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Evelyn Released From Hospital, Chad Released From Jail + Eric Williams Takes Cheap Shots At Their Domestic Dispute

Evelyn Lozada has been released from the hospital following an altercation with hubby Chad Johnson.  Get the deets on their situation inside and see what former NBA baller Eric Williams had to say about the "knot" on her head.


We told you earlier about the heat-butting domestic dispute between Evelyn and Chad (pictured above the day after their wedding last month) and now more deets are emerging. Though Ev has been released from the hospital and is safe with friends now, last night was another story.  According to the police report that just surfaced, TMZ reports she fled to a neighbor's home after Chad head-butted her during an argument about a receipt for condoms.  Allegedly, he began screaming, "I don't give a fuck! I don't give a fuck about my career!"

Once Ev was located, an officer on the scene said he observed a 3 inch laceration on her forehead.   But when he spoke to Chad, he was told that Ev yelled "Fuck it!" at him and then head-butted HIM!

Later, Chad was arrested and taken to Broward County Jail on one charge of domestic violence. 

He posted bail of $2,500 this morning (pictured above leaving jail this morning) and was ordered to stay away from Ev.

Chad's bosses at the Miami Dolphins are "aware of the situation and are in the process of gathering relevant information," according to Dolphins spokesman Harvey Greene.


And to throw salt on a wound....

Eric Williams, the estranged hubby of Ev's frenemy Jennifer Williams, took a few shots at Ev when he heard about the dispute.  He tweeted, Hey @EvelynJohnson...... I bet that #knot on your head more #shinier#Prince_of_NewARK than mine....

He had moe jokes saying, Lets do our Own show, called "2Bumps you can't get enuf" We Good..... @hisKnotThenSaid, said he needs a companion..

He even threw a dirty joke in saying, I guess @EvelynJohnson really do like rough #sex.. a little over-board this time Chaddy... I said it..

Oh Eric...




She's not black you dummies!

She's not black you dummies! You sound so ignorant! But then again you ladies are more basic and ignorant than the women on these pathetic shows. Smh.
Spencer1988's picture

This is why these athletes

This is why these athletes marry outside their race. They no black women are not interested in open marriages.

So True. Non Black women are

So True. Non Black women are the original gold diggers. They're willing to accept all sorts of behavior for that lifestyle....
KENNEDY78's picture

I expected something ,

I expected something , dramatic to happen with this couple but not this. Chad doesnt seem like the violent type. either way, Eric should shut the hell up bc at least Evelyn's knot will heal and his monkey ass seems to be stuck with his for life.
shuga's picture

She is a disgusting filth

She is a disgusting filth piece of trash who admits to licking his anus so how could any man respect garbage like her.
DominicanQueen's picture


NO ONE DESERVES TO BE ABUSED IN A MARRIAGE!!!! You all need your heads checked! Anyone that thinks this is a funny situation is CRAZY!!!! Getting into an arguement and cat fight with your girls is one thing, but being married to an abuser is a totally different and more serious thing!!! Whether she or he is the abuser, GET OUT NOW! Before one of you end up in ICU or DEAD!!!! Eric Williams will rot for his own actions. It is not funny when people are putting their lives on the line because they don't have any self control! Shit, if Jennifer wasn't such a punk, his ass would have been in the cell right next to Chad!

*blank stare* I haven't seen

*blank stare* I haven't seen one person said she deserved abuse. Most people can't stand either one of them or one more than the other because they are both jackass. All this screaming you are doing is all off. Fine if you are an Evelyn fan but instead of screaming on blogs go work for her pr team.
knm931's picture



1 Month? These two have been

1 Month? These two have been married for 1 friggin' month and He's been arrested, she's ALLEGEDLY been assaulted and fled to a neighbor's house PLUS Chad's now UNEMPLOYED? Get an annulment already!....Like YESTERDAY! Seriously. I feel like these people have lost sight of what's right and what's important. Head-butting? wtf? Never hit your woman AND....Never hit your man. Wth is going on with folks? Chad unlike Evelyn... you HAD a lucrative career. Important because it allowed your azz to live a somewhat fab life....now what you goin' do? Ya'll are killin' me. For real.
Mocha1's picture

That is why you should never

That is why you should never make a hoe a housewife. The Save-A-Hoe mentality only causes you more grief. Look at him now.
knm931's picture

Ummm, correction... You

Ummm, correction... You should never try to make 2 hoes get married! Both of them are pretty hoeish! I can't stand when the SAVE-A-HOE mentality is applied to WOMEN ONLY!!! He purchased condoms, not her... Who's the HOE here??? HIM APPARENTLY!

Please go work for her pr

Please go work for her pr team and stop trying to defend her by screaming on a blog. She is a hoe and he was a dummy. The end.
knm931's picture

And his dumb@ss just got cut

And his dumb@ss just got cut buy the Miami Dolphins...smh. Maybe he can go to Seattle with T.O.
Jesus Take the Wheel.....before I crash's picture

Karma is a bitc*, she had it

Karma is a bitc*, she had it coming after how she bullied and talked about everyone on BBW,S
doll's picture

Both of them bought it on

Both of them bought it on themselves. Since Chad wanted to have sudden new preferences, he thought he was too good and had to have a certain type even at the expense of dissing his own publicly. Evelyn is an evil witch that will damn near dog her own mama for money, connections and fame. So they both set themselves up for these fucked up results. I feel sorry for neither one of them.
knm931's picture

Revolting same sex couple.

Revolting same sex couple.
OxamaraGarcia's picture

Chad just got cut from the

Chad just got cut from the Dolphins


HEADBUTTING......THE NEW SLAP/PUNCH. Eric is a mess. He does KNOT have to be so mean!!! Lol
theblueprint's picture

Lol lol

Lol lol
esensi's picture

I dont Feel sorry for Evelyn

I dont Feel sorry for Evelyn not one bit .... shit hit her ass again!
REd™'s picture

This Is A Mess! Just Annul

This Is A Mess! Just Annul This Foolishness And They Both Go Their Separate Ways. Point Blank Period. I Guess We Know They Don't Use Condoms. SMH
Keyths'Girl's picture

Many married people don't use

Many married people don't use condoms... Usually when you're married, you're under the assumption that you're both being monogamous and sometimes when you're married, you're trying to build a family, using condoms would prevent that....

When shyt goes wrong... The

When shyt goes wrong... The next Oprah Winfrey.... This woman publicly humiliated Jennifer over a man. She was trying to fight her because of this man. She allowed others to HATE and TAUNT her all for the love of this man. She put all of Jennifer's business in the street to please this man and what did she get out of it? A butt to the head. A chest bump would have been a lot safer. You can't do wrong for long. KARMA will eventually find you and rain on your messy parade. Well here it is Evelyn. Lights, camera, ACTION!!! Everything you did to Jennifer is coming back on you and GOD made it available for her to see it. This is what happens when you allow the Lord to fight your batters. His wrath is far worse then the revenge of man... And in that order, BOMB!!!
Deliciamo's picture

be careful what you wish for.

be careful what you wish for. the price of fame. hate to say it but KK is on the road too
stepup2's picture

Not surprised. Everybody and

Not surprised. Everybody and their mama knew this marriage was going to be a mess. Eric needs his ass whooped.
Jernero94's picture

If anyone in this world

If anyone in this world deserves a good head butt it's Evelyn Lozado. Aint she about this life? lmao Guess after she beat on everyone else she knew she got what she had coming to her evil a$$

WOW, If either files for

WOW, If either files for divorce they would beat Kim K's 72 day record.
My Moniker Is...'s picture

That money grubbin gold

That money grubbin gold diggin hoe will NOT file for divorce.

I will start by saying, those

I will start by saying, those glasses Chad is wearing above are hideous. Do not quote prices or designer because they are disgustingly tacky! Second, Evelyn participates in so much drama and is quick to act in violence. Judging from her past actions publicly, I choose to believe Chad on this one. On another note, hopefully this marriage is annulled quickly. This is a bad look for the newly employed Chad, who is not even a good player.
marylou's picture

That's what happens when you

That's what happens when you take on another mans TRASH. lol

Eric Williams u hilarious

Eric Williams u hilarious summammabiotch!!! That was great and she deserved every bit of it. Hmmm estranged or not wat he & Jen go thru is btwn them but he aint having no mercy on the dirty sleaze that did his wife wrong!! Good job EW.... The Chaddy part, classic!!! Wow so no contact & seem like she goin fwd wit it if she staying wit friends & didn't drag her sleazy ass down there to try to post bail... Wonder if they will hav a damage control press release, it was a midunderstanding, don't believe all that ur reading, the truth will come out, we are together & supportive of each other & we would appreciate if u would respect our privscy at this time but please tune in to our reality show while we let the cameras follow us as we pretend that the scenes are real & not scripted.....
Give it up Turn it lose's picture

Somebody please explain why

Somebody please explain why this arguement even occured, I thought Evilyn agreed with dumb dumb to have an OPEN relationship. I'm confused, I don't watch BBW but I do remember hearing about Chad asking her to have an open marriage! Somebody please update me on that the senerio!

he bought condoms and she

he bought condoms and she wanted to know why (cheatin')?
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

The Latina Ho got what she

The Latina Ho got what she deserves, she probably hit poor Chad first. Cant trust dem PR ho's they be a little" loco en la cabeza"......This was a fawkin joke from the get...... Guess it good for ratings cus lawd knows there nothing that exciting going on in Evelyn life to carry a 6 or 8 episode show..... All bullshit to create fodder for the bullshit show.
Kai's picture

Bite your tongue! Do not call

Bite your tongue! Do not call this ugly ghetto, receding hairline smashed in face BURNT BORICUAS a Latina!! Latinas are pretty and white they are not nasty disgusting man faced ghetto trash like this creature Evelyn. Vanessa Bryant is Latina.
OxamaraGarcia's picture

Both of them knew EXACTLY

Both of them knew EXACTLY what they were in for before they said "I do". I don't condone violence and I don't know who initiated the head butt but - she should have known he wasn't going to be faithful to her (why would he?) and he should have known that she has a big, foul mouth (she's never been ladylike - more thuglike).
Denise2007's picture

I usually feel bad and don’t

I usually feel bad and don’t condone violence against women but I DONT feel bad for her AT ALL! She STAY putting her hands on people and thinking she’s BAD! She threw a bottle at the head of someone that could have caused major damage to everyone around, she jumped on a table to attack jennifer, and was always the first one to get up and attack Royce. She also has one of the most vile mouths I’ve ever seen on a “woman” she’s disgusting. I feel bad for her daughter. Hopefully her daughter don’t turn out like her. Why didnt she stand up and fight Chad like the “G” that she is? I hope that laceration on her head is permanent so she can look at herself in the mirror and it be a everyday reminder of what VIOLENCE does. What goes around comes around BITCH!
Sunshine's picture

I totally agree with you. I

I totally agree with you. I don't feel sorry for her at all. Karma is a BITCH!
PacificGirl's picture

I really hope this wasn't a

I really hope this wasn't a stunt to ensure high ratings for their new TV show.
Anonymous10's picture

It was..... TRUST!!! This was

It was..... TRUST!!! This was all planned!!!!! Don't Believe The Hype!!!!!!!
BlackBarbie818's picture

I don't think it was for the

I don't think it was for the simple fact that this incident puts his career in jeopardy. I don't think (at least I would hope) that he's that stupid to ruin what's left of his career over some TV show and skank woman.
MsKizzy's picture

I'll give that situation the

I'll give that situation the benefit of the doubt on this one, because you gotta be a pretty dumb muthaf--ka to screw up your face just for ratings, especially when her meal ticket, which is her worn out cooch that's been involved in warfare for many years now, has gots to be tired now.
Ms.Thangfromthe5thflr's picture

I know Eric "Hell Boy"

I know Eric "Hell Boy" Williams ain't talkin sh*t, he looks like he got headbutted by a bulldozer. Have a seat sir. I'm glad Chad don't give a f*ck about his career, because apparently no one else does either. I think it would be funny as hell if that condom receipt belonged to Ev's daughter and not Chad LMAO!! The things reality stars will do to keep folks interested...smh
tori's picture

"Hell Boy" LOL!!

"Hell Boy" LOL!!
Anonymous10's picture

Eric and his Bugs Bunny teeth

Eric and his Bugs Bunny teeth (or a Donkey maybe)
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

I bet the cameras where all

I bet the cameras where all there to tape it for their show. Chad should be ashamed of himself because was able to go this long without a record and then he gets with this skank. But for the most part I really dont care
kimaras31's picture

Why do these two exist?

Why do these two exist?
SkeeWee's picture

This is SO silly! NEXT!

This is SO silly! NEXT!
Beautyfulones's picture

I in NO way condone DV.

I in NO way condone DV. Passionate or not. No blaming the victim. I don't care what happened. What I don't get is Ev not fighting back in a heating arguement... She is the first chic to go off throw things jump over things get at you any kind of way? He has not one mark, scratch that is visible? So they argued to the point where it got physical, he assaulted her and she ran away keeping her temper in check the whole time... There's gotta be something more.
Llc's picture

LOL LOL & LOL at this mess!

LOL LOL & LOL at this mess! Chad, run, run far from this woman once it's all over. As for Eric's fugly azz, he can STFU.
Yas's picture

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