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CHANGE OF PLANS: VH1 CANCELS "Ev & Ocho" Afterall!

As the reality show world (and Chad Johnson's career) turns, VH1 has had a change of heart about their two newest spin-off reality stars.  The network just sent out a statement moments ago saying the opposite of what ABC News Radio reported earlier.  "Ev & Ocho" is officially yanked!


In a statement from VH1 sent just minutes ago, the reality series "Ev & Ocho" has been axed.  The statement reads:

"Due to the unfortunate events over the weekend and the seriousness of the allegations, VH1 is pulling the series 'Ev and Ocho' from its schedule and has no current plans of airing it."

If this was a publicity stunt, that ish was the definition of FAIL.  No NFL contract OR reality show for Chad.  And no tweets from Evelyn since the night of the domestic dispute. 

No extra reality show checky checks from VH1 for these two.  Ish just got real. 




Chad lost career and tv show

Chad lost career and tv show at THE SAME DAMN TIME! LOL..yea he see now that GOD don't play to ppl who think they can't be touched...Ev - besides her being immature she didn't bother me much....least she was on something before Ocho by owing ish so although she too old to make stupid relationship mistakes with all the red flags thrown first down! we never stop learning but i know she feel stupid now about all the ish she got into with Jennifer about cuz it turns out that she was right! gotta hUrT!
tanyamichelle100's picture

I'm so glad Vh1 actually has

I'm so glad Vh1 actually has even morals to cancel this show. These two are made for each other, big egos and opportunist, to say the least. What goes around, comes back around 10 fold Tami (bully number 1) had a heard attack a few months back, and now this is happening to Evelyn (bully number 2). I bet Jennifer is somewhere on another vacation having the time of her life laughing at this fooly! But somehow, I feel a little bad for Chad then I don't because he put himself in this position. He needs to control his anaconda looking ass before he's busting tables at Mickey D's.
iainttheonetogossip's picture

I can't even feel a little

I can't even feel a little bit bad for Chad cause he knew what kind of person he was dealing with and he still went full steam ahead. Can't make a hoe a housewife.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

Aha true shit.

Aha true shit.
ElsooBee's picture

Kinda liked these two

Kinda liked these two together because neither one of them is a prize so they really deserved each other. They both are as sleezy as Stevie J. Now if they would just cancel BBW too, the world would be an even less ratchet place.
DreadfulBeauty's picture

It aint over, she aint goin

It aint over, she aint goin nowhere. All she has now is "his money".
txchee's picture

Between Terrall owens and

Between Terrall owens and chad johnson i don't know who i dislike the most. Evelyn will be on t.V again guys sorry.. you guys secretly love her.
Nflgirl's picture

STOP getting duped people!!!

STOP getting duped people!!! If they whack azz show does not air it WILL B! Because it IS WHACK! VH1 prolly doesn't have any footage worth watching. IF this ain't a stunt in itself. From the beginning I felt personally that they would not be very interesting or compelling to watch so.............. #NoFootage
NunyaB's picture

I can't wait to see that big

I can't wait to see that big ass KNOT on the bitch's forhead haha. Speaking of "knot"...didnt THEY tie the KNOT just last month? Wow Ev i guess u rlly KNOT bout that life and let's KNOT forget when you told Jen KNOT to call the cops on ur wild animal(assistant) for attacking her now look who had to press charges boo boo. Poor Chad...just when he thought life was goin well...he married this garbage. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR MARRYING A WHORE! YOU LOSE EVERYTHING WITHIN 6 WEEKS...damn must suck to be both of em. They've been pretty quiet for the past 2 days huh? THERE'S A THIN LINE BETWEEN REALITY TV AND REALITY! Unfortunately for both...they're careers are over!
C00kiesNweeD's picture

LMAO! Thanks for the laugh

LMAO! Thanks for the laugh you're hilarious!!!! #KNOT No really you are hilarious lol
Sunshine's picture

Sad they didn't pay attention

Sad they didn't pay attention to the petition, but I am glad this woman is off TV and I hope she stays there. She is a vile and nasty human being. Hope she goes somewhere and gets help.
DC Chica's picture

When Chad did those black

When Chad did those black girls on his reality show dirty and got on Wendy Williams justifying his dirty actions, I said no worries karma will get him. When Evelyn was on BBW constantly degrading women to bits over physical appearance, bullying/trying to fist fight them and even threaten to kill Kenya over something minor as gossip, I said karma would get her. Karma has arrived and she will be staying at the Four Seasons until her vacation is over.
Keys's picture

Welp there it is! God don't

Welp there it is! God don't like ugly. Two streams of income, gone in the blink of an eye. Here's where you'll really find out what "being about this life" really means.
Denise2007's picture

Jennifer is some where

Jennifer is some where laughing. The entire world is laughing at these two. Take notes from Tammy Roman who used to drive a hummer with the tags that read "His money". Chick is now trying to make some money. Hopefully, Vh1 will cancel Basketball wives as well. These chicks have rode the wave of being "bad girls" for so long. It's long over due that Karma comes in with her lipstick and high heels! Karma is a bad bitch, if you didn't know!
marylou's picture

Thats what evelyn's big

Thats what evelyn's big mouth ass get "KARMA IS A BITCH"
REd™'s picture

That woman is evil and Ocho

That woman is evil and Ocho is a self hating bastard. They both got what they deserved.
knm931's picture

KARMA just OWNED and

KARMA just OWNED and SHIIIIIIIITTTTTED on their whole life at the same dam time, ROFLMAO
Naomi's picture

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jenny's picture

GOOD. Attention whore fail.

GOOD. Attention whore fail.
whatev's picture

She is a filthy disgusting

She is a filthy disgusting hoe bag and he only married her because she licks his rectum and brags about it. She nasty dirty habits that no other women would talk about in public.
DominicanQueen's picture

stupid woman...she thought it

stupid woman...she thought it was ok for her bald head friend to slap jennifer so what's the problem? the cops should have never been called...isn't this "that life" she was talking about???
litebrite's picture

Glad it was cancelled! I

Glad it was cancelled! I didn't even watch anything they were on but just hearing about them....
Chica-Chica's picture

This was a disater from the

This was a disater from the start, so the writing was on the wall & they should have never gotten married period. Well since both of them are now jobless, Chad and Evelyn I hear Wal-Mart is hiring at the distro center

Karma is a BITCH ya'll!

Karma is a BITCH ya'll! These 2 get ZERO sympathy from me. First of all, Evelyn has made a career out of putting her hands on people and she finally met her match. Secondly, I don't even understand why she called the cops on Chad. Wasn't this the same bitch who was giving Jennifer grief when she got law enforcement involved after her assault? Evelyn said, "Jennifer should have just taken her ass-whooping and kept it moving. That's how it's done where we come from." Well bitch, you should have taken you ass-whooping from Chad and kept it moving! Now she's gotten dude fired AND lost that VH1 check. I can't wait to start seeing her look real basic!
DesignDiva's picture

Well Said.

Well Said.
Cashing out's picture

Chad, I am so sorry for your

Chad, I am so sorry for your loss. Keep your head up!!!!!!!!
Yas's picture

Hey Ev!! where are your

Hey Ev!! where are your cheerleaders, Tammie and Shaunnie? Yes that Karma chick is something else. She may not come when you want her but she's right on time. Oh well!!

Karma....she never

Karma....she never disappoints!

So VH1 condones women

So VH1 condones women bullying each other and being violent but not this?! Sit down VH1 please!

Not to sugar coat what Chad

Not to sugar coat what Chad did, because if he indeed did it, he is less than a man for it, but this is what happens when you have only fake people around you, so call friends kissing your you know what because they are afraid to tell you the truth, afraid to tell you when you are wrong, because if they do they might lose your friendship.....Shaunie and Tammy were more like her little minions instead of friends they took her side when Jen and her had their altercation and preyended to be mutual when clearly they weren't, because they hung out with Evelyn all the time and then get mad with Jen when she didn't hung with them, when clearly that was their lame ass excuse of breaking ties with Jen to please the Queen Evelyn, because everyone that has common sense knows that if your friends are hanging withyour enemy, there is no way you will be hanging with them, I sure wouldn't. They refuse to tell her when she was wrong but instead jump down Jen's throat forced her to talk to Evelyn, to satisfy their Queen, so her she was going down the wrong path with no one to tell her no, because they were all to afraid......My sympathy for her hardly exist

humble yourself or be humbled

humble yourself or be humbled
leesh's picture

Why can't they understand

Why can't they understand this Leesh? It's so simple yet so profound.
Denise2007's picture


VIRTUOUS1's picture

It's a shame... Now whose

It's a shame... Now whose thirsty????
JennyCee's picture

This is too sad! I feel bad

This is too sad! I feel bad for Evelyn for getting headbutted. IDK what exactly happen though so I can't say too much. Too bad for their marriage though.
Happy Lady's picture

he better get his frozen

he better get his frozen sperm back!!
shuga's picture

Good for VH1!!!

Good for VH1!!!
RO's picture

i was hoping to see her get

i was hoping to see her get slapped head butted on TV. I would pay to see that. Now I guess they will be broke soon and both will be out turning Tricks in no time. Eve give that car back or it will be repo soon enough. Jennifer is laughing her ass off.
lola69's picture

You can't help but to think

You can't help but to think that this was a publicity stunt due to the characters involved. Celebritys have the tendency to pull crazy antics for ratings. He probably thought that this altercation would not go as far as it did, otherwise why would he do it (had too much at risk). Once I got news of Johnson being dropped from The Dolphins, I realized this was serious.
Kris's picture

It's big Rihanna forehead

It's big Rihanna forehead Evelyn's fault. If she hadn't called the police and handled their issues privately like adults do, they wouldn't be screwed with no lubricant right now. Big foreheads do=bat sh1t crazy.
I_love_laughing's picture

wow ..... they messed up

wow ..... they messed up !!!!!!! wow im sorry for both of them lossing money is not a good thing ....well hate to say it but if Ev dont have anything going on she will be contacting Tammy on how to apply for Stamps .....im just saying ....or she will move to the next baller..... smh

Can't turn sh*t into sugar.

Can't turn sh*t into sugar. Better luck next time EVil. The universe is really paying back some overdue tabs.
GetUrLife's picture


SO WILL EVELYN BE PUTTING ON A WEDDING DRESS AND HORROR MAKE UP FOR A DOMESTIC VIOLENCE PSA TOO??? VH1 should definitely start screening these REALity show ho's before attaching their name to them. Didn't they have to pull "I Love Money 2", because one of the contestants killed their wife and fled to Canada, then killed himself?? I wonder if Ev will get her own show along with K. Michelle and Pilar Sanders called "Abused Wives". Perhaps Tina Turner can be the "Shaunie"/den mother of the group!?!
tori's picture

People are so stupid! I KNEW

People are so stupid! I KNEW THIS WAS NO PUBLICITY STUNT!!! Chad being dropped from the Dolphins should have been a wake up call to everybody that this was no attempt to bring in ratings for their now nonexistent show. I know a lot of folks are happy about their show not airing but I actually wanted to see it lol. Hopefully they cancel their marriage too.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture



this one is for u jen, dont

this one is for u jen, dont mess with karma
lolo's picture

KARMA IS A BITCH! Not saying

KARMA IS A BITCH! Not saying I wish anything like this would happen to them, but all the hype wasn't about ish! The fairy tell wedding, extravagant gifts Chad gave Evelyn, their happy relationship, ALL Bull! She gave up her 10+ year relationship with Jen for this?! I feel sorry for her.
Crazy Sexy Cool's picture

Yesss Yesss Yesss yessss

Yesss Yesss Yesss yessss yaaaaay!! Kick Rocks suckas!!!
Like Really's picture

This is a classic example of

This is a classic example of outplaying yourself....what a way to go out of the NFL game being dropped for some immature bullshit...
lifeisgood's picture

For what is a man profited if

For what is a man profited if he shall gain the world and lose his soul? Or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul? -Matthew16:26 Chad will go down in the record books as a conceited, self indulgent, insecure deeply troubled man and will NOT be remembered for the talented athlete he is/was....And I use was tentatively because we don't know what his career will look like after this....I'm never averse to second second chances as I think everybody deserves them. Evelyn Lozado is the epitome of a Paleolithic a crude, calculating and devious one at that. She not only demonstrated that she is self centered but one who has the social capabilities of a Tasmanian devil. Always gnawing, screaming and fighting. Look for videos of a Tasmanian devil and you'll see even while they are mating they are fighting and screaming and hollering. People say KARMA I say PRISON. Men who have created their own laws by doing wrong is placed in prison. Evelyn created her own prison when she deluded, cheated and lied by hurting others to get her way. Now not only will she become a recluse to save face she will have to face all the people who wished her ill based on the path she took and the standard set for herself. Hitting someone to get your point across is wrong PERIOD....But for all the Bully's out there who go about validating themselves by hounding on others THIS is an example that you too can be HUMBLED. Chad was WRONG, but what an IRONY???! She had written a letter to her seven year old self I pray she takes heed and listen. Iyanla Vazant had reached out to her too for OWN so lets hope from now on she does right this time. Not only for herself but for the ones who look up to her. A beautiful woman on the outside lets hope her inner beauty will shine through more. As for Chad his children especially his daughters will have to prayed for as children and people can be so cruel, and whatever he has sewn he will reap along with his kids.
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