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Ginuwine's DAUGHTER Tiffany Nicole CLAIMS He's A DEADBEAT, Says She Wishes She NEVER Met Him!

Ginuwine's daughter Tiffany Nicole took to Twitter to blast him for being a deadbeat and said she wishes she never met him.  Find out what else Tiffany had to say about her Dad inside....

Tiffany Nicole, the daughter of R&B crooner Ginuwine has taken to Twitter to blast him claiming he's a deadbeat.  She posted a photo of herself side-by-side with the "Pony" singer saying, "Some wish they had a father But sometimes ur better off cuz I wish I never met mine! #lookalikenothingalike"

She also posted negative messages for her father.....


and included an alleged text conversation where he calls her the "b" word.



But Tiffany did have praise for her mother.  She showed appreciation saying, 

Super special s/o to MY MOM&MY FATHER she the greatest she took care us when niggas was actn clueless and I will be forecast greatful ppl don't get moms like mine but I got her and will never let her go or THROW HER UNDER THE BUS DON'T FORGET THAT @ginuwine2012 my mother is the muthaphuckn best yet! (sorry for cussn) lol


Though Ginuwine has not spoken out about Tiffany, over the weekend, he tweeted, Just bcz you make a mistake does not mean you can never fix it We all fall short,but it's the one who picks themselves bk up who wins

Could that be directed towards Tiffany and him wanting to make amends?




Ginuine might be a deadbeat

Ginuine might be a deadbeat dad, but his daughter should NOT handle her issues with him this way!!! Her constant texts to him telling him he's a deadbeat dad is disrespectful. Yes, he should be in her life more, but those messages won't bring him any closer to her. smh!
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Social Media for personal

Social Media for personal matters=Failure! My father wasn't and hasn't been there for me, but I'd never go social about my problems, go see a therapist and work out your issues. This makes her look dumber and if you're a mother then you need to act like one and not some child who still has daddy issues. You can't make a man want to be a father if he doesn't want to be there. its sad, but very true.
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Death to social media! Folks

Death to social media! Folks don't know how to keep their business anymore smh.
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SMH...really? This is the

SMH...really? This is the best way to handle the situation ehh? I could have sworn living better was the best revenge? He's a deadbeat, you don't want him or need him for anything, y acknowledge him? I don't know, something worth trying I would think....
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I'm sensitive about stuff

I'm sensitive about stuff like this. Ginuwine moves on gets a new family and forgets about his oldest child! He needs to get it right for her. That ish pisses me off because I know what that feels like!!!

she is a addressing her

she is a addressing her FATHER in that manner? my goodness! what the heck did ginuwine do?? she is saying some very hurtful and disgusting things
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Oh and "Deadbeat" = not

Oh and "Deadbeat" = not giving her any cash! Chile pulease.
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WOOOOOOOW! She clearly didn't

WOOOOOOOW! She clearly didn't get the traditional upbringing, because she wouldn't be able to walk for a month if she did! Hell, I'll whoop her for you Ginuwine! But don't be calling you're kids no cuss words man, SMH.
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She was the unknown daughter

She was the unknown daughter of a celebrity, but she SO GRACEFULLY changed that with putting this out. This makes her look bad just as well. She looks like a grown ass woman pissed off that her daddy ain't affording her the celebrity life she wants. SHE NEEDS TO GET A GRIP!!!!ASAP

Tffany sounds more like a

Tffany sounds more like a disgruntled baby mama than a daughter. She probably just wants some money and media attention..smh forget "Hide yo kids, hide ya wife..." hide ya laptops, keyboards and ya smart phones!! She is the reason they invented condoms fellas, try using one!!!
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An important detail is

An important detail is missing---how old is this young lady? She looks grown in the picture but her behavior is beyond immature. The "punch you in the nose" symbols? Good grief! I hope they are both able to find forgiveness and restore their relationship. (Letter to the Editor: I come to this site to read intelligent, funny comments from a variety of people. I don't come here to be "YELLED" at, insulted or called out my name. I don't come here to read the rantings of people who regularly hi-jack the post with their own agenda. If the intention is to stimulate debate, just know it has the opposite effect on me; when I get fed up, I leave the site for weeks at a time.)
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I wish people would stop

I wish people would stop putting their family business on social media. Why do thousands, millions of people need to know what's happening in your family? I understand the anger and wanting to put the perp on blast, but there has to be a better way. Being a deadbeat is definitely not a good thing, but to let the world know isn't necessary.
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I am convinced that Letsgetit

I am convinced that Letsgetit and his mama are about 10 years apart in age, and she dated only (as he put it) thug ass negroes. He probably tried to go into the refrigerator one night to get get some koolaid and her boyfriend came out of the bedroom (after some very strange sex, headbutting included) and knocked the glass out of his hand and said (in a deep baritone voice) THAT'S MY KOOLAID BITCH NOW GO TAKE YOUR LIL ASS TO BED!!!!!! Scarred that poor boy for life.
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Girl you ain't lying! I can

Girl you ain't lying! I can picture this happening to this crazy ni**a! Red Kool-Aid???? PWAHHHAAAA! I love it!
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Your take on @Letsgetit is

Your take on @Letsgetit is too funny! Here's my take on him. He looks like a mixture of Biggie no disrespect rip Biggie and Cee-lo and he had a No Good Mother that poorly raised him. His mom did not work and was lazy! She was loud abusive and crazy. His mom made him think that all black females were all the same. Making him long to have any women of another race other than black to love him. He probably has mixed kids here and there that he don't take care of but love they way they look. He also has very very low self-esteem. Or he is a Gay man! My brother tells me only a gay dude would come on a site like this. I am so sorry Letgetit you had a no good black female for a mother. I had a great mom she's black and she would do anything for me. Always have and still does. I see it has really F you up. Get it together while you still can my friend. Let it Go so go can see there are No Good Moms in every race. Good Luck w/ that.
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Letsgetit is a Antoine

Letsgetit is a Antoine Fischer story gone bad! The version that DID NOT end happily! Can't believe this dude exist! I thought sorry ni**s like this were a MYTH! Like the Pig Lady! hahahaha
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Only a gay guy would come to

Only a gay guy would come to a site like this, BUT I BET YOU THIS, i bet your brotha is one of the downlow NEGROS that yall always talk about. REAL MAN GOES WHERE EVER THE FUCK HE WANTS , i have no limitations black woman, IF I WANT TO COME TO A DAMN SITE it don't make me any less of a man THAN THOSE THUG ASS NEGROS YALL MESS WITH, OR THAT PANTS OFF THE ASS DOWNLOW brother you have. ALRITE SISTA!!
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lmao, although my moms did

lmao, although my moms did like clown ass negros. I'LL SAY IT!! Letsgett never had to deal with that being in the house!!But i do know many young males that had to deal with a negro that don't shit LAYING ON THE COUCH and eating food out of their mouths
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Now black women , I WANT YOU

Now black women , I WANT YOU ALL TO NOTICE SOMETHING!!!!!! Now notice how Ginuwine's daughter states that she hates deadbeats. "But where is the father of her child in these pictures????? You see how ass backwards black women are?? Yall hate deadbeats and will disrespect your father because he aint paying for you to have a nigga laying all on the couch fucking every damn nite, eating all the food. But you will have kids out of wedlock with a deadbeat NEGRO!!!! I don't get you black women at all!!!It's strange to me
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You are a female dog going to

You are a female dog going to a menstrual cycle. Normally call a bitch. I swear you make my ass itch.
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Leave it to a black woman to

Leave it to a black woman to call someone out their name. I never disrespected you sista, yet you call me a bitch. Shame on you sista!!!To leave comment like that to a brotha . just said...But imma pull a black woman move "Do you call your daddy a bitch???"
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This girl really just needs a

This girl really just needs a Big Ole Hug everyone. All together now let's just give her that big old bear hug and love she's longing for! Now does'nt that feel better than LASHING OUT at the father you so desperately need and want attention from. #1 you are hurt #2 never use the social media to hurt someone you know you still love and care about. In the end it only hurts you more and creates and even greater widge between you and your loved one. TALK TO HIM IN PRIVATE! I do wish you the best w/ your father.
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I dont know this man's

I dont know this man's situation with his daughter, her mother or anybody else for that matter. This young lady is mad and obviously does not know how to keep private matters private. Its funny because at this point she looks grown or damn near grown so hopefully she will learn the value of keeping her business private! Oh wait..maybe she is a singer like her dad and wants the publicity...my bad what was I thinking!! The world we live in
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you cant go for decades

you cant go for decades making your child feel abandoned and then ask them to play nice now that they are lashing out at you. Ginuwine had to know this day would come. unfortunately for him its for all the world to see. more deadbeats should be put on blast and held accountable for hurting their children and in turn the entire community. its not ok to be a negligent or abusive parent.
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this is not

this is not news..(yawns)...when was the last time Ginuwine had a song out? Exactly.
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I understand she's mad at her

I understand she's mad at her dad for not being there, but all that anger and hate does not do anything good for her. She needs to let go, and move on. Accept the fact that her dad isn't in her life and forget him, it's his loss and he'll have to deal with the fact that he wasn't a good father. But texting the guy every day about how much she hates him, etc is just stupid and a waste of energy.
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There's a reason why birth

There's a reason why birth control was created. @ Ms.Thangfromthe ~ don't indulge that !*@#$! . . ~ that caricature you responded to is reason enough for birth control!!
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How is this news? Most black

How is this news? Most black men are deadbeat. They are either in jail or ruining the streets, thinking they are thugs and worries LMFAO. FEMALES especially Blacks, if you can’t find a BLACK man that should give you the respect and love you deserves its better off to be with a different race. That’s why you see some black females always bitter and always looking for love through the arms of other men, because people like him couldn’t even take care of his and show love to his kids and because of that, they start having kids at their early age not only that but with 3, 4 different men looking for the optimum love and care because they never experience that. Yikes
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@Cash Out ~ so, I am a single

@Cash Out ~ so, I am a single mother of three sons, their dad wasn't there but mine was. Their dads (2) were not thugs or want to be gangsters but still didn't provide effectively with money or time. HOWEVER, I don't date outside my race (black, if it has to be defined) nor will I ever. Actually, in my late 40's, I'm just now finding a BLACK man that has it all together (for the most part) and with 4 kids of his own, is, nor has he ever been, a deadbeat. I don't like classifying and stereo typing, any man of any race and any stature can be a deadbeat! I am also blessed that my oldest son is a great father and husband.
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I am sorry but don’t take it

I am sorry but don’t take it the wrong way, it’s just a conversation we are having, you are a single mother of 3 kids (and please I am not Dr. Phil, like I said we are just having a conversation) I don’t know if they have three different baby daddy and u still say you don’t date out your race? So you are very comfortable with the situation in which all those black men are putting you through being a deadbeat, not providing with money/ time and what are you saying “ I will stick with my black men” you are one of a kind. Because I will say fuck it, I will try a different race
Cashing out's picture

That is good you choose not

That is good you choose not to date out your race, but I am saying if a woman esp. black cannot find a black man that will treat her right and with respect, TRY SOMETHING NEW, IS Nothing WRONG WITH THAT, I don’t know the point you are trying to make in your post but for the most part, and it’s a fact A BLACK WOMAN OR FEMALES WILL TURN TO LEAN towards other MEN AND MORE EMOTIONAL IF THEY NEVER EXPERIENCE THAT KIND OF LOVE THROUGH THEIR OWN biological father Especially if their biological father is still living and running around making more kids, and i didnt say all black men deadbeat are thugs or gagngsters, most of them claim to be just that.
Cashing out's picture

Was u married to their

Was u married to their dad???? Most likely NO!!! But don't get it twisted the "thug" isn't the only type of men black women mess with it's three types "1. the thug, 2. The player, 3. the clown ass comedian negro" OH IT'S A 4TH ONE ....#4. IS THE SIMP ASS NEGRO!!!!He had to be one of the 4 i listed, but you see black women have a PROBLEM admitting they like these type of guys!!!! Just BE REAL ABOUT THIS SHITTTTT
LetsGetIt's picture

hmmmm....i take it your #3

hmmmm....i take it your #3 "the clown ass comedian negro" I usually don't allow myself to be provoked into writing long winded messages, i usually say what i want and move on but i guess i feel it my duty that if i can help one lost self hating black man (yes self hating when you hate on anything you were born of) to love himself than its worth it. LetsGetIt - can i ask you since your so in the know and not such a surface thinker - have you ever given any thought to how men play into woman circumstances? Do you think of how young boys are taught by their fathers (generally speaking because not all men are this shallow) to "get it" as early as possible? So in essence when you have a black man teaching their 11 or 12 year old that it's ok to try and talk a girl into sex that this girl has no father around, maybe no one to guide her that that plays into them getting pregnant and having kids but what about that black boy? is he not single dad himself? does he get a pass for making babies and not taking care of them just because she was a girl? i mean you really need to think of stuff as a whole if your going to be on here like your some expert on black woman's social ills really. and that one comment you made about fathers taking care of homes better than women was seriously riduclous because GOD made us the maternal ones, we get pregnant and bore the kids....so how would it make sense that the father is naturally the caregiver? im not saying that no man can't carry a more stable home, no im saying that there are exceptions to every rule but we were the intended care givers for children while the man suppose to go out and provide for that home......i feel sowwy for your mutha! (credit:Menace To Society) now thatS REAL!
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Yea but for all those

Yea but for all those deadbeats and thugs BEST BELIEVE IT'S 40 BLACK WOMEN for every one of those NEGROS GETTING OUT OF JAIL!!!!! YOU CAN BET YOUR FOOD STAMP CARD ON IT!!! I always tell brothas that are successful, IF YOU PUT FORTY BLACK MEN that were lawyers ,doctors, engineers and 2 that was a thug ass negro , and bring in 100 black women... You can bet that almost alllllllll of those black women would GRAVTATE towards the thug ass durag jail-bate ass negro!!! IT'S JUST A DAMN FACT!!!!!!Black women create these deadbeat negros, THEY AIN'T COMING FROM A HOME WHERE A REAL BROTHA IS. THEY COMING FROM A HOME WHERE BLACK WOMEN JUST SLEPT WITH ANY OLD NIGGA AND GOT PREGNANT. I mean black women are like slaves, just breeding every damn whereeeeeee. But cashing out , if you don't think it's any good black men THEN GO TO THE WHITE MAN, AND TAKE THEM OLE MAMMY ASS BLACK WOMEN WITH YOU. Shit you black women been whoring for white men for over 400 years any damn ways , SO YOU MIGHT AS WELL!!!!!! Shit one of the reasons why we in the position is because of black women and white men. Everyone know black women don't care about the black community and is a TRAITOR TO THE BLACK RACE which is why you got the top notch position in corporate america!!!BECAUSE THESE DEVILS DON'T SEE BLACK WOMEN ARE A THREAT!!!!!MATTER AFACT THEY USE BLACK WOMEN AS SEX OBJECTS OR WATCHDOGS JUST INCASE THEY HAVE SOME BROTHAS IN THE WORKPLACE
LetsGetIt's picture

You are a strange, and

You are a strange, and apparently short & quite possibly unemployed brother (you DO tend to be able to post throughout the day, so where there's time for work, I DO NOT KNOW)...But, I digress. WHERE do you get your image of Black women, & if it's from your Mom, I'LL PRAY FOR HER because she screwed you up royally! I am a Black woman from a 2-parent household with a father that paid for my education through my Master's degree without one loan, & he worked hard every day to do it! I therefore did not seek-out the types of men that you imply I would, and instead married BEFORE I CREATED A LIFE, have remained married for over a decade, now have 2 children in this marriage, and my husband works hard everyday to ensure we have the best home, education for our children, and amenities. Please..., if you do nothing else, broaden your horizons beyond what typified your existence, & speak words that reflect that - YOU SOUND LIKE A Napolean complex-having male who is limited in knowledge and vision. ELEVATE ---- SERIOUSLY!

once Tasha made it so you had

once Tasha made it so you had to register to comment i was pretty much done but this ignorant ish here made me have to register!! i'm saddened by the fact that this man (can we call him that) indicates by the piece of a picture he choses to show of himself is black!!! its said that yet another black man has found a way to convince himself that messing with white women is the way to go by finding it in his heart to bash his own kind - the woman that was made for him. You really sound like your mother did a number on your brah! was she a prostitute or something? you sound like you need to handle that in counseling because regardles of what you think based on your own life, not every black woman is a hot mess as you think you see them - it's you really i feel bad for you. and cashing out - why you let this dude provoke you to even agree that "black women" keep they legs open cuz no man in the house...absurd, it's women period that didn't have the right role models in their lives not just black women...im sure a lot of these white women these brothers take advantage of on a daily basis allow them to because they had no man in their lives to show them any better. Maybe if you open your eyes to reality instead of harboring on the bitterness of whatever turned you against us, you may see that there are a lot of us black women out here making it without being whores, lame, dumb....easy whatever.....try to uplift your women instead of bashing them...maybe that might help the ones that do need positivity in their lives....in my opinion your not helping anyone but only hurting us...what we do to you? and as far as your comment on we been whoring for the white man for years or centuries whatever term you used uh....they were slaves that were beaten and raped! wow you really should read up on your black history and lets not forget...us black women took all that abuse to save your asses in the fields negro! Maybe we should twist reality and say all black men are weak asses for not standing up and getting hung before they see their women raped! uh but history shows the black man coward in a corner somewhere so his ass wouldn't feel the whip this is why we are as strong as we are and will continue to conquer stupidity and degragation such as this ish you chose to make us endure! KEEP STANDING TALL BLACK WOMEN I DON'T CARE IF YOU HAD 12 F'ING KIDS WITH 12 BABY DADDIES - WE DON'T OWE LOSERS SUCH AS THIS NOTHING - OWE AND PAY YOURSELF!
tanyamichelle100's picture

Now Tanya, "Can i call you

Now Tanya, "Can i call you Tanya sista??" . Now what the hell does my momma have to do with this discussion about black women being the downfall of the community???!!!My moms was born in the 60's !!!Im talking about the black women that were born "1975 to the early 90's". If it don't apply LET IT FLY !!!!!And please sista SHOW ME WHERE I SAID ANYTHING ABOUT WHITE WOMENNN!!!!!!SHOW ME , but i'd have to say white women are better to raise a family with then these damn black women, BECAUSE ATLEAST THE WHITE WOMAN HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH LETTING A MAN BE A MAN. But as far as my preference im more attracted to black women PHYSICALLY!!! But morally and mentally, black women are at the bottom of the list in my opinion NOT ALL but most are. And "cashing out" agrees BECAUSE IM TELLING THE DAMN TRUTH, black women open they legs to any nigga that wear his pants BELOW HIS ASSS that's just a fact sista michelle!!!!Which explain the 75 % out of wedlock births in America!! DON'T BRING WHITE WOMEN INTO THIS lol.. I find it funny how you black women deflect though, it's funny . because white women and white people period DON'T HAVE THE PROBLEMS TO THE EXTENT THAT WE HAVE IN OUR FUCKING COMMUNITYYYYYY SO WHY BRING THEM UP AS A DEFLECTION, I DON'T KNOW!!! BUT IT'S TYPICAL OF YOU BLACK WOMEN. And don't tell me i need to fucking read black woman, WHEN IT HAS BEEN DOCUMENTED that black women have been sleeping WILLINGLY with white man or over 400 yearsssss, WHY THE FUCK YOU THINK THOMAS JEFFERSON HAD ALL THEM MIXED KIDS WITH THE NANNY and not once did she say it was rape. I've read books on how black women USE TO SEND THEMSELVES AND THEIR YOUNG DAUGHTERS TO WHITE MEN just to get what they want OUTTA MASSA!!! OR JUST HAVE MIXED "GOOD LOOKING CHILDREN" and it's funny because black women do the same SHIT TODAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!Especially dark skinned women, will lay with these white man SO THEY KIDS WONT LOOK SHIT LIKE THEM.!!Now burn your bra to this feminist black woman!!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture

first off you can stop with

first off you can stop with the fake "sista" talk cuz you have no respect for me, your mother, any sister or black women in general - you have a very warped sense of the black woman as a matter of fact. The fact that you came from a black woman but talk of us as if we are dirt says to me that you have serious mother issues - would you show your mother this non sense you choose to subject us to? You say white woman let a man be a man well in my opinion these days being a black man is lazy, dont' wanna contribute to not only the household but to society so if that is what you mean by saying white women let yaw be a man - they can have you....were not trippin on the black man white girl thing no more bruh - we release you, be free to fly with her and do what you do ...weve accepted that you choose to abandon and degrade us instead of praising our fierceness, our stamina our determination and successes...and no cashin out was selling out to say such non sense because regardless of what you may think my mother got married, went to college and spent time with us i never viewed my black mother as some whore that opened her legs, it doesn't matter what year we were born if you were going to go by the times then you should be saying "this generation" not "black women" how dare you get on our site and bash the hell outta us...tasha should be ashamed for allowing ppl like you to get on here and use this as a platform to hate against us - you my brotha should defending black women not hating and shaming us for surviving!!! and maybe we noticed a long time ago that the black man left us for the white woman - you as a black man started having those mixed kids first! as a matter of fact, can't i factually state that as a whole if we counted that there are more black man/white women relationships making babies than black women/white men so i think you may want to start researching before you speak only what you think in your own little narrow minded world brotha "letsgetit" a moniker i would equate to a man that wears his pants below his knees waiting for any women black or white to open their legs....i don't have to deflect cuz its fact - i love myself, i love being black regardless boo i don't feel less than a woman to any other women in this world, just different as a matter of fact more fly! and fabulous boo cuz although we got men like you those other women that get with you - you do nothing but train them how to look and act like us! marinate on that a little.....this site is now such a brainless wasteland...i gotta find a more uplifting site for black women such as myself cuz truthfully i don't even think you have the intelligence to past what you heard in high school about our history and how it transforms into today's society (in layman terms what happened in the past still affects us as a people today) and we conquer. you sound stupid, im not talking about my mom when i bash black women...#getthefikouttahere. As far as that stupid comment yesterday about how we gotta sleep with white men to get good jobs...im like in tears right now - don't blame us for your weaknesses - i agree the white man is intimidated by black men in the work place but how you turned that (yet another thing) into the black women's problem is so typical of the little i know about you....funny, we should stop climbing latters cuz you can't get a job...again history - the white man feels less intimated against women period so when they enacted equal opportunity laws they hired us yes but guess what we took the challange, worked those jobs and provided for our families all while still trying to uplift and encourage and support our black man at home....but since you think that's all we can do to get employed regardless of Atlanta having one of the biggest black populations of rich ppl who built businesses or got degrees and climbed latters without having to sell out, mayb youu should learn to suck a little white man dick in reality cuz you already riding the white man dick metaphorically...TEAM GO WHITE MAN! you spend so much time degrading your own woman that you don't see how much you make yourself look just like everything you say about us...and as far as all your statistic who gives a fuck a person is a human being, we make mistakes everyone of us....what you personally doing about the 75% births out of wedlock..you involved anywhere, helping young girls to think differently? or are you just one to hate...only talking out the side of your neck?
tanyamichelle100's picture

I know you didn’t ask me this

I know you didn’t ask me this question but I will response for her, I will tell you why your mother have EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE POST, she have everything to do with the post because for you, YOU ARE A BITTER ANGRY MAN, and you didn’t all of a sudden start hating BLACK FEMALES, it came from somewhere, either you MOTHER DIDN’T SHOW YOU LOVE AS A CHILD, OR YOUR MOTHER probably molested you as a child, I don’t know, but this hate you have for black females Is not something you just all of a sudden got up one day and told yourself “ I will hate black females “ is something that developed over a long period of time, THAT’S WHY BLACK (NOT ALL) DON’T LIKE WHITE PEOPLE BECAUSE OF THE WAY THEY USED TO TREAT BLACK PEOPLE DURING slavery, that is something that developed over a long period of time. I swear you are one ignorant ass black men. Thank God I have the sense enough not to get myself engage with people like you
Cashing out's picture

You damn right im angry ,

You damn right im angry , that my beautiful BLACK WOMEN are the way that they are today. You damn righttttttttt im mad. But sista WHAT MAKES YOU SAY I HATEEEEEE BLACK WOMEN, if i hated black women I WOULD AVOID YOU EVERY CHANCE I GET. I mean the reason i whoop you black women ass VERBALLY is because it's like when you parents or family member say "This is gonna hurt me, more than it hurt you,but im doing this because i love you" then they proceed by whoopin some ass. That how it is with me, letsgetit say what he says because i want it to be so that everytime you black women are at the club with no panties on lookin for that thuggin love, YOU WILL THINK OF A FAMOUS "LETSGETIT STATISTIC" alrite. I do it cause it cause i love you sista, NO HATE HERE AT ALL. If i hated black women , id wouldve married me a white woman and had some mixed children by now , you know the type of kids you black women worship??
LetsGetIt's picture

Oh get a grip. Makes no

Oh get a grip. Makes no sense. So simple it takes too you dig
esensi's picture

No it aint simple!!!! Yea it

No it aint simple!!!! Yea it takes "TWO" to have children, But it takes "ONE" to do the running man. AND BLACK WOMEN HAVE TO UNDERSTAND THIS!!!!Stop trying to have fun with the thugs, and get a man that's going to stick around. MARRY THE MAN FIRST BEFORE GIVING UP THE PUSSY. YOU BLACK WOMEN KNOW THE DAMN STATISTICS!!!!!
LetsGetIt's picture


Oh please. TAKE CARE YOUR KIDS!!!!! That simple. No it's or but about it!! Excuses excuses!!! Oh ok you probably one of them!!!!
esensi's picture

Yes and that goes to every

Yes and that goes to every race white, black, blue, Asian, Mexican, ALL HAVE DEADBEAT DADDY, so what are we fighting about? See the problem with you is YOU ARE SO ignorant to realize that black females are not the problem FOR YOUR BITTERNESS, if you hate black females so much my question to you is why DO U always comments or post? You stay bashing black females, if you don’t like black females that much, feel free AND do like the rest of your brothers. GO GET A WHITE WOMAN. PERIOD. IS NOT BY FORCE TO GET MARRY TO A BLACK WOMAN PLEASE. I am done responding to you. i think you are suffering with complications of moderate to severe mental retardation which is normally call imbcile. good night
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Sista, now why do you think

Sista, now why do you think im bashing black females???? That just not true sista!!!! I just tell black women the truth ok, it may come off as bashing , but im giving you black women THE TRUTH, AND EACH POST IS JUST A CONFIRMATION OF WHAT I TALK ABOUT ON HERE SISTA!!! I don't call black women ugly, stupid, gay, dumb,. I don't insult black women, i just the statistics/facts!!!The same way you black women did on msnbc nitewing with steve harvey!US BLACK MEN HAD TO TAKE THAT SHIT...!But why is it labeled mean and bashing when i give facts???Sista i never said i disliked black women, matter afact I LOVE BLACK WOMEN , i just expect more from you, YOU ARE OF MY TRIBE SISTA, I SEE ALL BLACK WOMEN AS APART OF MY COMMUNITY, I HOLD BLACK WOMEN ON A PEDESTAL and expect more than what im seeing. Am i wrong for that sista???Then you go on to insult me , why sista??i dont understand
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Well first of all let starts

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