nice words to say about Keyshia Cole.  She had a bit of a beef with Keyshia while back when both their fan bases attacked each other after allegations were made that K. was jacking Keyshia's style.  But K. Michelle tweeted yesterday:

Small things matter the most. The call I had with @keyshiacole was very Positive,&uplifting. Truly luv her spirit. Real recognize real!

And check out K. Michelle's newest cause--working with Saving Our Daughters.  Her new campaign, where she is seen with a beat up face in a wedding dress, is about date abuse.  K. Michelle says in the vid, "I am here to help take the power away from date abuse."


In other Twitter foolery...

Twitter tried to kill actor/comedia John Witherspoon--again.  But this time, he took it in stride.  eH posted the pic above of  him looking alkive and well and chomping on some corn.  He tweeted:

“Hey but since I’m #Trending y’all better follow me and spread the word that “I AINT DEAD” Sh****t I’m too busy Getting this money 2 die haha”

But not one to let free publicity go to waste, Pops promoted his cooking show with a link to his YouTube channel. He also said,

“Just wanna say Thank You #Twitter for making me Internet Famous for about 35-45min now yall should hook my Account up and #Verify it #Playa”


His next venture?  He's still doing a bit of stand up around the country.  Plus, he stars shooting his new TV show, "The First Family," which is about the “integration of a black president and his family in the White House.”




Lies?  This week, hype was built around an upcoming Aaliyah album done by Blackground Records-who claimed both Missy & Timbaland were involved.  But Missy just tweeted she knows nothing of it:






I'm disappointed by the vast

I'm disappointed by the vast majority of comments on here because K, decided not to be the VICTIM anymore and find her voice she's wrong. This is becoming the norm a woman gets beats in quite then finds the strength to finally speak on it and she's told to shutup and stay quite. She's told, that she should of been said something, no one can put a time frame to which a person is to heal. Toya shouldn't be running her mouth AT ALL because she wasn't present neither was anyone else. I can promise you that what's done in the dark will come to the light. I'm disgusted and appalled by these comments you don't know the pain of abuse til its you or someone you love.

My wife and I split up over

My wife and I split up over two years ago, and I have tried many different spells from almost every place locally as well as online and none of them worked. I had almost given up hope until I found this man prophetharry@ymail.com. I ordered a reunite love spell to help my ex wife forgive me for the mistakes that I made with an old girl friend. Then I purchased a marriage spell so that we could get married again. I was floored that both spells worked within 3days, I am his customer for life and I will definitely be contacting him about more spells when I need his help. victor Mandel

No one knows what happened

No one knows what happened during this particular incident but God, k michelle, and memphitz. I will admit no she didn't say his name but of course the media and everyone else were going to do their best to find out who she was talking about. She should of just shared her story like she did and by doing so try to give other women hope, strength, and encouragement to know that they aren't alone and she too was a victim if that's the case and leave it up to God to fight the battle. We all grieve and hurt in our own way some of us heal fast and some of us it takes a lil time especially if its not the first time someone you truly loved or cared about has hurt you. Maybe she doesn't know how to deal with the hurt she feels, but to keep talking about the situation isn't going to help with the healing especially since its turned negative and so many people chosed to get involved who weren't even there, don't give a person that type of power over you in any situation whether it be male or female and cut the interviews short also because they're not worried about your story they're just interested in the messiness and gossip its going to bring. If its true it will reveal itself in time but until then be cool and focus on you and yours and that applies to both parties. Toya shouldn't have said anything because she wasn't there and it was before her time but i guess she felt she had to speak up for her husband and memphitz should've kept quiet also i mean if they claim her allegations aren't true, then let it reveal in time that shes a liar and same for k she shouldn't of said anything about toya and it doesn't matter who said something first the truth will reveal itself keep it classy. People assume she's lying because of the way she's portrayed on TV as this badazz but like i said that may be because she doesn't know how to deal with her hurt. If it happened then yes its totally wrong even if she was the agressor its still wrong. I just pray God grants her the strength to heal completely from this situation and that they'll all continue on with their lives. And Mona Scott in my opinion doesn't give a damn about the cast of this show wether its scripted or not all she worried about is ratings and dollar signs plus she's behind the scenes so she don't give a damn how it makes their images look and especially with this situation if she gave a damn about k's situation regardless of wether it was against memphitz or any other guy wth would you try to put her and her abuser in the same room for a reunion show if she needs to heal and move on from this and besides you see she's hasn't healed from this so you're ask asking for some BS to jump off.
_Smiley25's picture


GET YO LIFE K-MICHELLE!!!! This story has worn out it's welcome. Please get to the music and do more interviews about that. You swimming in this domestic violence issues is very tiring, draining, and depressing. You have a chance to make music the head of your life after God and immediate family. Do that and stop putting this man you HATE so much in the forefront of your career. Let the LORD fight your battles. You see what happened when Jennifer carried her self like a lady, all the dirt came to the light and Evelyn was publicly humiliated. If Memphitz hit you as you say, in which I don't believe, move on with your life and let God deal with it. This story is getting old, I'm sorry IT IS OLD, and how long are you gonna be able to ride this horse for fame? GET YO LIFE!!
Deliciamo's picture

Music the head of your life

Music the head of your life after God and Immediate family? Wtf are you talking about? You ain't neva met that woman a day in your life. Stop taking this stuff so seriously..its entertainment.
BEEMA's picture

Both K. Michelle and Toya

Both K. Michelle and Toya need to grow the hell up. Toya, you weren't there, so you know what happened. And if Memphitz did take K. Michelle budget money. then she needs to take him to court and move on. To me, it sounds like she's still in love with him.
Jernero94's picture

Domestic violence is serious.

Domestic violence is serious. I had relocate my whole family because of it. I just hope She uses this time to heal her self, find herself. So these young girls, woman could see it real could be any of us. I mean once you been abuse it's easy for you to bully others abuse others ,same way it was done to you. So k their a bigger picture than them. Cause he can play the victim role all he want,but his true colors will show now or later. It's 3 sides to a story my side your side and the true. So if you can lie to God.. Who am I .or we I mean you think this guy going to say oh yeah I abuse her!! He'll to the no... Come one. There is diff ways one can abuse physical ,mental verbal. Come on people. Why
esensi's picture

I'm a domestic violence

I'm a domestic violence survivor , and as I'm reading the comments about this whole situation im shock. Because that the reason a lot of woman hold it inside or never gets help. cause ppl always think that it's us. Yess I agree she should have blast him , got him arrested.so who am or you to put a time limits. Matter theirs some abuser on here now commenting on this. And trust history will repeats it self. But I believe k. Because she sees this dude on tv acting like he's an angel, he is so sweet. So yeah now she tight because this dude still move on after what he did to her and acting like he is the good guy. But history repeats it self. An abuser is always an abuser. That you can't hide trust. Been there.
esensi's picture

I feel really bad for your

I feel really bad for your situation. That being said, everybody that cries abuse is not being abused. Women know that this is the one thing that will turn a world against a man, so they use it recklessly to harm them. I wasn't there either. K-Michelle's mouth is not a prayer book though. She seems bitter, vengeful, hurt and not over this man. I would never go after a mans woman because he beat me. She taunts Toya all the time on Facebook. She is really upset that Toya got the man and she didn't. What makes it so bad is, Toya doesn't even use her Facebook anymore. If someone threatens to kill my child, even if I can't defend myself, I will get the extra strength to protect my baby. Every woman has that I can take it mentality, but when it comes to your kinds, all deals are off. If my child's father threatens their life I'm going to the police. Lil Ms We Jump Gates doesn't strick me to be scary. She is always too amp'd and ready to fight on sight. That chick is crazy and mad as hell that the man she wanted for her own fell in-love with another woman.
Deliciamo's picture

I agree with Toya. After so

I agree with Toya. After so long you get tired of someone talking about you when you are not the issue. Where Toya went wrong was entertaining this nut. She has been waiting for Toya to respond to her so she can go after her in this way. If I was Toya I would thank her for the ring and tell her to have a nice day. Why is it that Toya, Kandi, Tiny, Monica, Rasheeda, Tamar, The Braxton sisters, Pheadra, and etc. can all get along in ATL, but this chick with her GHETTO tactics can't get along with anyone. Things that make you go hmmmm....
Deliciamo's picture

People LOVE DRAMA!!!! All she

People LOVE DRAMA!!!! All she talks about is fighting. I've been a twitter follower of Memphitz for a long time and this man post positive, motivating comments often. I've never seen him say anything about fighting anyone. He was on national TV, where fighting gets ratings, and not one time did he fight anybody. This man never had bad things to say about K-Michelle until this Love and Hip Hood Atl incident. She is the aggressor and I truly believe she hit him first. She hit Karlie Redd in the face. She was trying to fight her. She threatened Tamar and now she's threatening Toya. Abused woman my behind. I never see her say fighting is not the answer. An abused woman with an organization knows that fighting is not the answer. All she says is "I'm from Memphis where we jump gates, now can somebody come and cry with me cuz my ex-boyfriend hit me 5 years ago." Stop it already!! It's okay for her to threaten people and then play the victim? Not in my book! She sounds like the villain. NEXT!
Deliciamo's picture


BITTER SCORNED WOMAN!! Women lie all the time!! Why is it so easy to believe someting bad about somebody? Is it because we have been through some things so we believe all other negatives things about people? For the women who have really been abused, I admire their strength. For women who lie because they are SALTY at a man, I have no sympathy for. SNAPPED is full of women lying about abuse and making excuses for why they killed their husband. I think K-Michelle needs to stay career oriented and focus on her career. NO MAN that abused me would be at the front of my chance to be the singer I've been dying to be. Only love for a man, and hurt that you can't have the man makes a woman act like this.... Trust me, Chicks do this all the time in the hood, and K-Michelle is from the HOOD!
Deliciamo's picture

I believe K. and feel Toya ur

I believe K. and feel Toya ur suppose to support ur hubby. I know some women who getting beat up by black men. Some men do hit women and they wont hit every single girl their in a realationship with.
Bad LiL Chick's picture

I don't understand...if all

I don't understand...if all of her accusations were true, why wouldn't the shows producers try to get her some professional help? I mean even if they are true, is what this man did years ago really affecting her every day life NOW or STILL? It's obvious she keeps cramming this down our throats for ratings, otherwise they would try to get her some help.
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

Level headedness + reality tv

Level headedness + reality tv = BAD RATINGS. Mona is very aware of this equation which is why Ratcheeda and her husband barely get any screen time.
tori's picture

Help to move on...

Help to move on...
KeepITsimpleSTOOPID's picture

K Michelle is crazy as hell.

K Michelle is crazy as hell. But for good reason. I LOVE JOHN WITHERSPOON! His tweet was hilarious! This whole Aaliyah album crap has gone way too far and it is disrespectful. Missy didn't know about it? Means, shady business is going on. Drake needs to take many of seats right now and let his obsession go.
Yas's picture

K Michelle seems very

K Michelle seems very confrontational and in your face... with that being said, I can see how an altercation with her could lead to someone temporarily losing control and putting their hands on her. He probably did do a Chris Brown during a heated situation but getting into a fight does not necessarily make you an abuser, we all have gotten into a fight before... right? So the difference here is that he possibly hit a woman instead of another man. I hate that people think it's okay for a woman to spazz out on a man in anger but a man must sit there and take the abuse. If you put your hands on ANYBODY you should be ready for whatever comes next. I have a son and I teach him to walk away and never hit a female but that does not give the right for a lunatic to just go crazy on him and bust him upside his head and not expect to get some type of reaction. Male or Female the same rule should apply, Keep your hands to yourself... period! Neither Toya or Rasheedah really know what happened that day she claims he abused her, Women lie and Men lie so how can you stand behind something you didn't actually see.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Don't people watch Forensic

Don't people watch Forensic Files and the like??? People r beat and abused - on a regular, in the Black Community...and this hush hush, keep ish under the rug NONSENSE...IS JUST THAT: NONSENSE! if this girl SAID she was beaten...it's worth taking a look at. Furthermore, no one was there, but the 2 of them. I don't see the point in saying she was, if she wasn't. This is how many women die...or almost die. Anybody see the movie, The Help??? Yeh...this ish BEEN going on "in OUR community!"

K Michelle, Memphitz has

K Michelle, Memphitz has moved on, you should have pressed charges, if not you need to move on with your life. Okay, I feel for any woman that was abused, but K Michelle is taking this too far. She is 34 years and she is still trying to "break through" the music industry and she is using any means necessary. When Rihanna was abused we had the proof with the pictures and the police report. Rihanna, however did not let the situation define her. K Michelle is using this abuse situation as a "come up". When Mary was abused by K-Ci, she did not let the situation define her. I think Toya SHOULD defend Memphitz, that is her husband. If Memphitz was not married to Toya, K Michelle would still be irrelevant right now. How can K Michelle say she wants to help women, but then rags on Toya because the sista has a GED? How can K Michelle claim to be against violence and then threatens to fight Toya? That's some bipolar stuff. K Michelle I'll look out for you on Unsung in about 15 years, then we'll know the real story. Until then, I'm done with this chick.
BlessedandLoved's picture

Don't people watch Forensic

Don't people watch Forensic Files and the like??? People r beat and abused - on a regular, in the Black Community...and this hush hush, keep ish under the rug NONSENSE...IS JUST THAT: NONSENSE! if this girl SAID she was beaten...it's worth taking a look at. Furthermore, no one was there, but the 2 of them. I don't see the point in saying she was, if she wasn't. This is how many women die...or almost die. Anybody see the movie, The Help??? Yeh...this ish BEEN going on "in OUR community!"

Kmichelle is taking it to far

Kmichelle is taking it to far she said she is from Memphis ,so why she didnt fight Memphitz back....the way she is handling it you can not tell she talking about putting paws on Toya slapping her you sound like the abuser. Im sorry but the chance of Toya leaving Memphitz 0 baby . Its a thin line between love and hate stop watching that movie.

Does this K. Michelle person

Does this K. Michelle person like anyone? Is K Michelle sure her altercation wasn't with someone else...cause I mean she seems like the type to have plenty of simultaneous altercations going on.
Denise2007's picture

I believe K michelle

I believe K michelle something aint right about"Memphitz".. And if it wasn't true why is Toya fighting so hard to prove he's innoccent (she needs to keep her mouth shut)! ..I bet lil wayne is somewhere Clowning and going Ham ..Karma is a BITCH!!
REd™'s picture

This is why so many black

This is why so many black woman suffer in silence, and die at the hands of their abuser. How is this woman crazy. Can you blame her. If the someone you love not only robbed you of your money, tore your self esteem down, and physically violated you? Shit I would be bitter too. Why should she have to keep quiet, so that asshole can pretend to be a good man. She didn't get legal justice maybe this is her way of getting it. It is childish, but it is understandable. If someone you love did that you'd have a hard enough time getting over it let alone his dumb ass is lying about it, AND the next bitch has the nerve to come at her and tell her it didn't happen. Toya is an irrelevant, uneducated no talent having insensitive ass hole for coming at K michelle like that. She should just keep quiet, defend her man without coming at K michelle and totally dismissing her. When he start hitting on her she's going to look stupid. I dont care what anyone says I've known men like that, they do not change. Everything will be ok for a while but when that reality tv money stops, toya watch yourself.
The Truth's picture

K Michelle just wants some

K Michelle just wants some ratings for her show. How come every Monday right before the show airs, K Michelle is doing a new interview about Toya and Memphitz? K Michelle was the one who provoked Toya. Before this week Toya had never even mentioned her name. I don't blame Toya for stepping to this chick. Once this season of Love and Hip-Hop is over, K Michelle probably won't mention this again... until she is doing press for season 2.
BlessedandLoved's picture

CoSign.... Could not have

CoSign.... Could not have said it better
REd™'s picture

Like I said before I don't

Like I said before I don't know this chick K Michelle that well but I've always admired Toya. But again how does this benefit K's career by lying about being beaten up? Everyone has told her she needs to calm down and stay on track if she wants a promising music career, so why would she jeopardize that with a lie? I mean that's just common sense to me. The truth will eventually come to light and when it does a lot of people are gonna feel STUPID and ASHAMED!
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Agreed. She already has a

Agreed. She already has a very popular show on TV so she don't need to exploit Toya & Memphitz for attention. It isn't like they are Jay-Z & Beyonce because outside the hip-hop community no one even knows who they are. Go ask a typical white person who Memphitz is and they gonna be like... "WHO"? But she's painting him out to be a complete monster and I don't know if I believe it was to that degree. I think some of it could be retaliation and bitterness for how he handled her career and/or money.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

K Michelle needs to chil out,

K Michelle needs to chil out, she is too of to be acttkng like a little child. Like they say, you can take the child out the hood but you can't take the hood out the girl, she have a big mouth n bad attitude , which 9 times out of 10 don't do well being in the industry n climbing on top of her career . Take a seat k Michelle
Cashing out's picture

Toya Carter needs to mind her

Toya Carter needs to mind her own business and worry about MempHITS. Toya needs to worry about her mother being on drugs,and Toya needs to worry about her illiterate brothers,Toya needs to worry about her family. Toya can't call anyone "irrelevant" because what is she exactly known for? At least, K. Michelle didn't have a child at 14, at least K. Michelle graduated from HS,at least K. Michelle isn't 27 with a 14 year old daughter.

At first I felt bad for K.

At first I felt bad for K. Michelle, but now I think she is taking things too far. I'm even doubting if MemphIHITZWOMEN put them paws on her. What kind of woman (using that term loosely) would preach so hard about domestic violence, but go as far to say she would "slap the sh*t" out of someone on sight?? And lets not forget what her mama taught her, "talk sh*t, get hit". She is just a nut case and I am finding it very hard to believe ANYTHING that she says. I love Toya, but she needs to let K. Michelle hang her damn self, instead of stooping to her level. Toya has EVERYTHING K. Michelle has ever wanted so there is no need for Toya to entertain Freddy K.'s lies. That picture is too much! I hope she is NOT on season 2 of L&HHATL. I'm over her and her lies. Perhaps "Celebrity Rehab" has an opening??? Does anyone know what they do in Memphis, I thought they just killed deers and married their cousins but I don't think Freddy K. is referring to that???
tori's picture

I think KM need to let this

I think KM need to let this go and all but how do you know Toya has everything KM ever wanted? You, I nor anyone other than KM knows all of what she ever wanted. That is an extreme statement. I do believe Memphitz hit her and Toya should have kept her trap shut. But to say that Toya one up'd her...no. Shit way I see it all Toya did was wind up with KM's past ass whupper. Both of their asses are lost way I see it.
knm931's picture

Two grown ass women beefing

Two grown ass women beefing on Twitter. SMH. Both of them need to GROW UP. Good grief, this reminds me of high schoolers. Both of these women are mothers. Show your kids an example of maturity and quit using Twitter to tear one another down. Good, K Michelle told her story and she can use it to help someone else, but going back and forth with Toya isn't going to accomplish a damn thing. I do agree that Toya is defending her husband, and that's what most of us doe, but she knew nothing about her husband's past relationship (only what told her), so in my opinion, she shouldn't speak on it anymore. P.S. Many victims of DV do not file police reports or even get treated, so sometimes it's hard to prove.
Sunflower Jones's picture

Yes! I think she mad because

Yes! I think she mad because he has moved on with his life. She was just on that show talking about finding a man. KM move on pray about it and get to your happy.
stepup2's picture

All K.Michelle is doing and

All K.Michelle is doing and proving that she is "crazy". I am not questioning her accusations of abuse, however I am questioning her tactics. How does one who claims to be the victim of abuse, then turn around and threaten to "slap" somebody else!?!?!? Chile please! Abuse is abuse!
Jacquelynmichelle's picture

In a nut shell! smh.

In a nut shell! smh.
memoirs.of.a.keisha's picture

Toya should not have ever

Toya should not have ever opened her mouth publicly about this issue. She was not there and has no idea what happened. Of course, any woman would want to take her husband's side first BUT you take that up with him privately. You nor your girlfriends do not publicly get involved. He may have been that person before and is no longer like that, so just because he is loving, affectionate and sweet now does not mean he was always that way. For her to act like she needs to defend her husband like he is a child, she is now putting more attention on herself and their marriage versus allowing this to just die down. I still say common sense will tell you if that man was not guilty of abuse and K Michelle publicly accused him of that and stealing of her money, he could have hit her with a slander suit so fast her head would spin. He did not. That tells it all. All he did was say no he didn't do it and insult her. Which are all attempts to deflect from the fact that he is not going the extra mile to stop these so-called false allegations. I'm more than sure he and Toya could afford a good lawyer. Now K Michelle is getting on my nerves with her constant need to portray herself as a badass. She can miss me with all that when she is a former university queen and a sorority girl. She is riding this story too long and honestly pushing it so much that it is taking away from her real talent. After a while people are going to get tired of her riding this whole tough abused girl image when it does not seem like she is just trying to heal, hush and move on.
Keys's picture

K. Michelle, give it a rest.

K. Michelle, give it a rest. Ok, you told your story. Now, live. By harping on the past, you hold yourself back. Toya, you've had your say. Don't keep entertaining it.
MrsCPA's picture

K. Michelle in my opinion is

K. Michelle in my opinion is actually proving the rumors about her to be true. She very well indeed maybe crazy. (Certifiable) Normally, I'm not one to question a woman about her being abused, but I'm definitely starting to question her accusations now. I think this is her topic of relevance when it comes to her time on LHH:ATL.
Anonymously Speaking's picture

I originally felt sympathy

I originally felt sympathy for K. Michelle but it's getting annoying now. She has a right to tell her story but damn, every chance she gets? Toya should say no more. Minus the slick dig at the end, her statement was well spoken. Just leave it at that. She cannot continue to go back and forth with K. Michelle. Whether the allegations are true or false it will have no bearing on her and her husband's marriage if they don't let it. All parties involved need to move on.
Anonymous10's picture

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