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Kyla Pratt, Laura Govan & Michael Ealy SWEAT IT OUT For Celebrity KICKBALL Game

Kyla Pratt, Michael Ealy and Coby Bell played kickball for a good cause yesterday. See their pics inside and find out what they were playing for.....

Actress Kyla Pratt and the sexy Michael Ealy were among the celebs playing football and kickball at the 3rd annual Rising Stars of America kickball game at Jackie Robinson Stadium (UCLA) in Los Angeles yesterday.  The Rising Stars Of America’s mission is to utilize athletics as a means of teaching life skills.  It was founded by New York Knicks player Baron Davis.

Kyla, star of "Let's Stay Together" and who is a mom now, looked her usual cute self while playing with the celebs.

Michael, who stars on "Common Law" on USA, did a t-shirt change or two.  And we're not complaining about any of it.

Donald Faison of TVLand's The Exes, was in the game too.

Coby Bell of "The Game" and "Burn Notice" entertained the crowd.

"BBW: LA" star Laura Govan showed off her new slim & trim as she played around.  Fun times for a cause...


The Randomness:

1.  Frank Ocean cancels all his summer concerts due to voice issues.  Story.

Photos via Splash




Laura Govan "Girl Bye"

Laura Govan "Girl Bye"
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Laura Govan has some wide

Laura Govan has some wide shoulders! Kyla is always cute, same with Colby Bell. I have lost interest in Michael Ealy ever since I heard that he's not into black women. He just caters to us because they are his fan base. Oh well.
knm931's picture

I love Michael Ealy, with all

I love Michael Ealy, with all those teeth in his mouth, he has to be a biter in the bedroom. Colby Bell looked cute as well as Kyla. Who the hell invited Laura "Balled Up Notebook Paper Looking Stomach" Govan to the event??? I'm sure she has like a "black man with money" type of radar detector in her car smh. She is just a groupie with kids. Gilbert will most likely throw her a$$ out his house once again, before the holidays.
tori's picture

Chad Johnson JUST got FIRED

Chad Johnson JUST got FIRED from the Miami Dolphins. ......... CUT
LisaRaye's Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

Am I the only one tht thinks

Am I the only one tht thinks Laura Govan look a lil too skinny?! Them shoulders showing her skeleton #IJS
Missez Lollipop's picture

in 15 years <---- you've

in 15 years <---- you've NEVER seen Crayonce' do anything like this (smh).............
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture

For someone who shows such

For someone who shows such disdain for Beyonce, you mention her in every single topic on this board whether it is about her or not. Careful, your obsession is showing...and it's frightening.
Disturbed's picture

she just ALWAYS has something

she just ALWAYS has something to HIDE...and is VERY SNEAKY.....can't travel unless she has a Presidential Motorcade (with armed troops & bullet-proof vehicles.....she thinks she's Michelle Obama.......but Michelle actually hangs out with regular people and doesn't put BAGS over her daughter's head <----------------)
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Disturbed's picture

Girl you are wild 1000 lol I

Girl you are wild 1000 lol I think everytime you post a comment some Bey Stan somewhere sitting at her keyboard just spontaneously combusts lmao
Mouse's picture

Mouse, I think she's the

Mouse, I think she's the definition of "Stan". How much are you willing to bet she has a closet full of blond lace fronts?
Disturbed's picture

truth-be-told <---- i didn't

truth-be-told <---- i didn't even think of Beyonce' until i came on this website 18mo's ago (i like many of her older songs mostly)......but Bey & Solange on featured on here non-stop!!!!!!!!!!! So.....when the whole "Fake Belly" thing started, i started to have fun bashing her b/c it made HER STANS so pissed......................
LisaRaye&#039;s Subconsciousness™®©'s picture


Disturbed's picture

I never get tired of the eye

I never get tired of the eye candy that is Michael Ealy. More more more, I really really like it.
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