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SHE WAS THERE: Beyonce GOES GLAM To Shoot "I Was Here" Live Humanitarian Video

Friday night at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City, Beyonce hit the stage to shoot the video for her track "I Was Here" in front of a live audience.


Check out the first flicks from the performance inside...

Beyonce, dressed in a long sleeved, figure hugging, stark white sparkling floor sweeping evening gown, put her chic foot forward as she filmed the World Humanitarian Day version of her Diane Warren-written track "I Was Here."

The 30-year-old did the live taping at the General Assembly Hall, and posted a few sneak peeks to her Tumblr page:

Chick makes Humanitarianism look fabulous.  As for how Queen Bey is doing her part, she's asking the millions in her BeyHive and beyond to do one small act of kindness for another person in celebration of World Humanitarian Day (August 19).

From now until August 19th, you can sign up HERE and leave a message about how you plan to/have already helped another.

On August 19th, her "I Was Here" video will be released.  And so will the millions of messages that were left on the website.

She is hoping the messages will reach 1 billion people on one day with one message of hope.  As of Friday, over 60 million people have participated.


Pics via Beyonce's Website





That white gown is

That white gown is Everything!
star's picture

innit?!?! LOVE!

innit?!?! LOVE!

Beyonce is definitely a

Beyonce is definitely a reflection of the Reality, in terms of being a ‘True Leader’, because she loans her voice for Women, and for the Needy!…oh please forgive me for boasting about my self-interests, but, I love all Genuine Leaders!...
rebellious soul's picture

I looove Beyonce, ADORE her.

I looove Beyonce, ADORE her. But that bootleg "streak" job in her hair? I cannot.
Anonymous10's picture

Wow...60 million people have

Wow...60 million people have signed up to help another person in this world, that's amazing, it looks like world peace might be attainable....I'm proud of this movement and super proud of Bey for being the catalyst behind it! We have to BE the change we want to see in this world, super inspiring<3

I love Bey, such a fab chica.

I love Bey, such a fab chica. No other R&B chick is in her lane, and she knows it!!
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star's picture

she looks amazingly gorgeous.

she looks amazingly gorgeous.
BITCH STOP's picture


Itzzzzz Show-Time!!!!..lolol...I was there, I am Here, and itz me again BiSHEzz!!! Bahawaa
Like Really's picture

beautiful.....go on bey!

beautiful.....go on bey!
litebrite's picture

Beyonce is amazingly

Beyonce is amazingly beautiful. I am so proud of her. I love the song and last night Anderson Cooper hosted the event and following her performance was in awww and said, "does this happen every Friday night because if so, I will be here" and the audience of human love fighters and diplomatics were all in awwe of her performance and of Beyonce astounding dedication to the cause and beauty. It just doesn't get any better than Beyonce. She has everything, whats not to hate about her? She has an amazing voice, real talent, a man that loves her, a daughter, a family that loves her, a world that adores her, beauty, meekness, and a strong respect for others. Whats not to hate about Beyonce, she has everything! I can't wait to see the video on August 19th, 2012.
Lifeatbest's picture

OMG , you can actually feel

OMG , you can actually feel Natasha beaming as she typed this post......i luv that u luv her just be more fair to other celebs when you report, your bias is so obvious. A good reporter of info whether the 6 o clock news or all day gossip should somewhat be non bias. I luv Bey too so its no hate just an observation.
Kai's picture

Kai, a good reporter post

Kai, a good reporter post news all times of the day. The world and people are doing extraordinary things on this earth, like Beyonce and it does not stop and can be and should be reported all times of the day.
Lifeatbest's picture

@Lifeatbest, hmmmmmmmmn I

@Lifeatbest, hmmmmmmmmn I think you totally missed my point.....I was talking about how bias her reporting is when it comes to Bey. Because Natasha she can be shady and shows her dislike of other celebs in her tone, choice of words when posting on them etc. Thanks for the attempt though.
Kai's picture

THIS SONG has "I" or "Me" in

THIS SONG has "I" or "Me" in it 97 TIMES !!!!!!!!!! just googled the lyrics !!!!!!!!!! The Song is ALL ABOUT CRAYONCE' <------ LMAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (she's smelling herself)................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Ok...a song that was on HER

Ok...a song that was on HER album that was supposed to make HER money is INSTEAD, being used toward helping and funding others.....HOW IS THAT WRONG @LISARAYE'S SLOW CONSCIENCE???? Helping is helping. and its Bey...so of course she's gonna do it in a big way.....
Classic87's picture

So...a song entitled "I Was

So...a song entitled "I Was Here" featured the word "I" a lot? That's not strange at all. Question: You actually counted? Hmm....
inmyskin318's picture

This Nut Job better get

This Nut Job better get checked for Diabetes <----- b/c she is always THIRSTY......The Olympics is driving her Batty. Bey & Jay can't handle the focus on all these other black people. Michelle Obama goes overseas to support these wonderful athletes and Crayonce' has a nervous breakdown then does a self-serving song at the U.N. to try and get The First Lady's attention (smh). Bey's obsession with Michelle is SCARY (it's like Cray Bey thinks she's FLOTUS) <------ Bey is truly Cray Cray (smh)..................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


She looks SMOKING HOT!!! LOVE THAT DAMN DRESS! She always looks better understated!!! Simple and chic!!! Good thing she's doing here! Having time away from music duties really gives room for doing important things like this! Kudos!
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